Starfleet Exo-cultural report
Race: Nylaan
Home World: NYLA IV (fourth planet - Class M)
Orbital Star(s):
 NYL (Inside Ferengi Controlled Space)
Civilization Classification: 14
Estimated Population: 6.21 Billion
Appearance: Bipedal Humanoid with varied hair colour which identifies an individual's place in their society.

Physical characteristics:
Except for their hair colour, Nylaan appear almost identical to Humans and possess a similar life span with an average life expectancy of 87 years.
Being part of the Ferengi Alliance, and remain so after the Great Merger which saw many worlds leave the Alliance to join the Federation, NYLA IV remains one of the most important trade partner of the alliance.  Ruled by an all powerful High Sovereign who ascends to the thrown through bloodright, the world and its inhabitants do everything in their power to uphold their planetary and social status.

Planetary Report:
A beautifully diverse world made even more spectacular by the purple coloration of the constant cloud cover of the planets, NYLA IV is home to a wide range of fauna and flora, resorts and trade centers.  The governing province, which is also home to the High Sovereign's palace is the pride of the population and draws in hundreds of off world visitors every day.

Overview of Civilization's History:
The social history of the Nylaan goes back several millennia and remains for the most part unchanged.  For as long as anyone can remember, the planet had been ruled by the High Sovereign of the royal family who passes down his crown to his eldest son once he has reached the "Age of Ruling" (36 years old) or upon the death of the current High Sovereign.

The most noticeable point of this culture is the different hair colour of the inhabitants, each colour representing a cast and position within their society.  Even more interesting is the Nylaan's ability to change their hair colour to reflect a lower status, never able to change the colour to anything above their class.

All members of the royal family can be easily identified by the purple hair, the sight of which will usually cause lower born Nylaans to drop to their knees in a show of respect and admiration.  Nylaan's displaying red coloured hair are part of the military, the entire cast having been trained in several combat techniques and the use of a wide range of weapons, both domestic and foreign.

The next hair colour on the class hierarchy it blue which identifies members of the science cast. Within this cast those who have specialized in the medial field earn the right to display a perfectly white head of hair, earning them a slightly higher level of respect within the people of the science classification.

Men and women displaying green hair colour are referred to as Entertainers, their skills and abilities having made them high priced commodities within the Ferengi Alliance.  Lastly, commoners are limited to pitch black hair colour, making it clear to anyone seeing them that they are members of the lowest class and as such unworthy of anything more than the most basic of goods and respect.

Slaves are very common on NYLA IV as it is considered to be more economically sound to sell anyone found guilty of a crime instead of incarcerating them.  This accounts for why the majority of slaves are found to have black hair although it is not entirely uncommon to find green and even red haired Nylaans as slaves.  This said, some individuals enter into slavery of their own free will, thus financially providing for their families in a single large payment. Unlike those who chose to become slaves, those forced into slavery by the government are branded with a small tattoo found at the base of their neck, indicating that they can never regain their freedom.

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