Lt Commander Elan Talak Fairborn
Gender: Male
Race: Oltharian
Age: 42 Terran Years
Date of Birth: (2392) SD: 92190.0
Place of Birth: Town of Talak, Palthak region, OLTHAR PRIME
* General: Towering, muscular and fair skinned man, the size of his hand along is enough to make most people take a step back when he offers it as a friend
* Height: 2.25 meters / 7'6"
* Weight: 150 Kgs / 330 pounds
* Eyes: Almost pure white
* Hair: Bald   
* Academy Major: Engineering (Warp Theory)
* Academy Minor: Engineering (Theoretical Propulsion)

Additional Training:
* Engineering (Robotics)
* Science (Quantum / Temporal Mechanics) 

Family Information:
* Father: Mallock Raks Fairborn, Age 54
Occupation: Starship Construction Engineer
* Mother: Sholla Talak Fairborn, Age 52
Occupation: Head of Planetary Quantum Warp Propulsion Research

* None

* Fiancee: Amber Satori
NOTE: Was in a coma for several years.  Her body had been transferred to NEW ALEXANDRIA Medical Research Facilities but was brought to OLTHAR PRIME following the request of the Leader of the Planetary Council who happens to also be Elan's uncle.

* None

Extended Family:
* Uncle (on Mother's side): Bardef Talak Emzaw, Age 56
Occupation: Member of the Oltharian Council

Personal Information:
Favourite Drink: Apple Juice (introduced to him by the First Officer of the USS ARMSTRONG)
Preferred Food: Pineapple slices with raspberry ice cream and chocolate fudge
Hobbies & Interests: Playing musical instruments (Oltharian Flute), Star-gazing, robotics, solving puzzles and riddles

Goals: Although he first wanted to achieve the position of Starship Captain, Elan has found his true calling in Engineering. Now he strives to be the best Officer he can be while keeping his responsibilities in *perfect* working condition . 

Awards and Service Ribbons

Commendation Ribbon

War of Shadows

Engineering Pin

Starfleet Cross

Starfleet History:
(24)18005.1 - Entered Starfleet Academy
(24)21348.1 - Graduated Starfleet Academy
(24)22022.1 - Entered Senior Officer Training
(24)22174.1 - Completed Senior Officer Training & promoted to Ensign
(24)22174.1 - Assigned to USS DISCOVERY as CEO
(24)22359.1 - Promoted to Lieutenant JG
(24)22359.1 - Received Engineering Pin for outstanding work in the field of Robotics
(24)23178.1 - Promoted to Lieutenant
(24)24360.1 - Promoted to Lieutenant Commander
(24)25018.1 - Reassigned to the USS PROPHECY as CEO
(24)25171.1 - Reassigned to the Deep Space 11 as CVM 
(24)25298.1 - Change of assignment from CVM to CEO
(24)25298.1 - Received Commendation Pin
(24)26067.1 - Transferred to Starfleet HQ, Engineering Dept
(24)26114.1 - Placed in charge of the Quantum Drive Research on OLTHAR PRIME
(24)26267.1 - Resigned his commission and returned to OLTHAR PRIME
(24)28005.1 - Returned to Senior Officer Training for refresher courses
(24)28329.1 - Completed Senior Officer Training top of his class
(24)28329.1 - Reinstated to the rank of Lieutenant in recognition of past experience
(24)28331.1 - Assigned to Starbase 1 as Warp Propulsion Engineer
(24)29114.1 - Awarded the Starfleet Cross
(24)29295.1 - Transferred to NEW ALEXANDRIA as Robotics Engineer
(24)34295.1 - Awarded War of Shadows Ribbon

Personal History:
Just over 8 years ago, the Federation had sent the research vessel USS ARMSTRONG to OLTHAR PRIME to see just how the planet's scientists were doing in their research for a Quantum Warp Propulsion System. Sholla Talak Fairborn, the head of the research was invited on the ship, she was followed by two of her assistants and her son who had always wanted to see an "alien" vessel. The Oltharians were given a tour of the USS ARMSTRONG, during which time Elan showed a remarkably rapid understanding of Federation technology.

Later in the tour in one of the cargo bays bringing special research material to Olthar Prime, a crewman became caught under a heavy probe which had fallen off an antigrav-unit. Although two other crewmen tried their best to free the fallen crewman, the probe could not be moved. Before the First Officer could call for help and wanting to assist, Elan reached down and by himself picked up the probe and gently placed it back on the antigrav-unit at the surprise of the ship's crewmen and First Officer.

Later that evening, at a formal reception in the Oltharian's honour, the Captain discussed and convinced Sholla to allow her son to enrol in Starfleet, where both his mental and physical attributes could be nurtured.

Oltharians' mental capabilities:
As a race, the Oltharians are considered a very intellectual race with a high interest in all aspects of sciences, but like with most humanoid races, there are certain individuals who achieve better than others. Elan IS NOT one of them.

Elan's mental capabilities:
When tested by the CMO of the USS ARMSTRONG, Elan obtained a 135 on general IQ. The Doctor pointed out that Elan's mind seemed especially *open* to information, showing an amazing willingness to learn. In his report to the Captain, the Doctor suggested that more research be conducted on the people of Olthar to see if this was a common characteristic.

Physical Attributes:
With a gravity 1.8 times that of EARTH's standard, the Oltharians are naturally stronger than most humans. This strength places them in the Vulcan / Klingon range. By Oltharian standards, Elan's is *a big boy* with a relative strength. In the CMO's report, it was noted that although Elan's raw strength was more than impressive, it seemed that he was unwilling to use it to its fullest. When questioned as to the reason why he was holding back, Elan's only answer was, "It's not my way".

Although Elan can easily be considered as a physically "strong" individual, he does not like to use his strength. This does not mean that he *will not* use it. In a situation which warrants it, Elan is more than willing and able to use his full strength for the sake of helping others, usually putting the safety of others before his own.

Elan's test results - Dr. Sheena Takashi - USS ARMSTRONG
Base IQ - 150
Spatial orientation - Human average
Mathematical reasoning - Human average
Problem solving - Above Human average
Ability to learn - Above Human average
Memory recall - Human average

Hearing - Slightly below Human average
Sight - Apparently same as Human
Strength - Above Klingon average
Reflexes - Human average
Running speed - Below Human average

Interaction with other Oltharians - Elan's seems very happy and appears to be a valuable member of the planetary community.

Interaction with other Races - Elan is a very curious about the worlds and people outside his own. He has an acute willingness to please others.

Played by: Francois Charette 

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