Mission Review
USS ANUBIS - OLD ARCHIVE ( link to the 235 posts )
A collection of older posts spanning several missions as the ANUBIS and its crew ventured into the vast unknown of the universe.
USS ANUBIS - Mission 01 - The Shadows of the VALLA ROYAL ( link to the 95 posts )
An undercover team under lead by Captain Erk Morningstar rushes to the VALLA ROYAL orbital station on board the USS HATHOR after the report of a strange missing artifact reaches NEW ALEXANDRIA. Of course this is not the only complication as it is learned that Captain Sabrina Rikar is also on board the station for an entirely different reason using an undercover identity that forces her to live a double life.  And that's just the start...
USS ANUBIS - Mission 02 - Moon of PI ALPHA III ( link to the 148 posts )
The senior staff of the USS ANUBIS is sent to one of the natural satellites of PI ALPHA III, a geo-unstable J-Class moon as a team building exercise and by the same token to test the auxiliary crafts (Vipers, Locus and Sphinx).  From the get go though things did not go as well as expected leaving the members of the senior staff to fight for their very lives against the elements.

As if the situation had not been complicated enough, two new races apparently fighting for control of the moon are encountered on the moon's surface. As the crew tries to avoid fighting both sides the moon as well as the ANUBIS are drawn into another dimension.

The crew attempts to remain neutral in the conflict between the Akitashiinu and Yxidii, hoping to avoid being drawn into this inter-dimensional war. In doing so they come across an ancient machine which is discovered to be the source of the dimensional distortion and likely the reason for the conflict between the two races.

Using the ancient machine, the crew manages to send the ANUBIS and themselves back to their own dimension. The moon of PI ALPHA III and the machine discovered there might have been lost, but the crew were still very thankful for having returned in one piece.
USS ANUBIS - Mission 03 - Aftermath ( link to the 70 posts )
Having returned to NEW ALEXANDRIA the crew find themselves dealing with various personal issues as they deal with the revelations brought upon during their stay on the moon of PI ALPHA III and their upcoming mission on the Risian luxury liner MASQUERADE DREAMS.
USS ANUBIS - Mission 04 - Intel Gathering ( link to the 131 posts )
The undercover mission onboard the MASQUERADE DREAMS is meant to be both a way for the crew to relax and to gather some useful intel from any if not most of the prominent individuals who will be there.  The list of interesting passengers drawing the crew's attention grows rapidly leaving some undercover officers head over heels in love while others fear for their lives.

The mission takes an unexpected turn when a terrorist plot to sabotage the ship is discovered and the crew rushes in to save the day.
USS BASTET - Mission 01 - Eternal Darkness ( link to the 24 posts )
The newly commissioned USS BASTET goes out on its shakedown cruise hoping to get the kinks out of both the systems and the crew.  Things get complicated when the ship and crew encounters the KROGEN, a ship in distress with black ooze found in every corner or every deck.  Onboard, Ensign Adriana Lopez, is found to be the one and only survivor.

Unable to understand what happened to the crew, the BASTET leaves taking with them the sole survivor back to NEW ALEXANDRIA.
USS ANUBIS - Mission 05 - Explosions, Shadows & Trouble ( link to the 34 posts )
USS BASTET - Mission 02 - Explosions, Shadows & Trouble ( link to the 100 posts )
The ANUBIS and BASTET are sent to the GAMMA ERADI Cluster to investigate a strange intercepted transmission, one that apparently originated from the USS RAMAN, a Starfleet vessel that had been destroyed several years back.  It was discovered that the message came from another dimension so both ships were sent to seek out answers.

During the mission the ANUBIS was recalled back to NEW ALEXANDRIA due to problems back on EARTH. Alone the BASTET made its way into the Cluster and into an entirely different set of problems.

In another dimension the crew of the BASTET encounter a new and rather friendly race, the J'Den who help them find the USS RAMAN and its survivors.  Of course the situation is not as simple as it appears as more is learned about this new race and the social cultural uniqueness.
USS ANUBIS - Mission 06 - Paris, City of Love and Ashes ( link to the 70 posts )
The NEW ALEXANDRIA Task Force led by the USS ANUBIS rushes back to EARTH to help in the conflict against the Neo Essentialists and their leader Richard Edgerton who have taken over the planet and threaten to destroy all life on the Federation's founding world.

After the battle, the crew helps with a devastated Paris and discovers a strange underground research facility.
USS BASTET - Mission 03 - The Guide of EPSILON 358 ( link to the 67 posts )
Following a strange archeological discovery on EPSILON 358, the USS BASTET and its crew are sent in to investigate as the discovery caused some strange subspace readings, possibly of temporal origin. What the crew discovered went far beyond the reach of time and space as they interact with a malfunctioning temporal D'Arsay hologram who uses the entire planet as its computer system.
USS ANUBIS - Mission 07 - Saving Agent Troy ( link to the 113 posts )
Following the failed attempt to capture a high ranking Neo-Essentialist who had escape capture following the defeat of their leader, the ANUBIS is dispatched to retrieve the solo agent and complete his mission. The crew of the ANUBIS goes undercover on MARKALA PRIME and run into far more trouble than they could have ever imagined.
USS BASTET - Mission 04 - The Lost Artifact ( link to the 75 posts )
On the Caitian homeworld of CAIT, an ancient artifact has suddenly gone missing without a trace. The crew of the BASTET is dispatched to investigate and soon realise that the artifact is one a single piece of a puzzle that extends into other dimensions and realities. Can the crew stop what could possibly be an invasion by a a truly frightful race?
USS ANUBIS - Mission 08 - Shapeshifting ( link to the 60 posts )
The USS ANUBIS is back home at NEW ALEXANDRIA, but that doesn't mean that the crew won't find themselves in some sort of trouble. Upon their arrival, a shape-shifting alien life form makes its way on board the ANUBIS, and that's just the start of the problems the crew need to address.
USS ANUBIS - Mission 09 - Crystals a Plenty ( link to the 133 posts )
Having been kept away from their own base of operations for just over 200 days, the USS ANUBIS and its crew are sent on another mission, this one dealing with Professor Elijah Arken and crystals that contain an important secret. To keep this secret safe, the crystals were hidden and scattered throughout the galaxy.  Finding the crystals may prove to be but the tip of the iceberg in the completion of this mission which takes the ANUBIS and its crew to little known worlds of the Federation and beyond.
USS BASTET - Mission 05 - Shifting Shadows ( link to the 17 posts )
While exploring various other dimensions, the crew of the BASTET encountered the wreckage of a Masters' cruiser. The damage is extensive and is more than enough to pique the interest of the crew. Inside they discover a single survivor, that will not be the only unexpected thing they will have to deal with.
USS ANUBIS - Mission 10 - Past Events ( link to the 50 posts )
Following an unexpected trigger of both the Temporal and Dimensional drive of the BASTET while inside NEW ALEXANDRIA, the crew of the ANUBIS find themselves thrown in individual bubble realities.  It is soon discovered that these realities are collapsing and that the crew needs to find a way to get back together in order to find a way out. Along the way, certain interesting details are discovered about two women, one a powerful telepath named Lyta and another named Gemma, both having interesting links to the Lokustaar.
USS BASTET - Mission 06 - Lost and Found ( link to the 51 posts )
The crew of the BASTET is tasked with testing the new Blink Device created by the joining of the crystals made by Professor Arken. Following the successful completion of the preliminary tests, the HATHOR, on which the device was installed, suddenly finds itself orbiting an icy planetoid named JDO-SHEN upon which is discovered a Romulan detention and training facility for Remans. What the crew does not realize is that this will be but the first of several more surprises that awaits them there.
USS ANUBIS - Mission 11 - TAU OMEGA ( link to the 77 posts )
After a secret reserach facility on TAU OMEGA goes silent, the crew of the ANUBIS is sent to investigate. What they discover in the lowest level of the facility is a darkness the likes of which they have never before seen, a darkness that soon spreads to the orbital station, consuming all life it encounters.
USS BASTET - Mission 07 - Darker Times ( link to the 63 posts )
The BASTET is quickly dispatched to assist the USS HAWKING, a trans-dimensonal vessel from another parallel dimension, to help them stop a Lokustaar incursion into our dimension. When it is suspected that a member of this shadow race is actually on board the HAWKING, thins go from bad to worse and soon the crew members of the BASTET are faced with a monumental problem that will lead to one of their own not coming back.
USS BASTET - Mission 08 - Beyond Space and Time ( link to the 21 posts )
Searching to retreave a probe believed to have originally been set by the USS HAWKING while looking for the BASTET, the crew boards the HATHOR abd blinks clean across Borg space where they discover a planet hidden in a corridor of 'negative space'. There, the crew encounter a man by the name of Adrien who allows each officer to travel to a specific point frozen in time in search of answers as to 'who they are'. By the end of the journey, the crew returns without the probe with something... someone far more valuable to them personally and professionally.
USS ANUBIS - Mission 12 - Shadow Virus ( link to the 54 posts )
The plagued that claimed the lives of the staff of the orbital station and research facility of TAU OMEGA is reported to have migrated to the unaligned world of GALEMAE. It is now clear that the Lokustaar, a sinister transdimensional race, is doing everything it can to spread death and destruction throughout our galaxy. The crew of the ANUBIS is on a race against time to find a cure to the Shadow Virus before the entire population of GALEMAE fall victime to it.
USS BASTET - Mission 09 - Stopping The Shadows ( link to the 40 posts )
The BASTET is dispatched to stop the Lokustaar from sending more ships into this dimension but along the way then encounter a Romulan ship being boarded by the Lokustaar. It is soon discovered that the Romulans possess a dimensional drive of their own and that the Lokustaar are after it. The crew of the BASTET need to act quickly to avoid this from happening, even if it means costing them their own lives.
USS ANUBIS - Mission 13 - Clones and Betrayal ( link to the 150 posts )
With Ambassador Xana Bonviva on board, the ANUBIS is dispatched to KTARIS to resume their quest to capture the Shadow agent known as Mordana. Along the way they discover a cloning facility, but that is just the start of their trouble as the crew tries to finally get their hands on the elusive Shadow Agent.

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