Lieutenant Ya'Han

(Picture - cosplayer Yaya Han)
Gender: Female
Race: Nylaan, within Ferengi controlled space
Age: 28 Terran Years
Date of Birth: (2406) SB:06313.0
* General: Shapely and glamorous
* Height: 5'6" / 167 cm
* Weight: 140 lbs / 63.5 kg
* Eyes: Large, black
* Hair: Straight, below her waist, usually a mixture of red and black
* Academy Major: Security (Hand-to-Hand combat)
* Academy Minor: Tactical

Additional Training:
* Likes to study ancient battle tactics from various worlds as well as their version of martial arts. Has received courses in both music and dance as shown by her skills in those areas.

Family Information:
* Father: Claims that he is deceased
* Mother: Claims that she is deceased

* Several although she never gives any specifics

* None
* None

Extended Family:
* Oce'Han, grandmother, age 81

Personal Information:
Favourite Drink: Risian Tea
Preferred Food: Pythronian Cloud Cake
Hobbies & Interests: Talented musician and dancer, Ya'Han enjoys performing for others

Goals: To live her life happily and to its fullest.

Awards and Service Ribbons


War of Shadows

Starfleet History:
(24)25005.1 - Entered Starfleet Academy
(24)28339.1 - Graduated Starfleet Academy
(24)29014.1 - Entered Senior Officer Training
(24)29285.1 - Completed Senior Officer Training & promoted to Ensign
(24)29285.1 - Assigned to USS ANUBIS as Sec/Tac
(24)31294.1 - Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade by Captain Morningstar
(24)34020.1 - Promoted to Lieutenant by Captain Morningstar
(24)34295.1 - Awarded War of Shadows Ribbon

Personal History:
Public knowledge:
Ya'Han is very secretive about her past, telling others only the bare minimum and only when it is absolutely necessary.  As far as everyone is concerned, she is a loner, maybe even possibly an orphan who joined Starfleet to broaden her horizons and see the universe.  She never speaks of her past although it is easy for others to see that she has gone through a lot.

Actual history (Classified):
Ya'Han was, at the time of her birth, the youngest of 13 children, and the 7th daughter of the NYLAAN royal family, making it possible for her to change her hair color to purple.  From birth she received all of the attention that a child of her lineage demanded, receiving classes on every aspect of her people's culture as well as countless others.  Economy, science and combat skills were soon added to her list of classes which by the age of 10 had already included the many required music and dance classes that all NYLAAN females are expected to have, making it possible for her to easily change her hair color to green.

By the age of 12 she had mastered enough of the respective fields to be able to change her hair color to white, green and red. Unfortunately Ya'Han was never able to grasp any aspects in the field of sciences making it impossible for her to change her hair color to blue.

On Stardate 20235.1, 78 days before her 14th birthday, she was betrothed to Daimon Ardax, a wealthy Ferengi merchant who saw endless opportunities for profit in both his marrying into the royal family and the growing woman's beauty and skills as a performer. The wedding was set to coincide with her birthday, at which point she would officially become worthy of being taken as a woman. Following the announcement of their wedding and before her birthday, Ya'Han escaped from the royal palace and fled her home planet to never return.

Trading her skills as a dancer and musician for passage on various freighters she manage to stay one step ahead of her family and would-be husband's efforts to find her.  After nearly two years on the run Ya'Han finally managed to cross into Federation control territory hoping that she would be fully out of reach of those hunting her.

For the next 2 years she continued to trade her skills to survive and find transport to go deeper into Federation controlled space. Each time she would encounter a Ferengi though, her fears would return leaving her to believe that there would never be a true escape from her past.  When she found her way onto the Federation starbase PARASIDIO on Stardate 24081, Ya'Han saw an opportunity to insure that she would forever be safe from her family and would-be husband.  With the help of the starbase's CO, she applied and was accepted to Starfleet Academy.

It was only during her training at Starfleet Academy that Ya'Han finally managed to grasp enough in the field of science to allow her to change her hair color to blue, something that she was fortunate enough to avoid anyone seeing.

As a member of the fleet, Ya'Han is happy to be able to live her life to the fullest, out of reach of her family and their wishes to see her marry, and we quote, "a Ferengi troll."

Established members of the Nylaan Royal Family:
Ya'Fen (M), High Sovereign of NYLA IV
Na'Rin (F), Wife to the High Sovereign and mother to the 13 officially recognized children of the royal family
Ya'Kun (M), oldest brother and heir to the throne of NYLA IV
Ya'Del (M), 2nd child
Ya'Min (F), oldest sister, 3rd child
Ya'Rin (F), 10th child, a strong believer in the ways of their world and in their father the High Sovereign
Ya'Don (M), 11th child, youngest brother
Ya'Jun (F), 12th child, escaped NYLA IV thanks to Fenix, a Rutian terrorist. Both were encountered on the MASQUERADES DREAM
"Nan" (F), an old woman who trained all of the High Sovereign's daughters in the art of control and balance
Sho'Kal (M), a skilled and passonate Royal Physician

Played by: Hanali Han 

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