Trans-Dimensional Coordinate System 

We know that the universe we interact with is one out of an infinite number of other dimensions and realities, each possessing its unique characteristics. If we use our own dimension as the central point for comparison we can create a chart to map out the respective location of each other dimensions in relation to our own.  This system allows us to more correctly identify the properties and characteristics of each dimension for analysis. 

Using a standard X-Y-Z coordinate system we have begun to map out alternate dimensions to our own, understanding that the further they are from the point of origin the more differences there will be between that dimension and ours.  To help facilitate the relative understanding of these differences, each coordinate line is assigned a specific value type.

X-Axis - This refers to temporal similarities between the dimensions.  This means that a dimension on the same X axis as our own would experience the passage of time at the exact same rate allowing for similar events to have taken place at the exact same time in both dimensions.

Y-Axis - This refers to social similarities between the dimensions.  This means that a dimension on the same Y axis as our own would have the exact same social events, structure, governments and borders as our own.

Z-Axis - This refers to physical similarities between the dimensions.  This means that a dimension on the same Z axis as our own would have the exact same laws of physics and chemistry as our own. 

List of dimensions and their coordinate that have been mapped and/or explored:

 X: -034 / Y: 311 / Z: -401 -> Chaos Dimension - Home of the Phobophage (FRPG)
The  phobophage was encountered by the crew of the PHOENIX and was discovered to "eat" fear and possesses the capability to trigger realistic and often fatal hallucinations in its victims.

 X: -004 / Y: 084 / Z: -002 -> Parallel Dimension - Location of ELYSIA (ALPHA 001) (DH)
Dimension in which the BASTET was stranded in following a run-in with the Lokustaar.

 X: -001 / Y: 031 / Z: 099 -> Silicon SpaceHome of the Akitashiinu (DH)
All life 
encountered within this dimension is comprised of silicon instead of carbon.

 X: 000 / Y: -134 / Z: 338 -> Fluidic SpaceHome dimension of Species 8472 (VOY)
A dimension where space itself is comprised of a dense fluidic substance.

 X: 000 / Y: -048 / Z: 000 -> Parallel Dimension - Home of the J'Den (DH)
One of the many dimensions the Masters invaded and enslaved, although the J'Den were able to win back their freedom.

 X: 000 / Y: -012 / Z: 000 -> Mirror UniverseHome of the Terran Empire (ENT / DS9)
A dimension where only a few major events occurred differently setting up a universe with strange parallels.

 X: 000 / Y: 000 / Z: 000 -> Home Dimension - Primary Dimension (DH)
Our home dimension. 

 X: 000 / Y: 034 / Z: 000 -> Parallel Dimension - Home of the Galactic Commonwealth (FRPG)
An alliance of all major powers in the galaxy of this dimension created through diplomatic avenues to allow the exploration of the multiverse and the expansion of scientific knowledge. Home dimension of the USS HAWKING.

 X: 000 / Y: 036 / Z: 000 -> Parallel DimensionHome of the Interstellar Consortium (FRPG)
The Interstellar Consortium is a peaceful confederation of worlds organised under the rule of a Consortium Assembly and a First Minister.

 X: 001 / Y: 044 / Z: -002 -> Parallel DimensionHome of the Yxidii (DH)
Although there are several astrological similarities, the evolution on most worlds failed to mirror that of our dimension.

 X: 012 / Y: -072 / Z: 021 -> Parallel Dimension - Home of the Lokustaar (DH)
A desolate dimension torn by centuries of war in which only a single race can now be found, the Lokustaar. Some races who have traveled to this specific dimension have refered to it in various form and translations as the 'Plane of Hell'.

 X: 099 / Y: 099 / Z: 099 -> Unknown Dimension - Unexplored (DH)
The USS BASTET travelled to this dimension only for a short time, making a hasty return following the encounter of an unknown force that appeared to want to study the crew and their reaction after having been made to believe that they each had been made to believe to be completely alone.

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