Captain Selene Fiona Iverson

(Picture - actress Charlize Theron)
Gender: Female
Race: Terran/Dinaali
Age: 43 Terran Years
Date of Birth: (2393) SD: 93288.0
Place of Birth: STARBASE 114
* General: Physically fit, yet very understated
* Height: 5'7"
* Weight: 165 lbs
* Eyes: Grey
* Hair: Short, Jet Black   
* Academy Major: Intelligence (Undercover Operations)
* Academy Minor: Intelligence (Intel gathering T&Ms)

Additional Training:
* Wilderness Survival Techniques
* Alien Linguistics

Family Information:

* Father: James Iverson, 59, Terran
Occupation: Captain, USS SOUTHERN CROSS
* Mother: Fiona Tzych, 54, Dinaali
Occupation: Civilian Nurse, USS SOUTHERN CROSS



Extended Family:

Personal Information:
Favourite Drink: Green Tea
Preferred Food: Spicy foods
Hobbies & Interests: Music 

Goals: To make her parents proud  

Awards and Service Ribbons

Commendation Ribbon

Faithful Service Ribbon


CAIT Invasion

Commendation Pin

Starfleet History:
(24)10005.1 - Entered Starfleet Academy
(24)13324.1 - Graduated Starfleet Academy
(24)14006.1 - Entered Senior Officer Training
(24)14322.1 - Completed Senior Officer Training & promoted to Ensign
(24)14327.1 - Assigned to the USS ZEUS as aILO
(24)15294.1 - Promoted to the Rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade
(24)15294.1 - Reassigned to the position of ILO
(24)17202.1 - Awarded Commendation Ribbon
(24)17202.1 - Promoted to the Rank of Lieutenant
(24)18002.1 - Reassigned to USS PROPHECY as ILO
(24)20201.1 - Promoted to the Rank of Lieutenant Commander
(24)21021.1 - Infiltrated the Orion Syndicate
(24)25050.1 - Returned from undercover mission inside the Orion Syndicate
(24)25240.1 - Awarded Commendation Ribbon
(24)25242.1 - Reassigned to the USS CLEOPATRA as ILO
(24)26011.1 - Promoted to the rank of Commander
(24)29297.1 - Awarded Commendation Pin
(24)30149.1 - Promoted to the Rank of Captain
(24)30150.1 - Appointed to the USS BASTET as Commanding Officer

Personal History:
From the very beginning Selene had been fascinated by the world of Intel, so it was without any surprises that she enrolled in Starfleet with the final goal to graduate and become part of SFI.  Referred to by her classmates and later by her fellow shipmates as being *intense*, Selene proved herself to be extremely dedicated in all of her tasks earning her several promotions.

Based on the success of several smaller Intelligence gathering missions, Selene was selected to infiltrate the Orion Syndicate for a period of six months.  Having found her way into the higher echelons of the organization, the undercover mission was extended. It would be four years later before Selene could return on Federation soil.  Following an intense 190-day debriefing Selene was recruited by Admiral Koniki and reassigned to the USS CLEOPATRA to assist with complex diplomatic missions.

After having helped uncover a plot to destabilize several governments of Federation worlds, Selene was promoted and given command of her own Intel ship operating from the NEW ALEXANDRIA Complexe.

Played by: Jessica Solarik  

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