Lieutenant JG Nicole Dima
Gender: Female
Race: Trill (joined)
Age: 28 Terran Years
Date of Birth: (2406) SD: 06156.0
Place of Birth: City of Kural, Dorabi subcontinent, TRILLIUS PRIME
* General: Somewhat slight and petite with a childlike or impish quality.  Most people's’ first impression of her is a cheerful exuberance. The behavioral and insightful layers of her symbiont’s previous hosts are sometimes subtle and other times more prominent depending on the situation at hand.
* Height: 5'5" / 165.1 cm
* Weight: 120 lbs / 54.4 kg
* Eyes: Blue
* Hair: Espresso brown, in a short, gamine crop
* Academy Major: Counselling
* Academy Minor: Flight Control

Additional Training:
* Member of the elite flight group Nova Squadron for her first two years at the Academy. She focused more on her studies as graduation neared

Family Information:

* Father: Joel Organa, age 50
Occupation: Botanist
* Mother: Vian Organa, age 46
Occupation: Textile manufacturer and shop owner

* Brother: Ric Organa, age 28
Occupation: Musician


Extended Family:

Personal Information:
Favourite Drink: Risian sunrise 
Preferred Food: Any kind of pasta

Hobbies & Interests: Flight simulations, using a loom to make fabric and create wearable art
Goals: To forge ahead

Awards and Service Ribbons


War of Shadows

Starfleet History:
(24)26005.1 - Entered Starfleet Academy
(24)30235.1 - With less than a semester before graduating the Academy, Nicole’s parents chose for her to come home following the Federation Council chamber bombing in which most of the Council was killed. Her education was put on hold until Richard Edgerton’s martial law was overthrown
(24)31031.1 - Joined with the Dima Symbiont upon the previous host’s death
(24)31298.1 - Returned to EARTH and passed competency test
(24)31355.1 - Graduated provisionally from SFA and promoted to Ensign
(24)32002.1 - Assigned to the USS ANUBIS as CNS
(24)33002.1 - Rescued by the crew of the BASTET
(24)33003.1 - Reassigned to the USS BASTET as CNS
(24)34295.1 - Awarded War of Shadows Ribbon
(24)35014.1 - Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade

Personal History:
As frustrating as it was for Nicole to leave the Academy before graduating, it was during her time away that the then host of the Dima Symbiont decided she would make a perfect choice to be the next host. This was socially awkward for the Trill woman because she had been dating the current host’s grandson. They agreed to sacrifice their romantic relationship for the sake of Dima’s future joining. 

Previous Hosts:
* Carrina Dima (Lived to be 84) Joined with Dima from 2347-2431
Married once. Had two children, a son and a daughter
* Zaccarias Dima (Lived to be 60) Joined with Dima from 2306-2347
Never married and had no children.
* E'Lynda Dima (Lived to be 45) Joined with Dima from 2289-2306
Died in an accident on Starbase 283. Left behind a husband Jessan Pollix and a son, Nate Pollix
* Benni (Benjamin) Dima (Lived to be 89) Joined with Dima from 2223-2289
Married four times. A bit of a Ladies’ Man.

Played by: Susan Ledbetter

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