USS ANUBIS - Mission 11
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001 Morningstar Agent of the Shadows
Contact is lost with TAU OMEGA
002 Stark Darker Reality
Jayson is tricked by Adriana to reveal his feelings
003 Paquette It's The Small things...
Sonja returns to Engineering to work on the DRONEs
004 Shar'El Researching The Unknown
From the IGC, Shar'El reviews the mission
005 Lopez Counseling the Counselor
Satella helps Adriana with her troubled thoughts
006 Stark Feeling Guilty
Jayson and Ya'Han talk about Adriana and Nicole
M11-P001: USS ANUBIS: Morningstar: Day 01 - 1015 ("Agent of the Shadows")
"Agent of the Shadows"
Previous posts (ANU) "Darkness Inside The Void" / (BAS) "Crowded Mind"

"All life is transitory. A dream. We all come together in the same place at the end of time. If I don't see you again here, I will see you in a little while, in the place where no shadows fall.” 
― Ambassador Deleen

Setting: ISS THUNDER COMET, Guest Quarters
Stardate: 33112.1015

"Miss Mordana," a crewman said as he poked his head through the open doorway. "We will be reaching RELAY OUTPOST SIGMA 385 in about 15 minutes."

"Thank you," the woman with the long straight jet-black hair politely acknowledged. "I will be ready long before we arrive," she confirmed as she placed the last of her personal items in the small hand-held bag that she had brought along for the journey.

"If I may be so bold," the man nervously added. "I have never seen anyone travel as lightly as you do. Most people tend to bring along a lot more than you have, especially on a trip this far from any known civilized world. On a relay station like the one we are heading for, there are not a great many luxuries to be enjoyed, even basic necessities can be lacking, so people tend to come prepared."

"I am a simple person with simple needs," the woman with the gray-shadowed soul clarified. "The luxuries of this universe are not what I enjoy. I much prefer a good conversation, like the one your Captain and I shared over dinner last night in the mess hall. It was interesting to hear his views and opinions on the Federation and the impact it has on the worlds it touches. I found his accounts of the help offered to less technologically advanced worlds to be most intriguing. I also noted the way the crew seemed to align themselves with those same views, everyone appearing more than happy and willing to help those less fortunate then they are."

"Captain Jonas, as well as most of us, would love to be on one of those fancy Federation starships, going from planet to planet and helping everyone we came across," the crewman said, offering an agreeing smile to the stoic woman. Had it not been for her appearance, and the fact that she did smile once in a while, the crew of the transport vessel THUNDER COMET would have sworn that the woman was of Vulcan origin.

"Yes," Mordana quietly nodded. "I did get that feeling from him and those in the mess hall during dinner. Captain Jonas' greatest wish, as he voiced it to me, is to one day be free of the limitations of this transport vessel in order to embrace the larger expanse of space. He believes that this would permit him to explore unknown worlds to see and help people from races never before seen."

The crewman laughed. "Yup, our Captain is a dreamer all right. Now, I will let you finish getting ready for disembarking. I hope that your journey to the relay outpost in the middle of nowhere will prove to be as enjoyable and fruitful as you hoped it would be."

"It already has been," Mordana said adding a gentle nod of her head followed with a smile that hinted at something the crewman could not even come close to understanding. As curious as this last exchange was, he dismissed the entire affair, knowing that he had neither the time nor the patience to try and figure out what the woman had meant.

Setting: RELAY OUTPOST SIGMA 385, Transporter Room
Stardate: 33112.1035

"Welcome aboard," the Transporter Chief said, greeting the one and only passenger to have beamed over. After having glanced at the transport manifest sent by the THUNDER COMET, the man looked back at the exotic yet clearly humanoid-looking black haired woman with visible puzzlement. "Miss Mordana?"

"That is me," she acknowledged with a politeness that seemed oddly fitting for a person like her.

"My apologies, I am not used to seeing a Terran without a last name."

"I have not been on EARTH for many, many years now, and I just found my last name to be an unnecessary burden, so Mordana became the only name I needed," the woman explained as she stepped off the transporter platform.

"Shall I have your belongings brought to your quarters?" The Transporter Chief asked, realizing only after the fact that the only baggage that had come with the woman had been her handbag.

"No need," the slender woman smiled, patting the bag with one hand. "I have everything I need right here."

Leaving the Transporter Room and the somewhat puzzled Chief behind, Mordana made her way into the small relay station with an assurance and mannerism that seemed to indicate that this had not been her first time here, a fact that the station's logs could not support no matter how far back they went.

Casually making her way down one of the corridors, the latest and only guest of the relay station encountered to her great surprise two small Humanoid females.  "Hello there," Mordana cooed as she lowered to one knee in order not to present herself to be an imposing figure for the girls to fear. "What are your names?"

"I'm Tristan and this is my sister Cordelia," the elder of the two sisters replied. "You are not a member of the crew. Who are you?" The sweetness of the girl's question was offset by the demanding tone she used, almost challenging the unknown woman to provide an answer that she would evaluate to see if it was acceptable or not.

"I am so sorry," their father offered in a hurry as he caught up with the girls. "That was very rude," he scowled the elder, matching the woman's posture by doping to one knee.

"The honesty of children can be very refreshing," the woman offered, clearly not having taken any offense to the interrogation she had been subjected to.

"My name is Ensign Ashton Dean, and this is..."

"Tristan and Cordelia, I know," she completed with a smile. "My name is Mordana. I was on my way to my quarters."

Ashton returned to a fully upright posture and offered the woman a helping hand which she politely refused. Following that, the Ensign returned her smile before shifting his attention back to his daughters. "Take your sister to our quarters while I show Miss Mordana the location of the guest quarters."

"No need," the woman with the long jet black hair stated, a polite smile dancing on her lips. "I know the way," and with that, she resumed her course for the room leaving the family behind.

"She's weird," Tristan announced with a grimace.

"There is defensively something strange about that woman," Ashton agreed. "And that's above and beyond the fact that she came here on her own accord while everyone one else on this outpost would be happy to be anywhere else but here."

Setting: RELAY OUTPOST SIGMA 385, Guest Quarters
Stardate: 33112.1055

The room was small, and the ambient lights set to the lowest possible illumination. As Mordana completed her survey of the room, she turned to face one of the empty corners and began speaking as if some invisible being had been there.

"I have been able to confirm the reports from TAU OMEGA. The secret Federation's underground facility has discovered one of our lost scouts. They have not yet been able to excavate it from the cave in which it was found. Measures have been taken to ensure that they do not succeed."

A strange, barely audible sequence of high pitch squeals and clicks filled the room, the sound would have been enough to give anyone nightmares for weeks and more, but the woman remained calm and composed. To her, the eerie sound emanating from the shadows were as normal as could be, the reason for this being that she was more than she appeared to be, much more.

"No," she replied to a question that only she could hear and understand. "No one on board the THUNDER COMET is worthy, they can be disposed of without worries to our cause."

Setting: SPACE
Stardate: 33112.1115

The attack was swift and the transport vessel proved to be no match for whatever it was that came after them. Sensors showed nothing, and by the time the damage reports began to come in, it was already too late. For the most part, the THUNDER COMET had been reduced to space dust, its Captain blown into space when the bridge was ripped in half as if it had been made of paper.

Now floating in space, his body as cold as the icy void that surrounded him, the man had been given his wish. He was free of the physical limitations of his ship and could now explore space freely. His personal desires were granted even more as his wide opened eyes stared into the emptiness of space to see the nightmare that had ended his life as well as those of his crew. Even in death, his eyes reflected fear as the black skinned vessel shimmered and vanished from sight as if it had never been there, the only hint of its presence being the small debris field that had once been the THUNDER COMET and its crew.

Setting: NEW ALEXANDRIA, Section A, Level 6, Admiral Koniki's office
Stardate: 33112.1300

"Here are the latest reports Admiral," Allyson said as she handed over several PADDs to the man sitting behind the imposing onyx desk. The blonde haired secretary to the senior most officer of the ultra-secret station always smiled, even when bringing bad news in whatever form they might present themselves in.

"That three ships that have suddenly gone missing," Koniki sighed, clearly annoyed by what he was reading.

"Actually, there are now four ships, Admiral," Allyson corrected. "The ISS THUNDER COMET vanished from long-range sensors over an hour ago. Sensor logs from the nearby RELAY OUTPOST SIGMA 385 show the exact same readings as the previous three vessels which suddenly vanished."

"Only one explanation for this... It has begun. The sisters warned me but I didn't listen. Why would they be wrong now when they had never before been wrong?" Koniki demanded of himself as he slammed a closed fist onto his desk.

"The sisters only provide likely possibilities, never certainties. You decided to play the odds against."

"And look where that has led us. The attack on CAIT was a failed attempt to establish a foothold in our galaxy, but I should have known that they would not wait too long before trying something else. As patient as they might be, they have been planning this for countless centuries," the Admiral paused as he considered his options. "What is the status of the main response fleet?"

"The crew of the BASTET is still out on the HATHOR, and no news or signal has been detected. Wherever the Blink Device took them, it is well outside of our ability to detect them," Allyson reported.

"Selene will find a way to get back, the problem is that the moment she does, I will need her back on the BASTET and out there. We can't afford to have that ship sitting here without her captain. What about the others?"

"Captain Harris reported that the USS HORUS has not had any luck with discovering the recent destruction of the Cardassian listening outposts. According to all witnesses, whoever few there are, no one saw anything other than shifting shadows between the stars," the blonde-haired woman explained. "Captain Sangolo is still waiting for the repairs on the SEKHMET to be completed which he estimates will take another week or so. Whatever they encountered destroyed one of the warp nacelles and without a nearby space-dock to help with repairs; they are doing the best they can. As for Captain Morningstar and the crew of the ANUBIS, they are still waiting for you to release them back to active duty. Everyone has passed all physical and psychological exams they have been subjected to since their return from that temporal event."

"Fine," Koniki relinquished, the situation clearly having placed him in a situation where his options had been very limited. "Tell Erik that the ANUBIS is cleared for departure. I want them at the TAU OMEGA research facility yesterday. They are to investigate why the orbital station has lost contact with the underground facility. Last we heard from them, they discovered something, I need to know what that something is without risking the orbital outpost."

"I will relay the message right away Admiral."

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Captain's Ready Room
Stardate: 33112.1330

"Captain's log, supplemental. After 109 days of endless tests, we have finally been returned to active duty. The fact that the news came from Allyson only leaves me to believe that something bad happened and forced the Admiral's hand, otherwise, he would have found a way to rub this into our collective faces before we were allowed to leave. In any case, the ANUBIS and its crew will be heading to TAU OMEGA to investigate an underground facility that has done silent, all contact with the orbital station overhead having been lost. It may not be an action-packed mission, but I am sure that the crew will welcome any reason that gets us out of NEW ALEXANDRIA. End log."

"The crew has been notified Captain," Commander Shar'El reported, the First Officer having been permitted to enter while the Captain gave his verbal account for the official log.  "Many amongst the crew are curious as to whether or not our mission has to do with the missing HATHOR."

"I seriously doubt it. Nothing points to another ship being anywhere near TAU OMEGA, and even Koniki would not come up with such a lame excuse to cover up our going there if it was to render assistance to the HATHOR and its crew. No, we are on an investigation mission, nothing more," the Native American sadly reported.

"Being able to look at the screens in the IGC and see something other than the inside of this base is going to be a huge bonus that will help me and several others get out of bed in the morning."

Shar'El and Erik laughed for a few moments. "We are to get on our way as soon as we are ready and cleared of all moorings," Morningstar stated to his First Officer.

"The moorings were disconnected before I walked in," Shar'El pointed out.

"Guess that means we are let for our departure. Let's go!" The Native American jumped out of his chair and quickly made his way around his desk. Like the other member of his crew, he had been more than anxious to get moving and be outside of the protective shell of the secret base. Only seeing the shadows cast by the internal lighting had been a rather depressing daily sight instead of the quiet beauty of the twinkling stars that filled the endless void of space.

Francois Charette

Commanding Officer


Lt. Commander Elan Fairborn [Access Character BIO for Elan Fairborn]
Robotics Engineering Officer
M11-P002: USS ANUBIS: Stark: Day 01 - 1500 ("Darker Reality")
"Darker Reality"
[previous (ANU) "Agent of the Shadows" / (BAS) "Questioning"]

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Bridge 
Stardate: 33112.1500

This felt good, really good. To be back at his post was what he needed. Performing his duties was far better than enduring endless psychological tests to see if his journey through time, and into another reality, had affected him in a way that would affect his work. This was as real as it got for him, and with the ship heading for TAU OMEGA at maximum speed, things were just going to get better.

"Lieutenant Stark, if I may?" The new CNS said, looking at Jayson as if a third eye or a second nose had suddenly appeared on his face.

"Is there something wrong?" He asked, nervous and quite a bit self-conscious.

"Nothing wrong," Lopez reassured. "I just wanted to clarify the reason why you have not stopped smiling since our departure from NEW ALEXANDRIA."

"Wait a minute. You are asking *me* why I am smiling?" He questioned feeling singled out. "Last time I checked she was smiling just as much as I am," he pointed out casting an accusing glare in the direction of the woman he was romantically involved with.

"Yes, but I know what her reasons are," Adriana said, not breaking her gaze of the increasingly nervous OPS Officer. "We spoke earlier."

"You spoke earlier?" Jayson repeated, glaring with even more intensity to Ya'Han who could barely manage to not break out laughing. "Why me? Why not ask someone else?"

"No one else is smiling the way you are Lieutenant," the CNS pointed out forcing Jayson to scan the members of the bridge's crew to confirm the accuracy of the statement. At the front of the bridge, Ensign Jones was busy piloting the ANUBIS, and from what he could see, the woman was not smiling, then again she rarely did. At the engineering station, Lieutenant Paquette appeared swamped with her work, the redhead appearing rather frustrated with something, so she was certainly not in the mood to smile. So aside from Ya'Han and himself, this left the Captain who now seemed interested in the conversation between his OPS Officer and new CNS.

"Alright," Jayson said, abandoning any hope of winning whatever this was. "Yes, I am happy. I am happy that we are finally out of NEW ALEXANDRIA. I am happy that we are back in our own time and reality, but most important I am happy that we are back on active duty. Sitting around doing nothing was never what I signed up for when I joined Starfleet."

"See, that wasn't that hard," Adriana said, concluding their little public chat.

"That's it? All you wanted was for me to admit why I was happy?" Thanks to all of his dealings with countless Counselors, Jayson had become used to things not being so straightforward. Usually, a CNS would ask him a question meant to make him talk about something that he was not ready or willing to speak of, so this 'straight to the point' approach by Adriana Lopez was something that he had never expected.

"That's it," she confirmed. "Unless there is something more that you would like to talk about?"

From frustrated, he became confused to such an extent that he was not sure how to reply. "What more could there be?" He asked wondering if he had missed something through any of this.

"Like you said, you are happy that we, as well as the rest of us, are back on active duty," the CNS explained. "There is absolutely no reason for any of us to be unhappy. You are back at your post, Lieutenant Ya'Han is back at hers, everyone is where they should be."

That was when his right eye twitch. Many times, people would use an external display of overflowing happiness and joy to hide something sad, something painful to them. In some of these cases, the person doing this would not even be aware that they were doing it, at least until something made them come face-to-face with the reason for their behavior.

"You are not," Jayson hissed at Adriana, his eyes had narrowed as they locked onto the new Ship's Counselor. "Nicole should be the one here, not you."

Lopez remained silent and motionless. All of this had been carefully planned, even to the extent that Ya'Han needed to be there in case Jayson decided to physically lash out. Trying to bring this out in the Counseling office would have made the realization of his own feelings that much harder to be expressed, so everyone had agreed to do this on the bridge instead.

"I am sorry that Nicole is not here. I am sorry that the ANUBIS was not sent to look for her, but you have to realize that everyone misses her a great deal, including me," Adriana explained.

"How can you miss her? You never knew her. You never spoke to her. As far as you are concerned she was a CNS who vanished allowing you to take her place."  Whatever rage he felt was held in place by a single look from the woman he teased by calling her the Red Dragon. Whatever his feelings were, he was thinking clearly enough to know that a single wrong move on his part would unleash the now fully red-haired Nylaan upon him.

"Jayson," Ya'Han said, the softness of her voice instantly disarming him. "This was my doing. Adriana came to see me so that we could talk about how I felt about her being here instead of Nicole and during the conversation, your name was mentioned. I knew that you were close to her and that her not being with us during all of the testings was difficult for you. It was difficult for us all, but we came to accept Adriana as well as her help. We all did, except for you."

"It's not fair," he growled, realizing that Adriana had played her role to perfection, like every other Counselor before her. As angry as he now was though, he understood, at least in some small way, that she had done this for him. "She is still somewhere out there, and we are heading to this TAU OMEGA instead of going out looking for her. It's not fair."

"I know," Ya'Han said, taking Jayson into her arms and hugging him with all of the affection she felt for him. "Holding on to that anger though is not healthy, not for you and certainly not for us. You need to let it go. We will find her someday, but right now we have to concentrate on the larger issues. We have no idea what we are going to encounter in the research facility on TAU OMEGA, but I know that things will be a lot more complicated if any one of us is not mentally ready."

"You are right," the OPS Officer admitted to the woman whose hair had returned to the safer mixture of black and red. "Counselor Lopez, I am sorry."

"You have nothing to be sorry about Lieutenant, that is why I am here, to help those in need, even if they are not aware that they are in need of help," Adriana said, looking relieved that the unexpected public counseling session had gone smoother than she had feared it might. "If you are ready to talk, I would be happy to continue this in a more private setting."

"The Black Hole Lounge, say after our shift and dinner, 2000?"

"That will do just fine," Lopez agreed, knowing all too well that trying to have this discussion in the CNS' office would only make things more difficult as those were still Ensign Dima's as far as the OPS Officer was concerned.

"Alright, everyone back to work," Captain Morningstar said, bringing everyone back on task. As much as he might have agreed to allow this to happen, the bridge was still not a place where such events needed to take place on a regular basis.

Jayson Sousa

Lieutenant JG Jayson Stark [Access Character BIO for Jayson Stark]
Chief of Operations
M11-P003: USS ANUBIS: Paquette: Day 01 - 1530
("It's The Small Things That Count")
"It's The Small Things That Count"
previous posts were (ANU) "Whispered Voices" / (BAS) "Introduction"

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Bridge, Engineering Station
Stardate: 33112.1530

Normally, the Chief Engineering Officer would have been down in her domain, making sure that the warp core, engines and all parts attached to them were working at their highest level to make sure the ship and crew reached their destination as quickly as possible as per the Captain's wishes. Sonja had agreed to instead be on the bridge at this time because of one single reason; Ya'Han.  The Nylaan had requested the presence of her friend when their new Counselor would confront Jayson about his actual feelings about the woman and the position she now held.

Obviously, the Chief of Security had become aware of something about this and she wanted to help, so after speaking with the Counsellor and devising some sort of devious plan, Ya'Han had come to see Sonja to enlist her assistance. The Nylaan explained in length the reasons as to why this needed to happen in a controlled environment outside of the Counsellor's normal work environment. That way, Jayson would not expect this to happen and it would also permit those present to intervene should the proverbial bovine excrement landed into the rapidly spinning blades of a cooling device. Sonja agreed to this, partially to offer support to her friend who was more than capable of taking care of herself, but mostly to see the man in question be hopefully made to twitch as Lopez played some Jedi mind trick on him.

It was true that Nicole being gone bothered Sonja, how could it not? The two of them had become friends and come to share a secret like no other, a secret that directly targeted the ANUBIS' Chief of Security. With Counsellor Dima gone, the Chief Engineer was the only one, aside from Commander Shar'El, to know that Ya'Han had been pregnant and come to lose the child due to the unspeakable trickery of the Dolbargy named Soturemol.

As troubled and sad as Sonja might have felt though, the redhead Engineer knew that dealing with the lost of friends and helping others with their sorrows was a part of life in Starfleet. With all of the evils out there hiding in the darkness between the stars, it was impossible for things to always go as plan and to end in the best possible manner. Life out here was cruel in the best of times, and that was one of the reasons why the ANUBIS and its crew were out here; to help in some small way to tip the balance on the side of good.

Sonja glanced over her shoulder to meet Ya'Han's thankful gaze. The plan had worked, at least as much as the Chief of Security had hoped it would, the Chief Engineer on the other hand was left feeling somewhat disappointed that the head of their Chief of Operations had not gone spinning like a top. All hope was not lost though as the ANUBIS was heading for a secret research facility located on some distant world. Maybe there they would encounter something that would make Jayson lose it, not that the redhead truly wanted to see something happen to the man whom her friend had become romantically involved with.

"Captain," Sonja said, calling upon her the attention of the ship's CO. "Receiving a report from ANI. There appears to be a minor power fluctuation in the starboard power coupling. With your permission, I will head down there and fix the problem before it forces us to drop out of warp speed and delay our arrival to TAU OMEGA."

Morningstar did not hesitate to grant his permission and the Chief Engineer was out of her chair and into the turbolift before the man could even turn back to look at the forward screen.

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck 22, Main Engineering
Stardate: 33112.1545

"Thank you ANI," Sonja said the moment she walked into the room and was greeted by the ship's Avatar.

"Given how quickly I received your signal, I can only gather that Counsellor Lopez' plan worked," the artificial woman stated to her co-creator, almost managing to add a smile as she did so.

"It worked all right," the engineer sighed. "The things I do for my friends. I hope that Ya'Han realizes the extent that i went through for her. I could have been down here instead of up there."

"I am sure that she appreciated all that you did," ANI stated trying her best not to sound condescending in doing so.

Sonja twisted her lips in a show of annoyance before changing the subject. "Give it a minute or so before you restore the power flow to the starboard coupling back to its optimal level. If we show it to be fixed too quickly, someone up there might actually figure out that your message to me was a trick to have me be back down here," Sonja explained as she made her way to the rapidly pulsating warp core. "I am sorry for the discomfort hold friend," the redhead said as she extended her hand to ever so gently touch the proverbial heart of the ANUBIS. "I very much appreciate what you did for me and we'll have you all fixed up in no time."

A few moments passed before the ship's Avatar spoke once again. "The power fluctuation in the starboard power coupling has been eliminated," ANI reported. "All systems are operating at optimal level."

"Perfect. Now, I need you in the robotics lab with me. There are a few little things that I want to look into before we reach TAU OMEGA. That underground research facility might be the perfect opportunity for us to test the new D.R.O.N.E. but I have to make sure that your interface with them does not interfere with your ability to communicate with the ANUBIS. The last thing we need is to have you lose contact with the ship while we are down there testing our Dynamic Remote Operated Nanotech Explorer.

This time there was no denying it, ANI had actually smiled. Over the nearly three months of their debriefing, psychological and physical exams and testing following their journey through time and space, Sonja had found a way to keep herself busy and not completely lose her mind. The creation of the DRONEs had become just that, all that remained now was to test them in a live environment which Sonja believed the research facility on TAU OMEGA would be perfect for.

Lorraine Paquette

Chief Engineering Officer
M11-P004: USS ANUBIS: Shar'El: Day 01 - 1600 ("Researching The Unknown")
"Researching The Unknown"
[previous post were (ANU) "It`s The Small Things" by Lorraine / (BAS) "Second Thoughts" by Leigh]

Stardate: 33112.1600

In an isolated star system, far away from the busy interplanetary shipping routes and curious wandering eyes, the world designated as TAU OMEGA could be found. The small N-Class planet with a 98% carbon-dioxide atmosphere had long ago been deemed worthless by everyone who took the time to scan it. This was no surprise as no important mineral deposits or anything of relative value was discovered on that planet. Whatever plantlife did manage to exist on the surface was too sparse to make any sort of harvest worthwhile.

Of course, as it was since the dawn of mankind, the discarded junk of one person would soon become the priceless treasure of another. So it was not entirely surprising to the ExO / ILO that a secret base had been established below the inhospitable surface of that world.  What did surprise Shar'El was the presence of a research station in orbit of that same planet.  If SFI wanted to keep the presence of the underground base a secret, placing an orbital research facility right above it seemed rather foolish, drawing attention to a planet that would normally not have been given a second look.

Maybe that was part of the reason why all contact was lost with the underground facility, but that failed to account as to why the orbital station was still fully operational and without a single clue as to what had happened below. According to the most recent Intel report, only a select few of those working on the orbital station knew of the presence of the underground facility. This was meant to help protect the secret research base. The fact that those who knew about it had no idea as to what happened for them to lose contact with the below-surface base only added to the mystery that surrounded this whole affair.

As the ExO, it would be her responsibility to lead an away team to investigate what had happened. Flashbacks of Paris filled Shar'El's mind, the idea of going into another secret underground research facility being less than thrilling. Between now and reaching their destination, the Ullian would have time to ward off those feelings and create what she would consider being the perfect team for this mission.

According to the information provided by the orbital station, no signal or power output could be detected from the underground facility. This meant that Lt. Paquette needed to be part of the away team in order to determine what the problem was and hopefully fix it. Of course, the Avatar ANI would also be required to beam down, her ability to remain in contact with the ANUBIS being essential not to mention that this situation would be a perfect way to test the Chief Engineer's latest toys. Although Sonja had not informed the Captain or anyone else of the existence of these DRONEs, Shar'El had not been one to remain unaware of such projects for very long, especially when they took place on board the ship.

Based on all of the information she had gathered on these small, airborne extensions of the Avatar, the ExO / ILO was actually very much looking forward to seeing these latest creations in action. As interesting as the DRONEs might be though, more than their creator and controller needed to be members of the away team. Shar'El continued her deliberation, adding Ya'Han to the list to ensure the safety of the team, knowing that the ANUBIS would not be in any sort of danger while in orbit of TAU OMEGA.

As useful as Maya's presence might prove to be, the ExO / ILO decided to have her remain on the ship, there the Shillian would be able to analyze the gathered information from both the away team and orbital station, making full usage of the ANUBIS' resources. The same reasoning was used by Shar'El to dismiss Jayson from being part of the away team. Not only would his expertise be of more use on the ship, but after the scene forced upon him by Counselor Lopez, the First Officer thought it best not to add too many uncertainties around the man.

Only one name remained on her list of considerations, the ANUBIS' new CMO, Doctor Satella Bruxa. According to information provided by Admiral Koniki, the underground facility on TAU OMEGA had nearly 200 people working on various secret projects. If the loss of communication was due to some sort of biological event instead of a mechanical breakdown, it would make sense to have the Doctor be part of the away team. That way she would be able to hopefully identify the cause and danger of whatever had happened.

What made the ExO / ILO debate taking the CMO down was the fact that although the young Mikulak woman had served on the BASTET, her experience in such situation was limited to say the least. There were no doubts that Satella had proven herself more than once as being a skilled physician, but never had the woman faced the potential of seeing so many dead people so quickly. Starfleet Medical did everything it could to prepare its graduates for such scenarios, but to deal with something like that in a holodeck and to see it for real in person was an entirely different story.

Eventually accepting that there was no better time than the present to gain such experience, if this was indeed what had happened to the researchers in the underground facility, Doctor Satella Bruxa was made the fourth and final member of the team. All that remained to do was for the ANUBIS to reach TAU OMEGA and get this investigation underway.

Tiffany Reeve

Executive Officer / Intel Liaison Officer

Chief Medical Officer
M11-P005: USS ANUBIS: Lopez: Day 01 - 1730 ("Counseling The Counselor")
"Counseling The Counselor"
[Previous post: (ANU) "Researching The Unknown" & (BAS) "Split Second"]

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Sickbay
Stardate: 33112.1730

The situation concerning Lt. Stark could have been handled in a lot of different ways, but this proved to be the fastest and most direct way to get Jayson to bring his feelings out in the open. Lt. Ya'Han had explained her concerns about the man, her romantic relationship with him granting her access to him in a way that no one else could. It was because of her insistence that Adriana decided to act as she had, a decision she could not professionally denounce. On a personal level though, the events that had taken place on the bridge of the ANUBIS had been a lot harder for the CNS to accept.

"It's hard being the black sheep, ain't it sis?" Amanda said, the vision of the twin sister actually smiling. Although the sibling was not physically real, her words could be just as damaging, even if they were meant to do nothing more than to reflect the sister's thoughts back to her.

"Adriana?" Satella said as the Doctor walked into the room, the tears crawling on the Counselor's cheeks a clear indication that something was not right. "Don't listen to Adriana; you know that she's only trying to get a rise out of you."

The twin sister smiled and quickly dried her tears. Satella was the only one who knew of her hallucinations and never had the Doctor said or done anything to make the CNS feel bad about them. Adriana could not help but admire the fact that her friend had pinpointed so accurately the reason for her display of emotions.

"That is what she does," Adriana admitted, knowing all too well that the statement was partially incomplete since the twin sister was nothing more than a mental projection created by the Counselor to help her deal with events that took place around her. "It's what she has always done. She makes me face those things I do not want to accept, making me deal with the reality of whatever situation I find myself in."

"I am not denying the fact that this can be a good thing," Satella said, sitting on the examination bed upon which Adriana had been sitting on. "As per your own admission, she was instrumental in getting you off the KROGEN alive. She is a part of you, there is no denying that, but you have to accept the fact that her point of view is limited. She sees things from your eyes and processes everything that happens from where you stand, ignoring everything else. My guess is that right now, she's hounding you based on what Lt. Stark said to you."

"I don't know why I am here," Adriana said, allowing herself to cry which led her friend to reach out and pull her into a caring hug. "You are as good a Counselor as I am, even better, just look at how fast you figured out what is troubling me. It took me twice as long to even get Jayson to start talking to me, let alone him vocalizing his true feelings at my being here on board the ANUBIS."

"You need to stop beating yourself over for that. You came here because this ship needed you because the BASTET was no longer the place for either one of us to be in order to do what it is we do best. As for my being a better CNS than you, that's Amanda talking. I could never do half the things you do, and the way you handled the entire situation with Jayson is a perfect example of that." Satella paused for a moment to give her friend a big great hug before pushing her at arms' length so that the two of them could see each other. "Ya'Han came to see you because you are the ship's Counselor. You then went to see the Captain in that same capacity to inform him of the situation and what you believed was the best way to deal with it. He agreed to follow your recommendations for no other reasons than he accepts you as being *his* ship's Counselor."

"You may be correct, but it still doesn't make it right that I am here instead of Nicole. I can't help but feel that I am usurping her position and that she will walk in at any moment to claim it back. It's not easy being here while she's somewhere else out there."

"Of course it's not easy, life was never meant to be easy, and we both discovered that first-hand thanks to what we faced while on the BASTET. The problem, at least as I see it, is that you are the one making it more difficult for yourself. Yes there may be a few people who are sad that their former CNS is gone, that only makes them human and normal, that is also part of the reason you are here. They need your help to make sense of what happened, of their own feelings. The situation would not be any different had the crew suddenly lost their Captain, First Officer or any other member of the senior staff. The only difference here is that you are both the person reminding them of who is gone and the one here to help them deal with that loss, and for the record you are doing an excellent job at it. Something that Amanda is failing to see because you yourself refuse to see this."

Adriana blinked a few times as the words spoken by her friend sunk in. Aside from the fact that she had no other choice but to accept what was being said as true, the Counselor also noted the absence of mental projection of her twin sister which further proved the Doctor's point.

"Thank you."

"Thank me? For what?" Satella asked, smiling like a Cheshire cat.

"For being such a great and loyal friend, not to mention a descent back-up Ship's Counselor."

Doctor Bruxa laughed out loud before jumping off the examination bed. "You are still the Counselor, I am just someone trying to help, and as the ANUBIS' CNS I am going to be calling upon you soon enough."

"Why is that?" Lopez asked, suddenly concerned that she had been so preoccupied by her own affairs and problems that she had failed to see that her friend needed someone to talk to.

"Commander Shar'El sent out the list of people who will be part of the away team once we reach TAU OMEGA. Looks like I'll be heading down into the unknown mysteries of that secret underground base. Just thinking about it is giving me nightmares, can only guess as to what state I will be in when I return, so you'd better be ready."

"I will be," Satella giggled. "I'll even have a bed prepped for you so that you can lay down and relax as you tell me all about your adventure."

"Speaking of which, we really need to talk about you claiming your office and work area. I don't mind having you here in Sickbay but as this ship's Counselor don't you think it would be better if you actually made use of the area specifically set aside for that purpose? I am sure the couch in that room is just as comfortable as one of these beds, and I know that the area will be much more private and conducive to the kind of discussions you will be having."

"Can we take it one step at a time?" Adriana asked, the CNS still not entirely ready to jump into the deep end of the Ship's Counselor's pool.

"Come, I'll help you find your way there. If I let you go I have the feeling that security will find you somewhere else, trying to hide."

"I would not hide!" Lopez adamantly defended. "At least not for very long, I can't help but feel like Commander Shar'El as eyes everyone."

"True, reason more for you to do as you are expected. That woman as a way of looking at you that frankly sends shiver down my spine."

With that said both women laughed and made their way out Sickbay and towards the Counselor's office, a location that Adriana would have to claim as being hers, at least for the time being. All that thanks to the support and words of encouragement she received from her friend, Satella Bruxa.

Marissa Montonera-Lombardi

Lieutenant JG Adriana Lopez [Access Character BIO for Adriana Lopez]
Ship's Counselor
M11-P006: USS ANUBIS: Stark: Day 01 - 1730 ("Feeling Guilty")
"Feeling Guilty"
[previous (ANU) "Counseling the Counselor" / (BAS) "Split Second"]

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Bridge 
Stardate: 33112.1730

Despite the ANUBIS heading for TAU OMEGA at maximum warp speed, things were quiet, and maybe that was part of the problem. Without something concrete to keep him busy, his mind was running just as fast as the ship was.  Since the forced run-in with Counselor Lopez a few hours ago, the OPS Officer had been trying to make sense of his own feelings. He wanted to sort things out prior to the scheduled meeting with Counselor Lopez in the Black Hole Lounge. Jayson felt bad for thinking the way he had and saying what he did to Adriana. Whatever had happened, the new CNS was here to help.

"Still beating yourself over what happened with Counselor Lopez?" Ya'Han whispered, the Chief of Security had found some official reason to leave her post to come to his.

"Is it that obvious?"

"Yes," the woman replied, gently nudging him with her elbow. "That's why I am here, to remind you that beating you up is my job." Jayson knew that she had meant this in jest, but still his initial reaction was one of shock. Did she truly find it that enjoyed to beating him while they trained in the ship's gymnasium?  "Don't be angry at her, she did what she did because of me. I was the one who approached her with concerns about you and your well-being. You said some things during our downtime at NEW ALEXANDRIA, and it bothered me, so I decided to call upon Adriana for help as the ANUBIS' Ship's Counselor."

"I'm not angry at her," Jayson clarified, keeping his voice to be no louder than a soft whisper. "As much as I might not want to openly admit it, I understand that what happened needed to happen. I am just a little troubled that it needed to be done the way it did. I actually feel bad for Adriana, because of me she was placed in a very difficult situation due to my inability to deal with Counselor Dima's disappearance in a more professional manner. Since long before my joining Starfleet, I have relied on Counselors to help me get over every little bump that I came across. When Nicole vanished I felt like a part of me disappeared with her. You would figure that I should be used to going from one Counselor to the next by now, but Nicole was different."

"She was part of the crew, part of the family," Ya'Han said knowingly.

"Yes," Jayson agreed. "It hurt then, and it still does now."

"We all hoped for some sort of closure when the HATHOR was sent out, and after three months we are now dealing with not only the fact that we still don't know what happened to Nicole, but we also have no idea what happened to the ship. Now we have to deal with the possibility that it and its crew may never be heard of again. Testing any piece of new and experimental equipment carries a certain level of danger, and for the Blink Device, that was even truer. That we have not heard anything from them, not even a faint signal indicating that they are out there, somewhere, only adds to the emotional burden we put on ourselves. If it was not for Adriana, many would not have made it through those last three months."

"That's part of the reason why I feel so bad for saying what I did. I should be thankful for her being here instead of resentful. Adriana is in no way responsible for Nicole vanishing the way she did, so why do I hold her responsible in some way?" Jayson's anger was clearly directed at himself, but it was the overflow of those feelings that threatened to trample their new CNS. The irony of the matter was that is was the ship's Counselor herself who was best equipped to deal with his rage.

"She's stronger than she appears," Ya'Han said, thinking back to the soft and gentle impression the Latin woman radiated, something that played well in her favor given her job description as a Ship's Counselor. "Take it from someone who has gone through enough to be able to recognize this when she sees it, there is a hidden strength in her."

"I hope so for her sake," Jayson softly chuckled. "With this crew, the emotional turmoil never seems to end, so she has her work cut out."

The Nylaan hesitated to smile back, feeling in some way targeted by his words. "We, as a crew, do seem to deal with more than our fair share lot of soul-wrenching issues," Ya'Han said, agreeing with Jayson while at the same time making sure that she was not being singled out for whatever reason he might have to do so, if it was, in fact, his desire. "Would you like me to go with you to your appointment with Adriana? I can be there at the start and stealthily make an exit when you two start hitting the heavier personal stuff."

"I would like you being there, and you would not have to leave. Whatever Adriana manages to pull out of me will not be any sort of secrets and I would prefer not keeping anything from you. I understand that you have secrets that you need to keep from everyone, including me due to your troubled past as the daughter of the High Ruler."

"High Sovereign," Ya'Han corrected her voice cold and unfeeling.

"Sorry, High Sovereign," he continued. "Whatever reasons you have for wanting to keep that to yourself is yours and i understand that.  I just believe that those should be more than enough secrets between the two of us, so I want to be the open book, that way I will be there for you if and when you decide to share some of those dark and sad memories with me."

Ya'Han seemed surprised at the wording of the offer. She made a point to keep those mentioned secrets as far away from him as she could, but apparently, she had failed since he was aware of them, even if only in passing.  Not certain as to how to answer, the Nylaan woman just smiled and made her way back to her station, not realizing that her hair had changed to being solid black.

However hard she tried to hide her feelings, Ya'Han's lack of control over the color of her hair when she allowed her emotions to take over was the only clue Jayson had. This allowed him to know that something was bothering her without the Nylaan realizing it or saying anything about it. Usually, it was her hanger that came out for all to see through fiery red hair, but every now and then, her sadness and pain would be visible through the appearance of a solid black cover atop her head. This advantage, however small it may be for him and everyone else was certainly something that the OPS Officer would not be revealing to her anytime soon. All that he could do was to hope that the upcoming discussion with Adriana would not change this minor advantage he believed to possess over the Nylaan.

Jayson Sousa

Lieutenant JG Jayson Stark [Access Character BIO for Jayson Stark]
Chief of Operations

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