Starfleet Current Active Ship Classes

Long-Range Heavy Cruiser
Deep space border patrol and defence
Registry range 715XX
Standard Crew Compliment: 820

Deep Space Frigate
Exploration, research and mapping
Registry range 462XX
Standard Crew Compliment: 300


Long-Range Heavy Cruiser
Marine transport, escort and combat
Registry range 720XX
Standard Crew Compliment: 1025

Long-Range Cruiser
Exploration, research and diplomatic
Registry range 718XX
Standard Crew Compliment: 1000

Mid-Range Light Cruiser
In-territory patrol and research
Registry range 746XX
Standard Crew Compliment: 175

Mid-Range Transport
Long-Range Explorer
Registry range 59200 - 59249
Standard Crew Compliment: 275

Mid-Range Cruiser
Research, transport and diplomatic
Registry range 618XX
Standard Crew Compliment: 750

Mid-Range Destroyer
Border patrol, escort and Marine transport
Registry range 727XX
Standard Crew Compliment: 85


Mid-Range Cruiser
Transport and research
Registry range 615XX
Standard Crew Compliment: 825


Mid-Range Light Frigate
In-Territory patrol, combat
Registry range 619XX
Standard Crew Compliment: 185

Long-Range Heavy Cruiser
Deep space exploration,
first contact and diplomatic
Registry range 750XX
Standard Crew Compliment: 855

Heavy Frigate
Exploration, research and diplomatic
Registry range 826XX
Standard Crew Compliment: 1,375


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