Lieutenant Gemma

(Picture - actress Scarlett Johansson)
Known / Most Common Aliases:
- Anya Petrov, race: Terran (Russian)
- Wimdalli of Wimda, race: Uxali
- Gabrielle Wolfe, race: Terran (German)
- Jinx, Race: Unknown
Less well-known Aliases:
- Nerissamenolirta (aka Neri), race: Bolian/Rutian hybrid
- Dalra, race: Varro
- Ema Fairchild, race: Oltharian
- Za'Ran, race: Nylaan
* Gender: Female
* Race:
* Age: Classified
* Date of Birth: Classified
* Place of Birth: Classified
* General: Confident and deadly
* Height: 5'6"
* Weight: 155 lbs
* Eyes: Variable
* Hair: Variable
Personal Information:
Favourite Drink: None
Preferred Food: None
Hobbies & Interests: Training and learning new skills
Goals: To figure out who she is
Character Overview:
Gemma is a highly skilled Intel Operative able to find a way out of any situation, and that is not counting on her other personalities

Starfleet Personnel Dossier

All personal data for this officer have been sealed and classified by orders of Admiral Charles N. Koniki, Head of SFI
Awards and Service Ribbons

War of Shadows
Starfleet History:
(24)33113.1 - Assigned to USS BASTET as ILO
(24)34295.1 - Awarded War of Shadows Ribbon
Personal History (CLASSIFIED)

Gemma woke up one day in one of the laboratories located in Section I of NEW ALEXANDRIA. She had no memories of her life prior to that moment and to this day she has no idea of who she really is. The only hint to her past is her first name, which was found engraved on a small piece of metal held around her wrist by a delicate chain. Thanks to her constantly changing personas as an active Intel Operative, she uses this name only with those who know her as the person she has become.

PHYSICALLYAlthough her strength, speed, reflexes and abilities are far superior to those of other agents operating from the NEW ALEXANDRIA complex, Gemma has never felt that she was somehow different.  She considers herself to be an 'Augmented Human," and tends to classify herself as whatever the situation requires, further distancing herself from a single core identity that she could claim to be hers.  Due to the thousands of cellular nanites coursing through her body, Gemma is able to control through simple thought many aspects of her physiology including hair, eye and skin colour, heart rate, body temperature as well as being able to appear to most medical scanner as any races or mixture of races she wishes. These nanites have also granted her the ability of rapid tissue regeneration which, in addition to repairing most physical damage in only minutes, give her a quasi-complete immunity to energy weapons and fields.  Thanks to these nanites, Gemma is also able to survive for a limited period of time in environments that would be instantly deadly to others.

PSYCHOLOGICALLY: Many members of the NEW ALEXANDRIA's Counselling staff have reported her suffering from acute personality disorder, usually unable to differentiate herself from one or more of the many undercover Intel persona she uses. Although the personas are aware of each other, they do not acknowledge that they reside within the same mind and body.

Not having an identity to officially call her own, Gemma tends to prefer missions that leave her to fend for herself and in which she can fully lose herself in the required persona. She has proven time and time again that she is uniquely qualified for such missions, explaining why she is rarely found at the NEW ALEXANDRIA complex waiting for something to do.

Played by: Rachel Jackie Johnson

(The Intel Operative)

Cold and calculating, Gemma possesses a strength and agility that sets her apart from the majority of Intel Operatives. Due to her training and unique skills, she prefers missions that see her operate alone and with a certain level of freedom. Getting the mission accomplished is her one and only goal, and Gemma always appears to be ready and willing to do whatever is required to reach that objective.

Gemma has been referred to by some within the NEW ALEXANDRIA Command structure as the "Ice Queen", "Deadly Spider" and "Black Viper", nicknames that she has no personal objections to, although she does find them limited in their scope.

Nerissamenolirta or Neri
(The Seductress)

She is a Bolian/Rutian hybrid who gets her lavender skin colour from her Bolian heritage and her bright red hair from her Rutian genes. Free spirited, adventurous and far from being shy, Neri is not afraid to jump into any situation and usually manages to throw in a few well placed innuendos making her come across as possessing a very high sex drive.

Because of her overconfidence, she tends to get into situations that require some extensive work to get out of, but thanks to her unique skill set, Neri tends to accomplish this with relative ease over the course of a couple of nights.
(The Pilot)

Member of the Varro race, Dalra is an expert pilot who, over the years, has learned to master countless types of shuttles and other small crafts. Serious to a flaw, there are some who claim that she is biologically incapable of smiling.  Although not officially an Engineer, she is more than capable of effecting basic repairs on the crafts that she has mastered.

Dalra is happiest when flying a ship regardless of her destination or purpose for the voyage.
Wimdalli or Wimda
(The Scientist)

One of the rare members of the Uxali to have made it off of their home world of UXAL, Wimda is an accomplished scientist who never accepts anything at face value. Questioning everything she sees or comes across, Wimda enjoys researching strange phenomenon over spending time with others.

Being exceptionally smart, she comes across as a daydreamer, rarely paying attention to her immediate surroundings when she is in what she consideres to be an 'every day' environment.
Ema Fairchild
(The Warrior Priestess)

As one of the very few Oltharians to have ventured beyond their home world, Ema comes across as an oddity. That she is a member of the Religious Circle makes her even more of a surprise to those who encounter her.

Very capable of defending herself if needed, Ema comes across as a quiet, controlled and confident individual who accepts the universe for what it is while holding on to the Oltharian belief that all life is sacred.
(The Infiltrator)

As a black haired Nylaan, Za'Ran is able to remain unnoticed from most, this allows her to wander about without drawing any unwanted attention.

Even when she does interact with others, Za'Ran tends to remain on the passive side of things, never raising her voice and doing everything she can to avoid any type of confrontation.
Yshuni Talz
(The Listener)

Easily recognized as a member of the Kotakian race thanks to her blue hair, Yshuni seems to always have a smile on her lips as she moves from one person to the next.

Although her preferred job is to serve drinks in some seedy bar or anywhere else where she is able to mingle with people and listen to their stories, she also enjoys being a flight attendant on passenger transport ships, allowing her to travel in exchange for her services.
Anya Petrov
(The Huntress)

To say that she is a Russian trained spy and assassin should be more than enough to establish that Anya is as dangerous as she is gorgeous and exotic.

Known to be a freelance agent, working for whoever pays the most, it is an accepted fact that she is not the kind of person to find looking for you for any reason.
Lantra Tolembra
(The Deal Maker)

Although she is a plaque-bearing Tarellian, Lantra always appears to be in a great mood. The medication that she is on allows her to control her disease but it is far from a cure, something that should technically make her want to do anything else but be happy.

Possessing a keen eye and mind for business, Lantra has made a name for herself in the New Ferengi Alliance, this despite being both a non-Ferengi and a female. When sitting at a negotiation table, it is an accepted reality that it is far better to be sitting on her side instead of on the other.
(The Bodyguard)

The simple fact that she is a Reman is enough to have the greater majority of people who come across her give Shinral a wide berth and not lay eyes on whoever she is protecting.

Being the strong, quiet type, she is the perfect embodiment of a bodyguard, always ready to let her actions speak in a loud and clear manner.
Saha Rahi
(The Artist)

Saha is a genetically created Ub-Hani / Terran hybrid, explaining both the golden tone of her skin as well as her sense of utter superiority she displays over everyone else. The reasons for her having been created are unknown to her, but she believes that it is to help bring the Human race and those associated with them into a new age of discovery of the arts.

Saha is exceptionally skilled with the greater majority of the tools of artistic trades such as sculpting and painting, she is also an avid musician able to play most if not all known instruments, regardless of their complexity. 
(The Bleeding Heart)

As a member of the medical elite of the Dinaal people, it is expected for Finnja to be cold and distant in her ways since only those deserving of treatment are given any type of care. Her being a 'bleeding heart for the universe' though explains why she wonders the cosmos in search of people to help instead of being on DINAAL performing her duties as the nurse she is. No matter who is hurt, no matter how dangerous they may be, no matter what perils she may face, Finnja's first reaction is always to help. This desire to help at any cost has placed her at odds with Anya Petrov more than once.
Gabrielle Wolfe
(The Saboteur)

A Terran with an unmistakable germanic descendance announced by her think German accent, Gabrielle has mastered the skills of sabotaging anything she gets her hands on. The woman comes across as cold, quiet and exceptionally alert, her eyes never focussing on anything for more than a few seconds at a time. From warp engines to personal relationships, Gabrielle knows exactly what to do in order to cause it to fail.
(The Hippy)

As a Risian, Arennis is already inclined to being more calm than most, but even for her people she comes across as being overly laid back. It appears that nothing, no matter how stressful, gets to her in the slightest way. Some have credited Arennis for helping them through hard times thanks to her unwavering calmness, while others have held this against her claiming that she has no understanding of the reality of life.
(The Acrobat)

Former Ardanan mine worker, Sylthia is exceptionally agile and quick possessing an unequalled love for doing any type of parkour she can access. Her tongue is said to be equally quick, hense why she prefers to be alone whenever possible. As far as parkours are concerned, if they are not dangerous, than they are not worth her time. It is rare to see her with both her feet on the ground, especially for any length of time. She much prefers to be running, jumping and bouncing off walls and ledges. The more she moves, the more she feels at ease, calm and relaxed, feelings not shared by those few who experience near heart attacks if they manage to catch her in action.
(The Explorer)

Possessing the costumary blonde hair of the Edo from RUBICUN III, Lireen also possesses that race's gentleness and innocense. To her, the universe is a welcoming mystery filled with unimaginable unknowns without limits. She has no fears due to her desire to see and learn as much as she can about everything around her. Lireen can look upon the darkest and most dengerous of things ever encountered and see something wonderful that she wants to see up close. That she is still alive is a mystery on its own as she has managed on repeated occasions to get too close to plants and creatures that anyone else would have avoided with the greatest of urgency.
Dayna Smith
(The Rebelious Teen)

In her late teens, Dayna ran away from her home, which was part of a human settlement in the ZETA DRACONIS sector, having grown tired of all the demands placed on her by her family. Appearing older than she really is, Dayna often uses this to avoid people inquiring as to how or why someone of her age is wandering the universe by themselves. As a rebelious teen, she often fails to show the respect needed to avoid getting into trouble.
(The Counsellor)

Possessing a singular ability to read people, Gwenvel excels in helping others understand themelves better. Some claim that this is due to her being El'Aurian but she will quickly dismiss that pre-established concept claiming that her heritage only makes her more predisposed at being good with what she already loves to do.

Her greatest joy is to see someone discovr something about themselves that they did not previously realise.
(The Dead Queen)

Mate of King Prexiss of KZINTI ALPHA, Sheetora was presumed dead following the murder of her entire family during a massacre of the royal court. The details of how she managed to survive are unknown, even to her. Her goal is to see the royal lineage of her family restored and the people of KZINTI ALPHA protected from any future attacks or strife.

As a woman of great charm, patience and kindness, she is quickly admired by those she meets due to the fact that she places the needs and wants of others well above her own.
(The Bounty Hunter)

If Jinx is after you, your luck has officially run out. This fiery redhead is an expert tracker, an elite hunter and has never once been unable to bring her target in, dead or alive. Little is known about her, but becasue of the way she conducts herself, very much like a Jem'Hadar, many suspect that she may actuall be the product of genetic engineering brought to life by the Founders.

Her piercing green eyes, long flowing red hair and sensual form, not to mention that her lengthy list of completed counties, make her an easy person to recognize, this no matter in which quadrant of the galaxy she finds herself in.
(The Hacker)

There is no computer system immune to her skills. The woman possesses an unparallel ability to identify and exploit the slightest weakness of an electronic system. Once that is done, she can usually gain access to the full range of that program's processing reach.

Although friendly, she finds it very difficult to deal with people. Given the choice she would much rather spend her time in the company of computers or robots. Viras (who pronounces her own name as Virus), recognizes that she is social akward, so she does her best to avoid speaking or interacting with anything biological.
(The Bitch)

No one knows who she is or what her story is. All that is known about Abrasivnyy is that she is one nasty piece of work that even a mother would be unable to love.

The woman is 100% attitude with an equal part nastiness. It is clear that she has something against the entire universe and if that was not enough, she comes across as having a huge chip on her shoulder, both of them. Nothing that anyone does is good enough and she has no issues whatsoever in pointing out what she sees to be someone's flaws.
(The Lover)

As a Kriosian female metamorph, Seksa is a rare gem amongst the most desired of treasures in the galaxy. Her ability to radiate a constant aura of sexual energy that most males and many females no matter their race find impossible to resist only adds to her already overflowing natural charm and beauty.

It is impossible for her to walk into a room without having every head turn in lustful admiration. What makes Seksa even more irresitable is her apparent deriser to please whoever she is with.
(The Liar)

The woman is at ease with lying as most other people are with breathing. Little is known about Lygill as it is nearly impossible to know when she is telling the truth, if ever. One day she is the long-lost daughter of some foreign dignitary, and the next she is nothing more than a commoner searching for her cat.

Lygill's skill is her ability to utilize things she has overheard or seen in order to create a web of lies that is indistinguishable from the truth. Thanks to her ability to keep a straight face and fool all lie detectors, including telepaths, she has managed to obtain information or gain access to areas no one else could have.

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