Ultra Secret SFI
Base of Operations

This SFI base of operations is the home of 4 Scarab-Class Cruisers and is well hidden deep inside an asteroid belt surrounding the GIZA nebula, thus named because of the pyramid shaped void visible within the nebula itself. The nebula and asteroid belt are both out of the way of regular trade routes and provides an excellent platform to launch Intel operations from thanks to its strategic location admits several important sectors of the Federation.

The starbase itself was constructed inside one of the larger asteroids, giving it a natural camouflage as well as increased defensive capabilities due to the iron mantel that roughly covers the first 800 meters of the asteroids outer shell. The only way to gain access to the complex within is through the large double spaceport doors that are perfectly camouflaged with their surroundings.  Specially encoded navigational buoys allow the Scarab-Class cruisers to find their way through the constantly shifting maze of asteroid, but flight within the inner region is a risky one even with the buoys, and therefore nearly impossible without their assistance. This region was selected partially because of the special ablative armour the Scarab-Class possess, allowing them to ward off most asteroid impacts that would cripple a normal vessels.

Once inside the large armoured doors leading to the space dock area of NEW ALEXANDRIA, the crew will see directly ahead 4 distinct docking and repair areas made for similar sized vessels. To the right, 2 additional docking and repair stations will be noticed, these made for vessels much larger than the other 4. The feel of these areas does not strike anyone as being made for repairs but rather the opposite… to dismantle ships in order to get to their components. To the left, several openings will be noted, all of them being the entrances to various size shuttle bays, as well as large windows giving a first glimpse at the starbase’s Egyptian inner décor that is present throughout every section and corridor.

Docking Station 1 is reserved for the USS SCARAB, the prototype of the Scarab-Class vessels and Admiral Koniki’s ship. The other three Docking Stations are respectively assigned as follows: 2... USS ANUBIS, 3... USS HORUS, and 4... USS SEKHMET. Not counting the USS SCARAB, it is extremely rare to find more than 2 ships docked at the same time, the task of protecting the Federation being more than a full time commitment and requiring that the ships spend the least amount of time inactive.

Thanks to recent technological advancements made by deciphering and understanding some of the data exchanged with the Cytherians some 50 years ago, the NEW ALEXANDRIA and the Scarab-Class cruisers possess some of the most advanced equipment available, most of which is still on the experimental or testing level.

Ready to support the crews of all 4 Scarab-Class vessels as well as the NEW ALEXANDRIA’s personnel for over a year, the starbase is equipped with every conceivable commodity.  Holodecks and gymnasiums of every shapes and sizes are available to all, their purpose being more aimed to training than relaxation. NEW ALEXANDRIA also possesses extensive engineering, medical and scientific research facilities permitting the rapid analysis of all information or material brought back by any of the ships.

Although all members of the NEW ALEXANDRIA support staff have a minimum of a level 2 SFI clearance, there are certain sections that are still restricted and accessible to only a select few.

NEW ALEXANDRIA Sections and Level Listing…

Because of its sheer size and shape, conventional deck listings are impossible as the starbase’s decks are simply too large. In order to facilitate navigation of personnel throughout the base, all common elements were grouped in the same section and a special transport system was created. The ASPS (ALEXANDRIA's Shuttle Pod System) appears as a Mag-Lev (Magnetic Levitation) super high-speed train that allows the starbases’s personnel to get from one section to another with great speed. While the ASPS take care of horizontal personnel movements, standard high capacity turbolifts handle the vertical transfers from level to level. This system was put into place instead of a wide transporter system because of the power output and energy signals generated that such a large number of transporters that would reduce NEW ALEXANDRIA’s ability to remain undetected.

Instead of a simple deck designation, all areas are given an alphanumeric designation identifying the Section and level.

Quick Layout overview (what is where compared to the rest)…

A-9           C1-9        C2-9        C3-9        C4-9        F-9
A-8           C1-8        C2-8        C3-8        C4-8        F-8
A-7           C1-7        C2-7        C3-7        C4-7        F-7
A-6           C1-6        C2-6        C3-6        C4-6        F-6
A-5           C1-5        C2-5        C3-5        C4-5        F-5
A-4           C1-4        C2-4        C3-4        C4-4        F-4
A-3           C1-3        C2-3        C3-3        C4-3        F-3
A-2           C1-2        C2-2        C3-2        C4-2        F-2
A-1           C1-1        C2-1        C3-1        C4-1        F-1

B-12         D1-12      D2-12      D3-12      D4-12      G-12

B-11         D1-11      D2-11      D3-11      D4-11      G-11

B-10         D1-10      D2-10      D3-10      D4-10      G-10

B-9           D1-9        D2-9        D3-9        D4-9        G-9

B-8           D1-8        D2-8        D3-8        D4-8        G-8

B-7           D1-7        D2-7        D3-7        D4-7        G-7

B-6           D1-6        D2-6        D3-6        D4-6        G-6

B-5           D1-5        D2-5        D3-5        D4-5        G-5

B-4           D1-4        D2-4        D3-4        D4-4        G-4

B-3           D1-3        D2-3        D3-3        D4-3        G-3

B-2           D1-2        D2-2        D3-2        D4-2        G-2

B-1           D1-1        D2-1        D3-1        D4-1        G-1

I-9*          E1-9        E2-9        E3-9        E4-9        H-9
I-8*          E1-8        E2-8        E3-8        E4-8        H-8
I-7*          E1-7        E2-7        E3-7        E4-7        H-7
I-6*          E1-6        E2-6        E3-6        E4-6        H-6
I-5*          E1-5        E2-5        E3-5        E4-5        H-5
I-4*          E1-4        E2-4        E3-4        E4-4        H-4
I-3*          E1-3        E2-3        E3-3        E4-3        H-3
I-2*          E1-2        E2-2        E3-2        E4-2        H-2
I-1*          E1-1        E2-1        E3-1        E4-1        H-1

Section A… Administrative Section, located to the upper left as you enter the docking area.

Level 9… RESTRICTED… Level 10 Clearance Required
Level 8… RESTRICTED… Level 8 Clearance Required
Level 7… Atmospheric and environmental controls, External Security Command Centre
Level 6… Standard conference rooms as well as administrative offices
Level 5… Conference auditoriums, upper level
Level 4… Conference auditoriums, lower level
Level 3… Quarters for administrative and high-ranking officers
Level 2… Observation platform and 3-dimensional holographic briefing environment
Level 1… Docking, communications and operations controls

Section BShuttle Bay Section, located to the middle left as you enter the docking area.
(Note that the height of these levels is nearly twice that of the others to accommodate their use)

Level 12… Cargo Bay 17 to 20, special environmental areas such as low gravity or non-oxygen atmosphere
Level 11… Shuttle Bay 13 and 14, upper area
Level 10… Shuttle Bay 13 and 14, used for large ships that are too small for the docks
Level 9… Cargo Bay 13 through 16, reserved for supplies
Level 8… Cargo Bay 9 through 12, reserved for supplies
Level 7… Observation level, Cafeteria and Viper Pilots stand-by / external launch ports
Level 6… Shuttle Bay 9 through 12, general use
Level 5… Viper-Class interceptor landing and maintenance platform
Level 4… Shuttle Bay 5 through 8, general use
Level 3… Shuttle Bay 1 through 4, reserved for spare and replacement embarked crafts
Level 2… Cargo Bay 3 through 8, reserved for shuttle parts
Level 1… Cargo Bay 1 and 2, RESTRICTED… Level 10 Clearance Required

Section C… Living and Medical Section, located above the Main Docking.

Level 9… RESTRICTED… Level 10 Clearance Required
Level 8… RESTRICTED… Level 8 Clearance Required
Level 7… Quarantined living quarters and biohazard medical research labs
Level 6… Enlisted crew quarters and Marine Officer quarters
Level 5… Arboretum, hydroponics, air/water filtering and recycling system
Level 4… Promenade (Shops and Dining areas), Gymnasiums, pools and holodecks
Level 3… Observation & relaxation areas, Enlisted crew and junior officers quarters
Level 2… Senior officers quarters, Counselling Department
Level 1… Sickbay and Medical research Labs, auxiliary quarters 

Section D… Main Docking Section, located directly ahead as you enter the docking area.

Level 12… Repair and maintenance shuttlecraft upper launch area
Level 11… Approach and repair coordination centre
Level 10… Primary transporter rooms for personnel and cargo
Level 9… Temporary holding area for cargo in regards to loading / unloading of materials
Level 8… Observation deck, engineering link-up control room
Level 7… Tractor beam emitter and auxiliary docking clamps
Level 6… Secondary docking ports and external access airlock
Level 5… Primary docking ports, energy transfer conduits, hardwired computer linkup
Level 4… Secondary docking ports, equipment and supply transfer conduits
Level 3… Tractor beam emitter and auxiliary docking clamps
Level 2… Matter/Antimatter core engineering lab, antimatter replenishing pods
Level 1… Repair and maintenance shuttlecraft lower launch area

Section E… Primary Engineering Section, located directly below the Main Docking Section.

Level 9… Repair and maintenance shuttlecraft maintenance bay
Level 8… Engineering development labs
Level 7… Primary Engineering and repair bays, 1 and 2
Level 6… Ablative armour maintenance and weapons engineering labs
Level 5… Secondary Engineering and repair bays 3 through 6
Level 4… Life support and engineering control centre
Level 3… Artificial gravity generators, primary energy cores (x4)
Level 2… RESTRICTED… Level 8 Clearance required
Level 1… RESTRICTED… Level 10 Clearance required

Section F… Research Labs Section, located to the upper right as you enter the docking area

Level 9… RESTRICTED… Level 10 Clearance Required
Level 8… RESTRICTED… Level 8 Clearance Required
Level 7… Astrometrics, astrophysics, stellar cartography labs
Level 6… Zoology, Exobiology, Xenobiology, microbiology labs
Level 5… General research labs
Level 4… Planetary and environmental research labs
Level 3… Quantum mechanics, temporal mechanics and theoretical research labs
Level 2… Experimental research, biohazard containment and counter development labs
Level 1… Biocontainment cargo bays 1 through 8 

Section G… Secondary Docking and Engineering Section, located to the middle right as you enter.

Level 12… Repair and maintenance shuttlecraft upper launch area
Level 11… Approach and containment coordination centre
Level 10… Transporter rooms and primary biohazard quarantine areas
Level 9… Temporary holding area for cargo in regards to unloading of materials
Level 8… Visual observation deck, engineering coordination and control room
Level 7… Tractor beam emitter and auxiliary docking clamps
Level 6… Weapons platform, multi-phased transporter system
Level 5… Primary docking ports, energy transfer conduits, hardwired computer linkup
Level 4… Weapons platform, multi-phased transporter system
Level 3… Tractor beam emitter and auxiliary docking clamps
Level 2… Repair and maintenance shuttlecraft lower launch area
Level 1… Transporter rooms, primary decontamination and personnel containment areas 

Section H… Training environments for personnel and Marines, located to the lower right as you enter.

Level 9… Primary Marine training facilities and deployment level
Level 8… Primary Training holodecks and facilities
Level 7… Marine Barracks
Level 6… Marine Barracks
Level 5… Marine Barracks
Level 4… Hostile environment training areas, high gravity generators
Level 3… Special environment training areas, aquatic and zero-gravity areas
Level 2… RESTRICTED… Level 8 Clearance Required
Level 1… RESTRICTED… Level 10 Clearance Required 

Section IRESTRICTED, located to the lower left as you enter the docking area.
(Since there are no windows or other indications that a section is actually there, only those who have access to this section know of its existence.)

(These are characters that stay on the base for the most part)


 Vice Admiral Charles M. Koniki… 59, Human, Male.  CO of the NEW ALEXANDRIA project which includes all 4 Scarab-Class vessels.  As former head of SFI, Admiral Koniki is a calculating individual who likes to remain well informed on every little aspect that surrounds him.  Surprises are not something that he enjoys or likes to deal with, but he is well aware that in his line of work, the unexpected is unfortunately a common event.

 Allyson... 22-23, Human, Female.  Blonde haired receptionist at the Administrative centre of the base, this overly pleasant woman never stops smiling or asking if there is something that she could do or offer to those waiting to see Admiral Koniki or any of the ship’s COs who have offices in that wing of the base. What is even stranger about the woman, aside from her being exceptionally quick with receiving and processing any and all sorts of information, is that she never seems to take a break or be off duty… always sitting behind her desk no matter the day or time. Efforts to learn more about her by asking questions are always turned away and redirected to the person through other questions. Even her personnel file lists her only as ‘Allyson’… no last name or rank further increasing the mystery that surrounds this woman.

 Amey... 22-23, Human, Female.  Raven haired secretary for the Administrational subsection reserved for the CO, ExO and ILO of the USS ANUBIS. Thought to be a sister of Allyson, Andrea and Aoriel, Amey is very similar to the head receptionist and acts pretty much in the same way being overly friendly and helpful in all things.

 Andrea... 22-23, Human, Female. Raven haired secretary for the Administrational subsection reserved for the CO, ExO and ILO of the USS SEKHMET. Thought to be a sister of Allyson, Amey and Aoriel, Andrea is very similar to the head receptionist and acts pretty much in the same way being overly friendly and helpful in all things.

 Aoriel... 22-23, Human, Female.  Raven haired secretary for the Administrational subsection reserved for the CO, ExO and ILO of the USS HORUS. Thought to be a sister of Allyson, Amey and Andrea, Aoriel is very similar to the head receptionist and acts pretty much in the same way being overly friendly and helpful in all things.


 Cmdr. Quint… 40, Ferengi, Male.  Number 2 Ops Officer and Chief of Base Logistics and Supplies for Gamma shift.  A very accommodating individual who gives the impression of being able to obtain *anything* for anyone.

 Lt. Cmdr. Argus O’Dell… 39 Human (Irish), Male.  Operations Officer for Beta shift.  Direct descendant of Danillo O’Dell of the Bringloidis settlement.

 Lt. Cmdr. J'Kall… 36 Klingon, Male.  Academy instructor who recruits new graduates for NEW ALEXANDRIA.

 Lt. Drenall… ??, Vidian, Female.  Very professional and to the point Ops officer who welcomed Capt. Simmons to the NEW ALEXANDRIA on his first visit.  Her appearance indicates that she is not affected by the Phage, and no explanations have been given as to her being a Lt. in SFI.


 Cmdr. Du’Kim… ??, Cardassian, Male.  In charge of the External Security Command Centre Beta shift.

 Lt. Cmdr. NabUs… ??, Andorian, Male.  Chief of Base Internal Security Gamma shift, and the security officer who escorted Capt. Simmons on his initial visit to the NEW ALEXANDRIA and showed him around the base.  Armed with a type-3 phaser rifle.  Won 3 bottles of Romulan Ale for having correctly predicted that James would visit the ANUBIS first after his meeting with Admiral Koniki, and sit in the Captain‘s chair once he got there.

 Lt. Cmdr. NabuS… ??, Andorian, Female.  Chief of Base Internal Security Delta shift and twin sister of Lt. Cmdr. NabUs of Gamma shift. She and he look almost identical with the exception of the obvious gender differences making some believe that Nabus is actually a unique being capable of changing genders. The two of them are *never* seen together although Admiral Koneki has often claimed to have spoken to both at the same time. Is this true or is this the Admiral’s way to cover up something more sinister?


 Lt. Cmdr. Tirina Rue… 34, Joined Trill, Female.  Head of Xenobiology.  Charming woman who comes across as someone who has several lifetimes of experience under her belt, yet she never sounds like she believes herself to be better than anyone else. Tirina is the 9th host for the Rue symbiont;
1st -
Jenma, Female, teacher of extraplanetary studies at the Trill Science Academy (joined 2152)
2nd -
Sejan, Female, Starfleet scientist who took part in several deep space assignments (joined 2196)
3rd -
Ginray, Male, skilled businessman who dealt with interstellar affairs (joined 2229)
4th -
Tebarus, Male, military tactician and advisor to Starfleet and the MACO (joined 2277)
5th -
Satell, Female, Medical Specialist in alien viruses and diseases (joined 2290)
6th -
Sejal, Male, diplomat and negotiator who believed in peace above all else (joined 2338)
7th -
Baruh, Male, entertainer, dancer, singer who toured the Federation (joined 2361)
8th -
Jonak, Male, skilled freelance engineer who died in an accident at NEW ALEXANDRIA (joined 2398)
9th -
Tirina, Female, Starfleet scientist specializing in Xenobiology (joined 2427)

 Lt. Cmdr. Quitys… ??, Ligonian, Male. Head of the Astrometrics Department

 Ensign Stevenson… ??, Human Male.  Works in the Astrometrics lab

 Ensign Okaii… ??, Andorian, Female.  Works in the Astrometrics Lab

 Crewman Barrington… 26, Human, Male.  Part of the Zoology Lab, crewman primarily in charge of the Primates and Felines kept in the Zoology Lab.


 Commander Nelson… ??, Borg, Male.

 Commander Wallace… ??, Human, Male.

 Lt. Cmdr. Jack Foley… 50, Human, Male.  Served with David Dawson’s father and highly respects Admiral Koniki.

 Lt. Cmdr. Mercedes "Mimi" Velez… 30, Human, Female.  Was once in a relationship with David Dawson but eventually went her own way.


 Commander (Doctor) Wallin… ??, Cairn, Male.  CMO of NEW ALEXANDRIA, Doctor Wallin seems to have committed to memory the medical files of everyone assigned or working from the base.

 Lieutenant JG Sacha Moreau… 39, Human, Male.  Head of Exobiological Research, Doctor Moreau was removed from Starfleet Medical after questions were raised as to his use of unethical biological and genetic research methods. Disgraced, Doctor Moreau was only able to keep his rank and title thanks to the unexpected involvement of Admiral Koniki.

Viper-Class Interceptors…

  Colonel Jack ‘Hammer’ Murphy… 39, Human, Male.  Head flight instructor for the Viper-Class Interceptors and Flight Squadron Commander for all of the NEW ALEXANDRIA’s Defence Force, which is made up of 6 wings of 8 Vipers.  Jack is the typical Marine Colonel, expecting respect and obedience from every single person how crosses his path.  Hardcore soldier, Colonel Murphy prefers actions to words and tries to limit his contact with scientists to a strict minimum.  An excellent fighter pilot, ‘Hammer’ was recruited by Admiral Koniki to head the Viper Squadrons and teach the pilots how to use the uniquely designed interceptors to the best of their design specifications.

  Major Tam Jong-Su (Tam for short)… 30, Human, Male (Oriental descent).  Instructor Pilot for the Viper-Class Interceptors.

  Major Mandy ‘Ace’ Wilson… 30, Human, Female.  Former Borg.  Mandy was rescued and given back her Humanity by the crew of the USS HORUS who had been sent on a mission deep inside Borg space.  The scout ship that Major Wilson (under the designation of ’2of4’) was on was captured and the other three occupants onboard were also restored to their pre-assimilation status and enlisted in the NEW ALEXANDRIA project.  Due to Mandy having been the most recently assimilated, the reclaiming of her Humanity was relatively simple and left little psychological scaring.  Now, thanks to the Borg implants she still has throughout her body, ‘Ace’ is the best Viper pilot, her reflexes having been rated at nearly twice that of the next best pilot.  Ace is in command of Red Wing.


 Brigadier General Carlos Alvarez… ??, Human, Male (Spanish descent).  Senior Marine Officer for the NEW ALEXANDRIA.

 1st Lt. Krung… ??, Klingon, Male.  NEW ALEXANDRIA's 1st Platoon Leader. His platoon was trained on a variety of situations from repulsion of boarding parties, to secret infiltration of enemy facilities, to assassination, to planting and removal of Intelligence assets, and sabotage.

Maintenance / Support…

  Lt. Amanda O’Kelly… ??, Human, Female (Irish descent).  In charge of the base’s Arboretum.

 Lt. Kirnon… ??, Bajoran, Male.  Shuttlecraft Maintenance Engineer


Oblat… ??, Ferengi, Male.  Enthusiastic tailor who caters to the personnel of the base and has become extremely knowledgable on the styles and outfits available throughout the Federation and most of the other major powers.

(These are the ships who operate from the NEW ALEXANDRIA complex)

USS ANUBIS… Scarab-Class Intel Cruiser, Captain Erik Morningstar (Active Playing unit)

USS APOPHIS… Nova-Class Intel Destroyer, Captain Troguun

USS BASTET… Prometheus-Class Intel Dimensional Destroyer, Captain Selene Iverson (Active Playing Unit)

USS CLEOPATRA… Vesta-Class Heavy Cruiser, used for special diplomatic Intel missions

USS EGYPT… Luna-Class Transport, used to freighter cargo and personnel to and from NEW ALEXANDRIA

USS HATHOR… Defiant-X-Class Intel Destroyer, used for missions requiring a small cloaked ship

USS HORUS… Scarab-Class Intel Cruiser, Captain Paul Harris

USS ISHTAR… Saber-Class Rapid Intervention Frigate, Captain Sarina Valentine (pNPC)

USS MA'AT… Saber-Class Rapid Intervention Frigate, Captain Sheila Greene

USS NILE… Luna-Class Transport, used to freighter cargo and personnel to and from NEW ALEXANDRIA

USS SATET… Luna-X-Class Transport, used for covert transport missions (DESTROYED)

USS SCARAB… Scarab-Class Intel Cruiser, Rear Admiral Charles Koniki

USS SEKHMET… Scarab-Class Intel Cruiser, Captain Walter Sangolo

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