CO : Captain Selene Fiona Iverson [BIO]
ExO/CsciO : Lt Commander Misaki "Aki" Mitshiba [BIO]
ILO : Lieutenant Gemma [BIO]
FCO : Lieutenant JG A'Janni [BIO]
CMO : Lieutenant JG Sofia Andersson [BIO]
CNS : Lieutenant JG Nicole Dima [BIO]
Sec/Tac : Ensign Zub Enel  [BIO]
aOPS - Assistant Chief of Operations
OPS - Chief of Operations
FCO - Flight Control Officer
aFCO - Assistant Flight Control Officer
aSec/Tac - Assistant Chief of Security / Tactical Officer
aSCI - Assistant Chief Science Officer
CEO - Chief Engineering Officer
aCEO - Assistant Chief Engineering Officer
aCMO - Assistant Chief Medical Officer
aCNS - Assistant Ship's Counsellor

  USS BASTET - NCC 74977


Prometheus-X-Class Starship Technical Specifications
Starfleet Engineering, SB4, Orbiting MARS
Modified Version

Class: Prometheus (Modified)
Type: Destroyer
Length: 365 m
Width: 130 m
Height: 50 m

Total: 325
Crew/Officers: 225
Marines: 75
Non-Crew: 25

Warp Propulsion System (WPS):
-Type: Static Warp/Transwarp

Quantum Slip-Stream Drive (QSD):
-Type: Mark IV Quantum Drive

Impulse Propulsion System (IPS):
-Type: Omni-directional Sub-Light

Warp Speeds:
-Standard Cruise Speed: Warp 8.0
-Maximum Cruise Speed: Warp 9.75
-Maximum Sustainable Speed: Warp 9.885
-Maximum Emergency Speed: Warp 9.985

Transwarp Speeds:
-Standard Cruise Speed: Warp 12 (Transwarp 3)
-Maximum Cruise Speed: Warp 16.975 (Transwarp 7.975)
-Maximum Sustainable Speed: Warp 16.9975 (Transwarp 7.9975)
-Maximum Emergency Speed: Warp 16.999982 (Transwarp 7.999982)

Dimensional Jump Drive (DJD):
-Type: Mark II Experimental Drive

Temporal Drive (TD):
-Type: Mark I Experimental Drive

Phaser System:
-Type: Mark XII
* Total: 12 banks (SEPARATED) / 10 banks (JOINED)
* Maximum Effective Range: 450,000 km

Photon / Quantum Torpedo System:
-Type: Marx XI Seeking/Direct
* Total: 4 tubes
* 2 Forward, 2 Aft
* Maximum Effective Range: 4,700,000 km

Deflector Shield System:
-Type: Mark XII Multiphasic / Metaphasic Shielding (Nested)

Additional Systems:
-Bio-Regenerative Hull Matrix:
*Type: Mark V

-Personnel Transporters: 5
-Emergency Transporters: 5
-Deployment Transporter: 2
-Cargo Transporter: 2

-Personal: 3
-Main: 2

-Main Processors:
* Type: Mark XV
-Total: 1 (Primary Section)
* Type: Mark XIII
-Total: 2 (Secondary & Tertiary Sections)

-Dedicated Sub-Processors:
* Type: Mark IX
-Total: 4
* Main Bridge (Deck 1)
* Sickbay (Deck 5)
* Main Engineering (Deck 12)
* Navigational Controls & Holodeck (Deck 8)

Shuttle Bays:
-Total: 1
* 1 aft

Embarked Craft:
-Shuttle Pods MK III: 2
-Euphrates-class Runabouts: 1


1: BRIDGE, Observation Lounge, CO's Ready Room, Computer Sub-Processor, Escape Pods
2: Senior Officer's Quarters, Captain's Mess Hall, Auxiliary Sickbay, Escape Pods
3: Crew QuartersPersonal Holodeck 1Transporter Room 1, Escape pods
4Impulse Engines, Astrometrics Lab, General Science Lab, Emergency Transporter 1, Primary Computer Core upper access, Cargo Bays 1 & 2, Cargo Transporter 1
5: SICKBAY, Medical and Exo-Biology Labs, Morgue, Counselling Department, Special / Quarantine QuartersJunior Officer's Quarters, Gymnasium, Transporter Room 2&3, Personal Holodeck 2 & 3Escape Pods
6: Cargo Bays 3 & 4, Primary Computer Core lower access, Phaser Array (4 Banks - 2 split), Crew Quarters, Emergency Transporter 2 & 3
7SECURITY CENTER, Main Weapons Locker, Crew Quarters, Lateral Docking Ports (x2- 1 Port, 1 Starboard)
8: MESS HALL, Main Holodeck 1 & 2, Arboretum, Cargo Bays 5 & 6, Impulse Engines, Computer Sub-Processor
9: CETACEAN OPS, Aft Torpedo Launcher (x2), Phaser Array (2 Banks) Escape Pods
10: Forward Torpedo Launcher (x2), Deuterium Storage TankTransporter Room 4 & 5
11: Shuttle Bay, Auxiliary Sickbay, Marine Quarters, Marine Training Facility, Weapons Locker, Deployment Transporter 1 & 2
12: MAIN ENGINEERING, Warp Core, Dimensional Jump Drive, Temporal Drive, Impulse Engines, Navigational Deflector array
13Crew Quarters, Emergency Transporter 4 & 5, Phaser Array (2 Banks)
14Antimatter Containment Pods, Escape Pods, Cargo Bays 7 & 8, Cargo Transporter 2
15: Landing Struts, Ventral access gangway, Maintenance access crawlspaceWaste Management, Environmental Controls

Bridge Station layout:

The Captain sit in the center back chair allowing for an easy overview of all other stations. Flight Control is located on the lower floor at the front left from the point of view of the Captain while Oprations is on the front right.  Tactical and Secondary Command (reserved for the First Officer) are located on the upper level at the front left and right, respectively, while Engineering and Science are at the back, again to the left and right of the Captain respectively. Directly behind the Captain is the multifunction display area, meant to be adapted to the needs of the crew. It is usually set to display the status of the BASTET along with the energy fields of the Dimensional Jump and/or Temporal drives when they are active.

-Euphrates-class Runabouts:


The PROMETHEUS-Class was the only ship design to employ a multi-vector assault mode, in which the vessel separated into three individual parts allowing a single ship to approach a hostile situation from three separate angles. This ability was removed for this particular adaptation to use the unique ship design to make better use of the Quantum Slip-Stream Drive as well as the Dimensional Jump Drive. 

Bio-Regenerative Hull Matrix:
Adapted with a biological agent that reduces the effectiveness of outside sensors, the Bio-Regenerative Hull Matrix allows the Defiant-Class to self repair minor damages to its hull while at the same time provide a basic protection from external scans.




"Confidence is like a dragon where, for every head cut off, two more heads grow back."
-Criss Jami


The ExoComp are a sentient robotic life form consisting of a micro-replicator, a boridium power converter and axionic chip network. This axionic network gives the ExoComp formidable computational power allowing it to identify, analise and solve a wide range of issues. The micro-replicator located at the very front of the unit not only creates tools which the ExoComp can use to solve problems but also created new circuit pathways in its own memory circuitry when it performed new tasks. This mechanism gives the ExoComp the ability to learn meaning that the more tasks it performs, the more pathways are formed making it better equipped to deal with more complexe problems.

The USS BASTET only has one ExoComp as part of its crew, the unit possesses the same rights and priviledges as any other member of the crew, and is chersihed just as much.
Cetacean OPS
With the advancements made in Xeno-communications, Starfleet expanded its recruitment efforts to races and creatures possessing unique abilities. It was no big surprise when dolphins stepped forth and quickly proved themselves to be more than a worthy addition to the ranks of the Federation's finest.

Thanks to their remarkable three-dimensional navigational skills and ability to analyse languages that even the most sofisticated computer would never be ableto make any sense of, the dolphin operated Cetacean OPS can easily become the key to solving otherwise impossible problems.
(P)NPC: Ship's Archeologist
Name: Alexandria Koniki

* Race: Terran
* Age: 32 Terran Years
* Height: 5'7"
* Weight: 142 lbs
Until very recently, the existence of Alexandria had been unknown, her chosen life as a distant world archeologist having insured that she would not run into anyone who might know of her or her father, Admiral Charles Koniki.  All that is officially known is that she was 16 when she left the USS SOUTHERN CROSS to take part in her first deep space expedition, and that since then she has never returned to EARTH or traveled to any of the Federation's primary worlds.

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