The Races of The Universe

(the 345 that we know of at least)

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Aadanan [Civilization Classification: 11]
Nothing is known about this race other than them having a long standing trade agreement with the Retellians which has unfortunately caused some deep and often violent divisions between the working and ruling class of AADAN, the homeworld of the Aadanan. (ST:ENT)
Akitashiinu (*) [Civilization Classification: 13
There is little known about this technologically advanced silicon based, canine-humanoid species other than it having originated from another dimension. Very agile and quick, the Akitashiinu will usually travel on all fours although they are more than capable of bipedal locomotion.  Due to their silicon-based biology, the "fur" that covers their entire body is actually closer to fiber optic than anything else, able to reflect and even absorb electrical discharges rendering them immune to most energy discharges including Starfleet phasers set on stun. (ST:DH)
Aaamazzarite [Civilization Classification: 9]
This hairless humanoid race from EPSILON SERPENTIS secrets a bio-chemical filament from their mouths which is used to built everything on their world, from clothes to structures. Many scientists have compared this ability to certain types of spider webs, although the strength of the Aaamazzarite filament rates as superior than many modern metallic compounds. (Star Trek: The Motion Picture)
Acamarian [Civilization Classification: 11]
A humanoid race from ACAMAR III. Mostly like Terrans except their blood is a unique iron/copper composite. For the past century, they have enjoyed peace, except for the nomadic marauding Gatherers. They also have a slight cleft in their forehead and often display individualized facial tattooing. The Acamarians have strongly divided clan structures and membership in one is of extreme social and political importance. (ST:TNG)
Aenar [Civilization Classification: 13]
The Aenar are physiologically very similar to the Andorians although they have absolutely no body hair and a very pale white skin that has often been compared to Human albinos. The major trait that set this race apart from Andorians is the fact that they are completely blind, communicating through highly evolved telepathic abilities. (ST:ENT)
Akaali [Civilization Classification: 5]
Humanoid race possessing extremely limited technology. Contact with a space-faring race was made prior to the establishing of the Federation and of the Prime Directive, because of this the Akaali people remain a Federation Protectorate despite possessing no knowledge of space travel and of other races outside of those they had encountered during Federation visits which are kept to a strict minimum. (ST:ENT)
Akritirian [Civilization Classification: 11]
Warp capable humanoid race from the Delta Quadrant ruled by an oppressive government which supports a judicial system considered to be cruel, draconian and even inhuman by Federation standards. Justice on their home planet of AKRITIRI is always swift and convictions for any crime cannot be overturned. Life imprisonment in brutal prisons which doubles as force labour camps is the most popular verdict, followed by only one other possible ruling; execution. (ST:VOY)
Aksani [Civilization Classification: 13]
Warp capable humanoid race from the Delta Quadrant whose engineering expertise has been used by many other races to improve their warp travelling capabilities. (ST:VOY)
Alcyon [Civilization Classification: 9]
Space-faring civilization that destroyed what had been believed to be the last Tarellian ship. Although they are aware of other races in the galaxy, the Alcyons have opted to limit their contact with other races for fear of being infected with some deadly disease, much like the Tarellians carried. (ST:TNG)
Aldean [Civilization Classification: 14]
Humanoids from the once hidden world of ALDEA. They have suffered severe genetic damage from ozone depletion resulting from their planetary cloaking device. They are highly advanced in the arts and sciences but have become sterile from their ancient cloaking technology and had grown so dependent on their technology that they no longer knew how to repair it. (ST:TNG)
Thanks to the scientific and medical help of the Federation over the last 80 some odd years, the Aldean civilization has regained some of its strengths. A new generation has flourished and it is hoped that the Aldean will soon join the Federation as a full-fledged member. (STDH)
Algolian [Civilization Classification: 11]
Humanoid race which is distinguished physically by golden leathery skin with numerous small circular openings about the head, especially on their wide-set nostrils and atop their fluted head ridge similar to Klingons and Bolians. Known for their musical talents as well as scientific discoveries, the Algolian have been a member of the Federation since the early years. (ST:TNG)
Alkian [Civilization Classification: 9]
Civilization of the Delta Quadrant who once relied on a group known as the 'Think Tank' to resolve a planetary problem which was later discovered to have been caused by this same group. (ST:VOY)
Altec [Civilization Classification: 9]
Humanoid race possessing limited space travel capabilities who, along with the Straleb, are part of the Coalition of Madena. Although the Altec and Straleb have been at peace for well over a century, diplomatic relations have always been strained. (ST:TNG)
Alsaurian [Civilization Classification: 4]
Humanoid race of the Delta Quadrant under the crushing rule of the Mokra Order, a spacefaring organization that has help back the Alsaurians from developing any technology that could lead them to contact other races or venture into space. (ST:VOY)
Andorian [Civilization Classification: 13]
Blue skinned humanoids from the EPSILON INDII system. Characterized by their unusual skin colour, white hair, and a pair of long antennae on their head. They are a founding race of the Federation but have a history of political trouble. Most notably is their attempted tampering with the outcome of the Babel conference of 2267. When provoked, the Andorians can become extremely savage. Generally however, the Andorians are a productive and benevolent race. (ST:TOS / ST:ENT / ST:TNG)
Angosian [Civilization Classification: 11]
Humanoid inhabitants from ANGOSIA III. Non-violent by nature, they are advanced in the development of the mind and intellect. They petitioned for Federation membership in 2366. Their application was suspended upon revelations of abuse of veterans of their Tarsian War. These veterans were treated to intense psychological conditioning and exotic biochemical alterations to make them nearly invincible. These veterans were imprisoned on an uninhabitable moon to separate them from the populace. The Angosians have since resolved these problems and are close to achieving Federation membership. (ST:TNG)
Ankari [Civilization Classification: 12]
The Ankari are a spacefaring humanoid civilization in the Delta Quadrant. They have access to warp technology, but use a form of propulsion that is difficult for sensors to detect. They harboured a great respect for what they termed "spirits of good fortune", nucleogenic lifeforms from another realm, which they could summon using a summoning beacon. (ST:VOY)
Annarian [Civilization Classification: 12]
Humanoid race of the Delta Quadrant, nothing is known of their culture other that they possess warp capable vessels. (ST:VOY)
Antaran [Civilization Classification: 11]
Race that has been at war with the Denobulans on repeated occasions despite continued efforts by both the Denobulans and the Federation to establish lasting peace. Antarans are raised from birth to hate Denobulans, the reason for this is unfortunately still a mystery. (ST:TNG / ST:ENT)
Antarian [Civilization Classification: 13]
The Antarians are a warp-capable species from the Delta Quadrant who shared their territory with three other species. These species existed in a state of hostility until a treaty was signed between the factions, to commemorate this the Antarians hosted the commemorative Trans-stellar Rally. (ST:VOY)
Antedean [Civilization Classification: 10]
Fish-like humanoids from ANTIDE III. Mostly introverted with little outside interests. In 2365 they petitioned for admission to the Federation. The petition was a ruse however, as the ambassador attempted to smuggle large amounts of ultritum to use as an explosive and destroy the conference and its delegates. Investigation proved that the Antedean ambassador was an agent of a small terrorist group. Since then, the Antedean government has gone to great lengths to disavow any authorization of this plot which eventually led to them gaining Federaion membership in 2372. (ST:TNG)
Antican [Civilization Classification: 11]
Large, canine, humanoids from ANTICA in the Beta Renna star system. A carnivorous species that prefers to consume live or raw meat. They had a long-standing dispute with the Selay, another sentient race that lived in their system. They applied for Federation membership in the year 2364 and negotiated a peace with the Selay. The Anticans become members of the Federation in 2371. (ST:TNG)
Arbazan [Civilization Classification: 12]
A highly conservative semi-humanoid race known for their ultra-right, almost fascist, political and social policies, with a reputation for arrogance. Members of the Federation, they are perennial sources of right wing dissent among the liberal Federation. They are easy to take offence, and find haven in boring, bureaucratic jobs or mundane research jobs. They are mostly humanoid except with a vestigial ridge just above the eyebrow and along the nose. (ST:DS9)
Arcadian [Civilization Classification: 14]
Humanoid race with broad, enlarged heads and two parallel lines of hair running front to back on top outer edge of their cranium. Physically weak, the Arcanians are renowned for their scientific, engineering and medical accomplishments as a member of the United Federation of Planets. (Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home)
Arcturian [Civilization Classification: 9]
A race of humanoids from ARCTURUS VI. Arcturians are hairless and have very, very loose skin, to the point where there are dozens of loose folds of skin throughout the body. Arcturians generally frown on sexual reproduction, and often choose to have themselves cloned. Arcturian culture frowns on individuality and sexuality and encourages conformity and asexuality. ARCTURUS VI is a member of the Federation, although their culture often causes conflicts with the other worlds. (Star Trek: The Motion Picture)
Ardanan [Civilization Classification: 8]
The Ardanans are humanoid natives of the planet ARDANA. They were early members of the Federation and are very famous for their anti-gravitational city, named Stratos, which floats in the sky. They are also known for their export of zenite. (ST:TOS)
Argrathi [Civilization Classification: 13]
The Argrathi are a species native to the Gamma Quadrant planet ARGRATHA. They are experts at mind alteration and use advanced technology to implant their prisoners' minds with fictional events as a form of punishment. Used by the Dominion as interrogation agents and Intel operatives, the Argrathi's ability to implant memories has proven a very effective method to provide their agents with near fool-proof alibis. (ST:DS9)
Argelian [Civilization Classification: 11]
A race of humanoids from the strategically important world of Argelius II. A culture devoted to peace and pleasure. Almost identical to Terrans. The resorts of Argelius are known for their warm hospitality, good food, and virtually non existent crime rate. Some Argelian women are known to have certain empathic and low grade telepathic abilities. The Argelians have little ability or desire for administration and usually hire out-worlders for most low and mid level governmental jobs. (ST:TOS)
Argoan (*) [Civilization Classification: 2]
This amphibious humanoid race from ARGO V are often used by the Romulan Star Empire for underwater exploration or operations. Their spoken language is so unusual that universal translators have yet to be able to decipher it. (ST:DH)
Argosian [Civilization Classification: 11]
A race of aquatic humanoids from an unknown world in deep space. While capable of surviving in an atmospheric environment with a breathing mask, they prefer to travel in Class N accommodations. Short tempered and egotistical, they are often distrusted or outright hated by many. They prefer not to fight, as their water supply proves an easy target. They were once an air breathing race of humanoids, until global warming eradicated all but a few square kilometres of ground. Advanced Argosian genetic technology made this change possible, along with advanced structural and electrical engineering that allowed an entire civilization to be moved underwater. (ST:DS9)
Arkarian [Civilization Classification: 12]
Native of ARKARIA, this humanoid race joined the Federation despite a small underground civil movement against it. Over the years following having received membership, the movement only grew in popularity and strength to the point of having become an embarrassment to the planetary government. (ST:TNG)
Arkonian [Civilization Classification: 11]
The Arkonians are a humanoid/reptilian species who were contacted by the Vulcans once they had achieved warp capability. They proved to be suspicious and deceitful, and the Vulcans were soon recalled. From that day on the Arkonians and the Vulcans had rocky relations and even to this day Arkonians will not trust Vulcans and will be wary of any ship with a Vulcan on board. (ST:ENT)
Arrithean [Civilization Classification: 11]
The Arritheans are a warp-capable species from the Delta Quadrant that specialises in trades. Little is known of this race other than they are fair traders and will even forgo profit in exchange of improving relations with other races. (ST:VOY)
Atrean [Civilization Classification: 12]
Atreans are a humanoid race from ATREA IV characterized by skin involutions in the temporal region of the cranium that fuse with enlarged ears. ATREA IV is an M-class world and a member of the Federation which recently underwent a ferroplasmic infusion to reliquify it's solidifying core, which was causing massive seismic, magnetic, and gravitational disruptions. Atrean culture is one based on electronic entertainment and an industrial economy. ATREA IV is a leading manufacturer of computer systems, recreational holodeck programming, and commercial communications. (ST:TNG)
Axanar [Civilization Classification: 10]
An androgynous humanoid race with a standard lifespan of 400 years, and are well known for their body fluids being triglobulin-rich. Although they have from time to time assisted Federation vessels in need, the Axanar have shown no interest in leaving the Delphic Allegiance. (ST:ENT)

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B'omar [Civilization Classification: 13]
The B'omar are a humanoid species native to the Delta Quadrant. Their government is known as the B'omar Sovereignty a ruling entity that is officious and xenophobic. Ships passing through their region of space are instructed to follow an extremely circuitous route that avoids all B'omar planets and colonies. Ships must also maintain a rather slow speed of warp 3 as well as passing through numerous checkpoints for inspections to insure that nothing has been taken from any of their words or colonies. (ST:VOY)
Ba'ku [Civilization Classification: 12]
Humanoid civilization of less than 2000 individuals from the planet BA'KU within the Briar Patch, in Sector 441. The Ba'ku people were a technologically advanced race who developed the means of building weapons of mass destruction and was on the brink of self-annihilation. A small, enlightened group of the Ba'ku people escaped this horror and found an isolated planet. This group followed a simple way of life and prohibited themselves from using technology. At first they were unaware of the metaphasic radiation in the planet's rings, which caused their aging process to significantly decelerate, although it was later discovered and cherished. (Star Trek: Insurrection)
Ba'neth [Civilization Classification: 14]
The Ba'neth are an extremely xenophobic and reclusive Delta Quadrant species who appear as a solid watery mass with tentacles. As a species the Ba'neth possess a relatively large fleet of ships, including at least one space station. They inhabit the same region of space as the Kesat, who until 2376 regarded the Ba'neth as a myth, so little was known about them. (ST:VOY)
Bajoran [Civilization Classification: 11]
An ancient race of humanoids from BAJOR III. The Bajorans had a thriving primitive culture in the arts and sciences 25,000 years ago. They slowly developed space travel and colonized their system and several nearby star systems. Almost identical to Terrans except for distinctive nose ridges and minor differences in the female reproductive system. The Bajoran race was conquered by the Cardassian Empire in 2328 and formally annexed 2339. Bajoran freedom fighters repulsed the Cardassians in early 2369. Soon afterwards the Bajoran wormhole was discovered in the Denorious Belt. With the enormous economic boon of the only known stable wormhole, the rebuilding of Bajor has been accelerated. The Bajoran people petitioned the Federation for membership soon after the discovery of the wormhole and are in the slow membership process. (ST:TNG / ST:DS9)
Bandi [Civilization Classification: 10]
A race of humanoids from DENEB IV. Like the Rigellians, the Bandi were obviously a people transplanted from their homeworld onto a terraformed world. Genetic evidence suggests that the Bandi could be a Terran offshoot. They recently lost their prize possession, Farpoint Station, and suffered the destruction of their Capital city. Since then the Bandi have resorted to their old ways of nomadic wandering in clans in search of food and resources. The Bandi are known for their stringy, white and grey hair. (ST:TNG)
Banean [Civilization Classification: 10]
Avian humanoid race of the Delta Quadrant with a unique judicial system which condemns convicted murders to relive the incident through the eyes of their victim, this is accomplished by implanting the victim's last memory engrams into the murderer's brain. (ST:VOY)
Barkonian [Civilization Classification: 3]
Pre-industrial humanoid race from BARKON IV that was inadvertently discovered when a Federation shuttle craft crash landed on their planet. Luckily their society was not contaminated and are still unaware that countless other races are out there amongst the stars. (ST:TNG)
Barolian [Civilization Classification: 9]
Humanoids from a world discovered on the fringes of the Romulan Empire in 2364, they were annexed within a year. As subjects of the Empire, the Barolians industrial and commercial base was rapidly reshaped around supporting their conquerors. With a limited interstellar capacity due to having only a few dozen freighters used for commerce with the Romulan Star Empire, they rely on the Romulans for protection against rogue or pirate ships often sighted. Due to their unusually photosensitive skin they customarily wear grey or brown robes in public. The Barolians also have the ability to see many infra-red frequencies, thus allowing them to work normally in very low light. (ST:TNG)
Barzan [Civilization Classification: 9]
Vaguely feline humanoids from planet of the same name. Barzan physiology requires small amounts of ammonia and Barzan's off planet must wear small breathing apparatus over the cheek. Their home world's atmosphere is toxic and all visitors must wear environmental gear or stay in one of several orbital stations. Barzan is politically neutral and has an economy based on rare mineral export and development of environmental and life support gear. (ST:TNG)
Benkaran [Civilization Classification: 13]
Humanoid civilisation from the Delta Quadrant falsely believed to be prone to criminal behaviours. In fact Benkarans can be skilled diplomats and scientists. (ST:VOY)
Benthan [Civilization Classification: 11]
The Benthans are a warp-capable species from BENTHOS in the Delta Quadrant. Other than their knowledge of warp speed technology and that their vessels have limited armament, nothing is known of this race and its social structure. (ST:VOY)
Benzite [Civilization Classification: 13]
Blue skinned humanoids from BENZAR. A recent member of the Federation, BENZAR is similar to most M-Class worlds except it has significant quantities of methane, thus members of this race when off their homeworld require a small device worn over their face to supply additional gasses. Most Benzites appear similar to others from the same geostructure making the race as a whole appear nearly identical. Benzite's are known for innovative computer designs and programming techniques. (ST:TNG)
Berellian [Civilization Classification: 12]
A race of humanoids known for their artistic abilities and technical ineptitude. While highly advanced in all the arts, their science and engineering lag centuries behind similar races. They are members of the Federation and Berellian artworks are quite treasured. Physically, they are tall humanoids with elongated fingers and feet. (ST:TNG)
Betazoid [Civilization Classification: 14]
Race of powerful telepaths from BETAZED, they have been a member of the Federation for several decades and their assimilation into Federation culture has been slow. As a powerful race of telepaths with great range and capacity many are uncomfortable around them, but understanding of Betazoids has increased in recent years. Their culture is one of great beauty and an ancient history, with family records up to 40 generations. Betazoids are physically identical to humans except for a slightly different brain structure. (ST:TNG / ST:DS9)
Betelgeusean [Civilization Classification: 12]
Betelgeuseans are a race of blue skinned humanoids from BETElGEUSE IX. Dramatically different from most humanoid races, except Bolians, with blue skin, nickel based blood and facial cartilage plates. The Betelgeuseans are members of the Federation since the mid 23rd century, although they are generally isolationist. They prefer to stay on their homeworld, only leaving for diplomatic purposes. (Star Trek: The Motion Picture)
Bilanan [Civilization Classification: 14]
Humanoid race from BILANA III who engineered the Soliton Wave propulsion system. Although the initial tests of this system proved to be nearly catastrophic, the base of their research became the foundation for many other technologies which eventually led to the establishing of the Bilana Institute of Theoretical Propulsion. (ST:TNG)
Bolian [Civilization Classification: 14]
Humanoid race from BOLARUS IX distinguished by light blue skin and a bifurcated ridge running down the centre of the face. Bolians are one of the more active members of the Federation with supplying a large amount of officers and enlisted personnel to Starfleet each year along with extensive scientific and cultural attaches to civilian projects. Bolian culture is one of service and research. Their sciences are comparable to modern Federation standards. (ST:TNG / ST:DS9 / ST:VOY)
Boraalan [Civilization Classification: 3]
Boraalans are a humanoid pre-warp civilization originally from BORAAL II who were almost extinct in 2370, except for a small group which was resettled to VACCA VI by the Federation, in obvious contradiction of the Prime Directive. The species had been under observation for several years but when a global catastrophe hit the planet, the small group was transported on board a Federation vessel and tricked into believing that they were being taken to a new region of their own world while inside a holodeck while in reality they were being taken to another planet. The race is still being observed by the Federation and is under its protection. (ST:TNG)
Boray [Civilization Classification: 14]
The Boray are a technologically-advanced species of the Delta Quadrant with an expertise in Transwarp theory and advanced propulsion (ST:VOY)
Borg [Civilization Classification: 14]
An incredibly powerful race of cybernetically enhanced humanoids from the Delta Quadrant. Soon after birth each Borg is fitted with various cybernetic devices giving them great technological and tactical abilities. Different Borg's are built for different functions, warrior, navigator, repairman, or leader. Each Borg is linked into a collective mind where the concept of the individual was meaningless. The Borg are highly adaptable, any tactic that works on them will only work once, as they will immediately develop a countermeasure. The Borg exist entirely to assimilate other races into the Borg collective. The Borg are responsible for the destruction of many Federation neutral zone outposts, several colonies, and 40 starships at the Battle of Wolf 359. A single Borg has pasty white skin with black and dark grey cybernetic implants covering most of their body. They are the greatest strategic threat to the Federation today. (ST:TNG / ST:VOY / Star Trek: First Contact)
Boslic [Civilization Classification: 12]
Humanoid race known for dealing heavily with the Orion Syndicate in all matters, especially in the moving and providing of slaves. With increased pressure from the United Federation of Planets against this type of market, the Boslic began to expend their operations into the Delta Quadrant. (ST:DS9 / ST:ENT)
Botha [Civilization Classification: 13]
The Botha are a reclusive, apparently humanoid species who inhabit a region of space in the Delta Quadrant. This telepathic species is extremely hostile to outsiders, most starships which enter their space are never seen again. (ST:VOY)
Bre'elan [Civilization Classification: 9]
Humanoid race from BRE'EL IV under the protection of the Federation. Although their level of technology should not have allowed any contact, their request for assistance when faced with the extermination of their race due to the falling of their moon forced the Federation into action. Since then the Bre'elan have maintain contact with the Federation which has stood back and not interfered with this culture. (ST:TNG)
Breen [Civilization Classification: 14]
Politically non-aligned semi-humanoids from a world near the Black Cluster. The Breen normally wear heavy robes and an environmental support mask in a class M environment. Very little is known about their physiology or culture. Their technology is comparable to many other galactic powers. Although the Breen are politically non-aligned, many individuals of this race act as pirates or raiders, jeopardizing their neutrality. The Breen can not be telepathically detected and have no such abilities themselves. (ST:TNG / ST:DS9)
Brekkian [Civilization Classification: 14]
A humanoid race from BREKKA in the DELOS system. Almost identical to Terrans except for an extra cartilage bridge on the nose, they possess the unique ability to provide a limited electrical discharge from their hands that can incapacitate the unwary. The parent race, the Ornaran, can also be found in the DELOS system. For centuries the entire Brekkian economy was entirely built around supplying the narcotic Felicium to the people of ORNARA. When their last supply freighter failed in 2364, their economy failed and the Ornaran were able to break their addiction to Felicuim. Since then the Brekkian's economy has been in a depression limiting their technology to interplanetary travel with unusually good development in the refinement of narcotics illegal in the Federation. The only successful business on BREKKA is selling these narcotics illegally to other worlds in exchange for supplies and equipment. (ST:TNG)
Brenari [Civilization Classification: 11]
The Brenari are a humanoid race inhabiting an area of space near the Devore Imperium in the Delta Quadrant. because of their telepathic abilities this race is often persecuted by other species who either want to exploit this skill or feel threatened by it. (ST:VOY)
Bringloidi [Civilization Classification: 10]
Simple descendants of the utopian Neo-Transcendentalists who set out from EARTH in 2123 aboard the colony ship S.S. MARIPOSA during the lingering post-World War III chaos. On stardate 42823.2, the Bringloidi were forced to abandon BRINGLOID V due to the sun's increasing flare activity. They eventually were reunited with the cloned descendants of the high-tech colonists they originally set out with who needed fresh DNA to survive the threat of replicative fading. To be viable, both groups gave up monogamous marriage, requiring that each female bear three children by three men. (ST:TNG)
Briori [Civilization Classification: N/A]
The Briori are an alien race from the Delta Quadrant. Little is known of this now extinct race other than they possessed the means to reach EARTH and take slaves back to their L-Class home planet some 4000 years ago. No signs of this race or of their technology has been found other than records kept by the descendants of the slaves who had been taken from EARTH. (ST:VOY)
Brunali [Civilization Classification: 10]
This agricultural race of humanoids from the Delta Quadrant once possessed and controlled the transwarp conduits now used by the Borg, a technology they obtained during the assimilation of the race. After having nearly extinct, the Brunali shifted their focus and efforts to agriculture in the hopes of reducing drawing the interest of the Borg once more. (ST:VOY)
Bynar [Civilization Classification: 11]
Small pale skinned humanoids from BYNAUS in the Beta Magellan star system. The Bynars are heavily integrated into their planetary computer network that is the backbone of their society. Bynars live and work in pairs and converse entirely in binary code with the assistance of neural implants and waist mounted buffers. Their home star experienced a massive electromagnetic pulse in 2364 and required the massive computer core of a Galaxy class starship to restart it. The Bynars are recent members of the Federation. (ST:TNG)
Byzallian [Civilization Classification: 12]
Alien species known for being fair diplomats, the Byzallians are allied with the Cardassian and are often used by them as intermediary to establish trade with other races that may prove to be reluctant to deal with the Cardassian directly. (ST:DS9)
Byzatium [Civilization Classification: 13]
The Byzatium are a race of merchants, the entire economy of their world relying on the trade and transport of goods from one world to another, with the Ferengi as their primary trading partner. The Byzatium fleet only consists of freighters of various size and capacity, but it is one of the largest fleet known to the Federation. (ST:DS9)

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Caatati [Civilization Classification: 13]
Reptilian warp-capable race from the Delta Quadrant who were assimilated by the Borg. Only 27 Caatati ships escaped the assimilation and scattered throughout the galaxy, some of them made it to Federation space where they were granted refugee status. (ST:DS9 / ST:VOY)
Cairn [Civilization Classification: 11]
Telepathic humanoids from deep space. Recent contacts with a strong interest in joining the Federation. The Cairn have no concept of spoken language and have almost no vocal ability. Cairn telepathy is different from most telepathy. Most races telepathically transmit words and sounds, the Cairn however transmit pure thoughts and images. This is far more efficient but can only be practiced by Cairn. Since first contact with the Federation, the Cairn have struggled to learn common telepathy, develop speech enhancers, and learn spoken language. The Cairn appear to be standard humanoids with a textured bony enlargement just over the ears. Cairn technology is limited to rudimentary interstellar spaceflight. (ST:TNG)
Caitian [Civilization Classification: 13]
Felinoid race with an average life span of 115 Terran years are believed to be distant cousins of the Kzinti, the Caitin appear as bipedal felines, with features and mannerism far closer to that of animals than humanoids. Despite this, the Caitian are a valued member of the Federation, which they have helped in numerous instances. (Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home)
Calamarain [Civilization Classification: N/A]
Intelligent spaceborne race of powerful clouds of ionized gas. The Calamarian originated in the Bre'el system but have been transplanted to several nearby systems. They can interface with computer systems and are highly sensitive to electromagnetic fields, but choose to maintain no relations with humanoid life. (ST:TNG)
Caldonian [Civilization Classification: 12]
Large bi-fingered humanoid race with a love of research. From a world on the edges of Federation space, they have chosen to remain separate from the Federation. They do maintain scientific connections to help their renowned research institutes. The Caldonians have little advancement in the social or engineering fields, but their theoretical work in subspace and quantum mechanics is almost legendary. (ST:TNG)
Camorite [Civilization Classification: 11]
Humanoid race from CAMOR V located near the Cardassian border which has unfortunately led the world and its people to suffer each time the Cardassians and the Federation went to war. Despite this the planet has refused to improve their planetary defence system stating that it would negatively impact their way of life, which is for the greater part peaceful and in harmony with their surroundings. (ST:TNG)
Capellan [Civilization Classification: 3]
Primitive humanoids from CAPELLA IV. A world relatively close to Earth and core worlds of the Federation. It's technology is approximate to the Terran dark ages, their society is somewhat more advanced and was decided to contact them despite some idiosyncrasies in 2266. After Federation operatives aided the heir to the Capellan Teer, a longstanding treaty was signed. Capellan society values combat above love and sees no value in medicine, to them the weak should die. Their world is rich in rare mineral compounds such as Topaline. This gives them a significant economic advantage in their integration to the modern society. (ST:TOS)
Cardassian [Civilization Classification: 14]
Humanoid race often compared as a hybrid between the Klingons and the Romulans in affairs of war, the Cardassians impose their will on all those within their domain from their home planet of CARDASSIA PRIME. Following their defeat during the Dominion War, the Cardassian rebuilt their powerful military, but it is their Intelligence division, known as the Obsidian Order that is the most feared, having adopted an even harder approach to gathering Intel on everyone and everything. (ST:TNG / ST:DS9)
Catullan [Civilization Classification: 14]
Humanoids from CATULLA, the Catullans are noted starship engineers and many successful design yards are based out of their home world. The ubiquitous Yoyodyne Propulsion Systems was co-founded by Terrans and Catullans, the research facilities being headquartered on CATULLA. Their other sciences and society are slightly less advanced, but well up to Federation standards. Members of the Federation for a century. (ST:TOS)
Chalnoth [Civilization Classification: 12]
Lupine humanoids from CHALNA . The Chalnoth are anarchists without any government or authority. If any one area of CHALNA can be said to be governed by anyone, it is certainly the person with the biggest weapon. Chalnoth technology is limited to the phasers and light spacecraft sold to them by traders. The Chalnoth are vaguely dog like humanoids with large fangs and long fur. (ST:TNG)
Chameloid [Civilization Classification: 11]
Shapeshifting aliens from an unknown world in deep space. Virtually nothing is known about their home. Chameloids can assume any humanoid form, but are generally restricted to a basically humanoid shape. Most encounters with Chameloids have occurred in or near Klingon space, hinting to a homeworld in the Empire. (Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country)
Changeling (AKA 'The Founders') [Civilization Classification: 14]
A collective entity of poly-metallic shapeshifters from a hidden world in the Gamma Quadrant. Rulers of the vast "Dominion" in the Gamma Quadrant, With remarkable shape shifting abilities and a wish to instill order throughout the galaxy, they are the leading threat to the Federation today. They usually act by their Gem'Hadar warriors but limited cases of Changelings acting as infiltrators have infiltrated Federation offices. (ST:SD9)
Cheronian [Civilization Classification: N/A]
Long lived extinct humanoid race from the planet CHERON. Often confused with CHARION (The outer moon of Sol IX, site of the last battle of the Romulan War), CHERON was home to a largely humanoid race that had one significant difference from other humanoid races. Around half the population had skin that was black on the right and white on the left. The other half had the opposite configuration. One side pursued racist policies and enslavement of the other, eventually the civilization destroyed itself in racial wars. A small number of survivors of both races escaped from the planet in their few interstellar craft, they are locked in a perpetual chase to enforce their racist laws. Cheronian technology was advanced and had limited interstellar abilities and a primitive cloaking device. Cheronian physiology had the ability to store and release an electric charge similar to the Ornarans. (ST:TOS)
Chokuzan [Civilization Classification: 12]
Agressive and territorial species of the Delta Quadrant, the Chokuzan have focussed their technology on weapons and defences instead of propulsion which makes their vessel slow but extremely dangerous in close range combat (ST:VOY)
Chrysalian [Civilization Classification: 11]
Politically neutral non-humanoid race. From a world in the further reaches of Federation space. Chrysalians resemble meter tall stationary flowers with two meter long tentacles and iridescent large bulbs that contain their 'brain'. While the Chrysalians are politically inert and have minimal technology, their culture is ancient and intricate. The Chrysalian's main attempt at entry into the galactic community was their bid on the defunct Barzan wormhole in 2366. (ST:TNG)
Coridan [Civilization Classification: 13]
The Coridans are a humanoid Federation species hailing from the dilithium-rich planet CORIDAN located in the Beta Quadrant. Possessing one of the largest starship construction yards in the sector the Coridans have always been forced to defend their home world from races wanting to appropriate the planet's numerous deposits of dilithium. (ST:TNG / ST:DS9 / ST:ENT)
Corvallen [Civilization Classification: 10]
These cold-blooded humanoids are the main carriers of trades goods within the Romulan Star Empire and are well known for facilitating transfer of weapons and other materials to groups outside of the Empire who are still in league with the Romulans. (ST:TNG / ST:DS9)
Cravic [Civilization Classification: N/A]
The Cravic were race of beings who used to exist in the Delta Quadrant. They were at war with the Pralor, and both sides built automated units to aid in their war. When the two races called a truce, they tried to dismantle their now-surplus units. However, the units terminated their builders to ensure their survival, and continued the war. (ST:VOY)
Cygnian [Civilization Classification: 10]
This now extinct civilization was believed to have been at the height of its culture some 87 million years go. The only known record of this civilization was discovered inside a rogue asteroid. (ST:TNG)
Cytherian [Civilization Classification: 15+]
Advanced humanoid race from a planet near the center of the galaxy. The Cytherian's explore the galaxy not by travelling it, but by bringing the galaxy to them. Special probes launched by the Cytherians reprogram computers and lifeforms they encounter to come to the Cytherian homeworld. These probes can cause temporary super-intelligence in humanoids but are harmless. A cultural exchange with the Cytherian's in 2367, both sides gained enormously from this exchange and it will be decades before Federation scholars fully understand the results. (ST:TNG)

--== [/\] D [/\] ==--
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D'Arsay [Civilization Classification: N/A]
A very ancient race which is believed to have existed over 87 million years ago in a now destroyed system.  A Federation starship discovered this civilization's historical archive inside a rogue asteroid giving only a brief and rather vague concept of the social and religious ideas that governed at the time. (ST:TNG)
Dachlyd [Civilization Classification: 10]
Humanoid race from DATHIS II. The Dachlyds are reptilian humanoids resembling upright Terran iguanas. With moderate interstellar technology, the bulk of their space travel involves refining and reselling products from GEMARIS V. The Dachlyd are quite anti-social and prefer to conduct their trades with automated cargo drones and subspace communications. Since the Dachyld's sell valuable alloys and compounds at low prices, they still make a significant profit. Those who do not follow isolationist ideas and ways of the race are known to be exiled off world to the inside on of of these freighters from which they can never escape from. (ST:TNG / Details added by ST:DH)
Daledian [Civilization Classification: 9]
Race from DALED IV, the Dalebians are also referred to as Allomorphs being able to take on the form of any animal or creature. With the assistance of the Federation, the Dalebians were able to end a long civil war and concentrate of establishing a more stable culture and society within the Daleb System. (ST:TNG)
Delbian [Civilization Classification: 11]
A quiet, almost introverted race from DELB II, the Delbians are renowned listeners and observer, often finding work as scribes or Counsellors (ST:TNG)
Deltan [Civilization Classification: 14]
Humanoid race from DELTA IV. Members of the Federation of over a century. Deltan's have characteristically little body hair, especially a bald head, and have an inherent talent for mathematics and geometry. The Deltan race has a very highly developed sexuality and some form of sexual expression is inherent in most aspects of their culture. Deltans are the one known humanoid race in which pheromones play a major role, which cause powerful sexual stimulation in almost all humanoid species. This species is known to have limited telepathic abilities. (ST:ENT / Star Trek: The Motion Picture)
Denebian [Civilization Classification: N/A]
A race of humanoids from DENEB V. Like the Bandi, the Denebians were obviously a people transplanted from their homeworld. Genetic evidence suggests that the race could be a Terran offshoot, but are closer to their system-mates, the Bandi. The Denebians are known for their particularly strict system of punishment, where offenses such as fraud or theft are punishable by death. Deneb V's rotation rate virtually the same as their revolution rate so that one side of their planet is always in the dark and one side is in the light. The Denebian star makes the light side of Deneb V uninhabitable above ground, so the entire Denebian civilization is built in a perpetual night. Deneb has an ancient system of tunnels, chambers, computers, and life support. Their is no recorded construction of this system or evidence as to the creators. This is vital to understand since DENEB V is a Class J uninhabitable world. (ST:TNG)
Denobulan [Civilization Classification: 12]
Humanoid race from the planet DENOBULA able to change the colour of their eyes according to their mood and to enlarge their faces when threatened, somewhat like a blowfish. Due to a particularly strong immune system, Denobulans who chose to join Starfleet tend to focus their studies in the field of medicine. (ST:ENT)
Devidian [Civilization Classification: 8]
Devidians are a vaguely humanoid, shape shifting species native to DEVIDIA II. Their physical characteristics composed of being between 2 and 3 meters in height; they have no apparent eyes but possess an orifice on what most humanoids would call their forehead, that resembles a mouth. They live out of phase with most other lifeforms with a phase variance of 0.004. They also possessed the ability to travel through time. Devidians' only useful form of nourishment is neural energy which is acquired by draining a subject of their neural energy, killing them. (ST:TNG)
Devore [Civilization Classification: 11]
An extremely xenophobic humanoid race of the Delta Quadrant with a deep rooted distrust of any and all telepaths. (ST:VOY)
Dinaali [Civilization Classification: 8]
A humanoid race of the Delta Quadrant nearly identical to Terrans. Their home world of DINAAL suffered from a massive overpopulation which left many sick and elderly to go without medical treatment to insure that the limited resources available were given to those with the highest potential to benefit and contribute to the general society. (ST:VOY)
Dolbargy [Civilization Classification: 10]
Best known for their ability to voluntary induce a deep coma state that simulates death, the Dolbargy are found deep inside Ferengi controlled space. (ST:DS9)
A genderless race of powerful telepaths residing on the planet DOLBAR, the Dolbargy are renowned for the beauty of their world and the fact that no image of their appearance can be found beyond their world. The reproduce through eggs which can be injected with the embryos of other races, allowing them to control growth and later on the child born from it. The planet protected by several sensor webs, officially meant to track approaching ships while at the same time making it impossible for telepaths to reach the planet by causing them to feel increasingly more disabilitating pain as they appraoch the planet. (ST:DH)
Doosodarian [Civilization Classification: 11]
An ancient culture with a way of life described by many other races as 'sloth-like' due to the fact that everything they do requires an excessive amount of time. As an example, much of this species poetry employs empty spaces that can last for several days, these delays are an integral part of the poetry and are meant for the audience to acknowledge the 'emptiness' of the experience. (ST:TNG)
Dopterian [Civilization Classification: 13]
Semi-Humanoid race from somewhere in Ferengi space. They appear as short humanoids with skin tones ranging from dull yellow to dark brown. They have a cranial ridge extending from the lower rear base of the skull and extending up through the upper rear part of the skull. Dopterians are distant relatives of the Ferengi, theory holds that Ferengi proto-humanoids were transplanted to the Dopterian homeworld. Dopterians have no telepathic abilities and cannot be scanned because of their four lobed brains, a similarity to their Ferengi cousins. (ST:TNG / ST:DS9)
Dosi [Civilization Classification: 13]
Humanoid looking reptilian race of the Gamma Quadrant, the Dosi are extremely aggressive negotiators, to the point where fatalities are not uncommon. Many Alpha Quadrant traders have described this race as being "a bad-tempered cross between a Ferengi and a Klingon." Allies to the Dominion, the Dosi have been known to engage in trades to benefit the Founders. (ST:DS9)
Douwd [Civilization Classification: N/A]
The Douwd were a species made of pure energy, self-described as "immortal beings of disguises and false surroundings". They have the ability to create and destroy on an epic scale; they also maintain the ability to attack through psychic means. The Douwd appear to be nearly omnipotent, but not omniscient. (ST:TNG)
Dralian [Civilization Classification: 11]
Little is known about this Delta Quadrant race other than their physiology makes them uniquely susceptible to species. (ST:VOY)
Drayan [Civilization Classification: 14]
A unique humanoid race from DRAYAN II in the Delta Quadrant which resembles Terrans with two distinct exceptions. The first is a triangular set of markings located at the center of their hairline, and the second is a reversed aging process in which the elders of this civilization appear as children. Although warp capable, the species decided long ago to forgo technology for simpler ways and adopted a belief that no adult could have any exposed skin. (ST:VOY)
Dreman [Civilization Classification: 5]
The Dremans are a humanoid species native to the planet DREMA IV in the Selcundi Drema sector. They possess dark orange skin, enlarged foreheads and fingers which become progressively longer from the index finger to the little (pinky) finger. This race fell under the protection of the Prime Directive, as they are a pre-warp civilization that possess some technology, such as radio frequency transmitters. (ST:TNG)

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Edo [Civilization Classification: 4]
Humanoids from RUBICUN III. Very similar to Terrans. A strange mixture of hedonistic sexuality and puritanical respect for a draconian legal code. In the distant past, the Edo were a lawless and chaotic people, through time they developed a legal system where a small number of "mediators" patrol randomly selected "punishment zones" where any infraction, even if accidental, results in immediate execution without appeal. Since the "punishment zones" are randomly chosen and rapidly changing, the system is a powerful incentive to obey all laws. The Edo welcome visitors openly as long as they conform to their system of justice. The Edo may be a transplanted race since they are governed by a trans-dimensional craft that the entire race worship as their god. (ST:TNG)
Efrosian [Civilization Classification: 14]
Humanoids from EFROS IV who have served in both the Federation and Starfleet since the early days of the Federation. Easily recognized by their copper skin tone and white hair for males and raven hair for females, the species as a whole is well known for being blind to the majority of the visual spectrum of light. Able to see wavelengths in the ultraviolet and infrared, the Efrosians tend to distinguish themselves in the fields of science, medicine and navigation. (Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home / Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country)
Ekosian [Civilization Classification: 10]
Humanoids from Ekos in the M43 Alpha system. The parent race of the Zeon race on the outermost world in their system. A colony launched over three centuries ago. In violation of the Prime Directive, an undercover Federation cultural specialist altered the Ekosian culture in 2268 to mimic the 1930's Terran culture of Nazi Germany. Dr. John Gill hoped to replicate the efficiency and order of the Nazi regime but without the hate and cruelty . The attempt failed when the Ekosian culture. Only further Federation intervention stopped this potential mass murder. The Ekosians are almost indistinguishable from Terrans. (ST:TOS)
El-Aurian [Civilization Classification: 14]
The El-Aurians are an enciant, widely-traveled people who have spread themselves across many parts of the galaxy following their race being almost assimilated into extinction by the Bord. Considered to be a race of "listeners" the El-Aurians are said to have an awareness that supersedes the normal flow of time and space. (ST:TNG / ST:DS9 / Star Trek: Generations)
Elasian [Civilization Classification: 10]
A humanoid race from the Tellun star system with a reputation for being vicious and arrogant. Concluded a long interplanetary war a century ago and have a since become Federation members. Their technology has come from primitive limited interplanetary travel during the war to moderate interstellar capability. Elasian males are often well over 2 meters tall and their females have a unique neurochemical drug in their tears that makes humanoid males obey their will. (ST:TOS)
Elaysian [Civilization Classification: 11]
Unique race of humanoids from ELAYSIA II. Elaysians are mostly humanoid with two bizarre exceptions. The very low gravity of their homeworld has caused an atmosphere that is more akin to pre-terraform Mars than of a class M world. This has created difficulty in their assimilation into the galactic culture, since no other humanoid race is as accustomed to low gravity as them. Their physiology is very different also in that they require only .16% oxygen in a standard pressure environment, and the remainder of their energy comes from anaerobic reaction in their cells. Despite these unique biological differences, Elaysians eat the same food and look quite similar to us. They require the use of a limited motor support exoskeleton for living in a standard class M environment. They also cannot interbreed with other humanoid races because of these differences however. The Elaysians have been members of the Federation for almost a century however, but few travel offworld because of the difficulties entailed. (ST:DS9)
Ellora [Civilization Classification: 9]
The Ellora were one of two primitive races, including the Tarlac, that were conquered by the Son'a in 2325. The Elloran heads were surrounded by a patterned bone plate. The female and male Ellora share the exact same look. By 2375, both the Ellora and the Tarlac were fully integrated into the So'na society as indentured servants. (Star Trek: Insurrection)
Eminian [Civilization Classification: 9]
The Eminians are a humanoid species native to the planet EMINIAR VII. They had been fighting a war with neighboring planet VENDIKAR entirely by computer for five hundred years, killing 3 million people a year, before the Federation's intervention in 2267. The High Council of the Eminian Union have agreed to the establishment of full normal diplomatic relations with Federation. (ST:TOS)
Enaran [Civilization Classification: 13]
Native of the planet ENARA PRIME in the Delta Quadrant, the Enarans possess a significantly advanced energy conservation technology and are very concerned with personal hygiene and invented radio septics for hand washing and personal cleaning. (ST:VOY)
Evora [Civilization Classification: 11]
The Evora are a species of small stature which became a Federation Protectorate in 2374. Although many diplomatic ties and trade agreements have been reached, no Evora has yet decided to join Starfleet. (ST:DS9 / ST:VOY / Star Trek: Insurrection)
Excalbian [Civilization Classification: 10]
The Excalbians are a shapeshifting silicon-based lifeform, native to the planet EXCALBIA, described as being "almost mineral" and "like living rock with heavy fore-claws." Although they appear to have no form of technology, the Excalbian are capable of interstellar communications, matter-to-energy transport, and energy-to-matter creation of complex organisms. (ST:TOS)
Eymorg [Civilization Classification: 11]
Native of SIGMA DRACONIS IV, this race survived through an unexpected polar shift that caused an ice age which covered their world some 11,000 years ago. At that time their civilization possessed technology far superior to that of today's Federation, but unfortunately this knowledge was lost to the inhabitants who relied on a complex computer system to maintain all living conditions in the underground facilities created at the time of the ice age. (ST:TOS)

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Fabrini [Civilization Classification: 11]
Humanoids from the Fabrina star system in deep space. When their star went nova 10,000 years ago they built a gigantic ark called Yonada out of an asteroid to convey some of their people to a new system. First contact was in 2268 to correct a guidance problem with YONADA that placed a Federation system in danger. The Fabrini survivors arrived at their new world in late 2269. After becoming established on their new world, they petitioned for Federation membership and have since become contributing members of the Federation. Somewhat primitive in most sciences, the Fabrini have made advances in computers, to the point of true artificial intelligence, as well as advanced medical sciences. (ST:TOS)
Ferengi [Civilization Classification: 14]
Greedy humanoid race first encountered in 2364 in the Delphi Ardu system. Although several deep space incidents occurred before, this was the first face-to-face encounter. Possessing a rigid and inflexible code requiring males to relentlessly seek profit while females are left naked and submissive. They appear as short humanoids with skin tones ranging from dull yellow to dark brown. The males have characteristically very large ears while the females have extremely small ears. Coming from a political alliance just beyond Klingon space, they have no firm alliances and prefer to maintain business with all sides. The Klingons detest the Ferengi, however and embargo them. Some rogue Ferengi's pursue profit as pirates. This is legal only through a loophole in their laws. Ferengi's have no telepathic abilities and cannot be scanned because of their four lobed brains. (ST:TNG / ST:SD9 / ST:VOY)
Following the "Great Merge" the Ferengi home world was accepted into the Federation, unfortunately this move was not supported by and and led to the split of the Ferengi Alliance.Those Ferengi who followed Grand Nagus Rom to join the Federation have prospered while those who stayed behind to follow the led of their new Grand Nagus Kron, do so in a much smaller Alliance from the remote world of NYLA IV. (ST:DH / FRPG)
Flaxian [Civilization Classification: 13]
Spacefaring humanoid race known for working with the Romulan Star Empire in the areas of trades and assassinations. (ST:DS9)
Frenari (*) [Civilization Classification: 13]
This blue / silver skinned coloured humanoid race was conquered and enslaved by the Gorn in 2378. From that moment on, the males were used as a hard-labour force while the females, who are remarkably sensual and attractive by humanoid standards, are sold to the highest bidder. Many have claimed that the beauty, charms and value as entertainers of the Frenari females are far superior than those of Orion slave girls. As far as the Gorns are concerned, the females of this species are disgustingly weak and beyond unattractive, but the usual high demand from slave traders keeps the demand and prices high. (ST:DH)
Frunalain [Civilization Classification: 12]
Semi-humanoid race from somewhere in Cardassian space. Nobody has actually seen a Frunalain outside of their distinctive environmental suits. Frunalain are most often seen in their trade convoys, consisting of three or four small, fast ships. Almost nothing is known about their physiology, culture, or history. Their technology is around 100 years behind Federation standards. (ST:DS9)

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Galemaen (*) [Civilization Classification: 9]
Relatively petite race from the planet GALEMAE, these red-skin, black-eyes humanoids measure no more than 1.25 meters in height. As a society, they tend to be more concerned with their own affairs then another else's despite knowing that they are other more advanced societies in the galaxy. (ST:DH)
Galipotan [Civilization Classification: 11]
Humanoids from the GALI system. Their culture refuses to acknowledge the concept of time and is considered hard to deal with by time based civilizations. The Galipotans are best known for their burgeoning textile trade, which is almost all they can do without encountering culture conflicts. They are quite similar to Terrans except with enlarged eyes and a small nose. (ST:DS9)
Gallamite [Civilization Classification: 14]
Transparent skulled humanoid race with giant brains from deep space. Their grotesque appearance has lead them into more solitary pursuits such as philosophy, programming or cargo shipping. Because of their very high intelligence, some Gallamites have found work as scientists or strategists, but their unique physiology makes assimilation into society difficult. (ST:DS9)
Gamelan [Civilization Classification: 10]
Humanoid race from the planet GAMELAN V. This peaceful race has called on the Federation on several occasions to deal with tactical and defence issues due to the fact that this society had no military capabilities or knowledge. (ST:TNG)
Gamma Canarian [Civilization Classification: N/A]
A single entity comprised of energy which inhabited GAMMA CARANIS N and which found, saved and restored Zefram Cochrane, the developer of the Terran Warp Drive, as he ventured into deep space to die of old age. It is unclear what happened to this being after it took on human form to become Zefram's 'companion' for the remainder of his natural life. (ST:TOS)
Gemarian [Civilization Classification: 10]
Humanoid race from GEMARIS V possessing minimal interstellar technology, the bulk of their space travel involves trade with the Dachlyds only 3 light years away. Their home planet is a barely habitable world with vast deserts and high surface temperatures, this has focussed the general population and industries to make the Gemarian a leading producer of Duranium alloys, which is resold by the Dachylds to the rest of the galaxy. Having little interest in interacting with the galactic community, the Gemarians have obtained a reputation for being isolationists and rather rude to outsiders. (ST:TNG)
Gideonite [Civilization Classification: 8]
Humanoid race from DELTA DORADO II in the Mutara Sector. Gideon had centuries ago managed to cure virtually all of the diseases on their planet and extend their lives. This lead to the most unprecedented overpopulation in history, with lifespans of over 300 years and a social taboo against birth control. By 2268 500 Billion humanoids living on a single class M world. This ended when the planet's ruling council obtained a sample of Vegan Chloriomeningits in that year, which they had no immunity to. Gideonites willingly became infected to ease the population burden. Within 10 years of initial infection only 9 billion inhabitants remained. The population stabilized at this level. The survivors of the plague joined the Federation in 2289. Their advanced medical technology has allowed for the cures to many diseases including the common cold, but many exotic viruses and bacteria are beyond their ability. (ST:TOS)
Gorn [Civilization Classification: 12]
Reptilian semi-humanoids from TAU LACERTAE III in the Mutara Sector. The Gorn have their own political alliance and claim 8 star systems throughout three sectors. A peace treaty was signed in 2267 allowing rights of free passage through Gorn space and ensuring peace. Before this, Gorn raiders attacked Federation ships or colonies that were to close to their borders. The Gorn are usually over 2 meters tall with rough leathery skin and a hard multifaceted shell over their eyes. The Gorn have large claws on their hands and feet, they are unable to speak most humanoid languages and require translators to communicate with most other lifeforms. Their vessel are slow in comparison to Starfleet, but heavily armoured allowing them to take a great deal of damage and still be operational. (ST:TOS / ST:TNG / ST:DS9 / ST:ENT)
Grazerite [Civilization Classification: 13]
Humanoid race member of the United Federation of Planets which are slightly taller and require little sleep by Terran standards. Accomplished diplomats, many Grazerite have elected to take part in intergalactic politics and have ascended to the Federation Council and even to the position of Federation President. (ST:DS9)
Grisella [Civilization Classification: 11]
Burly bear-like semi-humanoids from GARASA III. These relatively primitive people have an advanced society based on equality and fairness, but their technology is barely above the bronze age level. They are in communication with the rest of the galaxy because their world is in Klingon space and not under the influence of the Prime Directive. Since a year on their world is equal to 2.3 Standard Years, their natural winter hibernation takes six standard months, this causes the total shutdown of Grisella society. Both hemispheres hibernate at once because of an axial tilt of less than 1o causing planetwide uniform seasonal changes. (ST:TNG)
Grogg [Civilization Classification: 13]
Once the sworn enemies of the Klingon Empire, the Grogg are a formidable warrior race both physically and intellectually. Although possessing a limited vocabulary skill and reaching on average a height of 3.2 meters, their intellect easily matches their imposing stature.  The Groggs communicate with one another using telepathy, allowing them to be even more dangerous when encountered in group, allowing them to coordinate their attacks with deadly precision.

Although they are often compared to Terran gorillas by humans due to their physical similarities, the Grogg have very little in common with the EARTH Primate, dwarfing them on every possible measure. (ST:DH - Based on the character from the TV show Flash)

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Halanan [Civilization Classification: 12]
Psychoprojective telepathic humanoids from NEW HALANA. The original Halanan homeworld was destroyed when a large asteroidal moon crashed into the crust and triggered massive seismic disruptions. These disruptions obliterated all continents and landforms on Halana. Halana was a member of the Federation and helped the Halanan's terraform a new homeworld. New Halana was declared habitable 90 years later. Their culture is based on loyalty and it is famous that Halanans mate for life. Members of this race appear as brown skinned humanoids with elongated and curved ears and have a very slight ridge on the nose. Halanans unique psychoprojective abilities allow them to create images up to two cubic meters in size. They are solid but read as pure energy, like holograms. (ST:TNG)
Haliian [Civilization Classification: 10]
Partially telepathic humanoid race from HALI on the outskirts of the Federation. Hallians are humanoid with light brown skin and a slight lateral ridge on the forehead. Hallian telepathy is limited to person to person empathy under most conditions. Use of special resonator crystals found on Halli can amplify the abilities of a Hallian for a short time, to the level of interpersonal telepathy. Haliians culture is mostly agrarian with only a few major cities and they have been a member of the Federation since 2351. (ST:TNG)
Halkan [Civilization Classification: 12]
Peaceful humanoid race from a world deep inside the Federation. The Halkan's have never had a war in over 10000 years of recorded history, and have a crime rate that is less than 1 illegal act of any kind per decade. The population of HALKA is less than two thousand and this small community is part of their peace. Halkans have repeatedly refused any attempts at trade agreements or mining rights to their vast Dilithium deposits for fear that their products or resources could be used for war. They have no interest in modern technology or other worlds and prefer to keep to themselves. They discourage tourism but they are friendly and helpful to visitors in need. Halkans are a nondescript humanoid race very similar to Terrans. (ST:TOS)
Hazari [Civilization Classification: 10]
The Hazari are a race of bounty hunters from the Delta Quadrant, who pride themselves on keeping their contracts more than the actual bounty itself. Their standard method involves two Hazari ships working in pair, one usually offering support to the first, but sharing the bounty equally. (ST:VOY)
Hekaran [Civilization Classification: 10]
The Hekarans are a humanoid civilization native to planet HEKARAS II, and members of the Federation. Hekaran scientists were responsible in 2360 for discovering the negative effects of prolonged exposure to warp fields on subspace. (ST:TNG)
Hierarchy [Civilization Classification: 13]
The Hierarchy species is an humanoid alien race from a region of space near the Beta-Delta Quadrant border. The sociopolitical entity to which the species belonged and comprised is called the Hierarchy (from which the species' unofficial name is derived). The true name of this species is unknown to the Federation, what is known, however, is that their species is highly adept in the skills of espionage and remote surveillance which involves spying on passing ships to plan future raids. This is done by special surveillance ships, hiding in nebulae for example, using highly advanced sensors to assess the tactical risk of attacking passing vessels and the value of their cargo. The Hierarchy's cloaked ships also allowed them to sneak up on targeted vessels; after which they would execute a preselected attack pattern, such as the Type 3 or Type 4 stealth assault. Their attack patterns are numbered according to their increasing levels of energy expenditure. The Hierarchy is meticulous when it comes to the use of energy and resources on its vessels. (ST:VOY)
Hirogen [Civilization Classification: 14]
Hirogen are a warrior / hunter species of the Delta Quadrant whose adult males appear quite large, standing above the average height of other known humanoid species. Their sensory perception is acute and quite useful for a hunting species. The Hirogen also possess an impressive immune system for attacking foreign bodies, and use an enzyme to break down the bones and muscle tissue of their prey. This suggests that the Hirogen use some of their victims as food. Little is known about Hirogen women, though it has been suggested that they pursue male hunters in possession of rare or unique trophies of the hunt. (ST:VOY)
Horrusi [Civilization Classification: 14]
Race of small statured being from the planet HORRUS located in the Beta Quadrant. Members of this race average 0.7 meters in height, and have a standard lifespan of over 200 years. The Horrusi are considered to be very wise and to have extraordinary mental abilities. Most of them display signs of telepathy and mental suggestion while others possess the ability of telekinesis. (Created by Jack Elmlinger with permission to be used by ST:DH)
Horta [Civilization Classification: N/A]
Non humanoid silicon based lifeform from JANUS VI. Horta are silicon based 'blobs' that live underground. They move through the rocks using powerful acids secreted from their glands. Horta can only be contacted telepathically. The Horta have no artificial technology but their powerful burrowing abilities have aided mining operations on JANUS VI. Horta are quite friendly and have joined the Federation, but do appreciate visitors not visit several chambers they keep for personal use. (ST:TOS)
Hupyrian [Civilization Classification: 11]
Tall race of quiet humanoids from somewhere in Ferengi space. Hupyrians live mainly as servants to rich or prominent businessmen and politicians, particularly Ferengi. Their devotion to their masters is legendary, and they are willing to die to protect them. Hupyrians have been servants of the Ferengi since very early in Hupyrian history, thus they have no native modern technology. Hupyrians are very tall humanoids with tight skin, a continuously slightly frowning expression and a very weak voice that leads many to believe that they are mute. Instead they only talk when absolutely necessary. (ST:DS9)
Hypello (*) [Civilization Classification: 10]
Short, frail looking race with deep blue, almost a turquoise skin colour. Their oddly shaped head features two large eyes, one on each side, with a sort of amphibious looking nose and mouth in the center. Native of the planet SPIRA, the Hypello are fabled to be as old as the universe itself and seldom found in areas outside of the service industry. Able to understand any language without the aid of any sort of translator, this ability comes at the price of a distinct lisp when speaking. (ST:DH - Based on FF-X character)

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Iconian [Civilization Classification: 15+]
A extinct race of conquerors sometimes referred to as 'Demons of Air and Darkness' whose impressive technology allowed them to stretch their influence across the entire galaxy some 200,000 years ago. The civilization came to an end when their homeworld of ICONIA was reduced to rubble by an orbital bombardment, the source of which is still unclear. Able to travel to distant planets without the use of starships thanks to their gateway technology, the Iconians left their mark on world in all quadrants of the galaxy. (ST:TNG / ST:DS9)
Idanian [Civilization Classification: 13]
A secretive race known for their special and unique skill in the world of Intel. Often used as special Operatives by the New Obsidian Order, the Idanians are renowned for being able to infiltrate organizations and use the information they gather to their own advantage. The entire Orion Syndicate was nearly crippled due to the acts done by a single Idanian agent who had infiltrated the organization for two years. (ST:DS9)
Ilari [Civilization Classification: 11]
Native of the planet ILARI in the Delta Quadrant, this warp-capable humanoid race is governed by a rigid system of government overseen by a single person known as the Autarch. Although the government is responsible for policies and laws, the Autarch possesses powers that leave him in charge of every aspect of this civilization's way of life. (ST:VOY)
Ilidarian [Civilization Classification: 11]
The Ilidarians are a technologically-advanced species native to ILIDARIA, in the Delta Quadrant. Considered to be "quite friendly, most of time", this race has on occasion assisted others when in trouble, beyond this help the Ilidarians tend to avoid contact with other species. their world able to provide for all of their needs. (ST:VOY)
Imhotep [Civilization Classification: 14]
The Imhotep are a humanoid species with vaguely amphibian characteristics from the Delta Quadrant. For years, the Imhotep were at war with the Antarians and the Terrellians. Only in the late 2370s was a peace treaty finally signed, ending the conflict. In its place, a race would be held every year, the Antarian Trans-stellar Rally. The first race was run in 2377, and the Imhotep won. (ST:VOY)
Imorrian (*) [Civilization Classification: 14]
The Imorrians consider themselves as the perfect blend of biological and cybernetic components, a race that has evolved over millennia. Unlike the Borg, Imorrians constructed their own technology using already created materials making them experts in recycling and reusing technical components from other worlds. With their help, the Federation was able to bring back old class of vessels into active service following the many conflicts which depleted resources and reduced the fleet to a mere fraction of what it had been many years ago. (ST:DH)
Imperian (*) [Civilization Classification: 12]
A race of powerful robots created for a single purpose, the annihilation of all biological life in the galaxy. Ruthless to an extreme, these robots possess a technology far inferior to that of most advanced species, but this has not hindered their efforts to see their directive be completed. (ST:DH - based on the Battlestar Galactica characters 'the Cylons')
Invernian [Civilization Classification: 10]
Little is known about this humanoid race from INVERNIA II despite being members of the United Federation of Planets. (ST:DS9)
Friendly by nature, the Invernians display a distinct aversion in talking about anything pertaining to themselves or their history, and this even amongst their own people. Due to this unwillingness to share, obtaioning any sort of details about them is exceptionally difficult. Based on observations, the entire society appears to function without using any sort of names, including for cities, places and buildings. Instead, Invernians use physical descriptions and geographical locations in relation to other structures to identify specific buildings and areas. (ST:DH)
Iotian [Civilization Classification: 14]
A humanoid race almost indistinguishable from Terrans. From SIGMA IOTIA II, they are very intelligent and have a habit of imitating anything they see from outsiders. This has caused a unique Iotian society. Originally it was based on Terran 1930's Chicago after a textbook on the period was left during an early Federation exploration mission. 100 years later another expedition caused a quantum leap ahead in technology and culture as the Iotian people mimicked the Federation Starfleet circa 2268. They have maintained this highly unique culture to this day and have become Federation members. The living museums of both time periods is a leading tourist attraction. (ST:TOS)

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J'Den (*) [Civilization Classification: 14]
The J'Den are a trans-dimensional warrior race who can be best compared to EARTH mythical Amazons. The rounded horns protruding from their head makes them extremely easy to recognize. Women of the J'Den hold all power and title whereas the males are nothing more than servants limited to basic physical labour. Although the J'Den are extremely territorial, they have proven to being very friendly and generous towards this dimension's Starfleet offering assistance and resources on multiple occasions. The trans-dimensional technology the J'Den possess is used to keep an eye on events in other dimension, the race having opted to remain in their own domain and protect it from unwelcomed intruders and invaders when the need arises. Due to genetic issues incurred during the race's centuries of occupation and enslavement by other races, the male J'Den lost the ability to father children. This led to the development of a voluntary genetic process which superimposes the J'Den genetic code over that of another alien female. Only females are offered this process under the belief that they are better able to understand the needs of such a procedure, of course over the last 600 years this has only serve to reinforce the women's position in J'Den culture. For the J'Den woman, the format of their name appears to always have a double 'aa' in it. (ST:DH)
J'naii [Civilization Classification: 11]
Androgynous race from system of same name in Federation space. Not members of the Federation and have no interest in becoming members, as the Federation principles of tolerance and understanding run contrary to the J'naii laws requiring rigid enforcement of a code that requires all J'naii from exhibiting any sign of gender specific behaviour. Violators are subjected to a brainwashing therapy without appeal. J'naii have widely colonized their own star system but their low warp spacecraft make interstellar travel unfavourable for them. (ST:TNG)
Jarada [Civilization Classification: 11]
Reclusive insectoid race from TORONA IV. Known for extreme adherence to protocol, the mispronunciation of a single word in a diplomatic greeting lead to a 20 year rift in communications. Jaradans are known for being quite vengeful if wronged and actually ate the crew of the ship that mispronounced it's greeting in 2344. They are highly advanced in subspace mechanics and theoretical mathematics and with the recent treaties signed have provided several fascinating scientific exchanges. (ST:TNG)
Jelinian [Civilization Classification: 11]
Warp capable race of the Delta Quadrant, the only reason that this race in known to exist is a single log record entered by a Federation vessel. (ST:VOY)
Jem'Hadar [Civilization Classification: 14]
Genetically created reptilian humanoids from the Gamma Quadrant. They are infamous for the cruelty, brutality, and machine-like efficiency. Their reputation is best summed in a Gamma quadrant quote "...and then they call in the Jem'Hadar, then you die." With endurance, strength, and a limited natural cloaking ability, they are an extreme threat in hand-to-hand combat. Created to be physically superior to almost all humanoids, they have but a single flaw. They were genetically addicted to "Ketricel White" a narcotic-protein drug to ensure their loyalty. They are almost always accompanied by Vorta who act as overseers. (ST:DS9)
Jorelan (*) [Civilization Classification: 13]
Humanoid race from the planet JOREL within Gorn space, this species is easily recognized due to the bright red tint of their skin. Often compared to the Klingons in their mating rituals and general attitude, the Jorelan are also distinguished scientists. In their society it is the females who hold power and position of importance, the males being restricted to more physical roles and duties. (ST:DH)

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Kadi [Civilization Classification: 11]
The Kadi are a humanoid species that live in the Delta Quadrant. They are a deeply spiritual people; shunning everything from entertainment to spicy foods. In their culture, males and females work separately. The Kadi bathe with pure water only, and observe prayers eight times each day. (ST:VOY)
Kaelon [Civilization Classification: 13]
A humanoid race from KAELON II. Their star is an ancient one and slowly dying. Without some artificial enhancement, the star Kaelon will go nova in around 200 years. They are distinguished by their crimson forehead stripes. Kaelon technology is somewhat primitive with only limited interstellar ability. Kaelon fusion technology is without equal, however, since they have spent over 200 years researching a way to rejuvenate their sun. Kaelon society is marked by the ceremony of the Resolution, where all who reach the age of 60 commit ritual suicide so that they do not become a burden to others. Their are no exceptions under any circumstance and Kaelon has lost many of it's best minds to this ritual. This leaves the irony that the most sacred ritual in their society may eventually be the death of it. (ST:TNG)
Kantare [Civilization Classification: 13]
Kantare are an humanoid species from the planet KANTARE. They have scale-like violet colored markings on the sides of their head from the hairline to the temples, and at the base of the skull. They are well known for having developed sophisticated holographic technology. (ST:ENT)
Karemma [Civilization Classification: 12]
Native civilization of the planet KAREMMA in the Gamma Quadrant the Karemma are member of the Dominion and serve the Founder only in response to direct orders, thus permitting them to conduct trade with the Ferengi and other races of the Alpha Quadrant. Tall and slender with black or dark brown hair that is combed back, their heads displays one single large head ridge which extends all the way to their nose. (ST:DS9)
Kataan [Civilization Classification: N/A]
A small group of Kataan natives were immortalized in a probe launched in the 14th century. They lived in the village of Ressik. Their planet, KATAAN, was a dead world after their sun went nova. (ST:TNG)
Kazarite [Civilization Classification: 12]
Though their clothing belies, these people come from a socially primitive but technologically sophisticated society. For planetary transportation they rely on the powers of telekinesis but for space travel they employ seemingly crude vessels which they power with their minds. The Kazarites are the ultimate masters of ecologists – able to communicate with all forms of animal life on all planets within the sphere of Federation influence. Because of this they have been brought to EARTH to handle the care and communication of all known as well as any new forms of life discovered. These peace-loving galactic veterinarians are vegetarians by nature and the small bags they carry with them contain food pellets which produce a yeast-like food when mixed with water. (ST:The Motion Picture / The Making of ST:The Motion Picture)
Kazon [Civilization Classification: 13]
The Kazon are an agressive warrior species from the Delta Quadrant who were once slaves to the Trabe. Now they are wandering sects busy with fighting one another for territory and resources. (ST:VOY)
Kem D'Neel [Civilization Classification: 13]
The KEM D'NEEL are a humanoid alien race about whom almost nothing is known - not what they look like, nor their culture, nor the majority of their technology. What is known is the devastation and slaughter they inflicted upon the races of the Alpha Quadrant between 2411-2412, during what is called the Seventh War of Retribution. (FRPG)
Kerelian [Civilization Classification: 13]
A race of humanoids with extremely advanced vocal and auditory abilities. Kerelians are almost identical to Terrans except with significantly enlarged ears. Most Kerelians find employment as musicians, singers, or in the sonic sciences. This ability is the evolutionary result of a very thin atmosphere with pressures so low that many Kerelians need special treatments before entering a standard Class M environment. (ST:TNG)
Kesat [Civilization Classification: 12]
The Kesat are a humanoid species native to the Delta Quadrant. They have a distinctive rippled brow ridge and nose, and also have a spot pattern above their temples and on their neck. The Kesat are the nearest neighboring species to the Ba'neth, but have been unable to prove the existence of the secretive Ba'neth. (ST:VOY)
Klaestron [Civilization Classification: 12]
A proud humanoid race from KLAESTRON IV and although they have an unilateral extradition treaty with the Federation, the Klaestron are allies with the Cardassians. (ST:DS9)
Klingon [Civilization Classification: 14]
Strong humanoids from Qo'nos. Dark skinned with a limited exoskeleton, most notable on the forehead. Klingon physiology incorporates multiple redundancies for virtually all vital organs. Their blood is a light purple fluid using several lanthanide metals as it's base. Klingons can mate with most humanoids similar to Terrans with significant medical help and have a close biochemical similarity to the Romulans and Vulcans. Their honour-based culture is highly militaristic leaving them to be highly advanced in weapons and spaceflight while remaining relatively primitive in terms of medical or social sciences. (ST:TOS / ST:TNG / ST:DS9 / ST:VOY / ST:ENT / ST: The Motion Picture)
Kobali [Civilization Classification: 14]
The Kobali are a warp-capable humanoid Delta Quadrant species, with a technology level comparable to that of Starfleet. Their medical knowledge is more advanced, however, as they can reanimate someone who has been dead for more than two weeks. Kobali also have high regards for every life which is so honored, characterized by the saying "Never harbor anger towards those who have brought you death for they gave you the chance to live again." Kobali do not procreate to obtain offspring like other species; they salvage the corpses of dead sentient lifeforms which they reanimate. Over a period of several months, the DNA of the reanimated lifeform is altered by means of a genetic pathogen that converts most of the alien's DNA into a Kobali protein structure. These biochemical changes affect every part of the body, leaving only trace amounts of the original being's DNA. After this, they are given race appropriate names and placed in Kobali families to help them acclimate. Reanimating is the most important part of the species' custom, which can be in conflict with other species burial customs when they occasionally meet. Reanimation causes extensive memory loss, generally rendering the reanimated entirely new beings, personality-wise. However, some people remember parts of their former life, known to the Kobali as kyn'steya. There are also people who remember so much of their previous lives that it causes them to escape in search of their former life. Those that do are hunted by other Kobali to return them to their new home. (ST:VOY)
Kobliad [Civilization Classification: 12]
Humanoid race almost identical to Terrans. A genetic deficiency in the Kobliad protein Deuridium causes short lifespans on the the order of 25-30 years. The Kobliad are known to have a major crime problem related to theft or fraud of Deuridium. With proper dosage a Kobliad can live to be well over 100. They have applied for Federation Medical assistance but are currently bogged down in Prime Directive restrictions since they are not a Federation member and have no major treaties. Hence, they have recently applied for membership. (ST:DS9)
Koinonian [Civilization Classification: N/A]
The Koinonians were an ancient, intelligent culture that was composed of two different lifeforms, one of energy and the other of matter, both native to the Koinonian homeworld. The physical Koinonians destroyed their civilization in a series of bitter conflicts, lasting for generations, centuries ago. The non-corporeal Koinonians had strong morals and watched the raging wars in abhorrence, but were not involved as the war was fought between different factions of the corporeal species. They survived on the homeworld even after it was ravaged by the wars and still inhabited the desolate planet in the 24th century. They considered the wars a tragic but dishonorable past and didn't tolerate any more suffering on their homeworld. (ST:TNG)
Kolaati [Civilization Classification: 12]
The Kolaati are a warp-capable species from the Delta Quadrant that in majority engages in criminal activities, including trafficking in narcotics. A little nervous of authority, the Kolaati are quick to fire upon vessel that they do not know making them a dangerous races to run into. (ST:VOY)
Kotakian [Civilization Classification: 10]
An offshoot of the Lenarian race. Almost certainly an ancient lost colony but different enough to be distinct from their more known brethren. Small in number, most Kotakians serve in mining, cargo transport or passenger service. They appear quite similar to humanoids except with violet or blue hair. (ST:DS9)
Kradin [Civilization Classification: 11]
The Kradin, a race from the Delta Quadrant, has been at war with the Vori who look upon them as beasts for countless generations. The reason for this conflict has been lost in time and no peaceful solution seems to be possible. (ST:VOY)
Kreetassan [Civilization Classification: 11]
The Kreetassan are particularly concerned with proper etiquette, courtesy and adherence to certain, sometimes complex social codes. As a result they have obtained a reputation for being easily offended. This species considers eating a taboo to be performed in private in the same general manner as mating. (ST:ENT)
Krenim [Civilization Classification: 14]
A technologically-advanced humanoid race from the Delta Quadrant, the Krenim rule over a region of space known as the Krenim Imperium which at one point in their history comprised of over 200 star systems. (ST:VOY)
Kressari [Civilization Classification: 12]
Primarily known for their botanical DNA, this humanoid race has no standing military and instead relies on the Cardassians for the defence of their home world. The Kressari often act as intermediaries between other races and the Cardassian Union to help facilitate the transfer of supplies and even weapons. (ST:DS9)
Kriosan [Civilization Classification: 11]
The Kriosians are a humanoid species from the planet KRIOS PRIME and possess a common ancestry with the Valtese. Very fond of elaborate rituals, this race has dedicated a fair amount of its resources and time in the improving of their people's culture. One such improvement was the ability to create a 'Metamorph', a special empathic woman born once every 500 years or so, able to change her personality to perfectly match the character and needs of her husband. (ST:TNG / ST:ENT)
Ktarian [Civilization Classification: 13]
Semi-feline humanoid race of the planet KTARIS. Mostly humanoid except with enlarged frontal skull bones and latent feline features. Renowned for advancements in neurology, this led to their recent censure and embargo by the Federation. A Ktarian game distributed on Risa in 2368 had the neurological effect of rendering the player a tool of the Ktarian government. With this they planned a takeover of the Federation and other galactic powers. While Ktarian biotechnology is prized on the black market, the exotic technologies are banned as a sanction for their plot. (ST:TNG / ST:DS9)
Kurlan [Civilization Classification: N/A]
Civilization of the planet KURL which died out several millennia before the 24th century. Their culture believed that an individual person was in fact a community of individuals, each with their own voice, their own desire and their own view of the world. This belief was manifested in one of their forms of art known as a Kurlan Naiskos. (ST:TNG)
Kzinti [Civilization Classification: 12]
This feral, yet technologically advanced patriarchal race is extremely prejudiced against all other races in the galaxy. These large, carnivorous, cat-like beings are able to reach heights of up to 2 meters in height and possess remarkable strength, speed and agility. The Kzinti physiology counts several redundant organs allowing them to survive injuries that would kill most other races. After a series of four wars which they initiated and lost against the Federation, the Kzinti eventually joined although many sects of the society still refuses to acknowledge this alliance. It is believed that the Kzinti and Caitian are distant cousins, which may have played a role in their being admitted into the Federation. (ST: Animated Series)
Following decades of internal conflicts triggered by the Kzinti joining the Federation, their society eventually reached a breaking point sending a large number of the population of KZIN out into space to colonize the other two habitable planets in their system. In order to avoid any misunderstanding, the home world was renamed KZINTI PRIME while the other two planetary colonies took on the unofficial names of KZINTI ALPHA and KZINTI BETA. Officially, only KZINTI PRIME is a member of the United Federation of planets leaving both the ALPHA and BETA colonies as unaligned, independent worlds possessing their own governments. KZINTI PRIME is still ruled by a planetary council led by the High Kzin, while KZINTI ALPHA is ruled by a King supported by a royal court, and KZINTI BETA is ruled by whichever clan leader currently holds the title of Overlord, a title that is disputed by force whenever another clan leader believes themselves worthy to lead. (ST:DH)

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Legaran [Civilization Classification: 10]
A reclusive race of gastropods. They generally require a viscous organic fluid environment for movement and nourishment. Because of this, they rarely travel off planet. They are highly advanced in the arts and science, particularly genetic engineering. They finally signed a treaty with the Federation in 2368 after nearly a century of negotiations. (ST:TNG)
Lenarian [Civilization Classification: 11]
Humanoids found throughout the Federation. They are often found as miners, or other menial professions. Their homeworld has been lost to antiquity, as they have had spaceflight for millennia. In their exodus from a polluted planet of origine, they lost the records of the pre-exodus times including the coordinates of their homeworld. All that survived were isolated stories and legends. Their technological progress has been very slow since achieving warp flight however, and they hold a resentment against the Federation because of it's rapid progress and meticulous record keeping. (ST:TNG)
Lethean [Civilization Classification: 12]
Telepathic humanoid race found deep within what used to be the Klingon Empire and whose telepathic attacks are almost always fatal. Their skills have led them to be hired by various criminal groups to perform mental scans without leaving any witnesses. (ST:DS9)
Leyron [Civilization Classification: 10]
Humanoids from MALKUS IX. They have barely achieved warp flight and are just beginning to explore the Galaxy. They are of note to linguists that one of their major subcultures developed a written language significantly before spoken or sign languages. (ST:TNG)
Ligonian [Civilization Classification: 9]
Dark skinned humanoids from LIGON II. They lack advanced technology but possess significant agricultural abilities. They hold ritual honor highly and have a strong and stable social structure. In Ligonian culture the females possess the land and property but allow the males to rule in their name. Thus giving women a certain degree of equality in an otherwise patriarchal society. They have several treaties with the Federation for supplies of rare vaccines and antibiotics. (ST:TNG)
Lissepian [Civilization Classification: 13]
A famous humanoid race of traders from Cardassian space. Charactaristically burly and yellow/green skinned, Lissepians also have a large aft lobe of the brain with an aft ridge vaguely reminiscent of Dopterians. Lissepians have modern interstellar spaceflight technology and operate many independent trading and shipping ships. Lissepians trade in anything legal (usually) of any value, including holographic equipment, building equipment, and foodstuffs. (ST:DS9)
Lokirrim [Civilization Classification: 13]
Humanoid race of the Delta Quadrant who ended in a war against photonic beings, holograms able to venture beyond the confines of their original environment thanks to having created ships with holographic projectors in them. (ST:DS9)
Lokustaar (*) [Civilization Classification: 14]
Warlike, conquering species from another dimension able to become invisible. Their complex language cannot be translated and sounds like extremely high pitch screeches if actually heard, in most cases a simple distant whisper can only be perceived even if the Lokustaar are present in the same room. Their presence in our dimension has been noted through several worlds' myths and legends, referring to the Lokustaar as 'Demons of Night', 'Shadows of Death' and 'Beasts of Pure Darkness'. It is also hinted that these beings are highly sensitive, if not vulnerable to telepathic attacks, a weakness that is suspected of having been used against them in the distant past. Unlike most other races, they utilize living ships to travel through space, these ships possessing the same general abilities and physiology as the Lokustaar themselves making them susceptible to telepathic attacks and finding it difficult to sustain high warp velocity for a limited period of time.
(ST:DH - based on the Babylon 5 characters 'The Shadows')
Lorillian [Civilization Classification: 12]
Alpha Quadrant species. Lorillian children are born with the ability to breathe only methyloxide via an inhalation apparatus. This means that mother and child must deal with a difficult weaning process when the child reaches age four. (ST:ENT)
Loque'eque [Civilization Classification: 8]
The Loque'eque were a species that originated in the Delphic Expanse. Despite being sentient, they were shown to be emotionally and physically primal and feral. After having lost the ability to reproduce the species began to die out. In an attempt to save their race from total extinction, the Loque'eque engineered a mutagenic virus which transformed the DNA of other species into their own. (ST:ENT)
Lumerian [Civilization Classification: 13]
The Lumerians are a humanoid species, clearly noticeable by their distinctive forehead markings. As a species they are gifted with empathic abilities, but are usually restricted in the use of this empathy to other Lumerians and alien empaths and telepaths. Some Lumerians seem to be able to ritually form a psionic bond with another person, giving him or her the option to "dump" bad feelings and other "mental waste" onto the bond partner. The latter one usually suffers from severely accelerated aging and aggressive behavior. The ritual is performed with the help of a crystalline stone, that seems to enhance the psionic output of the ritual participants. (ST:TNG)
Lurian [Civilization Classification: 11]
A race of large semi-humanoids from deep space. Burly and large with no necks, a large chin, and a slightly apelike appearance. Few Lurians have been found in Federation space but those who are known exist mainly as gamblers or barkeeps. Unfortunately we have seen no examples of Lurian ships or technology, but is estimated to be somewhat behind the Federation. Lurians have strong voices but generally do not speak for reasons unknown. (ST:DS9)
Lyaaran [Civilization Classification: 12]
A humanoid race that reproduces by post-cellular compounding and emerge full-grown from natal pods. They regard the consumption of food as being for sustenance only, and their diet is bland in the extreme by the standards of many other humanoids. Iyaarans have no natural understanding or social forum for concepts such as pleasure, antagonism, love, or crime. (ST:TNG)

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Malcorian [Civilization Classification: 10]
Natives of the planet MALCOR III this race beleived until only recently that they were the highest form of species and that their planet was at the center of the universe. When the Federation attempted First Contact after they had reached the scientific milestone of faster-than-light travel, it was quickly realised that this belief stood in direct conflict with the reality that the Federation represented. The government decided to shift focus away from space exploration and instead dedicate time and resources to educating the population about the universe. Until such time as the race as a whole is ready to accept this fundamental shift in their way of perceiving themselves and the universe, the Malcorian remain a Federation Protectorate. (ST:TNG)
Malon [Civilization Classification: 12]
Humanoid race of the Delta Quadrant best known for their disposal of antimatter waste. Although technologically advanced, the Malon lack the technology to recycle this waste, which emitted hazardous theta radiation. Therefore, this hazardous waste was dumped in open space in vast quantities by waste export vessels. The Malon attempted to find uninhabited regions for this waste, but this was not always the case. (ST:VOY)
Malurian [Civilization Classification: 12]
Reptilian looking gray-skinned species from MALUR, the Malurians were wiped out after the EARTH space probe 'Nomad' came to their home planet. (ST:ENT)
Mari [Civilization Classification: 12]
Race of telepathic humanoids from the Delta Quadrant. Their world was ravaged by violence and crime mostly due to the fact that strong emotions and desires could be transferred from one person to the next telepathically. To solve this problem, the Mari outlawed violent thoughts and developed a memory adjustment technique to remove the offending engrams from a criminal's mind. By their system, any crime was caused by the person who originally had the violent thought and it was their mind that was altered. (ST:VOY)
Markalian [Civilization Classification: 14]
The Markalian are known for a criminal organization, the notorious Markalian smuggling operation. Many members of this race work in the freight business and, apart from the smuggling operation, some were employed by various other criminal individuals. Those of this race looking for more suspenseful activities will usually offer their services as mercenaries. (ST:DS9)
Masters (*) [Civilization Classification: 15]
The Masters are a giant race of transdimensional conquerors with little to no mercy or interest in diplomatic liaison with any other races. Standing at 2.6 to 2.8 meters tall, these imposing warriors are known for conquering other races without using orbital weapons, but instead choosing to establish their dominance over another race in person. With every ship in their fleet possessing dimensional traveling capabilities, the Masters take what they want wherever they are. (ST:DH)
Mazarite [Civilization Classification: 12]
The Mazarites are a humanoid species native to the planet MAZAR. They are distinguished by two folded skin flaps on the sides of their faces that run from their eyebrows and surround their ears and under their temples. Mazarites also have dark hair with streaks of white hair swept back from the temples, along the sides. And at least in men, it is usually worn pulled back into a ponytail. (ST:ENT)
Medusan [Civilization Classification: N/A]
Highly intelligent non-corporeal life forms with highly ordered minds. Members of the Federation, they cannot be viewed by humanoids because optical and electromagnetic patterns emitted by their physiology causes violent psychosis in humanoid neurophysiology. Some races such as Vulcans can view them with special protective optic visors. As long as they are kept in special shielded containers, they can coexist with humanoids. They are highly skilled navigators and programmers. (ST:TOS)
Megarite [Civilization Classification: 11]
Vaguely humanoid race from MEGGANON I. The Megarites are not members of the Federation, but maintain open diplomatic relations. They do not resemble most humanoids and have yellow-brown skin with numerous cartilage plates and ridges across the face, most notably two triangular plates on the forehead and three horizontal flaps over the mouth. Megarite society is generally based on heavy industry. Megganon has hundreds of industrial replication plants and dozens of heavy factory complexes. While Megarites almost never travel off-world, their products go to every part of the known galaxy. (Star Trek: The Motion Picture)
Melkotian [Civilization Classification: 14]
Powerful non-humanoid race the Melkot system. Preferring to remain secluded, their homeworld is surrounded by a series of warning buoys. Intruders are subjected to an elaborate telepathic execution involving illusion and the victim's' own memory. Diplomatic relations were opened in 2268 and have since become full members of the Federation, but generally prefer seclusion. On MELKOT there are only a few humanoid cities for outsiders. Melkotians appear as large brains covered by vital organs with two eyes in the front and short tentacles hanging from the bottom. They move and communicate with Psi abilities. (ST:TOS)
Menthar [Civilization Classification: N/A]
The Menthars were an ancient race that were the cause of their own extinction during their long war with the Promellians, that ended with the battle at ORELIOUS IX during the 14th century. History books show many fascinating records of the Menthar's innovative battle strategies. They were the first to use the Kavis Teke elusive maneuver as well as the Passive Lure stratagem which was comparable to the strategies of Napoleon Bonaparte. They also developed a way to modify aceton assimilators to create a booby trap for starships. (ST:TNG)
Mikulak [Civilization Classification: 13]
Humanoid race with devotion to the biological sciences. While they have achieved advanced spaceflight only in the past few decades and lag centuries behind in some aspects of modern technology, their biotechnology is admirable. They have highly developed genetic and pathological technologies and are sometimes sought for their help in epidemiology. This technology stems from a viral plague that almost destroyed their race a century ago. Their space technology was delayed as all efforts were aimed at biological research. (ST:TNG)
Miradorn [Civilization Classification: 14]
Reptilian humanoids from an unknown planet within the Gamma Quadrant. Little is known about them except that they are born in telepathically linked twins that are considered to be two halves of one being. If one is injured or killed, the other will relentlessly seek vengeance for what he perceives as an assault against him. (ST:DS9)
Mizarian [Civilization Classification: 12]
Humanoids from MIZAR II. With a gray wrinkled complexion and no body hair, they generally wear light grey or tan robes in public. With a firm belief in pacifism, they have been conquered six time in three hundred years. They have no political alignments and the MIZAR system is generally considered to be neutral territory. (ST:TNG)
Mokra [Civilization Classification: 10]
Humanoid race from the Delta Quadrant governed by a military police state. Not at all above torturing prisoners, the Mokra has a standing habit of arresting and interrogating anyone who enters their claimed area of space under the pretence of them being allied with forces opposed to the Mokra government. (ST:VOY)
Monean [Civilization Classification: 13]
Spacefaring humanoid species from the Delta Quadrant that was once nomadic until they discovered an artificially coherent planetoid of water. Although many chose to settle into the underwater structures, others chose to remain aboard their ships as had their ancestors. (ST:VOY)
Moropa [Civilization Classification: 11]
Violent humanoid race from a system just outside the Bolarus system. Due to the fact that their weapons' technology is over a century behind that of the Federation, their dreams of galactic conquest were destroyed immediately upon venturing into space and encountering their first Starfleet ship. Despite their physical and biological similarities with the Bolians the Moropa hold onto their dislike of the Bolian with a passion that is extremely difficult to explain. (ST:TNG)
Mudd Android [Civilization Classification: 11]
Sentient humanoid androids originally from Andromeda. They settled on a Class K world around 150 years ago. They gained their name from Harcourt Mudd, the 23rd century con-man who found them. With around 10,000 members, the androids generally stay on their homeworld where they operate a subspace relay station and resort community. Several dozen androids travel the galaxy at large learning about our civilization for the entire community. It was with the precedent of the Mudd Androids that the Soong-Type Androids were considered true sentient androids. (ST:TOS)

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Nacene [Civilization Classification: 15+]
The Nacene are a species from another galaxy known as Exosia. They are a sporocystian lifeform and have high level technology and an apparently natural ability to navigate subspace. Only two members of this species have been encountered, both on the far side of the Delta Quadrant. (ST:VOY)
Nanite [Civilization Classification: N/A]
This artificially created species gained sentience following a science experiment meant to have two nanites work in tandem to improve their effeciency. The experiment worked too well and the newly formed 'collective' began to increase its base knowledge at such a rate that it managed to gain self awareness in less than a day. The newly created race was transported, with their approval, to KAVIS ALPHA IV where they were left to themselves to create a civilization of their own. (ST:TNG)
Napians [Civilization Classification: 13]
A race of empathic humanoids from NAPIA II. The Napians are members of the Federation but take little interest in the rest of the galaxy. The Napians are physically very similar to Terrans and Betazoids. Genetic analysis leads to the supposition that the Napian race is a transplanted cross between the two races, yet just different enough to be detected. Most Napians do not bother to use or cultivate their Psi skills, as their training techniques can take years for what Betazoids and Vulcans learn in weeks. Those that perfect their Empathic and limited Telepathic skills serve professionally in Napian culture. (ST:TNG)
Nausicaans [Civilization Classification: 13]
Tall, surly, ill-tempered humanoids from some unknown planet in deep space. After 60 years of contacts between the Nausicaans, there is still little known about them. They have scattered outposts on the borders of the Federation near Ferengi space, leading to the theory that their homeworld is somewhere in their sphere of influence. Nausicaans are generally very inhospitable with vaguely lizard like faces and have attacked people with little provokation. (ST:TNG)
Norcadian [Civilization Classification: 10]
Race of the Delta Quadrant, they are known for having invented the game of tsunkatse, a violent martial arts-style combat style that proved to be very popular in the region of space surrounding their home world of NORCIDIA PRIME. Although tsunkate is not this race's only achievement, the Norcadians are most known for the creation and organization of interplanetary tournaments for this bloody and deadly sport. (ST:VOY)>
Numiri [Civilization Classification: 13]
Spacefaring paranoid, aggressive and very territorial race of the Delta Quadrant, the Numiri are currently currently at war with the Banean and will not hesitate to challenge anyone daring to travel through their space. Although their propulsion technology is inferior to that of the Federation, their weapons and defensive technologies are equal if not superior to the most advanced systems currently onboard any Starfleet vessel. (ST:VOY)
Nuvian [Civilization Classification: 10]
The Nuvians are a race of peaceful humanoids with twelve fingers on each hand making them easily recognizable. According to travel and advertisements, there are over two hundred registered Nuvian masseuses on Risa. (ST:ENT)
Nygean [Civilization Classification: 12]
Humanoid race of the Delta Quadrant which governs a sector of space containing several different races including the Benkarans. (ST:VOY)
Nylaan (*) [Civilization Classification: 11]
Talented humanoid race of NYLA IV, this species is renowned for their exquisite arts, dances and music as well as their knowledge of science. As skilled engineers and scientists the Nylaan have created a world that many consider to be heavenly. Because of this, NYLA IV is a major trading and market center within the Ferengi Alliance. Aside from the social and economical richness of the world, the Nylaan are also well known for the exotic colours of their hair which identifies the social standing of each individual. Purple hair identifies someone of royal descent; blue hair shows someone from the field of pure sciences while red hair indicate someone associated with the military. Members of this race who belong to the field of the performing arts are found to have green hair, while those found in the medical field possess white hair.  Nylaans with black hair, the most common colour, are part of the labour class and are tasked with menial jobs.  What is truly interesting about this race is their ability to change their hair colour at will to reflect mastered skills and knowledge.  Aside from the Royal family, born with purple hair, all other Nylaans are born with black hair, earning the ability to alter this only later on. (ST:DH)
Nyrian [Civilization Classification: 10]
The Nyrians are a race of humanoids who inhabit the Delta Quadrant. Although identical to Humans, they are highly sensitive to cold and light and are uncomfortable in humid environments as well. The Nyrian have gone through a great deal of effort to hide their actual technological level to the rest of the galaxy in the hope that this would give them a tactical advantage should a conflict emerge. One of their primary techniques in taking over an intruder's vessel, is to gradually replace that ship's crew with apparently disoriented Nyrians who know nothing of what is happening. Once the Nyrians are numerous enough, they move to take over the ship and imprison the rest of the ship's crew. (ST:VOY)

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Ocampa [Civilization Classification: 10]
The Ocampa or Ocampans are a humanoid species who live on the planet OCAMPA in the Delta Quadrant. Their early history is shrouded in mystery but their own legends tell of a time when they were capable of great mental feats. (ST:VOY)
Okari (*) [Civilization Classification: 6]
This humanoid race found on a distant planet beyond Gorn Space strongly resembles Terrans with a few obvious differences, the most noticeable one being the colour of their hair which is blue, varying slighting from light to dark depending on genetics. The other main difference is the Okari's verbal language which is extremely limited, forcing members of this race to use a crude form of sign language to communicate with one another. The 472,000 or so members of this race are part of a fractured and cruel feudal civilization ruled by constant conflicts where the strongest earn the right to lead until they are themselves challenged by another.  (ST:DH)
Oltharian (*) [Civilization Classification: 14]
A very peaceful, spiritual and scientifically minded race, the Oltharian society is divided into two Circles; the Religious and Scientific. Members of this race belong to one of these Circles whose members will help and guide new initiates. Their homeworld of OLTHAR PRIME has a planetary rotation of 36 hours and possesses a gravity more than one and a half that of EARTH. Because of this, Oltharians possess a natural strength along that of the Klingons and are able to work through straight periods of time that most human would find impossible. (ST:DH)
Omegan [Civilization Classification: 3]
Humanoid race virtually identical to Terrans. While regarded as a separate people, the Omegans are actually the descendants of two separate deep space expeditions launched by two separate nation/states of Terra in the late 21st century. China and the United States had sent a colony ship into the same sector without the knowledge of the other. Both settled on one of the few Class M worlds in the sector, OMEGA IV. Unfortunately their technology and equipment was destroyed in the landing and subsequent conflicts, as the two nation-states were at war at the time. The resultant people were affected by an unusual biological weapon, it did not work as planned and instead multiples the lifespan of the subject by 5 to 10 times. The final result was two primitive warring clans with centuries long lifespans. (ST:TOS)
Onaya [Civilization Classification: N/A]
Onaya are non-corporeal beings that can assume corporeal form at will. This strange race both increases exponentially and feds off the creative energy generated by the stimulated brain of another beings. The process usually proved damaging to the subject being stimulated, as the strain of increased capillary dilation, neurotransmitter production, and general neural activity would cause synaptic collapse and, if left untreated, death. Onaya justify their activities by saying that victims would receive immortality for the creative ventures that were a byproduct of its activities. Many suspect that the mythology of several worlds, such as EARTH's Muses who inspired great writers and artists, were stories about such beings visiting these worlds to feed and in the process influencing their culture through increased artistic creativity. (ST:DS9)