USS ANUBIS - Mission 03
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002 Stark Tomorrow
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007 Dalziel Self-Control
008 Paquette Bio-Engineering
009 Shar'El To Memories Gone By
010 Ya'Han Second Breakfast
011 Paquette Extensive *Irish* Debriefing
012 Mizore A New Start to Better Days
013 Stark Let's Get Physical
014 T'Leia New Alexandria
015 Morningstar Admiral's Ball
016 Shar'El Voices
017 T'Leia Black and White Ball Preparations
018 Ya'Han What Was Left Behind
019 Fairborn The Big Guy
020 T'Leia Meet the Natives
021 Stark Echoes of Emptiness
022 Mizore Hollowed Ground
023 Morningstar One Catastrophe At A Time
024 Shar'El Choices And Decisions
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028 T'Leia What wonders come when...
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037 Shar'El Be Fine
038 T'Leia The Anchor Holds Esperanza
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040 Mizore Provoked to a Responsive Reaction
041 Shar'El Heel Clicking
042 T'Leia Crystal Slipper on the Staircase
043 Maya Disappearing Acts and Foreign...
044 Ya'Han Making a Decision
045 T'Leia When You Wish Upon a Star
046 Dalziel Never A Good Time
047 Mizore Prelude to Requiem For A Dream
048 Morningstar Black And White Meetings
049 Mizore Requiem For A Dream
050 Stark Early Morning
051 T'Leia Journey Begins. Formal...
052 Shar'El Rebuilding From Scratch
053 Ya'Han Morning Dreaming
054 Dalziel Tested
055 Paquette Never Judge a Book by Its Colour
056 T'Leia Time Around and Back Again
057 Ya'Han Mutual Observation
058 Shar'El Before We Start
059 Morningstar Returns And Changes
060 T'Leia Time of Roses
061 Morningstar Explanations
062 Ya'Han Thinking
063 T'Leia Dilemma
064 Stark Convictions Aplenty
065 Shar'El Testing The Waters
066 Maya Solving Mysteries Is What Her...
067 Mizore Event Horizon
068 Ya'Han Itching
069 T'Leia A Dance of Diplomacy
070 Paquette Friendly Chat
M03-P070: USS ANUBIS: Paquette: Day 7 - 1130 ("Friendly Chat")
"Friendly Chat"
Previous post – Renda's "A Dance of Diplomacy"

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Main Engineering
Stardate: 30151.1130

Everyone had been busy with getting ready for the upcoming mission to the MASQUERADE DREAMS, either through researching the ship and staff or putting things in order to make sure nothing had been forgotten while packing.  Everyone save the ANUBIS' redheaded engineer who had been elbow deep inside the inactive and opened warp core.

"You engineer types are all the same," Shar'El said with a shake of her head.  "Only happy when you are taking something apart and fixing it."

"You should be thankful that I'm not a Counselor or a Doctor," Sonja said, her unseen grin could be easily heard in her voice.  "Taking people apart is a lot messier, although I will admit easier and slightly more fun depending on who you are working on."

"Guess I will put your name at the top of my list should I ever need the services of an interrogator," Shar'El said, her arms having come to cross over her chest.  "Think you can spare a few minutes?"

"Fine," the engineer huffed in mock annoyance as she left her work to be able to turn and look at the acting Executive Officer.  Sonja's expression suddenly changed as she saw the ILO, or more specifically the pips on her collar.  Not that long ago the two of them had been sharing drunken stories with Eve as equals, but now the raven haired woman stood several ranks above her, commanding a different kind of respect and acknowledgement.  "Sorry Commander, no disrespect was intended."

"At ease 'Red'," Shar'El grinned, hoping that using a nickname would make the CEO realize that nothing had truly changed between them despite the promotion and assignment as ExO to the ANUBIS. "If I want to be saluted, I can always drop in on the crew's mess hall and click my heels three times."

“If you do that don’t forget to bring Toto along,” the redhead said with a grin.

"If memory serves, Captain Troguun, the CO of the USS APOPHIS as a Mizarian Frux as a pet, a creature that appears as a cross between a Terran Pomeranian dog and a Romulan Long-Haired Seekul," the Executive Officer said in all seriousness.  "Think he would let me borrow it?"

The two of them shared a look that made the ILO realize how much she had changed since her first stepping on board the ANUBIS.  Closed in and reclused, the raven haired woman had not been one to consider making friends, always falling back on her duties and responsibilities as an Intel officer to maintain a safe emotional distance.  The truth had been that she had been scared and unsure of even how to proceed in that domain.  Now though, after all that she had endured in such a short period of time, Shar'El had come to realise and appreciate the few friendships she had stumbled upon and now desperately hoped that her new position and rank would not endanger them.

Feeling a great deal more at ease with Shar'El, Sonja relaxed her stand and took a few steps closer to bridge the distance that stood between them.  "So, as the new Acting ExO *and* ILO, does that makes you a Super Spy Girl?"  With this, the redheaded CEO had hoped to convey to the raven haired Officer that their friendship had remained as it had been while still taking into account the change in rank and responsibilities.

"Just don't call me a 'Bond Girl'," the ILO replied after a few seconds of silence, the woman having obviously scanned the engineer's most prominent memories.  "I don't think I have the requires *skills* for that specific role," Shar'El added as she gestured to her body which did not match in any way the standards set for that specific role

"Wait, and I do?" Sonja inquired with a huge grin as she mimicked the gesture towards her own body.  "What do you have though is something better," the CEO added as she gently tapped the side of her head with a single finger, "You just need to be careful on who and how you use it."

"Only between friends," the ILO proudly replied, more than happy to be able to call the redheaded engineer that - a friend.

Lorraine Paquette

Lieutenant JG Sonja Paquette
Chief Engineering Officer
M03-P069: USS ANUBIS: T'Leia: Day 07 - 1430 (" A Dance of Diplomacy")
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"A Dance of Diplomacy"
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Setting: Masquerade Dreams
Stardate: 30151.1430

Andromeda T'Leia, walked around the Admiral's suite helping his wife find her earrings.  She knew the Admiral was in "Talks"  with the other Admirals and Staff in the know for their classified information and hush hush briefings.  She could tell by looking at Mrs. Balren's face that the woman was worried, her ivory complexion furrowed with deep worry lines as she paced around looking for the earrings.

Andromeda T'Leia raised an eyebrow and said.  "Mrs. Balren, are those the earrings thee seeks in thy right hand?"

Balren looked down at her gloved right hand and their in the palm were her earrings.  "Oh Child, you must think I am losing my mind."  She said with a slight and weak smile.  her face trembling.  

Andromeda T'Leia found the bourbon and poured Mrs. Balren a small amount into a glass.  "Here, take this slowly, it will help calm your nerves.  Because I know you have not been taking your medications, yes your Doctor ask me to speak with you."  She said with a vulcan compassion, she knew the load that Mrs. Balren carried, it was never easy to be a Admiral's Wife.

Mrs. Balren took the glass and slowly sipped the Bourbon.  "You know child,  This bourbon is over 100 years aged, it is one of five bottles that the Admiral has in his private stock."  She sipped another sip of the warm bold drink.

"Yes, I know.  He regales us all with the story of how he purchased the Bourbon distillery and found the prized brew."  The Vulcan gently brushed the graying hair off Lady Balren's forehead.  

=/\=  Serron to Andromeda T'Leia,  how is our favorite Lady doing? =/\=    His voice clear and strong and the tiny note of concern and compassion in his voice.

"She is well, we are having a Lady's brunch."  Andromeda T'Leia returned his hail.

=/\=  I see, well when you Ladies are ready, the gardens await thy pleasure. Serron out.  =/\=

She turned back to Lady Balren and said.  "I wonder what he is up to, it was my understanding that all the Brass were in a conference briefing."

Lady Balren nodded.   "It did not exactly sound like our Serron, such a handsome and sweet man.  I love him dearly.  "  She said as she relaxed back into her chair.

Andromeda T'Leia, made a note of the comm.  She investigated the signature and found a slight variance in it's signal, meaning....  It is not a star fleet frequency, they were good but not good enough."  

She did not want to put it out on the comm.  So she picked up her PaDD and sent to Elan, the Admirals and the Captain of ANUBIS, the data from the false comm conversation with herself and someone pretending to be a friend........


Her mind went back to a rescue mission to save some Romulan civilians trapped on the edge of an Event Horizon, she had been but a girl still in lower grades on a Cadet mission the Science Vessel Turgan,  The Civilians were a trap a clever one with four cloaked Birds of Prey sitting waiting for any ship to attempt a rescue.  

She could still see the explosions that happened when Captain Vaanak sent a non-manned probe over to unseal an airlock and enter.  She ship was rigged to blow.  Their ship had barely cleared the wash of the explosion, and the damage done to the sector was grave.

(End Flashback)

Andromeda T'Leia stayed with Lady Balren, she knew that in her delicate state she needed someone with her .  Andromeda T'Leia did not believe that this was an organized threat but any time someone sends a false message it is still needs investigating.

[/\] [/\]

"Lady Balren, you relax I am going to fix some tea and those little cakes you enjoy."  She rose and went to the kitchen and prepared the tea and the English tea cakes...

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Renda Carr

Doctor Andromeda T'Leia
Assistant Chief Medical Officer
NCC 18501
M03-P068: USS ANUBIS: Ya'Han: Day 07 - 1430 ("Itching")
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck 8, Security Center
Stardate: 30151.1430

Although she had been told not to scratch at it, the black haired Chief of Security could not help herself, real of fake, the itchiness of her neck was driving her crazy.  Ya'Han had hoped that making herself busy would help take her mind off the irritating sensation, but it was clear that nothing would help.

"Are you alright Ensign?" Shar'El asked as she walked into he Security Center, seeing the Chief of Security trying to tear the skin off her neck.

"It's that subdermal communicator that Doctor Mizore implanted," the black haired woman explained while still scratching. "I must be having some sort of allergic reaction."

The acting First Officer approached and studied the area in question, finding nothing to indicate any sort of biological reaction, not that she had expected to find any.  "Sorry, but I don't see anything."

"That's alright, I'll just go back and speak to our CMO, maybe she can give me something to stop this itching," the Chief of Security said, almost completely ignoring the ExO/ILO as she turned to head towards the doors of the Security Center.

"Doctor Mizore has already departed for the MASQUERADE DREAMS," the acting Executive Officer said before the black haired Chief of Security could actually cause the doors to open.  "It was thought safer by Captain Morningstar if we all arrived on board at different times thus making it somewhat less suspicious."

"Great," Ya'Han sighed.  "Maybe I could stick my head into the nearest airlock."

"That would be rather excessive," Shar'El quickly said in response, matching the mock seriousness of the Chief of Security's tone with her own.  "Aa phaser set on a mild stun setting would likely accomplish the same effect without causing death and depriving the ANUBIS of its Chief of Security.

It was only then that Ya'Han came to realize who sh had been speaking to; not ILO, Ensign Shar'El but the acting Executive Officer, Lt. Commander Shar'El.  "My apologies Commander, I allowed my frustration to dictate my words. It was unprofessional of me to make such a statement to a superior officer, especially while on duty."

"You have nothing to worry about," Shar'El said through a faint smile. "This is not some sort of diplomatical high function."

The words had been spoke in a completely different manner, but they had still been more than enough to trigger a single powerful memory in the black haired woman, a memory that pushed all other thoughts out.

[/\] [/\] [/\] [/\] [/\]


"You are the daughter of the High Sovereign, every place you visit, every event you attend is to be treated by you as a diplomatical high function," the tall standing man bellowed to the cowering purple haired child at his feet.  "You are my daughter and as such represent me, this family, this world and all of its people when you are out in public, and i will not allow you to disgrace this family."

(End of Flashback)

[/\] [/\] [/\] [/\] [/\]

"Everything is alright," Shar'El said as she extended a hand to help the Chief of Security back to her feet.

"What happened?" Ya'Han asked, stilled trying to piece together what had taken place.

"The itching must have caused you to not pay attention made you lost your balance," the First Officer said, noting in silence that the woman's hair was gradually returning to the black color that it had been when she had first stepped in the room.  "Whatever it was, you are safe here," Shar'El added, the words having come across as meaning far more than their simple sound.

"I'll just sit here for a moment," Ya'Han said as she carefully lowered herself into the nearest chair, her eyes locked on those of the Lt. Commander.  "I will report to sickbay as soon as i believe myself well enough to walk there."

"You have nothing to worry about," Shar'El continued, the memory having been impossible for the Ullian not to experience.  "Take your time.  In the end, all will be fine."

The Chief of Security caught from the corner of her eyes the last remnant of purple vanishing from the tips of her hair and immediately looked up to see if the Lt. Commander had noticed anything.  Ya'Han watched in silence as the First Officer made her way out of the Security Center, the now fully black haired woman itching to ask where she had heard the very last words she had spoken, words that her own mother used to comfort the youngest daughter of the High Sovereign after receiving a scolding and punishment from her father.

Somehow Ya'Han felt peace in the knowledge that Shar'El had been the ANUBIS' ExO, a feeling that had been rather strange given that she knew very little of the woman in question.

[/\] [/\] [/\] [/\] [/\]
Hanali Han 

Ensign Ya'Han
Chief of Security / Chief Tactical Officer
M03-P067: USS ANUBIS: Mizore: Day 7 - 0910 ("Event Horizon")
" Event Horizon "
[Previous Post "Solving Mysteries Is What Her Life Is All About" by Jessica]
Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck One, Observation Lounge
Stardate: 30151.0910

All eyes had fallen on to the only two medical officers in the room at attendance, even Mizore found herself curious about the new ACMO. Namely Ensign Andromeda T’leia, whom she currently knew nothing about, yet. . . Finding herself in the unfortunate circumstance to be in the limelight as it were, which caused her to writhe and twitch inside, still managing to show no evidence of it outwardly. The newly appointed CMO, Mizore, let herself gaze at this new member of the crew.

The first thing to strike the Bajoran was the undeniable Vulcan parentage the woman clearly possessed. The fine appearance, the flawless highborn features, tall tapered and pointed ears, and lack of visual display of emotion. It both excited and stirred her own sense of mysteriously curious interest. :: How or why, here of all places, for a Vulcan to be. :: Was the one and only thought she could concentrate the focus of her attention on, with everything else that ripped through or gripped her mind since 0733.

As Morningstar continued delivering the specifics and details on the business of ship and crew, the unexpected return and arrival of the ILO had been noticed, which quickly caught the eye of everyone in the room. Without hesitation, Mizore could feel herself smile as the Ullian entered, brightening her own expressive features, simultaneously lifting her rising spirit. Not one single member of the crew amidst the officers present in the room could say they were not glad, joyed, or pleased in one way or another to have seen her back to the USS ANUBIS.

The spoken content of the new, upcoming mission coinciding with the Black and White Celebration did little to thrill the Bajoran, as she continued to listen to CO Morningstar relay the outlined mission parameters. There had been millions of questions the CMO wanted to voice in inquiry to Shar’El, though there would be time for that, it was enough to sate her for the moment that she was here, safely intact as a whole.

The unveiling the fact the very same woman had not only been released back to the USS ANUBIS, had also been promoted to Lieutenant Commander, as well as the position and commission of First Officer. Mizore had found herself not having been surprised in the least at the certain air of confidence and conviction to the new role the ILO had been given, and received, that inspired the Ensign’s respect even more as her smile grew greatly and widened.
Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck Thirteen, Crew Personal Quarters: Mizore
Stardate: 30151.0940

Resigning back as she retired to her room, where the CMO now sequestered herself, where she dispelled every emotion by casting them off or aside, eliminating all sentiment. Her stature fell worn, where her shoulders sank low in arc over her form or body. “It cannot rain all the time, yet when it does rain.” Mizore’s words seeming to echo in the vast emptiness of her room. “It threatens to bring a torrential flood.” To have been found speaking to none other than her, or herself alone. A sure, clear sign of how jaded and tortured she had felt since the waking hours. wracked still by suffering even at that moment, where a past history unknown to her was a lost piece of herself.

In the quiet silence of the moment, Mizore shed her uniform like a second skin, exposing the fragile form, revealing the spindle of a woman beneath. Lighting the lamp that lie resting in its position afore the small shrine to the Prophets she had created. Where nine totems spread, the Bajoran altered the arrangement, the totems representing the orbs of time, contemplation, and wisdom situated in a way that superimposed them from the other remaining six.

Mizore had only started through the rite, stretching herself as she allowed her body to act, becoming prostrate as at first her head touched the floor, then her lips pressed against the Bajoran script ideogram for ‘Prophet’ at the center of a woven prayer mat. The word for the divine of the Bajoran faith encircled by the place most holy to her people, The Celestial Temple represented by the wormhole.

Aligning herself in seiza, the Bajoran, while whispering her call in chanted orison. “Bentel. Kova ey. Panyu a, k’, olan ey. Vely ey ol if an raka, gelan ol if rana pakik.” Closing her dual chromatic eyes, as she sought the guidance of the Prophets through meditation and prayer on matters involved with or revolving around her recent position as CMO as well as the Black and White ball.
Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck Thirteen, Crew Personal Quarters: Mizore
Stardate: 30151.1050

As Mizore had moved and started to change, slipping into something less rigid in functionality, opting for a more casual sense or civilian style clothing. Mixing a Vulcan kimono embroidered with native orchids in varying shades ranging from the deepest midnight purple to bright pastel highlights trimmed with Bajoran tailoring dyed an array of colors with designs resembling that of spring scenery in the moonlight. It was comfortable, while providing some small measure of intentional provocative insight.

Once more palming the small crystal invitation in her left, again holding it between her hand toward the black void of space where it sparkled in starlight. Carefully Mizore chose every aspect of the dress, designing it from even the finest detail, down to the last modifications to be made at a time during the fitting.
Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck Seven, Main Sickbay
Stardate: 30151.1107

Having stopped for the moment to Sickbay, checking the contents of the facility, in the process of placing everything in prepared, organized, functional, and working order before heading off ship, to the MASQUERADE DREAMS. Still managing to find some time to make a full detailed account or list of equipment that needed to be requisitioned or replaced while docked at NEW ALEXANDRIA, as well as create a small personal medical kit of her own in a tactical medic bag. Making absolutely sure the contents of which, could in no way be identified, or officially linked back to Starfleet.

When the new First Officer had appeared from the door and entered her office, Mizore stopped herself instantly, turning to face Shar’El, and lowered her head with a deliberate show of respect, both deserving and demanded of her new position and status.

“What brings you here, Lieutenant Commander?” The Bajoran voiced inquisitively, admittedly interested and quite curious why the Ullian would come to Sickbay so soon after being released from the medical facilities inside the star base.

“I had originally intended to talk to you about subjects of a more personal nature. Though, now that I am here, I find myself unable to speak of them, so. . .” The ILO’s voice seemed to take a very light tone as her words became quietly distant. “Instead, I would like to personally see that the senior staff of the USS ANUBIS has been provided with subdermal communicators.”

“Oh, is that all?” Mizore smiled a little, finding the request a little too easy to accommodate, like child's play. “As you wish, I will see to it.”
Setting: MASQUERADE DREAMS, Deck Eleven, Triple Cat Bar
Stardate: 30151.1349

Finally able to unwind with a little, much needed ‘R and R’ after PI ALPHA III, Having patrolled the USS ANUBIS for all members of the senior officers attending the Black and White function, successfully accomplishing the ExO’s request, as well as taking care of the last minute fitting and few final details of her dress, even acquired or obtained a few accessories for the festive celebration.

When the zealous, and lively waitress on staff came to take her order, Mizore found it almost a little too disturbing at the intensely excitable nature of the woman. Preempting the woman's verbal strike before she could voice it. The Bajoran smirked, without addressing the woman with her dual chromatic eyes. “I will take a spring wine sunset please, in real crystal, none of that fake or imitation stemware, thank you young lady.”

It slowly became something vivid and surreal, the dawning eventide of the their next mission attending the ball. Gazing out in to the black, vast emptiness of space with a vacant stare of longing from her seat on the port side of the bar. Lazily, her finger dipped in to her spring wine sunset, and would trace the rim of her drink, as the resonant pitch converged in harmony as she hummed a soft melody. In perfect silent stillness, occasionally sipping the drink, sometimes releasing a slow, sighed exhale bringing a blurred smoky haze, like a feint shadowy mist. Left to her thoughts, her mind split between sliding back to memories of the academy, and the visions of the three from her dream that seemed so familiar, yet all she had been or was left with, were names.

Gwen Spellblade

Ensign Mizore Seska
Chief Medical Officer
M03-P066: USS ANUBIS: Maya: Day 7 - 1130
("Solving Mysteries Is What Her Life Is All About")
"Solving Mysteries Is What Her Life Is All About"
(Previous Post: "Testing The Waters")

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck 12, Astrometrics Lab
Stardate: 30151.1130

To the Shillian Scientist everything could be looked upon as being some sort of mystery to be investigated or a puzzle to be solved.  Seeking answers to questions had been what drove the Chief Science Officer of the USS ANUBIS and the upcoming Black and White Ball had been no different.  So it had not been much of a surprise to find the Lieutenant Commander sitting in the Astrometrics Lab, the list of passengers scrolling on one screen while the technical deck layouts of the MASQUERADE DREAMS appeared on the primary display.

Many had looked upon the upcoming event as an opportunity to unwind following the hardships endured during the last mission, while others saw the three week stay on board the MASQUERADE DREAMS as being nothing more than a well earned vacation.  For the Shillian though, the entire deal had provided the scientist with countless questions begging to be answered.

Amongst the 1500 registered passengers the Shillian Scientist had recognized over a dozen names, all belonging to elites within their respective fields of science.  Since there had not been any scientific symposium or conference announced to be held on board the MASQUERADE DREAMS, the Chief Science Officer could only speculate as to why these Scientists had gathered of their own free will on board a Risian cruise liner.

Lead researchers in the fields of temporal mechanics, quantum physics and solar dynamics had come together for an unexplained reason with scientists who were at the top of their fields in bio-cellular regeneration and nano-neurological reconstruction.  For such elit scientists to be found together in any location had been a mathematical inconsistency that the Shillian could not ignore, but the fact that their respective fields of work had been so different only added to the mystery.

In this strange list of unrelated scientists there had been one name that stood out above all others, not because she had been better than any of the others, but because of her past.  Her unique history had intersected with that of one of the members of the crew of the SCARAB-Class starship, a coincidence that the Shillian found rather remarkable.  Doctor Rebecca Dearhouse, a leader in the field of applied humanoid neurosciences, had been a recurring presence in the life of one particular man, namely the Commanding Officer of the USS ANUBIS, Captain Erik Morningstar.

It had been due to the care required by his brother, Jean Claude Morningstar jr, that Erik had come to know and interact with Doctor Dearhouse on several occasions while back on EARTH. That the two shared a close common ancestry had only added to the links the two individuals shared, but this had not affected their lives, each having accepted to stay on their chosen path.

The gathering of so many scientists had caught the interest of the Chief Science Officer, but the Shillian suspected that the presence of Doctor Rebecca Dearhouse on the MASQUERADE DREAMS would prove to be of a particular interest to their Native American Captain.

With that in mind and having made a note to mention this coincidence to Captain Morningstar, the Chief Science Officer returned to her study of the unexpected gathering of Scientists in the hopes of discovering some sort of link that would at the very least begin to explain why they had all come to be on the MASQUERADE DREAMS at the same time.  Had this truly been an unaided convergence of galactic probabilities or had there been some hidden reason for all of these individuals to be there at the same time?

If the Chief Science Officer of the USS ANUBIS had not been looking forward to attending the Black and White Ball before now, her interest and curiosity in the presence of such numerous Scientists had piqued her interest to a level that the Shillian could not ignore, not that she would have wanted to.  This mystery beckoned the Scientist to investigate this strange occurrence and would occupy the great part of her thoughts for quite some time to come.

The doors wished opened and drew momentarily the attention of the Chief Science Officer on the woman who had just arrived, the Chief of Security for the USS ANUBIS, Ensign Ya'Han.

"Commander Maya? I am sorry for disturbing you, I had not expected anyone to be here," the black haired woman said, thinking that maybe she should have checked with the computer as to the availability of this specific lab before coming.

"No worries," Maya offered, the lab having been large enough to easily accommodate several people at the same time.  "I suspect that you wish to use the information available on the MASQUERADE DREAMS to locate areas with potential security risks or research areas that we might be able to utilise without our raising any suspicions should a need arise."

"Well, I was thinking about something along those lines," the black haired Chief of Security said hesitantly, not able to recall having ever been made aware of the Shillian being a telepath.  "I would be happy to come back at a later time as to not disturb your work."

"As I said, no worries," the Shillian confirmed.  "I was simply performing a general scan of the listed passengers while getting myself a little more acquainted with the layout of the MASQUERADE DREAMS, a truly impressive ship if I may say so.  With 30 decks, 20 of which are available to the general public, the ship as a whole actually stands nearly twice as large as the ANUBIS, giving the passengers ample room to move about and enjoy the numerous activities which are offered.  I suspect that a single individual could, if they so wished to do so, travel through each and every available corridor and not be able to complete their quest in the time allotted to us for this mission.  Still, with the entire senior staff of the USS ANUBIS assigned to this ship, I believe that we will be able to cover all of the areas of major importance, but it would be to our advantage to insure that the sensors of the ANUBIS are calibrated to follow all of our movements in the sea of turbulence that we will likely be encountering thanks to the 1925 passengers and crew members that we will be interacting with."

Ya'Han blinked several times as she tried to recuperate from he verbal tidal wave that had unexpectedly come from the Chief Science Officer.  Conveying a lot of information in the briefest possible amount of time had never been an easy task, but it seemed that the Shillian woman had raised the bar to a new level in that specific domain.

"You are busy, I will let you work," the Chief of Security said as she took a step back and triggered the automated doors to once again open.  Before the Scientist could say anything more, Ya'Han had already turned the corner to allow the doors to close behind her, hopefully offering some level of protection from any further detailed explanations.

Jessica Solarik

Lieutenant Commander Maya
Chief Science Officer


Captain Selene Fiona Iverson
Commanding Officer

"To see the world in a grain of sand,
and a heaven in a wild flower.
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,
and eternity in an hour."
- William Blake (British, 1757-1827)
M03-P065: USS ANUBIS: Shar'El: Day 7 - 1115 ("Testing The Waters")
"Testing The Waters"
[previous post was "Convictions Aplenty" by the inquisitive Jayson]

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck 2, Corridor
Stardate: 30151.1115

The doors of the turbolift opened onto Deck 2 with their usual hiss and without delay the ILO set foot into the corridor, purpose in her step.  Shar'El had always felt a certain amount of confidence in her actions, but since her promotion and appointment as the ANUBIS' new acting Executive Officer, the raven haired woman felt even more certain of what she needed to do.

Following her chat with Captain Morningstar, the ILO had gone to Sickbay to speak with the newly appointed CMO, Doctor Mizore Seska.  Shar'El had initially hoped to speak to the woman about the struggles the Bajoran had encountered while living with memories that had not been hers.  Once in Sickbay though, the acting Executive Officer found it impossible to address personal matter, defaulting instead to the official and medical reasons that had also brought her to that part of the ship.

Seska had been tasked with providing a subdermal communicator to each member of the senior staff, thus allowing them to remain in contact with the ship and each other should there be any sort of trouble.  Shar'El had made sure to request that the miniature communications device be set on constant transmitting, the ILO's reasoning for this having been that ANI could monitor and record everything that the members of the crew would be exposed to.

With that task accomplished, the ILO had decided to pay the Operations Officer a visit.  The Lieutenant Commander had wanted to make sure that Ensign Stark would familiarise himself with the complete technical specifications and schematics of the MASQUERADE DREAMS.  Maybe it had been pessimistic of Shar'El to think the way that she had, but as the new ExO she needed to consider all possible outcomes.  Being prepared for any possibilities that would require the away team to gain access to the ship's control system meant that multiple people needed to be well acquainted with the access and interface.

The acting Executive Officer of course would have to be one of those required to be versed in this process, but Shar'El had also counted on the OPS and CEO officers to be as equally ready.

As she arrived at the door, the ILO announced her presence by pressing the door chime

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Stark's Quarters
Stardate: 30151.1120

"Lt. Commander Shar'El," Jayson gasped in surprised, never having expected the raven haired woman to having been the one on the other side of the door.  "Come in, come in, what can I do for you?"

"I just wanted to check up on each member of the senior staff and to talk about certain aspects of our mission," the ILO said, keeping the real motive for her visit to herself.  After all there had been no reason for anyone other than Captain Morningstar to know that she had been going around to see if the crew had actually accepted her as their new ExO.

"I was actually reviewing the list of passengers and crew members you provided," the OPS officer said as he pointed to the active monitor.  "Kind of scary to see that some of the actual crew have criminal records, some of which are rather lengthy ones."

"As thorough as the RISA government may be in their hiring practices, their abilities to perform background checks are limited and can be easily contoured," the ILO spoke as if she knew first hand of not only this practice but also on how to go about fooling the system in general.  "Unless the individual was convicted on a core Federation world, it is easy for criminal records to be missed or even mislinked.  You, for example, could have a criminal record on BRENARI PRIME, but even though the planet is a Federation Protectorate, there are no links between their judicial databanks and that of the Federation.  So there is no simple way to link your criminal record to you as a person, of course NEW ALEXANDRIA makes it a point to link with every available system allowing every ship like the ANUBIS to have access to it all.  That said I am very glad to see you taking such an active role in identifying possible targets for our Intel gathering efforts."

"Thank you Commander," Jayson said, not at all taking the acting Executive Officer's praises lightly.  "I just wanted to have an idea as to what kind of situation we are heading in."

"Speaking of which," Shar'El said as she took hold of the small screen and turned it towards her.  With a few touches of her finger, the ILO called up the MASQUERADE DREAMS' schematics to be displayed.  "I would like for you to get acquainted with the ship's systems, noting the access points and specifics of the crew's interface."

"You want me to be able to jump in and take control should something go wrong," the OPS officer said, leaving no doubts that he understood perfectly what had been asked of him.

"You will not be the only one that I will count on for this," the ILO said in an effort to reduce the possible pressure that the man might have placed on his own shoulders.  "I will be asking Lieutenant Paquette to do the same.  I would like you two as well as myself to be able to perform this task should there be a need.  There is no way to know what will happen, but I for one would like to have as many possibilities covered."

"Sounds like a plan," Jayson smiled, "Permission to speak freely?"

"Always Ensign," Shar'El replied, matching the man's smile in a somewhat diminished manner. "Like the Captain, I appreciate honesty."

"I am glad that you were appointed to the position of First Officer for the ANUBIS.  It may sound weird, but I feel rather at ease with you there," the OPS officer said leaving the ILO to let out a slow and lengthy sigh of relief.

"Thank you," Shar'El said with a appreciative nod of her head.  "I will lave you to your research and work.  If you find anything of major importance, let me know.  We will have a quick senior staff briefing before we head out to the MASQUERADE DREAMS to make sure that we have not missed anything.  See you then."

With that the acting Executive Officer exited the man's quarters and made her way to Main Engineering where she knew Lieutenant Paquette had been located.

Tiffany Reeve

Ensign Shar'El
Intel Liaison Officer
M03-P064: USS ANUBIS: Stark: Day 7 - 1100 ("Convictions Aplenty")
"Convictions Aplenty"
[previous "Dilemma"]

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Stark's Quarters
Stardate: 30151.1100

It might have sounded as if he had not cared for Shar'El's promotion or appointment as the ANUBIS' new acting ExO, but the truth was that he had been happy for her.  The ship deserved to have a good person in that position and although he did not know her all that well, he believed her to be a good fit.  That Maya had decided to step down had been something he could relate to, understanding all too well that there comes a time in people's lives when they need to step back and focus on what is most important to them.

For Jayson it had been life in general that he had needed to focus on instead of the past and future that had been taken from him.  Maya had needed to do what she did, just has he had and the OPS officer thought that the ILO had done the exact same.  As much as he might have joked about it to Ya'Han, the truth had been that Shar'El would not have been here if she had not really wanted to be.

With his suit and travel bag all prepped and ready, Jayson sat in front of his display station and began to review the detailed list of passengers provided by their new First Officer, Lt. Cmdr. Shar'El.

"This list is way too long.  Even ANI would not be able to get through all of this in time for the ball."

Jayson's eyes were locked on the total number of profiles contained in the file.  1500 passengers and 425 crew members. How could anyone make any sense of it all?

"Computer, cross reference this list with all available criminal databases and list all who have been convicted of a crime on any world; Federation members or otherwise."

=/\= Working. =/\=

He knew that the requested filter would take some time, but this had also provided him with a way to test the speed of the computer system on board the ANUBIS, especially after what had happened with the memory components. Jayson was pleased and rather impressed when the resulted appeared only a few minutes later, but his joy was short lived.

"You have to be kidding me, 228 convicted criminals?  Seems that this universe is filled to the rim with the wrong type of people.  Computer, from this new list show me those who are part of the MASQUERADE DREAMS' staff."

Ensign Stark felt his jaw drop when the list of profiles now on his screen contained 27 names.  It seemed that even the crew had its fair share of run-ins with the law, now all he needed to do was to filter this list even more to see if any one of them stood out more than any others.  Maybe this mission would not prove to be as easy as he had first hoped it to be.

"Alright, let's see just how bad this really is. Computer, sort this newest list by rank, from highest to lowest."

The computer did as ordered and when the resorted list appeared on the screen, Jayson felt a mild sensation of relief.  As far as their records showed, none of the main command staff of the MASQUERADE DREAMS had been amongst the convicted criminals.  The highest ranking 'criminal' on staff had been a second class Caitian engineer by the name of Kytith.

"Theft, extortion, trafficking, well Mr. Kytith we have been a bad kitty haven't we?"

The list of convictions filled nearly half the screen and instantly made the Caitian second class engineer a person of interest for the ANUBIS' Chief of Operations.  The problem was with the felon's duties on board the MASQUERADE DREAMS he would have a difficult time to even get close to him, let along strike a conversation.  The best Jayson could do was to bring this individual to the CEO's attention and hope that she would find a way to keep tabs on him during their three-week stay on the Risian Cruise Liner.

"Computer, new search parameters. From the list of 1500 passengers on board the MASQUERADE DREAMS, show me those with links to any known Intelligence organization."

=/\= Working. =/\=

Jayson stared as the monitor waiting for the list, more than half expecting the results to be even longer than what if first search had uncovered.

Jayson Sousa

Ensign Jayson Stark
M03-P063: USS ANUBIS: T'Leia : Day 07 - 0930 ("Dilemma")
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Setting:  Risa Liner Masquerade Dream, Deck 11 Corridor Alpha, President's Suite Ten
Stardate: 30151.0930

Andromeda T'Leia, made her way across the luxury  Presidential Suite;  Admiral Balren had made certain that his adopted daughter, as he always referred to T'Leia had a suite where she would not be disturbed and one that she could entertain guest in a large suite setting.  

"Admiral Balren, this is so large a suite, I ..."  The Admiral bristled up a little and said.  "Now Honey child of mine, nothing is too good for my favorite girl."  He crossed the room and gave her a kiss on the cheek.  "And besides, with two men on board who both are vying for your attentions, well Mrs. Balren and I decided that you needed a place to entertain."  

Andromeda T'Leia looked at him and said.  "Thank you ,Sir .  I am honored."

He nodded and said.  "Well I must go, you know things to do people to see.  Let the staff know if you need anything Sugar Plum."  He was out the doors and off to see a fellow about betting on the Risa Derby.

Andromeda T'Leia walked out onto the balcony, it was lovely the large window to the stars, and the balcony was filled with flowers and even real grass, she took off her slipper and ran her foot over the soft blue-green grass.  She had lived well, her parents had always provided her with expensive vacations, but this new Risa liner was over the top with amenities.  oOo I could get used to this. oOo  She thought as she walked around exploring the large suite.

oOo I wonder how Elan and Captain Iverson are getting on , I do hope for them that they will enjoy this adventure. oOo she thought as she looked around.  

Andromeda T'Leia found a cosy chair and sat down going over the ANUBIS and the CMO Seska whom she would be working with,  she found it to be agreeable the new ship and new missions and the possibilities and she also found Serron and Wilton being at the Ball very agreeable.  She rose from the chair and decided to get to the shops for some extra gifts to be sent to Elan and Iverson as well as gifts for all the ANUBIS crew.  Making her way to the Shopping Mall deck Five she picked out gift selections for New Alexandria people and for ANUBIS,  the Sales lady was happy to fill the orders for her .  

After the gifts were picked out and ordered for delivery to all the people on the list.  Andromeda T'Leia walked around and soon came upon the Triple Cat BAR.  Noting two familiar faces sitting at a garden table.  She quietly approached them.

"Greetings Wilton, Serron.  I see that thee both are enjoying the wilder side of Risaian Hospitality."

Serron raised a blonde eyebrow and said.  "And I see that the Risa Fashions agree with thy figure."

Andromeda T'Leia blushed a slight slight tinge of green, Serron picked up on it immediately.  Wilton too much of a gentleman to get so fresh merely said.  "Would you care for some Magnolia Tea?"

"That would be agreeable."  She sat down with them and the waitress took the tea order and soon returned with a delightful tray a magnolia teapot, fine china cup and some scones.

Andromeda T'Leia sipped the tea and watched the two men.  She knew exactly what they were up to.  Raising an eyebrow she ask.   "So which one of you won Buffy?"

Wilton coughed and Serron looked away for a moment then they both said.  "He did," and pointed to the other.

"I See!"  She said stoically and sipped her tea.

Jorell, a Risian Officer walked over to the table, bowed and ask.  "Andromeda T'Leia, may I escort you on your shopping spree?"

She rose and with her arm in his turned to the two men and said softly.  "See you two later."

She and Jorell walked along slowly, he explaining the stores the candy and the various amenities in the shopping and entertainment district.  

"Would  you care to stop by the Wild Ones Club?"

Andromeda T'Leia looked up at him and said.  "Of course it will be a good chance to do some research."

Jorell smiled and said.  "And to make  your two suitors jealous."

Andromeda T'Leia thought....  oOo Perhaps.oOo

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Renda Carr

Ensign Andromeda T'Leia
Assistant Medical Officer
NCC 18501
M03-P062: USS ANUBIS: Ya'Han: Day 07 - 0930 ("Thinking")
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck 2, Corridor
Stardate: 30151.0930

"Not only does she vanish from the ship but she comes back as a Lieutenant Commander *and* our new First Officer," Jayson voiced out loud as he and Ya'Han casually headed back to their quarters. "Where do I sign up for that deal?"

"I am sure that there is a great deal more about this situation than we are not aware of," the Chief of Security said as she stopped in front of the doors leading to her quarters.  "Starfleet is not known for giving promotions to its personnel without a valid and concrete reason."

"Unless you haven't noticed," the Chief of Operations huffed with a grin, "this is not the Starfleet that the rest of the galaxy sees.  We deal in secrets hidden in the shadows of places and people who do not officially exist. Intel is the name and discovering others' secrets is our game."

"As I recall, you weren't exactly against the senior staff going on board the MASQUERADE DREAMS for three full weeks," Ya'Han said, her hand having landed on her hips with force.  "That is not exactly a mission profile that would normally be given to an officer, let alone the full senior staff of a starship."

"My point exactly," Jayson said through a beaming smile.  "Now all I have to do is figure out a way to make Admiral by the end of this mission."

"Admiral! You?," Ya'Han gasped. "You wouldn't even know where to start with the requirements of that job." 

"It's a dirty job but someone's got to do it," Ensign Stark laughed as he continued on his way to his quarters leaving the Chief of Security alone and a little exasperated.

[/\] [/\] [/\] [/\] [/\]

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Ya'Han's Quarters
Stardate: 30151.0935

As the doors closed behind the Chief of Security, the black haired woman thought back as to what had been said.  Jayson had been right in his assessment of their roles as Officers on board the USS ANUBIS, an Intel ship that operated from a base that stood well outside of the normal channels of Starfleet.

As Ya'Han made her way back into the bedroom, she saw the exquisite gown that she had been wearing earlier and thought of the secret that she had, if only partially, shared with Sonja and Eve. Everyone it seemed had secrets, herself included, leaving the Chief of Security to wonder as to just how much time each one of them spent trying to figure out the truths the rest of the crew kept hidden.  The real question had been; was keeping these secrets from one another truly benefited them as a group?  The Captain needed to be aware of the full extent of his crew's history to insure that no surprised would spring up during a critical moment of a mission. The EXO needed to know so as to avoid potential conflicts between officers. The medical staff needed to know the truth about each officer's origines to insure that the proper treatment would be offered in the case of an emergency.

So, did it not make sense that as the Chief of Security she would be made aware of such secrets to insure that they would not present a potential risk to the ship and crew?  If in fact she *needed* to know the secrets of others, would it not be required of her to divulge her secrets to everyone else as well?  Secrets were by definition information kept hidden from others, and if this information was to be made available to everyone, they would no longer be secrets threatening to surface without warning.

With that thought in mind, the Chief of Security made her way back to the vacated living area, the furniture not having been moved back from her early morning need for room to dance. Ya'Han sighed as she contemplated the need to return the furniture to where it had originally been, if only to have quarters that she could use as more than a dance studio.

As she turned to see her own reflection in a nearby mirror, the purple haired Chief of Security continued to think about the secrets that she and everyone else held.  Maybe keeping such information hidden was not a good idea, but for the time being there had been little more she could do.  Brushing the royal locks of her hair which had cascaded over her shoulder, Ya'Han wondered if keeping her past a secret had been more for the sake of the crew or her own.

Her parents, her siblings, her people and even that Ferengi troll that she had been betrothed to had been far far away, well beyond their ability to reach her.  Maybe that would be enough for her to finally give up the secret that she tried so desperately to hide from her fellow shipmates.

[/\] [/\] [/\] [/\] [/\]
Hanali Han

Ensign Ya'Han
Chief of Security / Chief Tactical Officer
M03-P061: USS ANUBIS: Morningstar: Day 7 - 0930 ("Explanations")
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"Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment."
- Buddha

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck 1, Captain's Ready Room
Stardate: 30151.0930

Once the mission briefing had come to an end and the Senior staff had been released to continue with their preparations for the upcoming mission, starting with the Black and White Ball, the Native American asked for his new Acting First Officer to follow him.  He had a few questions that he truly hoped the ILO would be able to answer to his satisfaction.

As Erik walked in, closely followed by the newly promoted Lieutenant Commander, he noted a small velvet box sitting on his desk, an item that had not been there the last time he had been here.  The box was very familiar in appearance as the Captain had seen similar ones countless times before.

The Native American sighed as he opened the small container then turned to face the woman who had followed him as per his request.  "I believe these are yours," Erik stated as he presented the now opened box to his Acting First Officer.

Shar'El looked at the box's content and remained speechless, not entire certain as to what to say or do next.

"Here, let me help you," Erik offered as he reached inside the small container to retrieve the three pips.  "They can be a hassle to put on yourself, plus it will give me the opportunity to officially congratulate you on your promotion and appointment."

"I am truly sorry Captain if this bothers you in anyway," the ILO stated as she remained perfectly still while the Captain placed the pips one after the other on her collar.  "It has never been my wish to cause problems for anyone on board the ANUBIS.  As strange as it may sound, you all have become a family to me, a family that I never had."

Erik took a long step back to admire his handy work before meeting the woman's gaze straight on.  "It is not my place to question the reasoning of Admiral Koniki, although I am curious as to how you came to be promoted from Ensign to Lieutenant Commander."

"I wish I could give you the answer you seek," Shar'El admitted, never breaking the shared gaze. "All that I can tell you is that the Admiral believes me to be ready to take on the responsibilities that have been given to me, as do I.  Something happened to me when I was linked to the ancient machine, something that I cannot fully explain to you or even myself."

"Well," the Native American sighed as he made his way around the desk to sit in his chair, "you are my First Officer and as such you and I have to be perfectly honest with each other."

"Of course Captain," the Lieutenant Commander quickly confirmed with a nod of her head.  "My allegiances are to you, the crew and this ship."

"I have grown to expect the unexpected from Admiral Koniki," Erik began as he leaned back into his chair.  "Your appointment and how it came to be announced was perfectly in his style, and as far as my being honest with you I will admit that I am not entirely against his decision.  There are countless other Officers he could have assigned to the position you are currently holding, and most of them would have made my life a living hell.  I may question the reasons behind what he did, but I am thankful that you are the one here instead of someone else.  The crew knows you and will have an easier time accepting you over someone else, and for that I am truly grateful."

"I will prove myself worthy of your trust Captain," Shar'El stated, her shoulders having dropped ever so slightly in a display of lessened stress.  As difficult as it might have been for the ANUBIS' CO to accept her as the new Acting First Officer, the ILO had her own issues to deal with in that same regards.
"You can start my making sure everyone gets a detailed manifest of the passengers and staff on board the MASQUERADE DREAMS," the Native American stated as he handed over the PADD containing the specified data.  "It might help if can pre-identify those who may be of higher interest."

The Acting Executive Officer took hold of the PADD and immediately began scanning the list.  "The MASQUERADE DREAMS has 1500 passengers who will be scattered over 20 public decks out of the vessel's total 30 decks.  Even if only one tenth of them are of possible interests to us as far as gathering Intel is concerned, we are looking at more than a 10-to-1 ratio.  This is not going to make things easy for us."

"Don't forget about the 25 Command level Officers, the 300 primary crew members who are taking care of the passengers and the other 100 or so engineering staff who insure the smooth running of the MASQUERADE DREAMS," the Native American pointed out with a certain tone of mischief.  "Any of them could prove to have a few interesting stories to tell."

"This is going to be a very demanding mission, even if it is only requiring us to gather Intel," the Acting ExO sighed in all seriousness.

"Guess we should be thankful that we will be on a luxury cruise liner for the next three weeks to take care of business," the Captain chuckled.  "See what you can come up with and don't hesitate to coordinate with the other members of the Senior Staff.  Aside from wanting to congratulate you on your promotion and position, it might be a good idea for you to touch base with each one of them to see how they are taking this unexpected turn of events.  After all, personnel issues are your responsibilities as the ANUBIS' Executive Officer."

"I will Captain," Shar'El nodded with enthusiasm.  "Thank you for making this so easy."

"That is what a family does," Erik grinned, having enjoyed using Shar'El's own words back.  As much as the Native American might not have been in a position to admit to this openly, he did share his new Acting First Officer's sentiment in that matter.

Francois Charette

Captain Erik Morningstar
Commanding Officer


Lt. Commander Elan Fairborn
Robotics Engineering Officer
M03-P060: USS ANUBIS: T'Leia: Day 7 - 0900 ("Time of Roses")
"Time of Roses"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck 1, Observation Lounge
Stardate: 30151.0900

Andromeda T'Leia, nodded politely to the new people, she was not a person that revealed in the spotlight.  

She congratulated Doctor Seska and the other's and then quietly slipped to the back of the room.  Her PaDD had gone into overload, and she looked at the messages.  She found a quiet corner and sat down, going over reports and news from home.   

Andromeda T'Leia read a note from a old friend, his Father had passed away.  She called up the Star Fleet florist and sent a customary flower to the family and also sent a plaque naming stone for Boothby's garden, with the decendant's name inscribed, she ask that it be placed overlooking the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge near the roses.

Andromeda T'Leia also responded to messages from the Balren family letting them know that she would be there as soon as she could.  oOo I wonder how long the train should be for the receiving line,  and did they get the right orchids for the Admiral's wife.....oOo it was crunch time, nearly midnight hour as her friends would say and she was alone in a crowded room, alone with all the details..

The next message beeped was letting her know that her slippers had arrived from her Mother.  Andromeda T'Leia sent an acknowledgment reply, the slippers were beautiful she had worn them at the last big function Starfleet held.  

She sent her assistant on the Risa liner notes of final little details, making certain all would be right, like the name of the Liner she had been told it was the "Masquerade Dream,"  and now it was announced some un-known liner.  Andromeda T'Leia made a note to apologize to Admiral Balren if it was not up to his expert taste.

She also sent a message to confirm the bajoran spring wine, and the champagne and vulcan port, brandy...

Looking over the lists, she flipped through them.  She looked around noting the chit chat going on in the briefing, she decided that while it was not logical, she had a strange sense of not being adequate for the task ahead.  She quickly moved that to the deepest reaches of her mind.

It was almost time to complete the final task just before the ball.  She now had concluded logically that she would not volunteer for anymore balls, unless the Admiral made it impossible for her to say no.  

She knew she would have to host some of the events, and then she would disappear like a princess in a fairy tale.  Then she remembered she would have to say her goodbyes or could she just send a communique...

She pulled up the music selections from Mrs. Balren and confirmed them ...

So much work goes into one evening of expensive gowns, tuxes and food...  Like roses in a garden here lovely and then withered and dust in the wind.

Renda Carr

Doctor Andromeda T'Leia
Assistant Chief Medical Officer
M03-P059: USS ANUBIS: Morningstar: Day 7 - 0900 ("Returns And Changes")
"Returns And Changes"
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"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself."
- Franklin D. Roosevelt

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck 1, Observation Lounge
Stardate: 30151.0900

One by one the members of the Senior Staff of the USS ANUBIS made their way into the room. The Native American had been here for nearly an hour now and it was with a certain amount of relief that he welcomed each Officer in to take a seat.

Following the stepping down of Lieutenant Commander Maya as Acting First Officer, the departure of their CMO, Doctor Doyanne and the sudden disappearance of their ILO, Ensign Shar'El, there had been a great many questions that demanded answers.  The Native American had thought long and hard on each of these and found that he had very few, if any, answers to provide to his crew.  The best he would be able to do was to be honest with them and go about the meeting as best he could.

As the Cardassian born Counselor stepped into the room she greeted the Captain with a joyous nod of her head, a simple gesture that actually took the Native American somewhat by surprise.  Having known Eve for as long as he had, this display of joy had been somewhat out of place and provided Erik with yet another question to be answered.

"You're in a good mood this morning," Erik offered to the Counselor who took a sideways step as if to dramatically reveal something that would have been behind her.  The Native American tilted his head ever so slightly to one side before speaking. "Someone on staff has figured out how to use a Jem'Hadar personal cloaking device?"

"What?" Eve asked as she instantly pivoted on her heels to see where the woman who had been following her should have been. "Not again," the Counselor sighed, "she was right there a second ago."

"I'm actually afraid to ask, but I'll bite... who?" the Captain inquired half expecting this to have been some sort of joke meant to help raise the crew's morale, something the Native American suspected had been well below where it should have been.

"Shar'El," the Counselor said in a matter-of-fact manner directing the Captain's attention to the emptiness behind her with a gesture of her hand. "She was right behind me. She came to see me in my office before the meeting and said that she had been cleared to return to duty."

"I am sure that she will show up soon," the Native American offered, trying not to let his own joy become overly visible.  At the very least this had been one less question for him to answer.

"Ladies and gentleman, we seem to be missing someone, namely Admiral Koniki with our new mission orders, but I do have a few items that I can address as we wait for him," the Native American offered as he sat in the chair set at the end of the large table where the rest of the Senior Staff had gathered.  "First, let's start with the medical department.  As I am sure you are all aware, Doctor Doyanne has been transferred to the NEW ALEXANDRIA for special research.  Her departure has left the position of CMO open which Doctor Mizore has graciously accepted to fill.  The timing seems to have been perfect as we welcome Doctor Andromeda T'Leia to our ranks as Assistant Chief Medical Officer."

All eyes turned onto the duo of Doctors who both seemed to wish this part of the meeting done and over with as quickly as possible.  It was easy to see that neither wished to be in the spotlight for any lengthy amount of time.

"Next I will cover the situation surrounding our Chief Science Officer and the position of First Officer for the USS ANUBIS," Erik continued looking at Maya with a gentle smile as if to say without words that all would be fine, whatever would come to pass.  "After a great deal of consideration, Lieutenant Commander Maya has opted to dedicate her time and skills to the field that she has proven herself to be an expert in countless times before.  A new First Officer will be assigned to us by Admiral Koniki who should have been here by now."

As if on queue someone walked into the Observation Lounge, but not the person most had expected.  With two PADDs in her hand, Shar'El approached the sitting Captain and presented him with the two hand-held devices.  "Admiral Koniki extends his deepest apologies for not being able to be here in person," the ILO explained her voice sounding somewhat different from what those who knew her remembered.  "Matters of importance have summoned him elsewhere but the details of our next mission are included in the first PADD."

"*Our* next mission..." Maya repeated placing a great deal of emphasis on the first word.  "Glad to have you back," the Chief Science Officer added, the unexpected presence of the ILO having shifted the tone of the meeting for everyone.

Doctor Mizore had been ready to unleash a tidal wave of questions but decided against it, there would be ample time later to insure that the ILO had not suffered physically during her absence.

"Hope you're up for a quick celebration after this meeting," the redheaded Chief Engineer added, not at all trying to hide her own delight in seeing the return of the woman who had so unexpectedly vanished.

"We are all very glad to having you back," Erik stated not certain if in fact the ILO had returned to the ANUBIS in any official capacity given the absence of any rank insignia on her collar.

"I am... happy to be back on board the ANUBIS with all of you," Shar'El said, a short lived flash of joy having actually crossed her features as she spoke those words.  "I believe it would be best if you carried on with the mission briefing has provided by the Admiral," the ILO stated as she pointed to the top PADD currently in the hands of the Native American Captain.

"Alright," Erik nodded as he invited the woman to sit in the empty chair at the other end of the table.  The Captain quickly perused the details of their mission before relaying them to his staff.  "Looks like we are going Intel gathering."

"Where?" The Chief of Security inquired, silently hoping that the mission would not begin too soon after the ball so as to give them all a chance to enjoy the full luxuries present on the Risian Cruise Liner.

"Leave it to Koniki," Erik sarcastically chuckled.  "Our missions will be *on* the MASQUERADE DREAMS, the Risian Cruise Liner on which the ball is being held.  The list of guests is a rather lengthy and impressive one, and our mission will be to mingle as best we can and gather as much information from as many sources as possible."

"Sounds like my kind of mission," Ensign Stark chimed in with.  "Relaxing in the lap of luxury while listening in on various conversations.  I'm calling dibs on the poll level."

"You know you will need to focus on something other than the women in bathing suits Ensign," Eve pointed out in a commanding manner, trying her best to insure that everyone understood that this was a mission first and above all else.

"Counselor Dalziel is correct," the Native American continued.  "We have been assigned quarters on the MASQUERADE DREAMS for the duration of its three-week travels.  The ANUBIS will be following our progress from a safe distance but the idea is for us to blend in as much as possible with everyone on board.  The ball is our ticket in to make a good impression and maybe get close to certain key individuals who will be in attendance.  I will make sure that you all get a copy of the passenger list, so please get acquainted with it.  There are too many of them for us to pick specific targets at this time, but some may rise to the surface as being more of interest to us.  So pack your bags, we are going on a three week cruise."

"Wouldn't happen to have the name of our new First Officer on that second PADD would you?" the Cardassian born Counselor queried, her curiosity having taken the better of her for that brief moment.

"Office of Admiral Charles N. Koniki, Commanding Officer of the NEW ALEXANDRIA complexe and supervisor all of units operating under its jurisdiction," the Native American read out loud from the PADD in question.  "Following a thorough review of the crew's performance during the last mission and the need for the ship to have an Executive Officer, I have decided to assign Lieutenant Commander Shar'El as the ANUBIS' new Acting First Officer.  Lieutenant Commander Shar'El will continue to act as the ship's Intelligence Liaison Officer in addition to taking on all of the duties and responsibilities associated with her rank and position. This promotion and assignment is effective immediately."

Silence spread through the Observation Lounge as each Officer processed what they had just heard. If this had been meant to answer all of the questions the crew might have had, it had failed in the worst possible way, leaving everyone with far more questions than answers.

"Lieutenant Commander?" Erik managed as he placed the PADD down stared at the woman sitting at the far end of the table.

"I am sorry Captain, this was not my choice," Shar'El offered as she met the puzzled gazes of each and every member of the crew one by one.  "All I can add is what I said to the Admiral before this meeting; that I intend to given you all everything that I can because there is no reason for me to do any less as you all deserve *my* best."  The new Acting First Officer paused for a moment as she drew in a long deep breath.  "I can only hope that you will accept me as this ship's Acting Executive Officer, it is truly a privilege and honour to serve you all in this capacity."

Francois Charette

Captain Erik Morningstar
Commanding Officer


Lt. Commander Elan Fairborn
Robotics Engineering Officer
M03-P058: USS ANUBIS: Shar'El: Day 7 - 0850 ("Before We Start")
"Before We Start"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Turbolift
Stardate: 30151.0850
Eve and Shar'El had made their way from the Counselor's office to the nearest turbolift, the two women sharing the occasional glance.  The CNS appeared relieved and maybe even a little happy to have the ILO walking next to her while the shorter black haired officer seemed content to having someone, anyone by her side.  There still was a great deal of mystery surrounding the sudden disappearance of the Intel Officer from Sickbay, but for the time being everyone seemed willing to put that specific event in the past.

So much had happened in so little time that the ILO had still been trying to make sense of it all. Memories filled her thoughts, some possessing substance and perspective while others just felt as if they had belonged to another person from another life.  There had been no doubt that Shar'El felt different, but from what?  As hard as the black haired woman tried she could not pin down who she had been before this, whatever this was.  That had likely been the reasons why she had instinctively sought out the Counselor's assistance to help in this matter.

Shar'El slowly turned and looked up to the much taller woman standing next to her as the turbolift pod slowed to a stop, having reached its destination.  "Thank you," the ILO said for no apparent reason.

"Hum, you're welcome," Eve hesitantly replied as her grey eyes studied the woman next to her, "May I ask what I did to deserve that?"

"No other reason than you being here," Shar'El said as the doors opened taking her attention away from the CNS and onto the empty bridge.  "After you."

"Thank you," Eve said, echoing the words of the ILO as she stepped onto the bridge closely followed by Shar'El.  There was no doubt that the Intel Officer had changed, but to which extent had still been a matter of debate for the CNS.

As the two women made their way in silence to the observation lounge, the ILO's attention was suddenly drawn onto a shadowy figure standing well inside the Captain's Ready Room.  Although Shar'El could not see any features, the black haired woman knew who had been there, a knowledge that was confirmed when she was silently instructed to join the shadowy figure in the adjacent room.  The hand gesture had been simple yet demanding, a silent command that the Intel Officer had been unable to ignore.

The ILO quickly glanced at Counselor Dalziel as she vanished around the corner leading to the Observation Lounge, Eve not having noticed that Shar'El had no longer been following her.  A faint smile flashed over the woman's lips as she realized that this had been a good thing, no explanation would be required at this time to explain her delay in entering the Observation Lounge.

A strange sensation flowed through the woman as she approached the open doorway to the Captain's Ready Room, a mixture of curiosity and apprehension.  Shar'El knew that there had been nothing to fear, yet she knew that this unexpected side meeting before the official briefing would set the tone as to her involvement in what would come to pass.

As Shar'El stepped in the door closed behind her, trapping her in the room with the shadowy form she could not identify yet knew all too well.  The icy grasp of fear took hold of the woman's thoughts as she wondered as to whether or not she would make it to the Observation Lounge.

"You are here as ordered, I am impressed," the condescending voice of the aged man came from the featureless form standing before the ILO, the absence of light in the room having insured that his identity remained but a speculation.  "I have to admit that I was concerned and believed that after your chat with Counselor Dalziel you might have decided not to return to this ship in an official capacity."

"Sir," the ILO began with as certain and confidence as she could summon.  "I am ready to return to duty. I am not sure why you believe that I may not be able to, that somehow I am less than what is expected of me, but I can assure you that I am ready to fulfil any and all tasks assigned to me."

"I am very glad to hear this," the aged man said as he leaned back against the Captain's desk and folded his arms across his chest.  "Do not misunderstand my hesitation for a lack of confidence in your physical or professional abilities.  I am simply concerned about your ability to deal with the members of this crew on a more personal level."

"Permission to speak freely, Sir?" Shar'El demanded, receiving nothing more than a nod of the shadowy figure as a reply.  "This crew has become my family and I intend to given them everything that I can and more in whatever capacity I am assigned to.  There is no reason for me to do any less and they deserve *my* best."

"Family is it?"

Shar'El swallowed hard.  The ILO had not even realized that she used that specific term until it was thrown back at her by the aged officer, but the more she considered the unconscious choice of word she had made, the more she found herself agreeing with the statement as it had been voiced.

"Yes Sir, family," Shar'El confirmed without any hesitation.  If she would be damned, it would be for what she thought, for what she believed in and those people who had helped her to get tho this point.

"Very well then," the shadowy figure said as he stood up once again and approached the motionless ILO.  "I have one last thing to say before you can go into that briefing with your *family*..."

Tiffany Reeve

Ensign Shar'El
Intel Liaison Officer
M03-P057: USS ANUBIS: Ya'Han: Day 07 - 0730 ("Mutual Observation")
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"Mutual Observation"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Black Hole Lounge
Stardate: 30151.0730

The three women had enjoyed their breakfast for nearly an hour now and the CEO had done the greater part of the chatting.  Aside from the occasional nod or single word reply, the other two thirds of the trio had dedicated the remainder of their energy at observing each other.

At first Ya'Han had felt uncomfortable with the scrutiny of the CSO's gaze, and since she had not been in a position to avoid it, the Chief of Security decided to return the favor.  The strange aspect of this intense mutual observation had been the non-accusatory sensation that seemed to envelop the two women.  The two of them had simply been looking at one another trying to understand the specifics of the other and possibly uncover whatever mystery hid beneath the surface.

"Hey, Bat Girl," Sonja said after she swallowed the last piece of her Klingon sausage, "by the way that was a supremely nice gown that you had on earlier.  Where did you find that gem?"

"Counselor Dalziel helped with the design," Ya'Han answered, keeping her gaze locked with that of Maya.  "She suggested a mix of two dresses that I was left to decide on.  I'm just not good at making these kinds of high fashion decisions."

"You security types y'all the same," the engineer chuckled in an accent that the Chief of Security could not immediately identify.  "Getting ye clothes off is the easy part, figuring out what to wear afterwards, now *that's* the challenge."

"What?" the Chief of Security gasped, not entirely certain if she had just been insulted by the Engineer.

"She is making a reference to the aspect of your duties which requires you to make rapid decisions in the heat of the moment," Maya explained without cracking the slightest grin as if expecting Ya'Han to give up some hidden secret through her reaction.

"Oye," Sonja laughed out loud at the obvious double entente, "you need to relax Bat Girl.  Keep it up like that and you'll be turning your hair white in no time."

Ya'Han actually held her breath for a moment as panic swept through her.  Did they actually know?  Why else would Sonja have mentioned her hair turning white, the color of those who worked in the medical field, in response to an increase in her stress?

"Relax," Maya said as she reached across the table and took hold of Ya'Han's hand.  "You are amongst friends here.  Whatever secret it is and whatever reason you may have to keep it as such is yours, but know this; everyone has secrets on this ship."

"Think about it," the redheaded engineer continued.  "I am sure that there are more than a few secrets hiding beneath the suave facade of our great and powerful leader.  As the CO though he has to keep his skeleton from the rest of us to maintain that *perfect* image, but we as mere mortals have the luxury to share our secrets making our lives that much easier.  Secrets have a nasty way to come out and bite you in the aft when you least expect them."

Ya'Han paused for a moment as she looked at Sonja, wondering if the CEO and CNS had somehow swapped bodies during the latter part of their breakfast.

"Trust is something that does not come easily to me," the Chief of Security whispered, knowing that the statement would confirm that there had in fact been a secret being hidden from the others.

"We all trust each other in our respective duties and responsibilities, but personal trust is not something that is simply given," Maya nodded, "it is something that is earned.  All Sonja and I can do is hope to one day prove ourselves worthy of your personal trust.  Knowing each other's secrets does not weaken us but rather makes us stronger as a whole."

The Chief of Security pondered the words spoken by both women sitting at the table with her for several minutes.  Wisdom had been present in each and every word, but still the Chief of Security could not bring herself to simply divulge her complete life history.  After a little while though, Ya'Han decided to at the very least confirm the presence of a secret even if she would not give the full story.

"I'n Nylaan, and my people can change their hair color to reflect their social position," Ya'Han admitted thinking that for now it had been best not to specify the full extent of her range of colors.  "Green is the color meant for those who belong to the performing arts, while black is for the simple commoners."

"You are a long way from home," Sonja said through a half grin, happy to see that the Chief of Security had decided to open up to them.

"That explains the dancing," Maya added with a smile, showing that she too had been happy to see the Chief of Security opening up and trusting them with a part of her past that she had kept hidden up until then.

Maybe one day they would learn of the rest of her secret, but for now Ya'Han had actually felt relief in having been able to share what she had with people she considered to be friends.

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Hanali Han

Ensign Ya'Han
Chief of Security / Chief Tactical Officer
M03-P056: USS ANUBIS: T'Leia : Day 7 - 0600 ("Time Around And Back Again")
"Time Around And Back Again"
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Setting:  New Alexandria, Sickbay 
Stardate: 30151.0600

Andromeda T'Leia continued her work in sickbay, she was preparing some trails for the next phase in her research work for patients who lose a limb.  The research both dna genetic sequencing and also trans-multi-phasing electrons driven trespassing bionic limbs.  She placed the new bio samples into the trials vault and then, picked up her sample bionic limb and continued to re-build the elements that her new research had developed into working upgrades.  

As she worked, she recorded the progress with holo imager and recording logs.  Testing the last neural implant nodes using padd electrons to her upper arm she began to move the limb with more humanoid natural movements.  She calibrated the research limb with the new parameters and then locked it into the case and put it back with her things that would be transferred to ANUBIS as she boarded.

She worked on and also mentally prepared for the Senior briefing with her new shipmates.  She could only hope as the humans would say that she was what the ship needed in a Medical officer.  She raised an eyebrow as she thought over what Wilton and Serron had said to her.  Pondering all things and keeping them close in thought and heart.  She touched the ring on the platinum chain around her neck, and she could see Serron's face, handsome and curious, and then she saw Wilton.  Her mind flashed back to Esperanza's funeral, he had been so lost in grief that she herself had to begin the medicine cleansing smoke and eagle feather.  It had been a good thing that the Tribal Shaman had taught her the ritual because Wilton had been in no condition to perform it.  And she was Esperanza's friend and family so it fell to her to perform the funeral rite.   

Looking up as she heard footsteps, it was a nurse entering, she nodded politely and continued her work.

( Risa Liner - Cloudt Eagles suite)

Serron knocked on the door and waited for Wilton to call out.  "Enter!"  stepping inside, he said.  "Greetings friend, I have the updates on your next mission and also a private communique from T'Moya."

Wilton looked at his friend and nodded.  "Indeed, I shall look it over and tend to it before I depart."

Serron nodded and ask.  "Care for a game of shuffle board on the antaria deck?"

"Lead the way."  Wilton said.  The two men exited the suite and made their way to the shuffleboard antaria deck. 

They both played two games, Wilton won both.  Serron had his thoughts on classified things and T'Leia.

Wilton had his winnings and said.  "Let us go and get a drink, I could use a good 20 year aged bourbon."

Serron nodded.  "Sounds good."

Wilton looked at his friend and said.  "Alright some Elijah Craig Top shelf it is."

( The Triple Cat Bar Risa Liner)

They sat down at a private table, a Risan female in scantily clad uniform appeared with their top shelf bourban, she had received Cloudt Eagle's PaDD order and had the drinks ready for the two men.  "Enjoy Gentlemen and remember, What is our's is Your's on Risa and our cruise liners we are here to please."  She prissed off to assist other customers.

Serron looked up as Wilton said.  "Hummm, are you going to take her up on that?"

Serron raised a blonde eyebrow and said.  with a touch of humor.  "Ah, I thought I would let you have a go at Buffy!"  and he winked at his friend.

Renda Carr

Doctor Andromeda T'Leia
Newly assigned to
M03-P055: USS ANUBIS: Paquette: Day 7 - 0600 ("Never Judge a Book by Its Colour")
"Never Judge a Book by Its Colour"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck 2, Corridor
Stardate: 30151.0600

As a department head, the day for the Chief Science Officer of the USS ANUBI had begun with the review of the daily duty rosters.  Once that had been accomplished, the Shillian found herself with several hours to kill before the 0900 hour scheduled Senior Staff meeting.

The former Acting Executive Officer felt bad that she had been forced to step down from that position, but the responsibilities had simply not been too much for the scientist to perform to what she saw as the expected level.  Maya had always been the first to admit that science had been her field, where she had been meant to be since the very beginning.  The influence of her father still guided her actions as a scientist on a daily basis, something that the Shillian felt had been missing when acting as the Executive Officer of the USS ANUBIS.

The choice had not been an easy one, but it had been necessary for her as well as the rest of the crew.  Now, like Captain Morningstar, the Chief Science Officer worried about who Admiral Koniki would appoint as her replacement.

With her thoughts lost on this particular issue, the Shillian had failed to see that she had been on a collision course with the redheaded Chief Engineering Officer.  Fortunately for the two of them, Lieutenant Paquette had been very aware of their positions and heading.

"Good Morning Commander," Sonja offered before the Chief Science Officer actually ran into the now grinning Human Engineer.  "Pretty early to be going about the ship on autopilot, no?"

"Autopilot?" the scientist repeated, taking a few seconds to comprehend the significance of the statement.  "Sorry, guess I was lost in my own little world."

"We all do that from time to time," the Chief Engineering Officer quickly acknowledged hoping to counter one of the verbose explanations that the Shillian had been renowned for.  "How about we make this into a breakfast trio," Paquette added as she turned and pressed the chime to the nearest door, only noticing after the fact that it had been the quarters of the Chief of Security.

When the door opened, both Sonja and Maya were surprised to find Ya'Han with a head of green hair instead of the black colour they had been accustomed to see her with.

"Nice dress... interesting hair colour," the Chief Engineering Officer said as she tilted her head ever so slightly to one side.

It was clear that the Chief of Security had been caught, but doing what?  The ball gown that she wore had obviously been for the event scheduled for that evening, and that she had wanted to give it a preliminary 'test drive' had not been all that unexpected.  The mentioning of her green coloured hair though had triggered a response in the woman that took the uninvited guests by complete surprise.
"Let me guess," the Chief Engineering Officer began, "you wanted to try stretch your wings away from just being 'Bat Girl' and opted for 'the Joker' or maybe decided on an entirely different power scheme and went for 'Green Lantern'?  Another guess would be with that colour hair and the dress... maybe one the fairy folk?”
"Who?" the Shillian inquired, none of the names mentioned having been in the least bit familiar.
"What?" the Chief of Security added almost simultaneously, the 20th century comic book hero references having been completely unknown to her.
"Bat Girl, Batman, The Joker, Green Lantern," Sonja listed in playful exasperation.  "Oye," the Chief Engineer added in a nasally Yiddish accent, "I need to edu-ma-cate you lassies," the redhead laughingly continued, having returned to a more normal voice as she continued. "How about we talk about this over breakfast before our big 'Pow Wow' with Grand Chief Morningstar. Never hurts to have a full stomach.  So get in there, get changed, we are waiting."

Ya'Han turned to do as she was bid, and was still rather flustered at having been caught with her hair in the colour of the arts of her people.   How could she have let herself be found out like this.

A moment of panic surged through her as she tried to get a hold of herself.

::These were are shipmates and fellow senior officers,:: the Chief of Security thought to herself as she headed back to her bedroom to change. ::If they can't be trusted with my secret who can...   NO NO, I have to keep this secret and hope they wouldn't ask or mention it.::  Ya'Han paused for a moment as she reconsidered her thoughts  :: No, Sonja will, she's an odd one when it comes to officers and all of the reports and accounts state that she is one of the best at what she does, so it would be doubtful that she could be so easily fooled.   Maya on the other hand  will see this as a puzzle to be solved…  Either way I won't be able to hide this all because I was careless.::

“Good grief woman, how long does it take to change?  Do I have to come in there and help?”  the CEO playfully asked from the still open doorway.

“I’m coming, you really have no patience do you,” the security officer stated as she hurried out of her gown to dawn her Starfleet Uniform.

“It’s a virtue, or so I’m told. One that escapes me I’m afraid” the redhead laughed.  “Hey your back to being ‘Bat Girl’, you have to tell me how you did that” Sonja said as the raven haired woman came back into view.

“Breakfast ?” Ya’han said quickly hoping to change the topic.

This seemed to work temporarily as the three women headed down the corridor towards the Black Hole Lounge, but along the way Ya'Han noticed the quizzical stare of the Chief Science Officer..

Lorraine Paquette

Lieutenant JG Sonja Paquette
Chief Engineering Officer
M03-P054: USS ANUBIS: Dalziel: Day 7 - 08:00 ("Tested")
(Continued from "Morning Dreaming")


"We do not know the true value of our moments until they have undergone the test of memory."
-Georges Duhamel


Setting: NEW ALEXANDRIA, Section I, Medical level
Stardate: 30151.0800

The ILO stood at attention, her eyes locked directly ahead into the surrounding while the aged man paced around her.  Although she could not see him, Shar'El could follow his progress as he circled like a vulture, the clicking of his heels on the hard floor sounding all too familiar.

"How do you feel?" the question came from the darkness and into the single bright beam of light in which the black haired woman had been standing in the middle of.  The word had been perfectly timed with the man's steps, adding an eerie emphasis to the query.

"I am feeling fine, Sir." The reply had been simple but more militaristic than the woman had thought it should have been.  She recalled the extent of her training and how important the chain of command had been made to be.  She also remembered a group of people who had showed her a different side of things, a group that she had grown to be closer to than she had ever expected to be.

"I do not believe you," the aged man said, his voice as cold as the surrounding darkness.  Even the clicking of his heels seemed to reflect his mood, having increased ever so slightly in loudness.

"I have no reason to lie, Sir." Shar'El remained perfectly still having figured that this had been some sort of test to gage her emotional responses. That this had been nothing more than a test had not bothered the ILO, what did bother the black haired woman though had been her ability to see through the aged man's attempt so easily.  From what little she recalled of him, he had been someone who excelled at this sort of thing able to play this game at a level that she should not have been able to match.

"Do you believe yourself to be ready to return to duty?" The question seemed to originate not from a single location but from all around the woman which made Shar'El instantly straighten her posture.

"I am, Sir." the ILO replied with assurance, again her answer having sounded far more militaristic than she had expected herself to sound.

A deep sigh filled the darkness as the clicking of the heels continued to circle the ILO.  After a few moments, the clicking began to move away, growing fainter with each step. "Report to Captain Morningstar in the ANUBIS' Observation Lounge at 0900."

When the lights came on to full illumination, the ILO found herself alone in the center of the room.  The test had been completed and apparently she had passed, whatever that meant.

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck 7, Corridor
Stardate: 30151.0820

The black haired, grey uniform wearing officer wandered the corridors of the ship as if searching for something, something that she did not know.  As she rounded a corner, a faint smile formed on the ILO's lips having recognized the section.  Somehow she had found her way to the Medical and Counseling area, and without a second thought she moved towards the door of Counselor' Dalziel's office.

Setting: Cns' Office

Eve sipped her coffee and sat behind her desk, her eyes almost half closed. She couldn't tell if she were just exhausted due to the lack of sleep last night, or all the upheaval over the combination of the disappearance of Shar'El and Lillie and the strong difference of opinions on Shar'El's medical care.

Her porcelain complexion looked even more pallid than usual as she thought ahead to the evening's plans. Formal diplomatic events were normally something she looked forward to, but she was in no mood to deal with anything other than the ship and the crew that she had managed to mesh with for the most part over the past several years. There were enough problems and concerns to keep her happily occupied. They could have used a vacation, not some pomp-filled evening of protocol. She heard they were offering spa treatments in preparation for the gala evening, but she wasn't sure if she was up to that sort of thing. Going back to bed, however, was a distinct possibility.

The door chime rang, which startled Eve. She didn't have any appointments for today. "Come in," she said, carefully putting down the cup she had almost spilled.

"Morning," Shar'El offered to the familiar woman as she stepped through the doorway, much more casually than she had the right to given her mysterious departure at the hands of Koniki.

Relief flooded the Cardassian born woman's features as she ushered the ILO inside. "What happened? Are you alright?"

Shar'El was wearing a nondescript gray uniform, and no rank insignia, but otherwise looked unharmed. "I'm... better."

"Do you need to go to Sickbay?"

The petite woman shook her head. "I've been cleared." She was having a little problem finding the words to fully express her feelings, but she felt a sense of home and comfort while on the ship and in Eve's office.

Dalziel watched the Intel officer carefully. As much as she wanted a medical scan or some other kind of test to back up Shar'El's claims, she could tell the ebony-haired woman needed a friend a lot more than a physician.

"Cleared for what, exactly?"

"I don't know," Shar'El responded with a slightly troubled expression. "I'll find out at the staff meeting at 0900."

The Counsellor realized that the woman seated across from her was different somehow than the calculating hermit she had been when she first arrived aboard the ANUBIS, and she was also different than the overloaded woman who had linked with the machine in the depths of the subterranean moon caves. Dalziel was pretty sure either of them wouldn't have willingly come to visit her in the small hours of the morning. But there she was, the carefully crafted mental wall she always held around herself nearly gone. But it had somehow been replaced with a unique coldness, a strange distance that Eve could sense but not understand. What had they done to her on NEW ALEXANDRIA?

"Well then, how about some breakfast? Maybe some oatmeal or fresh fruit?"

The Ullian hadn't realized how hungry she was until the suggestion was made. "Yes. Both. And some really strong coffee."

"Okay," Eve said, wasting no time in replicating a solid meal for both of them.

"You sound like a mother hen sometimes," Shar'El said, but followed with a confused look. It was as if she didn't understand where the assessment was coming from. Like she was saying someone else's words or reading from a script.

Eve raised an eyebrow. These snippets of blunt honesty from the ILO weren't typical either, but reminded her of their time in Sickbay while Mizore was being checked out after her own 'experience' with the device.

"Did they manage to free your neural pathways of the extra information?" Eve asked delicately as she set a tray of food and coffee in front of them.

Shar'El paused. Flashes of bright institutional lighting and disembodied voices blurred before her. It didn't frighten her; somehow she felt that they had taken care of her somehow. But she could not piece together the entire process. That was the part that concerned her. "I think so?"

"I'm sorry... I shouldn't have asked. It's just that you were whisked away so quickly-"

"The only thing that matters is that I'm back now." Shar'El tried to sound reassuring, but it seemed like she was trying to convince herself as much as the Counsellor.

Susan Ledbetter

Lieutenant JG Eve Dalziel
M03-P053: USS ANUBIS: Ya'Han: Day 07 - 0500 ("Morning Dreaming")
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"Morning Dreaming"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Ya'Han Quarters
Stardate: 30151.0500

The gown that she had finally decided to wear for the ball hung on the wall directly in front of the bed.  The decision had not been an easy one but thanks to the assistance of the ship's Counselor, Ya'Han had finally been able to narrow the options down to a single one.

Although the Chief of Security had held firmly onto the idea of being practical during the latter part of her decision making, the dress with the full skirt had finally won her over.  The idea of being like a Princess on the dance floor had played with emotions that the self exiled daughter of the High Sovereign of NYLA IV had never expected to feel again.

It was true that she would not be looked upon in the same manner as long ago, but neither had she been a young little girl lacking in the experiences of life.  As a grown woman, Ya'Han would be able to make the gown hers, becoming a living part of it as the two of them claimed their little corner of the ball room.

It was these divine visions that filled the purple haired woman's night and early morning as her eyes slowly opened to fall onto the dress that had watched over her dreams.  Unable to wait a second more, Ya'Han bounced out of her bed and quickly slipped into the gown, the silky feeling of the fabric against her skin causing her to shiver in delight.

With each twirl that sent the full skirt to fly through the air, the emerald haired woman said a silent thank you to the Ship's Counselor, almost wishing that Eve could have been here to witness the results of her aid.

In search of more room to expand her dance routine, Ya'Han made her way into the main living area, her bare feet barely touching the carpeted floor of her quarters as she twirled from one room to the next.  Everything that she had learned from her tutors of the Performing Arts seemed to return without effort, each step and movement coming to her as if she had never stopped dancing.

[/\] [/\] [/\] [/\] [/\]
Setting: USS ANUBIS, Ya'Han Quarters
Stardate: 30151.0600

The furniture had been moved clear out of the room to give the dancing Chief of Security all of the room she required so as to fully enjoy the sensation of putting the gown to its fullest of test. Ya'Han had even gone as far as to put on the high heeled shoes that went with the gown, further enhancing the effect and sensation as she danced to the computer's playing of various classical Risian ballroom music.

With each movement of her body, the woman's emerald green hair flew through the air in an almost perfect colored reflection of the skirt beneath.  If this had been the way the dress had made her feel, Ya'Han could barely contain her excitement at how she would feel when on the actual ballroom dance floor.

So lost in the music and dancing had she been that the Chief of Security did not think when the sound of the door chime interrupted momentarily the music.  Without missing a beat, Ya'Han waltz her way through the now bare room and towards the door to unlock it.

As the door swished open, the Chief of Security floated back a few steps to show off the dress that she had found herself enjoying more than she could have ever imagined.

"Nice dress... interesting hair color."

Ya'Han froze in mid swirl as the words spoken by her guest registered with the fullest of impact. Up until now the woman had managed to keep her official lineage from others by keep the unique ability of her people a secret from others.  Now though, she had been faced with the reality that someone had seen her, not with the black hair of a commoner but with the emerald green hair of a performer.

How would she be able to explain this without revealing more about who she was?

[/\] [/\] [/\] [/\] [/\]
Hanali Han

Ensign Ya'Han
Chief of Security / Chief Tactical Officer
M03-P052: USS ANUBIS: Shar'El: Day 7 - 0500 ("Rebuilding From Scratch")
"Rebuilding From Scratch"
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Setting: NEW ALEXANDRIA, Section I, Medical level
Stardate: 30151.0500
=/\= How is she doing? =/\= the aged man unemotionally asked of the half dozen Doctors who had been supervising the rehabilitation of their patient through the night.  Almost 12 full hours had elapsed since the woman's arrival and things had not slowed down in the least since then.

"Better than expected," the lead physician answered cautiously.  "Following the information extraction that you requested we performed a complete synaptic depolarization and began reintroducing memories according to what we had on file.  Her vitals have remained strong throughout the procedure and her brain is accepting the repolarization with less neurological resistance than we had initially anticipated.  We believe that her Ullian brain chemistry has helped in this matter a great deal."

=/\= She will remember nothing of the experience? =/\= the aged voiced demanded, this having been a question of professional concern and not one based on concerns for the woman's mental health.

"You know as much as I do that there is no way to perform a complete and perfect synaptic wipe," the Doctor said as he tried to control his growing nervousness.  "The brain is an amazing thing, able to protect itself in ways that we have yet to understand.  As great as our technology and medical knowledge may be, there are still parts of this that we are blind to.  Best guests is what we can rely on when faced with those unknowns."

=/\= You had not expected her to survive, now that she has I need her to be able to return to duty.  You have three hours and I want a report on your progress every hour. =/\=

"Do you think he knows?" one of the Doctors asked in a very low whispered voice of the lead physician as soon as the channel had been closed.

The lead Doctor quickly shook his head, not wanting to say anything out loud for fear that the lab had been bugged.  The odds had been high that he knew, and likely knew more about all of this than anyone else, but for the sake of the task and their patient, it had been best for them all to continue under the reassuring idea that they had gotten away with saving the woman's life.

"Time to test her cognitive abilities," the lead Doctor said knowing that they now had only three hours to complete what they had started.


Shar'El sat in a lone chair set in the center of a perfectly white room, three large screens having been placed in front of her one next to the other.  Various images had been displayed, each one acting as a visual reinforcement of what the probes attached to the headgear had been feeding directly into her brain.

The images had finally stopped granting the black haired woman a few seconds of respite.

=/\= We will be showing you images, faces of people.  We need you to tell us what you remember of your interactions with them.  Are you ready? =/\=

The woman nodded her head as if in a daze, unable to know if this had been nothing more than an elaborate dream or a twisted reality.

The first image was that of the Captain of the USS ANUBIS as he sat in the office of the Admiral.  Shar'El grinned ever so slightly.  "I will take point.  Lieutenant Dalziel and Ensign Shar'El, you two will be right behind me, making sure that I didn't miss anything," the woman said recalling the man's own words from when they had been beneath the lunar surface.

=/\= Good, your memories of your last mission appear to be intact.  Who is this person? =/\=

The image of Captain Morningstar was replaced by that of the redheaded Engineer.  "Let me guess, you always wanted to be a motivational speaker," Shar'El said having done a rather good job at imitating the sarcastic tone that Sonja had used back in the SPHINX as Shar'El tried to keep her calm.

=/\= Very good, you are recalling more than words, you're putting them back into perspective.  Now this one. =/\=

The image of the Bajoran Doctor came onto the screen and prompted the ILO to instantly smile. "You fell asleep, so Counselor Dalziel and I thought it best to allow you to rest," Shar'El said recalling the nightmare that had preceded this specific memory.

=/\= Perfect, now how about this person? =/\=

The face of the grey eyed Counselor filled the screen causing the sitting raven haired woman to lower her head forward almost as if trying to rest it on a table that had not been there.  "Perhaps our next round should be a bit milder, maybe a Risian sunrise… ?"


"Looks like she remembers all of her interactions from during and after their last mission," one of the Doctor said with a sigh of relief. "This should make it easy for her to step back onto the ANUBIS and reconnect with those crew members she knew."

"It is not that she *remembers* that I am most curious about," the lead Physician said.  "We need to test what stayed in her head."  The statement seemed odd, but when placed in the perspective that the synaptic depolarization had been performed at only 95%, it opened up possibilities that no one could truly understand.

The information that Shar'El had gathered while linked to the ancient machine had stretched through multiple dimensions, and although no physical clues could be seen of this it had been easy to realize that something had changed in the Ullian on a psychological level. 

What knowledge had been left by the ancient machine in the woman's head and would it affect her in some unexpected way at a later time?  There had been no way to know for certain, but the team of Doctors would try their best to make the raven haired woman ready to face her final test. A test that would be used to see if she would return to the ANUBIS or finish her days as a lab rat.

Tiffany Reeve

Ensign Shar'El
Intel Liaison Officer
M03-P051: USS ANUBIS: T'Leia: Day 7 - 0400
("Journey Begins. Formal Diplomacy Late Evening")
"Journey begins. Formal Diplomacy late evening"
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Setting: NEW ALEXANDRIA  Andromeda  T'Leia's quarters
Stardate: 30151.0400

Andromeda T'Leia had finished the first part of her preparations for the Ball later that evening beginning around 2000 *8pm*   the replicator was malfunctioning and her uniforms came out looking like something from a nightmare, she took the uniform apart and using her tailoring kit she resewed it, putting on the Uniform, she then pulled on her Vulcan Robe for warmth.  Preparing for the Senior Officer Briefing for the USS ANUBIS crew, she also went over her PaDD information and also sent in the last of her Thesis to the Inter-Species Medical/Science Group, a group that had a storied old history, she had been reading over works by renowned Denobulan Physician Doctor Phlox, and made some notes on how the re-sequenced dna for some species, growing new limbs in amputees, had evolved, she was to speak at a Conference in a year if time and mission allowed, if not she would send in her speech for Dr. Kesel or another Board member to give for her.

The chime rang and she called out.  "Enter."

Wilton entered, and said.  "Good early day to you."  Andromeda T'Leia turned to him and said.  "A good early day to you as well, friend."  She motioned for him to sit, the handsome man sat down on the sofa.

Andromeda went to the kitchenette and poured hot water over the red tea leaves, letting the tea steep for a little bit.  She then poured up two cups and walked to Cloudt Eagle and handed him one.  She also placed before him, a bowel within was Earth Bee honey, with the honeycomb still present.

He smiled and dipped a spoon into the honey and then liberally dribbled the golden sweetness into his tea.  Looking up at her he said.  "I wanted to speak with you privately, before you are busy with your new crew and tonights events on board the Risa liner Masquerade Dreams."

Andromeda T'Leia sat down and sipped her tea, then she replied.  "It is agreeable to see thee again."

"Rommie, it is more than agreeable to see you again.  You have taken a part of my heart with you, and yes I am working through the grief of losing Esperanza Alvarado Cloudt Eagle, my late wife three years ago now.  I wanted to see for myself, that this is what you want this mission?"

"Wilton, my friend.  This is something that I must do.  I cannot go into all of the aspects of the mission, but suffice it to say it is something that I must undertake."

He stood and crossed to her chair.  "Rommie, why this mission what could the Admiral possibly be thinking to put you into such a situation?  It is not logical."

She rose to meet his gaze.  "Logic has everything to do with it.  I will take this mission and when it is over, I shall be returned to my proper standings with Star Fleet and Vulcan Space Central and Medical;  it is important."

Shaking his head, the long black hair moving like raven's wings down his shoulders and back.  "He should never have ask this of you, it is not fair you or at least to your career , you are so much more than he ever gave you credit for.  And I have told him so."

She looked at him and said.  "What I do, I volunteered to do.  There is no need for you to think you have to rescue me, Wilton, you and I will see one another again.  Serron has said pretty much the same thing, but know this my two friends, I volunteered and I will complete the mission and then move onwards to the next journey."

Wilton Cloudt Eagle nodded to her and said.  "All I ever wanted for you was the Universe, and the lessor galaxies for your footstool."

Andromeda T'Leia nodded and said.  "And all I want for you is everything that you desire and for your missions to be safe sailing."

"So, you will return to us when this volunteer mission is over, yes?"

"We will see what the next journey is, I will promise you this, that you will see me and I will see thee. and we will have many happy times again on your Ranch in the West, we will ride Trixie and Walnut again and camp out under the stars and we will sing camping songs and make jewelry and find Ant Hill Garnets to put into the jewelry settings, and we will walk in moonlight and dance in the sunrise and we will see the other again."

Wilton bowed slightly and said.  "I am forever thy servant, and always thy friend."

Andromeda T'Leia took his hand and whispered in his ear.  "I am always with thee, I am they friend and we will be together again, on Earth, on the Esperanza, on Risa, or Vulcan somewhere we will be together again soon.  I am supposed to speak at the Medical summit on Risa in a  year, you most probably have a speech to make there too, meet me on Risa in a year, Serron said he would as well, we will meet again tonight even."  Her face emotionaless except for the deepening color of her eyes,  Wilton knew she would keep her promise if duty did not get in the way...

He nodded and said.  "I should get back to the Masquerade Dreams, I have a stateroom there.  His voice hoarser now,  I would like to see thee after thee completes all the days meetings and works."

Andromeda T'Leia, looked up  into his eyes and said.  "I will make time to be there.  I will see you there."

He departed her quarter's and somehow Andromeda T'Leia found it a little more difficult to push the emotions down into the Vulcan vault of Kolinar, she sent to him psionically...  ~I will see you soon.~  Wilton still just outside her door, picked up the message without problem.  He said nothing just departed back to the Risa Liner Masquerade Dreams...

Renda Carr

Ens. Andromeda T'Leia, M.D.
Assistant Chief Medical Officer
NCC 18501
M03-P050: USS ANUBIS: Stark: Day 7 - 0400 ("Early Morning")
"Early Morning"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Bridge
Stardate: 30151.0400

Jayson sat alone on the empty command deck.  With he ANUBIS docked there had been no need for anyone to be here.  The only reason why he had come to be on the bridge had been in inability to sleep after having woken up a lot earlier than he would have liked to.

The senior staff meeting was still a full five hours away and but the OPS officer had been prepped and ready.  With the disappearances of the CMO and ILO it made sense that the Admiral in charge would call for a meeting to announce who would replace them.

He hoped that they would also be given some information as to the condition of the two women but Jayson had not kept his expectations high.  In the world of Intel the rules were different, if there was any rules at all.  Operating below the official surface gave the entire system a freedom that was required for their mission profile, but it also gave the highest ranking officer the liberty to act as he saw fit.

Although he knew next to nothing about the Admiral, Jayson could understand how the man thought.  Goal oriented, the Admiral would do all that had been required to reach the final objective, very much like Jayson had been once he had joined Starfleet.

Out of boredom the OPS officer checked the status of the ship's memory banks, confirming once again that the information that had been downloaded from Ensing Shar'El's mind had been transferred to the NEW ALEXANDRIA mainframe.  Although happy to see the memory banks as they should be, Jayson hoped that they would see the black haired woman again soon. As strange and awkward to be around as she might have been at times, the ILO's absence could be felt throughout the resting ship

In an effort to force his mind onto another subject, Jayson called up on the screen the Black and White Ball invitation that he had received.  The look of the invitation had been enough to see that this would be something big, something that the OPS officer thought had been well above his expertise.

Jayson had never been an overly social person, and this was not helped with Leena's passing. Being surrounded by countless Cadets while at the Academy had not been easy, but things had become easier while on the ANUBIS.  The people that surrounded him on a daily basis had gradually grown to be more than shipmates, they were starting to become friends.

As much as he might not have been looking forward to the ball, Jayson decided to make the best of the situation.  At the very least he would be able to enjoy seeing some of hi fellow shipmates in something other than a Starfleet Uniform.

In the meantime he thought it best to stop being an isolationist and enjoy the day that had started so very early for him.  Maybe a quick trip to the gymnasium followed by a healthy breakfast would set a better tone for the day.  With the senior staff meeting later this morning and the ball in the evening, the day had already been set to be a busy one. 

Jayson Sousa

Ensign Jayson Stark
M03-P049: USS ANUBIS: Mizore: Day 6 - 1811 ("Requiem For A Dream")
"Requiem For A Dream"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck Thirteen, Crew Personal Quarters: Mizore
Stardate: 30150.1811

A yawn slipped from Mizore as it passed from her lips, still holding to the crystal in her palm as she fell to her bed, slipping from reality in to the realm of dreams.

As visions began to dance through Mizore’s mind in the twilight hours.
Setting: Somewhere on Bajor?
Stardate: Unknown

The Bajoran stood atop the frost covered crest at the summit of icy Mount Ba’lavael, where she looked out on the toward the horizon below at the breathtakingly beautiful view of her homeworld that lay before her, stretching as far as her dual chromatic eyes could see. The windswept zenith glistened in the sun as a light breeze from the north east brought another cold chill, creating a small flurry as it disturbed the veil of snow that covered the many faces of the mountain like a majestic white cloak.

In idle stillness, Mizore stood in awe, facing to the west in direction, a semblance of perfect peace worn across her expression, hilighting her natural features. Numbness had taken hold, as it started to set in. Slowly, Mizore closed her eyes, raising her left hand to her mouth as she exhaled in to the arctic air, turning her hot breath into a sudden mist in the light of the day star. Carefully focusing her mind to one singular purpose, intensely concentrating her thoughts. Through the sheer force of her will alone, she created or summoned a small flickering spark, bringing an azure will o’ the wisp to life or in to existence, where it alighted in her palm. The small light immediately radiated a gentle warmth in her hand.

The slow rumble of packed snow caught Mizore’s attention, as it sounded in her ears. When she moved her head to look or see, that which was an indication of approaching footfalls nearing her general location or vicinity. All that appeared, having sighted the point of origin from the corner of her eye, in her periphery. Three vaguely humanoid silhouettes, darkened figures that moved slowly toward her with a steady paced promenade.

Turning face, as she shifted her stance completely in an arced rotation, the shadows had changed. While they became more defined, in to a sort of blurred mirage, they remained still to far out and or away for to identify with any definite detail.

“Hanyu?” Mizore spoke as she called out to the three, the word carried in the winter air, cutting through the atmostphere between them and her. Seconds later, the voiced of two young women cried back in unison. “Ko’mekh!” Instantly, the lesser two of three forms quickly increased in velocity along their intended trajectory toward the Bajoran.

She could not resist the powerful and overwhelming urge, as she soon found herself rushing toward them in a spirited race in their direction. Almost crashing to her knees in the deep drifts of snow, she opened her arms wide, pulling them to her in an affectionate embrace, as the two clung to her tightly. When the third one came near, wearing a calm, reserved smile, that seemed empty or hollow. Mizore knew the why, completely understood the reason for it, excusing the estranged sense of detachment. Simply listened as they greeted her. “ Tonk’peh ko’mekh.” Mizore smiled wide, her face bright, a single tear rolling to fall down her face.
Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck Thirteen, Crew Personal Quarters: Mizore
Stardate: 30151.0713

The ACMO kicked from her rest, so suddenly and unexpectedly stirred from her sleep by the visions, her eyes still wet with tears.

“ Mako! “ Her voice breaking the silence as it cracked and tremored, overcome with lament. “ Tali’a! Li’lyth!” Throwing her arms around herself. Unable to contain the sense or feeling that she had lost some part of herself, that some aspect of her life was missing, or control her emotions. Mizore simply fell apart, reduced to a grieving wreck, just cried while rocking herself in a delirious haze.

[ Twenty minutes later. . . ]

A poor reflection of the officer that she once was, or had always seemed to be. Mizore appeared to have been replaced with a broken, shattered, and damaged version of the person she normally or usually was. Everything about her was unaligned, plagued and suffering as she languished in the shadows of or from a past or history she cannot remember.

“ Ani, please access and report ACMO assignment detail for stardate 30151. “

=/\= There is a Senior Officer Meeting at 0900 for the crew of the USS ANUBIS by order of Admiral Koniki. =/\=

“ Anything else? “ In Mizore’s opinion, it had been a great start to the morning, and it was only just beginning.

=/\= The Black and White ball begins at 2100. =/\=

:: Today is going to be a great day. :: She mused and noted sarcastically, already having felt like she had been hit while she was down.

“ Lucky me. I cannot wait. “

=/\= The rest of the day has been marked as shore leave, Ensign Mizore. =/\=
Gwen Spellblade

Ensign Mizore Seska
Assistant Chief Medical Officer
M03-P048: USS ANUBIS: Morningstar: Day 6 - 2045 ("Black And White Meetings")
"Black And White Meetings"
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"Intel is a game of the mind, one that requires players to always be ready for anything, especially the unexpected."
- Charles N. Koniki

Setting: NEW ALEXANDRIA, Section A, Level 6, Administrative Center
Stardate: 30150.2045

With his head filled with questions and personnel related concerns, the Native American walked into the Administrative Center and was instantly greeted by the head receptionist and secretary to Admiral Charles N. Koniki, a woman only known as Allyson.

"Good evening Captain Morningstar," the blond haired woman offered with a beaming smile. "Would you care to have a seat while I inform the Admiral of your arrival?"  Erik could not recall having ever seen the woman in anything other than a stellar mood, in fact the Captain of the USS ANUBIS could not recall ever having seen the overly joyous woman be anything other than a single minded individual focused on assisting anyone who came here.  "May I offer you a cup of Risian Tea Latte?"

"No thank you, I'm fine," the CO replied with a smile that had been far from matching that of the cheerful woman's.  "I'll just stand while I wait."
=/\= Send him in, =/\= the voice of the Admiral was heard over an open comm channel seconds later. Obviously Allyson had informed the head of the complex in a way that had not involved a verbal announcement.

"The Admiral will see you now," the blond haired woman stated, her smile not having diminished in the slightest which prompted the Captain to nod his head in thanks and move towards the already opening large double doors.

Setting: NEW ALEXANDRIA, Section A, Level 6, Koniki's Office
Stardate: 30150.2047

Erik stepped in to find the Admiral sitting behind the imposing black onyx decks which had been placed in front of the large windows giving onto the New Alexandria's docking facilities.  What struck as being even more impressive than the desk had been the three large statues standing in front of the supporting columns, each representing one of the three active SCARAB-Class Intel cruisers.  The jackal-headed ANUBIS, the hawk-headed HORUS and the lioness-headed SEKHMET.

"Glad to see that you don't waste time, Erik," the Admiral offered as he invited the Native American to approach and take one of the vacant chairs located in front of the massive desk. "Your diligence and actions have made my job a lot easier in regards to assigning replacement personnel to your ship."

"I am guessing that you already know that Ensign Mizore has accepted to take on the responsibilities of Chief Medical Officer?" Erik stated, the question having been rhetorical given that the Native American knew all too well of the Admiral's ability to know the ongoings of pretty much everything before anyone else, even if they were directly involved.

"You offered her the job and she said, yes.  Didn't need to be a Betazoid to figure that one," Koniki said as if he had himself been there to witness the events.  "I just hope that you know what you are doing, that Bajoran is a feisty one. Then again most of them are.  Anyway, with her going up to CMO, you will be happy to know that I have a new aCMO for you; Ensign Andromeda T'Leia.  Her Intel credentials are impressive and I am sure that she will be of great value to you and the rest of the ANUBIS' crew."

"Speaking of my crew," the Captain began, the seriousness in his voice not having been missed in the least by the head of the NEW ALEXANDRIA complex.

"Erik," Koniki sighed with disappointment as he shook his head from side to side.  "You know better than to ask these sort of questions.  Doctor Doyanne and Ensign Shar'El are no longer your concern.  You took care of bringing them back home and they are now my responsibility, there is nothing more to say.  Worrying about them will do you no good, and I know you are not someone who likes to waste their time on trivial matters."

"Fine," the Native American quietly snapped back.  "You are right, I *do* know better.  When you get into this 'I'm in charge' mentality I know that there is nothing anyone can say or do,  So I have one last question; have you made a decision as to who will be the new ExO for the ANUBIS?"

"Maybe," the Admiral noted calmly as he picked up a PADD from his desk.  "There are still a few details that I need to review before my final decision is made, but until then you will just have to be patient.  I suggest that you call for a Senior Staff meeting tomorrow at 0900, you will have my decision by then."

Normally Erik was not the type to allow his emotions get the better of him, but his rapidly growing frustration had left the Native American to exit the office with haste before saying something that he had been sure he would be made to regret in an all too near future.

"Good night Erik," Koniki offered with friendly respect just as the doors closed behind the rapidly walking CO of the USS ANUBIS.

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck 2, Counselor's Quarters
Stardate: 30150.2130

"Risian Tea?" the Counselor asked of the man who had just walked into her quarters with little to no warning.

"Not you too," Erik sighed heavily, his frustration still far too evident for his own liking.

"Okay then," Eve chuckled as she turned away from the replicator and took a seat on the couch in front of her Commanding Officer and friend.  "Guessing that the meeting with Koniki did not go well."

"The man can be a pompous know-it-all..." the Native American began but stopped himself short of openly insulting his immediate superior.

"He didn't tell you anything about Lillie or Shar'El," the Counselor said as she added a supportive nod of her head.  "You knew that is was a longshot when you went in. Koniki likes to show off that he has knowledge others do not.  This was nothing short of a reminder from him to you as to who he is and what he controls."

"I am not sure this is helping me feel any better," Erik chuckled as he leaned back into the single chair.  "Just would have liked to get some sort of answer from him instead of being completely stonewalled. I feel like I lost two good officers and i can't even explain to myself why they are not with us anymore."

"It's just the way he is," Eve offered as she leaned forward and placed her elbows onto her knees.  "You need to stop worrying about things that there is nothing we can do about.  Instead, try looking forward to the ball.  It should prove to be a very interesting and maybe even relaxing event."

"Yes, because thinking about bunch of high end dignitaries gathering on a Risian Cruise Liner is so much better," the Native American said as he actually laughed.  "I can't help but think that this is some sort of covert mission that we are going to be thrown in the middle of with next to no preparation.  There are just too many variables here for me to just see this event as being a simple black and white ball."

"You are being far too pessimistic," the Counselor offered glad to see the Captain actually relaxing.  "Just pick out a nice suit and embrace the moment.  I am sure that someone at that ball will manage to make you smile."

"Maybe so," Erik offered as he rubbed the back of his neck.  "First though we have to survive Koniki's announcement of who will be the new ExO which he will make tomorrow at 0900 during a senior staff meeting."

"Guess we'd better get ready then," Eve said as she playfully bit her lower lip.  "May I suggest a good night's sleep?"

"Easier said then done I am afraid," the Native American acknowledge as he rose from the chair and bid the Cardassian born Counselor good night.

Francois Charette

Captain Erik Morningstar
Commanding Officer


Lt. Commander Elan Fairborn
Robotics Engineering Officer
M03-P047: USS ANUBIS: Mizore: Day 6 - 1720 ("Prelude to Requiem For A Dream")
" Prelude to Requiem For A Dream "
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck Seven, Main Sickbay
Stardate: 30150.1720

Relieved of her position overseeing Shar’el. There was little evidence, nothing to trace that she, the ILO, had ever even been there at all only moments ago. As the USS ANUBIS completed its connection to NEW ALEXANDRIA, Mizore looked with a heavy expression.

“I still have much to do. So unless there is anything else I can do for you, assist with, or that you might require. I trust you know the way or are capable of seeing yourself out Counselor Dalziel.”

Her dual chromatic eyes rested on the CNS, glancing toward the door, then stared back at Eve, slowly raising her left hand, pointing with a single finger toward the exit. Seska nodded her intention toward the woman. Assuredly convinced there was nothing left for Eve, or any reason in particular, or purpose the Cardassian might linger or remain in Main Sickbay.

Seska’s temper still burned within or inside her, when it came to the subject of Eve, leaving her opinion of the CNS unaltered and resistant to change. She could not decide what effectively bothered her more. That Dalziel thought so little of her, having been so quick to snap judgement. Using her rank as a superior officer and position as senior officer as a means to issue threats of having her dismissed and removed, only showed the ACMO just how little Eve thought of her, as a person, a fellow member of the crew, or as a medical officer, or that the Cardassian seemed or appeared to lack any sense of empathy for Shar’El, her condition, and existence during the long episode. Mizore could not say for sure.

Whatever respect and courtesy Mizore would offer or extend to the Cardassian, was now more a matter of professional ethics as a member of starfleet, than an actual personal interest or desire to establish or maintain positive association with the woman.

“Ani.” Seska called to the avatar in a rather lackadaisical voice. “Please report the status of USS ANUBIS Intel Liaison Officer, Ensign Shar’El.”

=/\= Status of Ensign Shar’El is currently unknown as of 30150.1717. =/\=

“Understood.” Seska grit her teeth lightly, not having felt all to keen on having been removed in such a way from her charge. Not knowing the fate ILO that had been in her hands, and slipped from them as easily as water through a sieve or sands of an hourglass.

“Please report the location, whereabouts, or current position of Captain Erik Morningstar.”

=/\= The Commanding Officer, Captain Morningstar is on Deck One, Bridge, Captain’s Office.  =/\=

“Thank you, Ani.” Mizore’s expression softened, allowing a small, slight grin to appear, while she conveyed her appreciation.
Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck One, Bridge
Stardate: 30150.1727

Mizore arrived on deck, proceeding toward Morningstar’s last known location, quietly marching on the outskirts or perimeter of the bridge. Biding her time, she delayed, allowing her presence to be announced to the CO and she was granted permission to enter. Only when the door to the office shifted to open for her, would she proceed to advance within. Without making so much as a sound, showed the proper observance of protocol and respect to the Captain and his command.

“I apologize for the late hour and hope you will excuse the reason for my presence, Captain. I have only recently been relieved of or from overseeing the ILO’s condition.” Her posture almost rigid, standing at attention.

“While I am not sure if it is neccessary, or appropriate, I did not come empty handed. I suppose I come bearing gifts, and an offering.” Her mouth curled into a half cocked quirky partial smile of uncertain trepidation. The ACMO slowly extended her hands, reaching across the gap. At first, offering a tall, metallic cup of straight black coffee still hot in her left, a standard issue PADD containing a full medical report on the Ullian woman in her off hand.

" Here is everything I have to report regarding the recent status of the Intel Liasion Officer, Ensign Shar’El, before her recent and unexplained disappearance or absence from sickbay.”

Mizore seemed to stare a long while, silent as the moments fleeting passed between the two. She had hesitated, not having had time to really give the offer her utmost and proper consideration as she had hoped.

“Sir, about the position of Chief Medical Officer, I graciously accept, and am grateful for such an honor and opportunity. Provided that it is still what you want.” It was rather unfortunate, in that it had been something which caused the Bajoran considerable regret. Having not had the time to meditate on it or bring the matter to the Deified beings of her faith, the Prophets, prior to giving her answer.

As the fanfare sounded, notifying the arrival of another member of the crew, Mizore’s attention was caught, turning her vision toward the door to see the CSO. As the woman drew into the room, the ACMO  lowered her head, while tipping a nod, acknowledging the senior, superior officer on deck. Seska opened with her usual greeting, giving Shillian the typical customary Vulcan salute. “Evening, Lieutenant Commander Maya.”
Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck Thirteen, Crew Personal Quarters: Mizore
Stardate: 30150.1750

Mizore entered her space on the USS ANUBIS, appreciating the calming serenity and familiarity of the scene surrounding her. While not everything had been taken care of, the day was over and done. ‘Almost’

=/\= Ensign Mizore, you have a message awaiting your attention. =/\= Unmistakeably, it had been the humane voice of Ani that came over her comms. Something she was quite relieved to hear.

Seska rolled her eyes, expecting it had to be to the effect of a stay of duty. “ Very well, proceed. “ A softened gasp passing through her lips, in preparation for the worst or at least some sort of bad news.

=/\= Shall I summarize the contents, or display the entirety of the message for you? “

“Give me the short version, please Ani, if you would. Thank you. “

=/\= You have received an invitation to the Black and White Ball. =/\=

:: Oh for the love of the three celestial sisters, as if I have not been through enough in the last few days! :: Her hand collided with her head, with a loud resounding echo as she slapped her forehead in a facepalm motion.

=/\= Your attendance as well as your presence is mandatory and required. The specifics regarding the event can be found in depth and detail on the invitation itself, which has been delivered to you, and should be located in your quarters. =/\=

“ Oh, for Kai’s sake, just what I need. . . Really? “ Having allowed herself to comment with a noticeable degree of sarcasm. :: Why is this seriously happening to me? :: Seska found herself at a loss for words, while she wondered what in the Bajoran afterlife would give someone, anyone, the idea that ‘this’ was her ‘thing’, or that she had any experience in such formal social gatherings at all, what so ever. Having thought herself as civilized and refined on ettiquite as a Klingon with blood rage, by the typical standards of comparison to the high society stereotype.

Mizore scanned the spatial area carefully with an intense awareness for anything out of the normal, searching for anything that had not been there approximately twelve hours ago since she was last in her room. Startlingly sudden, her eyes had come to find a small, diamond white crystal attached to a silk cord on her bedside nyght stand. Raising it to eye level, it sparkled when touched by starlight in the panoramic view of endless space that lie just outside the plate window.

In perfect hand written calligraphy script, it read:

The Black and White Ball.
High Formal Affair to be held at NEW ALEXANDRIA on Stardate 30151 commencing at 2100 hours.
Gentlemen to dress in a Black tuxedo with tailcoat, and black shoes.
Ladies to wear gowns of white, gemmed or jeweled accessories.

A yawn slipped from Mizore as it passed from her lips, still holding to the crystal in her palm as she fell to her bed, slipping from reality in to the realm of dreams.

[ To be continued. . . ]

Gwen Spellblade

Ensign Mizore Seska
Assistant Chief Medical Officer
M03-P046: USS ANUBIS: Dalziel: Day 6 - 1845 ("Never A Good Time")
"Never A Good Time"
(Continued from "When you wish upon a star.")


"Unfortunately, the clock is ticking, the hours are going by. The past increases, the future recedes. Possibilities decreasing, regrets mounting."
-Haruki Murakami, Dance Dance Dance


Location: USS ANUBIS
SD: 30150.1845
Scene: Deck 2, Corridor Near Senior Officers' Quarters

The door to Ensign Ya'Han's quarters opened and she stepped out, somehow thinking a little distance from her decision, maybe a short walk, would magically make everything better. Everyone's attendance tomorrow night was expected and mandatory, so time was not on her side. If she had waited until the last minute for such an event on NYLA IV, the wrath of her family would have been brought upon her.

What she hadn't expected was the appearance of the ship's Counsellor walking down the corridor with long, purposeful strides. The expression on her face was far from neutral.

And, she was still wearing her uniform. "Lieutenant," Ya'Han said a bit too cheerfully. "Little help?"

Eve stared at the Sec/Tac, or maybe it was more of a glare. Ya'Han still couldn't read the Cns that well. Her expression softened upon realizing who was speaking to her.

"Good day, Ensign," she responded hesitantly.
"How can I help?

"I'm not ready for the ball. As I would guess neither are you," the woman of royal lineage pointed out to the other woman. "I require help picking a proper dress."

Eve bit her lip thoughtfully. "I need to have a word with Captain Morningstar first, then I'd be happy to help. In fact, would you care to join me?"

"But... of what use would I be there?"

"Let's call it moral support," Dalziel said, practically pulling her along. "I could use some."


Scene: CO's Ready Room
Time Index: Maybe ten minutes later

Originally, it had been the Counsellor's intent to discuss the sudden transport of both Shar'El and Doctor Doyanne from the ship. But, seeing as the information on that was scarce, and cloaked in the secrecy that only an Intel ship could have, the talk quickly segued into the handling of the Ullian's condition.

"I'm not taking it personally," Eve interjected. "I believe that both of us have Shar'El's well-being in mind. The problem is we apparently disagree on what actions should have been taken to keep her safe."

"Then we don't have anything to talk about," Erik said affably. He was mired in paperwork and preparations to have the crew attend the Ball, but he had been completely waylaid by the unexpected visit from his Counsellor and Security Officer, neither of which looked in the proper state of readiness.

"But we do," Eve insisted. "I'm running out of ideas with regard to Doctor Mizore's professional attitude, or lack thereof."

Morningstar sighed. He glanced over to Ensign Ya'Han, who looked nearly as uncomfortable as he felt. The Sec/Tac had provided unexpected support to Eve's side of things in the beginning of the discussion, but had been more of a bystander as things got a little heated.

"That's not like you, to give up," Morningstar said with a bit of surprise.

"I'm not. But I am deferring to a higher authority. I refuse to spend the majority of my time explaining my actions as an Officer when they could be much better spent in the actual performance of my duties."

Morningstar regarded the Junior Lieutenant. Like any of his senior staff, he'd seen her at her best, and at her worst. But rarely had he seen her this irritated. She was an astute judge of character and very empathetic to almost anyone. The fact that there was friction between she and another Officer was rare and unwelcome.

"Look, I don't even expect her to like me. I'm Cardassian, and no amount of plastic surgery or time passing since the occupation of Bajor is going to change that in her heart. But as a Starfleet Officer, I shouldn't have to constantly rebuild trust with her every time she disagrees with a decision I've made or an order I've given."

Ya'Han tried not to react to what the Counsellor had said, even though the revelation of her heritage was news to the Sec/Tac.

Morningstar agreed in principle that the trust between officers should be implicit, but having actually spoken to the CMO he remembered she had made an objection, but had followed instructions. He was not convinced the rift between them was as large as Dalziel thought he was. "You're lying to yourself, Eve," Erik said with the slightest trace of a smirk. "You do want her to like you."

She evaded responding to his discerning opinion for a multitude of reasons, the first of which was that he was right. "What I want isn't as important as what is good for the ship and its crew. I just wanted you to know where I stood on things."

Erik silently wished for a new ExO to appear before him, to help deal with this situation, but when they didn't, he tried to draw things to a close, standing up and shepherding them all out. "I appreciate your honesty. I can't speak for either of you, But I have somewhere else to be, actually five minutes ago, and both of you still need to finish preparations for tomorrow, correct?"

"One more thing," Eve blurted out as they were all headed towards the exit.

"Yes?" Morningstar said in his best attempt
to sound calm.

"I know this isn't a good time, but I wanted to request to take the training required for the Bridge Officer's Test."

Erik smiled much wider this time. Maybe their unexpected adventure got them all thinking a little more about the future. "Granted," he responded without hesitation. "Although your timing could use some work."


Scene: Ya'Han's Quarters
Time Index: a few minutes later

As she promised, Lieutenant JG Dalziel was in the throes of assisting with the Sec/Tac and her as yet undecided dress for the Black and White Ball.

"I apologize for 'kidnapping' you," she said as they looked at different designs.

Ya'Han wasn't sure how to respond. The Cardassian born woman was a great deal more relaxed than she had been prior  "No need. I guess you're not the type to rush into things?

Eve sat back and thought for a moment. She'd been spontaneous about throwing a party or a holodeck experience at a moment's notice. But her career was another story entirely. "Not when it comes to my job."

Through a series of questions they had managed to narrow the choices down to the top two dresses. One was a very structured, clean-lined gown, the other a soft, frilly princess dress. "Those couldn't be more different. No wonder it's been so hard to choose."

"I know, right?" Ya'Han said. Even though they were one step closer, the same inner argument remained. One was too military and severe, the other too frivolous.

Eve tossed her nearly black hair over one shoulder. There had to be a compromise. "Computer, switch the bodices and skirts of the two dresses."

"Wow. You balanced them out."

Eve looked very pleased with herself. "I'm not done. Add a long silver sash to dress A, and a metallic belt to dress B."

There were still two choices in front of them, but they had been remade. The first dress had an embroidered and embellished bodice, a straight satiny skirt, and a silver chiffon sash that draped and flowed in the back. The second dress had a top with almost origami like pleating in the crepe material, a hammered metallic belt that reinforced the geometric look, and a romantic ball skirt with layers of tulle and chiffon.

The Cns smiled and folded her arms at a task well executed. "Okay, I don't know about you, but I love them both. I'm going to leave the final choice up to you."

Ya'Han stifled a sigh. This would almost be as hard as the original search. "Surely you have an opinion on which one is best."

Eve, who had been near the door, turned and regarded both designs again. "I'm a sucker for a full skirt. It's more fun when you're dancing. But that's why I added the sash to the first design, for movement. Let me know if you want to meet tomorrow night and head to the ball together. Thanks again."

Susan Ledbetter

Lieutenant JG Eve Dalziel
M03-P045: USS ANUBIS: T'Leia: Day 06 - 1830 ("When you wish upon a star")
[/\] [/\] [/\] [/\] [/\]
"When You Wish Upon a Star"
[Previously "Making A Decision"]
[/\] [/\] [/\] [/\] [/\]

Setting: Risian Cruise Ship
Stardate: 30150.1830

Andromeda T'Leia was aboard the Risian Cruise Ship making preparations for the Black and White Crystal Ball.  It was her duty to assist people requiring help with Ball Gowns, accessories and Tuxes.  She turned to look at Elita, from New Alexandria she looked lovely in a A-line white gown with long flowing caped sleeves chiffon and vulcan silks.  She smiled at T'Leia and said.  "This is the gown for me, and now to address my hair."

Risian Hosts took Elita away to the spa for a day of pampering.  T'Leia wondered how many of the ANUBIS and other ships personnel would take advantage of the Haute Couture shops on the luxury liner.  

She wondered what Elan and Captain Iverson and the rest would wear.  T'Leia found the anticipations of the Ball were as agreeable as the ball itself.

She went for her spa appointment and sat down in the Manicure-pedicure chair, the relaxing pedicure soak was agreeably comfortable to her sore feet, even Vulcans appreciate pampering they are just not apt to speak of such things, it was a private matter.

As she relaxed in the pedicure chair her mind wondered to the exciting prospects of Serron and Wilton Cloudt Eagle and perhaps a chance to make plans to meet up again in a few months maybe a year, they should at least meet at a Starfleet meeting.  She mused vulcan style as she let the Risa Spa hostesses take care of her hands and feet, then she would get a message and a soak in the Risian mudd soaks...

Renda Carr

Ens. Andromeda T'Leia, M.D.
Assistant Chief Medical Officer
NCC 18501
M03-P044: USS ANUBIS: Ya'Han: Day 06 - 1830 ("Making A Decision")
[/\] [/\] [/\] [/\] [/\]
"Making A Decision"
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[/\] [/\] [/\] [/\] [/\]

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Ya'Han Quarters
Stardate: 30150.1830

The ANUBIS was finally home and everyone had gone to take care of their own departmental and personal business.  The news of the unexpected disappearances of Ensign Shar'El and Doctor Doyanne had travelled quickly through the ship, but there had been little that anyone could say or do about it.  Speculations ran wild as did the theories behind them, but in the end it had all been futile.  To debate the reasons why or the methods how this had happened had been a complete waste of time, something that the Chief of Security knew all too well.  So the dark haired woman had done her best to push the entire matter out of her thoughts not wishing to lose any time on something that she could neither control of affect.
During the journey home no rules had been left unbent to get the ILO back as fast as possible so that there had been some hope that she would be saved.  The simple fact that the unconscious woman had been swept out of sickbay so quickly had actually been a good thing.  At least that had been the general consensus, the greater majority having agreed to believe that this meant someone had been watching over the Ensign's overall well-being.
That the same thing had happened to Doctor Doyanne had also indicated that her research had indeed held some level of importance to the administration of the NEW ALEXANDRIA base. It made sense for those who had found themselves questioning why this had happened had quickly decided to fall under the banner that this too had been a good turn of event..
With the ship and all of its tactical systems properly secured, Ya'Han had decided to tackle something that had also come across as having been of a certain importance to the entire NEW ALEXANDRIA complex; the upcoming Black and White Ball.  The first and most important task that the Chief of Security faced in that regard had been the selection of a proper dress for the occasion.
Ya'Han's slender fingers brushed through her long purple locks as she look through a wide selection of possible dresses that could be worn for the ball.  The simple and efficient designs of some made the Chief of Security think of her duties and responsibilities on board the USS ANUBIS, while the more elegant and grandiose dresses made her recall the life that she had abandoned of her own free will.
As the daughter of the High Sovereign of NYLA IV, Ya’Han had been fully trained in the proper etiquette required for all official functions, while her status demanded that she be dressed to the highest possible degree of elegance. Unfortunately for the woman, the selection of garments for such functions had always been selected for her by servants according to the High Sovereign's specifications and wishes.  Here on the USS ANUBIS, the Chief of Security had been alone to make a decision that she felt rather ill equipped to make.
The discouraged redheaded woman carefully studied the more simple designs thinking about how restricted her movements would be in them should a security situation arise. Although the ball would not be held on the ANUBIS or even on NEW ALEXANDRIA, her expertise in that particular field and trained reflexes would be the first to surface in any moment of crisis.
Dismissing the idea that anything of the sort could or would actually happen during this event, Ya'Han decided to look at the dresses from a more entertaining perspective.  As the emerald haired woman looked through the various styles on display, she imagined herself dancing in each of them, trying to see which would allow her to put on the most alluring and delightful show.
With so many possibilities and reasons behind each, the black haired woman sighed as she leaned back into her chair.  As much as she wanted to make a decision on this, Ya'Han found it impossible to do so as each dress reminded her of either a life that she had left behind or of responsibilities that had become hers following her graduation from Starfleet Academy.
That she liked it or not, Ya’Han admitted with regret that she would need help in making a final choice as to which dress she would wear to the Black and White Ball.

[/\] [/\] [/\] [/\] [/\]
Hanali Han

Ensign Ya'Han
Chief of Security / Chief Tactical Officer
M03-P043: USS ANUBIS: Maya: Day 6 - 1700
("Disappearing Acts and Foreign Languages")
"Disappearing Acts and Foreign Languages"
(Previous Post: "Crystal Slipper on the Staircase")

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck 14, Bio-Chemistry laboratory
Stardate: 30150.1700

The Chief Science Officer of the USS ANUBIS had come to offer her assistance and expertise to the Doctor who had been tirelessly studying the strange alien device.  Everything possible had been done to get the SCARAB-Class Cruiser back to NEW ALEXANDRIA as fast as possible in the hopes of saving the life of the Intel Operations Officer; Ensign Shar'El.  Not wanting to find herself lost in unproductive thoughts, the Shillian Scientist had thought it best to participate in an activity that best suited her skill set.

"The regenerative properties of the shell are truly fascinating," the Chief Science Officer said the Doctor Doyanne, the Scientist having long ago abandoned her efforts to take over the research from the visibly exhausted Medical Officer.  "Even when exposed to the most extreme conditions the cells which comprise this shell maintain a nearly one hundred percent regeneration capability.  The medical, scientific, and should I dare say it, tactical applications of such a technology would be nearly endless."

"All I am hoping for is to find something in that shell that will cure the plague that is killing my people," Doctor Doyanne said, her extreme fatigue having taken such a toll on her that she had forgotten that the knowledge of her being Tarellian had not been common knowledge.

"Your people?" the Shillian woman asked not able to recall any instances during which she had read or heard that Doctor Lillie Doyanne had been something other than Human.  "What plague are you referring to?"

The question had been direct and filled with concern as the Chief Science Officer could think of only a single plague that had been decimating a single specific race.  If her fears should be confirmed though, the Shillian wondered as to how she would find herself react.

If Doctor Doyanne had indeed been a Tarellian, the plague that her people carried would have infected the entirety of the crew by now, but the Shillian scientist could not reconcile this reality with the fact that the woman had been assigned to the USS ANUBIS.  Certainly Admiral Koniki would have known of such an extreme medical condition and would not have willingly sacrificed an entire crew for some unknown reason.  This of course left only two possibilities to be considered; the first was that the Doctor had not been Tarellian while the second pointed to the woman possessing some medical technology that kept the plague she carried contained.

Whichever final conclusion had been correct, the truth had been that Doctor Doyanne had been on board the USS ANUBIS and that she now required the help and support of those who looked upon her as a shipmate.  That said though, the curiosity that had been at the very core of the Scientist had not been satisfied leaving the Chief Science Officer with a single sure way to find the answer she sought.

The Shillian turned her back to the Doctor for a moment as she gathered the courage to ask a single simple question, one that held the possibility of revealing a secret that could forever change the lives of everyone on board.  "I am truly sorry, but I have to ask. Please forgive me but I am sure that you will understand that I just cannot keep this question silent as it does carry with it a great deal of potential issues and concerns, not only for me but for the rest of the crew of the ANUBIS.  Lillie... are you Tarellian?"

When no reply came, the Chief Science Officer turned around and was surprised to see an empty work space as well as a bare work table.  Both the Doctor and the focus of her research had all of a sudden vanished.

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Bridge
Stardate: 30150.1730

The ANUBIS had not yet been secured to the docking links reserved for it while inside the NEW ALEXANDRIA base, so the attention of the personnel on the bridge had been focused on the final approach for good reasons.  Not having located Captain Morningstar as she stepped onto the deck, the Chief Science Officer promptly made her way to the officer of the Commanding Officer wanting to speak to him about what she had witnessed.

After having announced her presence using the door chime, the Chief Science Officer was granted access into the room and found Doctor Mizore standing in front of an exasperated Captain.

"Let me guess," Erik began as he met the inquiring gaze of his former Acting Executive Officer.  "Doctor Doyanne suddenly vanished from whatever lab she had been working in."  Captain Morningstar chuckled dryly at the bemused expression that had appeared on the face of his Chief Science Officer.  "Doctor Mizore came here to report the same thing having happened to Ensign Shar'El, My guess is that our esteemed leader, Admiral Koniki, kept track of what was happening and decided to take control of the situation as soon as we were in reach of the internal transporter system.  As soon as I have a confirmation I will be sure to let you both know, in the meantime return to your departments.  We are home."

Setting: USS BASTET, Bridge
Stardate: 30150.1830

The ANUBIS had returned home and Captain Iverson would have been happy about this had she actually been able to know that the event had taken place.  Without a working main view screen and external sensors that appeared unable to identify the structure that surrounded the USS BASTET, the Captain had been blind to anything happening beyond the limits of her ship.

"Love what you have done with the place," the voice of the redheaded Chief Engineering Officer of the USS ANUBIS filled the empty bridge as she and the Avatar ANI stepped in.  The announcement had been meant in jest as the bridge appeared as if it had been only a few weeks into its construction schedule.

"What brings you two here?" the Captain asked as she rose from her chair, half wishing that she could run and hide in her office, if the doors to that room could actually open.

"Well," Lieutenant Paquette began as her eyes travelled the hanging wires and open access panels that could be found everywhere on the command deck.  "The ANUBIS returned home, ANI did her usual 'get touchy feely' with the mainframe of NEW ALEXANDRIA and she made a comment or two about the computer of the BASTET speaking a strange new dialect.  According to her it resembled a cross between a drunken Klingon chicken and a backwards walking, three-headed Andorian sloth.  Anyway I figured that we could drop in and see what the problem was.  If there is an actual drunken Klingon chicken hidden somewhere on this ship I wanted to see it with my own eyes."

"Thank you," Selene offered with a gentle yet genuinely grateful grin.  "I think Elan is trying to address that issue as we speak, not that there is a shortage of issues to be addressed at this time.  Doctor T'Leia was kind enough to help with Sickbay earlier."

"Of course Elan is working on the multi-linguistic computer," the redheaded Engineer laughed out loud, "because every ship in Starfleet should be able to speak Oltharian as well as drunken Klingon poultry," Sonja continued, completely amused by the sheer absurdity of the situation.  "ANI, stay here and see what you can do with the systems on the bridge.  I will go down and see if Elan can use a pair of smaller hands to help him.  Judging by the obscenities that this computer was spewing back to the mainframe I think senior 'bigger and taller' could use the help."

Jessica Solarik

Lieutenant Commander Maya
Chief Science Officer


Captain Selene Fiona Iverson
Commanding Officer

"To see the world in a grain of sand,
and a heaven in a wild flower.
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,
and eternity in an hour."
- William Blake (British, 1757-1827)
M03-P042: USS ANUBIS: T'Leia : Day 6 - 1715
("Crystal Slipper on the Staircase")
"Crystal Slipper on the Staircase"
[Previous post was "Heel Clicking"

Setting:  New Alexandria, Section C2: Level 3  Observation deck
Stardate:  30150.1715

Ensign T'Leia, stood watching the USS ANUBIS as it arrived, while she did not smile a broad smile as Humans and other more emotionally driven species would; she did allow her lips to do a small curl so slight that 'NO ONE' but another Vulcan or a close friend of T'Leia's would ever see the slight curl of the lips.

Turning as Elan spoke, she nodded and replied.  "Aye, a fine ship.  It is an honor to serve."  And as the words trailed off her lips, she thought back to those missing.   Her eyes had a slight darkening to them, nothing a casual observer would notice, she was more Vulcan than human in demeanor, years of training and cautioning by her Father, had given over to the young woman of today.  Her bone china features a glow with the life within, the human emotions that no one else could see.

Andromeda T'Leia looked around as the Comm called out her entire name, and said.  

=/\=  Ensign Andromeda T'Leia you have visitors arriving on the Observation Deck. =/\=  

Turning around, she saw the blonde hair and the tall structure that is Serron, he closed the gap between them in a second and bowed slightly, his eyes giving away nothing, his hand gently taking her index finger and middle finger underneath his index finger and his middle finger.  Speaking softly he announced.

"It is an honor to greet thee once again, Andromeda T'Leia!  I am your servant."

Andromeda T'Leia bowed slightly and replied.  "It is an honor to be seen, and I am thy servant as well,  Sir."

To the emotional species observing, they could not see nor feel nor telepathically understand the level of meaning, and subdued emotions of two old friends greeting and seeing the other once again, once upon a crystal slipper, once again a dance to see...  Time would tell.

And then, from behind Serron, another handsome figure stood.  Andromeda T'Leia turned to look as she heard....

"Rommie, it has been while."  Wilton Cloudt Eagle walked casually up to Serron, T'Leia and bowed.  Taking her other hand in his,he kissed it gently and said.  "I am your servant to command forever, or at least throughout the Ball, My Lady."

T'Leia nodded and replied.  "I am you humble servant Wilton, command me."

She then turned to the others and said.  "Elan, Captain, everyone, It is an honor to present to you all, Ambassador Serron and Captain Wilton Cloudt Eagle from the Proto-type fleet  The 214th SF/VC Black Sheep."

Elan and the others greeted the two men, and casual talk commenced.

T'Leia, found a quiet corner and with meditation let her heart still within her breast, her two friends here at last......

Serron and Wilton while chatting with the others and being gracious newcomers, their eyes would find Andromeda T'Leia, they were both friends, yet both suitors one girl, as Cloudt Eagle would say.  Serron, would say, "She is half Vulcan we have more to guide us along the pathways."  

Wilton would reply.  "She is destiny, and I doubt any man can hold onto destiny."
Renda Carr

Ensign Andromeda T'Leia
Assistant Chief Medical officer
M03-P041: USS ANUBIS: Shar'El: Day 6 - 1015 ("Heel Clicking")
"Heel Clicking"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Sickbay
Stardate: 30150.1015

Doctor Mizore, currently assigned to the USS ANUBIS as its Assistant Chief Medical Officer, moved about her domain with an entirely new perspective and drive.  The title she held no longer reflected the full extent of the duties she had accepted, at least in her heart if not yet officially to the ship's CO.
The physical well-being of the crew would be her primary responsibility, but for the time being the Bajoran Doctor had one patient who required her complete and undivided attention.  Although Ensign Shar'El, the ANUBIS' ILO, appeared to be resting calmly on the biobed, the readouts displayed on the monitoring screen painted en entirely different picture.  Imprisoned within the tranquility of her humanoid form, the woman's mind seemed to be on the edge of a cataclysmic confrontation opposing her sanity and the knowledge that had found its way into her head.
"Hang in there," Seska whispered through a pleading sigh.  "We're almost home."
Setting: Black Emptiness
Stardate: Not applicable
~We're almost home.~
Before the words had echoed through the endless dark void that surrounded her, Shar'El had heard nothing other than the clicking of her heels against an invisible floor, its color matching perfectly with that of her surroundings.  Time in this place meant nothing, so there had been no way for the ILO to know if she had pondered those words for only a few seconds or for countless hours.
"Home?" Shar'El asked out loud as if hoping that someone would step out of the darkness to answer.  Slowly the darkness gave way to images of the starbase she had called home, of EARTH and Starfleet Academy and lastly of the NEW ALEXANDRIA base from which the USS ANUBIS operated from.  Although all of those placed had been familiar, Shar'El could not truly refer to any of them has having been *home*.  With that thought waves after waves of images flooded the darkness and moved in closer, each showing a world previously unknown to the ILO. There had been so many images that the woman fell onto her knees and tearfully begged for this to stop.
Setting: USS ANUBIS, Sickbay
Stardate: 30150.1315
Eve stepped into the main area of Sickbay, her grey-eyes gaze immediately went onto the only patient in the room.  As the Ship's Counselor the Cardassian born woman had access to he medical reports of Doctor Mizore, and the latest one had brought the rather imposing dark haired officer in.
"She's physically stable," Seska offered as she joined the Counselor.  "I just can't stop her from thinking or remembering.  It's like her mind is trying to break free out of her skull."
"We all know that you are doing your best," the Counselor said, never taking her eyes off the woman who appeared to be peacefully resting.  "Shar'El is in good hands being here with you, no one doubts this."
"I just hope that we can make it back before it is too late," Doctor Mizore sighed.  "We always seem to be fighting against it."
"Against what?" Eve wondered out loud, not certain as to what the Doctor had been referring to,
Setting: Black Emptiness
Stardate: Not applicable
There was no time in this place, at least not that Shar'El could measure or experience. The ILO could witness the rise and fall of an entire civilization in a single heartbeat and yet it felt as if she had been in here for an eternity.
Thoughts without form. Knowledge without substance. Images without meaning.  Had this all not been so overwhelming the ILO might have actually found the experience interesting instead of seeing it as an endless nightmare.
Setting: USS ANUBIS, Bridge
Stardate: 30150.1415
"How are we doing?" The captain asked of the red headed CEO who had been monitoring the latest set of tweaks from the Engineering station on the bridge.
"The engines are at 122%," Sonja said with a sigh.  "The transwarp field generators are on the verge of giving us a less than pleasant rendition of the Anvil Chorus.  Why else do you think I'm up here instead of down there?"
Although the CO knew that the last words spoken by the CEO had been meant in jest, Erik still wondered if something more could be done to reduce their travel time back to NEW ALEXANDRIA.
"Captain," the Chief Science Officer stepped in with.  "Maybe we could try and modify the warp field harmonics frequency and geometry.  In theory we could gain a few points of speed by doing this although it would require energy to be diverted from other systems."
"We've pulled pretty much everything that was available to get us this far," the Chief of Security chimed in.  "As per your orders the tactical systems were even taken off-line leaving me with a blank console to supervise."
"Whatever little bit of extra power we were able to shave off the ship's systems is currently being used to strengthen the structural integrity field which is the only think keeping us from flying apart at the seams," the Chief of Operation added.  "There is nothing more we can do."
Erik nodded his acknowledgement of the facts has they had been presented to him and made his way back to the central chair.  Everyone had done their best which meant that the only thing they could do was wait and hope that it at all been enough.
Setting: USS ANUBIS, Sickbay
Stardate: 30150.1515
Seska stood over the motionless form of the ILO, a medical tricorder firmly in her grasp.  Like everyone else on board the ANUBIS Doctor Mizore had done everything that had been possible leaving the final outcome in the hands of powers beyond their understanding.
"May the Prophets watch over you," the Bajoran born woman said as she looked down at the Ullian, the information displayed on the medical scanner pointing out that they were running out of time.  "Hang in there; you are not ready to become a ‘Boryhas’."
Setting: Black Emptiness
Stardate: Not applicable
Although she had never heard the word before, Shar'El somehow knew its significance and reference to the Bajoran belief of a lingering spirit of someone who has recently passed on.  Had this been what she was experiencing? Had the ILO actually passed on and this had been the afterlife?  Given that the experience had not matched anything that had ever been recorded, Shar'El found it within herself to dismiss that possibility.
If she was not dead though, why had the word echoed through the darkness that surrounded her, a darkness that had gradually grown to be colder?
Would this darkness become her home, the place that she would be spending all of eternity in?
Setting: NEW ALEXANDRIA, Section C2, Level 3, Observation deck
Stardate: 30150.1715
Ensign T'Leia watched with Vulcan intensity and interest as the USS ANUBIS made its way through the imposing doors that kept the inside of the secret Intel base hidden from he outside universe. There was something almost graceful about the manner in which the SCARAB-Class Cruiser seemed to move in the tight quarters of the docking area.
"She's a fine ship," Elan said as he joined the Healer, "and I am sure that you will enjoy being part of her crew."
"Thank you," Andromeda said with a faint nod of her head, acknowledging the giant's words.  Based on everything that she had read and heard about the ship and its crew, she suspected that the term 'enjoy' might have been ill chosen by the Oltharian, but Andromeda did believe that the experience would be at the very least an interesting one.
Setting: USS ANUBIS, Sickbay
Stardate: 30150.1715
"We're here," Eve announced to Doctor Mizore wh9o had already been preparing to have her patient beamed directly to the NEW ALEXANDRIA Sickbay where she hoped that something could be done to help the ILO.
"Can you get the medkit that is next to the door," Seska asked.  "I would rather go over with something than show up empty handed."
Eve quickly did as she had been asked and handed the case to Doctor Mizore who noted a rather strange expression on the Cardassian born woman, her grey eyes locked on something over Seska's shoulder.  As the Bajoran woman turned to see what the problem was she quickly noted that her patient had vanished.
"Where is she!?!"
Setting: NEW ALEXANDRIA, Section I, Medical level
Stardate: 30150.1717
A team of medical specialist hurried around the woman, the sound of their heels clicking against the dark hard floor sounding like the scampering of an miniature army.  Everything had been made ready, the medical team having been kept up-to-date through reports from the base's administration who had been keeping tabs on the ANUBIS and the situation on board as it hurried back.
Within seconds Shar'El found herself strapped down to some sort of biobed, and her head surrounded by a device from which radiated hundreds of small needle-like pins.  The low humming of the contraption in a strange way resembled that of the ancient machine, not that there had been any visible similarities between the two.
"Initiate primary neurological scan and begin a comparative synaptic review using the patient's own records as when she was assigned to the ANUBIS," the lad medical team member ordered as more people came into what could only be described as an operating room of some sort. Team 2, stand-by for a complete synaptic depolarization once the neurological mapping has been completed."
=/\= Will it work? =/\= an aged voice asked from behind a one-way mirror overlooking toe operation room.
"We are looking at a 78% probability of being able to retrieve the entirety of the data," the lead Doctor replied as he confirmed a large range of numbers being displayed on various screens.  "The neurological imprint appears to be very deep and complex, so I am not ready to give you any figures as to the odds of this officer making it through without any permanent brain damage."
=/\= Retrieving the *intact* data if your first priority Doctor,=/\= the aged voice said with a coldness that seemed inhuman. =/\= How long before this is accomplished? =/\=
"The extraction should not take more than three hours," the lead Doctor replied, his task having been made perfectly clear.
=/\= I will be back in two. Keep me informed should there be any unexpected problems, but I suspect that there will not be.  After all, you are the wizard. =/\=
Setting: Black Emptiness
Stardate: Not applicable
The surrounding darkness had become bitter cold and the word Shar'El had heard had not echoed like any of the others.  Something had changed; the images that had come so easily despite her wishes were now being pulled away leaving the ILO to scramble in an effort to hold on to something.
From the last word she had heard the memory of a distant story came into view, images trying their best to remain in focus as they were being pulled from her mind.  Without knowing why, the ILO simply took in a deep breath and clicked her heels together.
"There is no place like home. There is no place like home. There is no place like home."

Tiffany Reeve

Ensign Shar'El
Intel Liaison Officer
M03-P040: USS ANUBIS: Mizore: Day 05 - 1651 ("Provoked to a Responsive Reaction")
"Provoked to a Responsive Reaction"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck Seven, Counselor’s Office
Stardate: 30149.1651

"I will not allow you to make any decision that may risk Shar'El's life," Seska stated, rather blatantly and forthright, being the one to advocate for Shar’El and her life.

"Doctor," the Counselor continued, turning her attention solely onto the ACMO, "Shar'El's odds of making it through this in one piece would be much greater if you are here with us.  Should you wish to uphold your objection I will have no other choice but to have you removed from this room and proceed without you.  So, for Shar'El's sake, please reconsider your position. We all need you here to help her."

Seska let slip a low growl, as she did her best to push her disapproval to the background for the time being. Soon as Eve gave her ultimatum, there was an instant or immediate rift, as if some unbreachable personal and moral chasm now separated the Bajoran Doctor and Cardassian Counselor. "Fine. I want it on record that I am against doing this.” the ACMO eventually said, knowing that time had been of essence.

:: You ever pull anything like this, even remotely close or similar, ever again. There will be a swift and decisive reckoning forthcoming, of that one can be sure. I swear it. :: Seska aimed a glare at the Counselor, so cold, it would almost chill the blood or kill from a distance.

Now that it was unquestionably obvious and apparent, that while Dalziel may have been in part, Bajoran raised, her Cardassian self interest was now and would forever be noticeably present somewhere in her genetic traits, which not only sickened Seska, had shut down and single handedly destroyed any future interest in social interaction with the woman outside any official capacity either Starfleet or the Federation required or demanded of her.

The fact that the new Chief Tactical and Security officer was even in attendance, much less had anything to speak of, had not even registered to the ACMO. As if for one moment, there had only been Dalziel and Mizore warring over the state and life of Shar’El.

While Mizore may have acquiesced to the operation, she did so, and remained, only for the sake of Shar’El. Her expression pointed harshly, that she made no allusions otherwise. She would not, by any means short of taking the ILO’s place, lose Shar’El now, even as she had only started to know and develop a newly forged connection to or with the woman. If or had the events been altered, or changed in any way, and it was Eve in the role of the Ullian, this would have been a very different situation.
Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck Seven, Counselor's Office
Stardate: 30149.1801

When it was over, Seska knew all that had really been accomplished or achieved was nothing more that accessing the information, a mere copy of whatever rested or resided within the ILO’s mind. Leaving whatever the ancient machination had done, or placed there, still lay in that of the Ullian’s mind, and still had the potential to affect her memory or the chance to threaten her thoughts or possibly complicate, even terminate her existence.

As she escorted Shar’El toward Main Sickbay, when the door slid open to the corridor between the Counselors office and the Medical facility, Eve’s voice rose to chime in. “Thank you for staying, Doctor.” The ACMO stopped dead in her tracks, for a time not a word was spoken in reply or response. Seska stood in complete silence before allowing herself to give a slow turn of her head with a surprisingly dark and gritty look, she locked eyes with Eve. “This is hardly, more specifically to the point, neither the time or place for me to give you any sort of real, honest answer. So I take my leave of you with a simple ‘goodbye’.” Keeping her words short, though her intonations of her last words had been given with a definite spite, and emphasis of derisive contempt. Reserving the full entirety of her wrath and outrage for a more appropriate moment, she returned to the task at hand, where she guided her patient across the corridor to Main Sickbay to recover, for both Shar’El as well as herself.
Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck Seven, Main Sickbay
Stardate: 30150.0620

"I was not truly given a choice.” the Bajoran repeated again, continuing to drive the point, knowing within that her argument had already been a losing one.

When she looked away briefly, she cursed under her breath. :: The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. :: Every Vulcan knows this, even those that are connected to Vulcan’s understand this aspect of their philosophy. :: Still, I cannot accept that, not in this case. :: There was no clear threat nor had there been any present danger to anyone, to the ANUBIS, or any member of the crew other than Shar’El. :: A life for for a few thousand of years of intelligence is not a worthy cause or sacrifice, especially considering it could be anything from inter dimensional warp travel theory, to simultaneously existing temporal paradox star charts, to a sugarless gluten free chocolate chip cookie recipe. ::

Seska had become so lost in her thoughts, that they had been given voice, attempting to resolve the realization as she verbally mused it to herself. In a low whisper gave way to a logical stream of words. “Though what I fear most, is that it was a self preservation algorithm or process. The very real and legitimate possibility that we have have somehow released this ancient machines own sentient consciousness and existence in to the ships computer.” As one of only a very few who had any direct connection to the machine, her mind tried to reconcile the validity of such a thing happening.

She paused for an instant, snapping her attention back to the CO, as she looked back at the Native American as if trying to make sure that she had correctly understood what had been said.  "Doctor Doyanne is in charge of ‘this’ Sickbay," the Bajoran Doctor stated, her words having been spoken with a certain hesitation and degree confusion.

"Doctor Doyanne has taken on new responsibilities leaving the position of Chief Medical Officer open," the Captain explained. "I was hoping that you would accept taking over. I don't need an answer now. Think about it and advise me before the end of the day as I will need to know if we have a new CMO when we arrive at NEW ALEXANDRIA."

Seska, with some hesitation, nodded to the CO, a light smile on her lips. As the Native American made his way out of Sickbay, her attentions turned once more to her new friend, Shar’El. She understood what he said, and wondered first if she had actually heard the right of it. Having been offered the position of CMO, which took her by shock initially. She had always wanted to become a Chief Medical officer somewhere in Starfleet.

:: The current CMO withdrawing from the position, having been personally invested in overseeing her own research on some foreign fragment of alien technological hardware. Is this really how one, let alone I myself, would want rise to, or achieve such a position. ::

While the whole scene with the CNS seemed to play repeatedly on a cycle. It had at least proven one thing, Seska knew she could perform the role, could hold the position and do so quite well. She could be counted or relied on, completely separating her personal issues from the professional responsibilities required  and expected of a CMO. That was all Mizore needed, it was decidedly settled then and there, at least on her side. That she would take the position and accept it graciously, honoring in some small form, one half of a promise made nearly four decades ago.

Seska would patiently withhold her answer however, as Morningstar had expressed or implied, for any number of reasons, many of which where valid, being rather personal, quite private, deeply religious or philosophical.
Gwen Spellblade

Ensign Mizore Seska
Assistant Chief Medical Officer
M03-P039: USS ANUBIS: Stark: Day 6 - 0930 ("Overloaded")
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Bridge
Stardate: 30150.0930

With the ANUBIS rushing back home to NEW ALEXANDRIA and the Black and White Ball, the crew's attention had not been entirely on their duties.  Without the risk of being fired upon or pulled again into another dimension, things had been quiet and relaxed.

Jayson sat at the Operations station and frequently made sure that the amount of information that had been downloaded from the ILO's mind had not found a way to interfere with the ship's systems. Starfleet had a rather long history of computer and ship issues that had begun with harmless data downloads.  Right now though, it seemed that only the sheer volume of the data had been of concern.

"Still expecting that information to somehow take over the ship?"

The tone of voice from the Chief of Security had been sarcastic enough to make the OPS officer know that it had been meant as a joke.  The problem was that he did not think it had been something to be taken so lightly.

"The memory banks have been isolated from the core processing system and vital areas.  Maybe I am being paranoid, but I would rather not take a chance. There is just too much about that data that we know nothing about."

Jayson shot a cold glare towards the black haired woman, not understanding why of all the people on board he had to justify his being cautious to the Chief of Security.

"Relax, I am genuinely impressed by the security measures you have put into place.  I was just making an observation of the fact that you are monitoring that data as if it were some sort of living entity ready to jump at the first thing that would move too close to it."

An uneasy silence filled the bridge as he looked directly at her before finally relaxing his posture.  As much as he might have wanted t admit it, Ya'Han had been right.  Maybe he had been a little on the excessive side of things in regards to the information that had been downloaded from the ILO's mind.
"I would feel better if Commander Maya could take a look at this though.  As the Chief Science Officer, she might be able to see something that we are all missing."

"Right now Commander Maya is busy helping Doctor Doyanne with her research.  Given that the Doctor has not moved from there in ages and was visited by the Captain, I am truly curious as to what is happening down there."

Jayson just nodded his head.  He too had been curious as to the specifics of the Doctor's research but like the majority of officers, he had not dared to ask.  Taking into account just how much time Doctor Doyanne had invested into this specific research had been more than enough to have people curious and to keep them away for fear of interfering or being told to get out.

"I guess all we can do is hope that Commander Maya is able to help allowing her to return to the bridge soon."

Jayson had a double reason in his hope for the Chief Science Officer, one having been for the Doctor's sake and the other having been for his own.  There had just been something unnerving about having so much garbled data hanging in the ANUBIS' computer memory.

"If you want something different to occupy your thoughts, how about helping me pick a dress for the ball.  At absolute worst case  will at least know what *not* to wear based on your suggestions."

The teasing tone of the Chief of Security caused Jayson to roll his eyes.  Why had she found it so fun to tease and bug him so?  Still, he had to admit that as strange as the offer had been, it would at least give him an excuse to focus on something other than the ship's memory banks.

Jayson Sousa

Ensign Jayson Stark
M03-P038: USS ANUBIS: Day 5: 1930 - T'Leia ("The Anchor Holds Esperanza")
"The Anchor Holds Esperanza!"
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Setting:  NEW ALEXANDRIA, Starfleet Opts Channels communications Station RESTRICTED Section A, Communications.
Stardate 30149.1930

T'Leia stood by the communications station and took the incoming call.  

=/\= Andromeda T'Leia,  Cloudt Eagle here, sending you greetings and the crystal ball going up on our side of the dance floor.  Cautions that attendees not eat or drink the catering black void.  I repeat, black void.  No reply necessary, Cloudt Eagle out. =/\= 

T'Leia made note of the encrypted message and sent word to Admiral Charles N. Koniki, for his encryption team.  She was very much aware of what the message meant, having worked with Cloudt Eagle and the rest of the Black Sheep, she understood exactly what he was sending.  She could not disclose it herself, but she sent the message to Koniki with her translation and he could verify it with his decyptors.  One thing it did tell her is that Serron, the Black Sheep and even everyone at New Alexandria were in the cross hairs of something so big and strong that New Alexandria and the Fleet stationed here were about to embark on a mission dangerous and questionable as to would they survive.

T'Leia thought about her last encounter with Cloudt Eagle,~ the handsome Cherokee Human, long black hair, eagle feathers tucked neatly into his hair, his starfleet uniform spik and span.  He and she walking along the garden on Esperanza, he a man without his beloved wife, still morning her passing and her image everywhere in the Ships, AI systems and the Ship Android Ranza.  T'Leia at times wondered how the man could command the ship that was the embodiement of what he had lost?  ~  She thought as she made her way out of the communications department.  

~Rommie, Cloudt Eagle had stirred her from her thoughts that day.  He took her arm and gave it a gentle squeeze.  You know the new mission you are embarking on can be dangerous, if you ever need our assistance, you have but to put this into a message and I'll be there.  T'Leia looked down at her hand, it held a emergency transponder chip with transporter technology specifically designed to beam to the Esperanza and to Cloudt Eagle if she ever needed to contact him.  Of course, I shall, but you know I won't have to.  And if thee ever needs me, here is a Vulcan alerter as well, coded to beam to me.  Wilton had kissed her hands and they walked onwards, he cut yellow roses for her, and they found the lake area of the gardens quiet, they sat together and talked about many things, and then Ranza had arrived and that hurt, stoic look took over Wilton's face, and it was time for her to leave.  As she made her way to the transport.  Wilton kissed her lips gently and said.  Be well, Rommie T'Leia you take a part of my heart with you.  Then they were parted, friends and colleagues much space between them, and yet why did he feel so close?~

T'Leia returned to her work, and preparing for destiny.

Renda Carr

Ens. Andromeda T'Leia
Ast. Medical Officer
M03-P037: USS ANUBIS: Shar'El: Day 6 - 0645 ("Be Fine")
"Be Fine"
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Setting: SPACE, In the emptiness between stars
Stardate: Not applicable

Lost in an endless universe of thoughts and images that made little sense to her, Shar'El tried to focus on something, anything that had been in the slightest way familiar to her.  The distant echo of a voice, one that seemed to belong to an entirely different reality caused the bodiless woman to turn towards a distant star, a single point of light amongst millions.  Through sheer will the woman crossed the void between her and the star in mere seconds.  Her physical form had been left behind long ago leaving her to be nothing more than a wondering consciousness traveling between stars and dimensions.

~You'll be fine,~ the voice said as if emanating from within the light.

For a moment Shar'El wondered as to what exactly she had been hearing.  Had it been the disembodied voice of an all powerful being residing within the light? Had it been a voice from her past beckoning her to step through the corridor of light leaving everything else behind? So many possibilities, yet none of them seemed 'right' as far as the black haired woman had been concerned.

Shar'El studied the light in all of its forms, shapes and variants.  Every now and then she thought that she had seen a form within the blinding glow, a creature possessing arms and legs very much like those that she once had.  Had this been a portal of sorts to another place, another time or had it been nothing more than a memory long ago forgotten?

~Rest,~ the voice said as the image changed to be that of a face, one that held very distinct features.  "I'm here for you."  There had been a definite familiarity about that voice and the ridges on the nose of the face beyond the light.  Memories of a ship and its crew came into her disembodied mind, one face after another.  There had been no doubts, she knew these faces, these people, each and everyone of them.  She had touched their memories in what felt like an eternity and yet the images had been fresh as if it had all happened yesterday.

::Seska.:: Shar'El thought, more as a memory than an revelation.  :Seska.:: She repeated as her mind gradually drew closer to the light until it came to encompass her consciousness whole.

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Sickbay
Stardate: 30150.0645

The ILO stirred drawing the immediate attention of Doctor Mizore onto her.

"Relax," Seska said as she checked some of the readings on the display above the patient's head.  "You are in sickbay, recuperating from what they did to you."

Out of natural reflex for her species, Shar'El peeked into the mind of the woman who had been there standing over her.  In a matter of seconds the ILO was made to see what had happened following her own request for help and how the Counselor and Engineer had summoned the Doctor's fullest anger against them.

"You should not be angry at them," Shar'El said, her voice having come out far weaker than she had expected it to.  "They acted as I had asked them to.  Whatever knowledge I picked up while my mind was inside that machine needed to be saved."

"Stop talking," Seska softly ordered, partially because she had wanted for Shar'El to rest and partially because the Doctor had not wanted to discuss this matter further.  "You need to rest."

"My neurotransmitters are working over time," the ILO said, indicating by this that she had still been inside the Bajoran Doctor's memories, "and you are afraid that this strain is going to cause me to 'lose my mind'."

"First," Doctor Mizore said in a very stern manner, "get out of my head.  Second, you need to rest and if I have to I will sedate you."

"Sorry," Shar'El said as she closed her eyes to indicate that she had severed her link into the Bajoran's most recent memories.  "I understand why you are angry at them, but the truth is that they did exactly what they were meant to do, just as you did.  Had I stayed in my quarters and not seek Eve's help she would not have called you to help and I would have remained alone with a head full of alien knowledge.  Sonja did what she could to comply with my request to have the information recorded because  did not want it to be lost to us forever."

"We could have lost you," Seska said as her anger towards the other two officers resurfaced and was in a small way directed to the central cause of this mess.

"What is one life compared to the knowledge that was collected?" Shar'El spoke with a wisdom that seem to originate from well beyond the confines of the ILO's own mind and life experiences.  "Had I stayed in my quarters I might have died there and the knowledge would have been lost.  Instead Eve placed me in a state that allowed for that knowledge to be recorded, be it in whole or in part, and you were there to see that I made it out in one piece."

Seska had been ready to unleash another argument when Shar'El simply reached out and took hold of the Doctor's hand.

"Things happened as they were meant to happen, and will continue to do so," the ILO said with a faint yet reassuring smile.  "This anger will serve no purpose and may interfere with your duties as Chief Medical Officer."

"I have not accepted that position yet," the Bajoran pointed out with an angered sigh, realizing that the Ullian had come to be aware of the offer thanks to her recent memory invasion.

"Things have happened and will continue to happen for a reason," Shar'El said as she eased her head back down onto the pillow of her bed.  "Your anger will not change what must come to pass, but it will make things a lot more difficult to everyone including yourself."

"They got what they wanted," Seska said referring to the information that Eve and Sonja had recorded from Shar'El's mind, "but that still leaves me with your situation, one that I honestly have no idea as to how to fix without risking lobotomizing you."

"Once we arrive at NEW ALEXANDRIA, all will be fine," the ILO said just as her readings became erratic forcing Doctor Mizore to administer a sedative to help bring the rapidly increasing rate of neurotransmitters back to a safer level. 

Tiffany Reeve

Ensign Shar'El
Intel Liaison Officer
M03-P036: USS ANUBIS: Morningstar: Day 5 - 1930 ("Shadows of Change")
"Shadows of Change"
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"Man is not what he thinks he is, he is what he hides."
- André Malraux

Setting: NEW ALEXANDRIA, Section A, Level 9, RESTRICTED Meeting Room
Stardate: 30149.1930

Admiral Charles N. Koniki, former head of Starfleet Intelligence and current ranking officer of the NEW ALEXANDRIA complex grinned ever so slightly as he watched two of his well known associates trade classified material.  Within the universe of Intel, words could rapidly prove to be fatal, so it was not at all unexpected to see veterans go about their business in complete and absolute silence.

As the head of the Intel base of operations, Admiral Koniki had been purview to a great deal of sensitive and highly classified information.  Some held such a level of secrecy that he would have to insure that the knowledge within his mind was well secured behind the telepathic barriers that he had spent decades developing.  As an ultra secret base located outside of the normal patrol routes of the Federation and countless other races, NEW ALEXANDRIA lent itself very well to such exchanges, providing a safe and secure environment for those very few who actually knew of its existence.

With the current business having been concluded, the aged Admiral in charge of the NEW ALEXANDRIA complex broke his silence.  "Admiral Balren, I gather that you were able to secure the Risian Cruise Liner required for our upcoming ball."

"Of course," came the prompt reply, the high ranking officer trying to appear hurt at the fact that his abilities and resources had been brought into question.  "The Risian Cruiser Liner is equipped and staffed to your specifications with only a few missing items."

"Perfect," Charles nodded with approval, "I will have Commander Quint coordinate with you for what few items may be missing.  As much as I have the utmost confidence in your skills to find everything, I also know just how resourceful Quint can be in our times of need."

"Never underestimate the ability of a Ferengi to get something that he wants," Serron added having had experience with the race and their skills in obtaining anything they thought would, in one way or another, prove profitable to them.

"In the meantime you are all welcome to enjoy the hospitality of this base for the next couple of days," Koniki offered as Allyson, the Admiral's own blonde haired secretary entered the room.

"If you require anything, please do not hesitate to let me know," the smiling woman stated in her usual friendly and cheerful demeanor, Allyson having always been more than ready to assist and provide for anyone whom she came in contact with.  "Accommodations meeting your personal tastes have been arranged, and if you would care to follow me, I would be delighted to show you to them."

"Are you going to finally tell me where you found her," Admiral Rossen asked in a playful yet whispered voice of the NEW ALEXANDRIA's ranking officer.

"Would you believe me if I told you that she has always been here?" Koniki replied with a grin that made it clear that the Admiral had not been willing to divulge the information, at least not in a way that his friend would be able to decipher at this time.

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Captain Morningstar's Quarters
Stardate: 30150.0600

The night had been a long one for no other reason than because of the Native American's own haunting thoughts.  Several issues of importance had been dropped on his administrative plate, each one possessing the potential of making life on board the USS ANUBIS a great deal more complicated.

Commander Maya's stepping down as Acting Executive Officer had not been an easy decision for the Shillian to make, and it left a rather sizable vacancy to be filled.  With no one able to take on this role from within the current crew, Erik feared who Koniki would assigned to that position and how this would affect the crew's dynamic.  The idea of the wrong officer in the right place filled Captain Morningstar with dread.

The reports surrounding Doctor Doyanne had been next on his mind, the Chief Medical Officer having apparently abandoned her duties and responsibilities to pursue a tireless research of the device that had been brought back from the moon of PI ALPHA III.

"Computer," the Native American began as he stretched his arms wide to ward off the muscle discomfort he had been experiencing.  "Locate Doctor Doyanne and Doctor Mizore," the Captain requested anticipating that he would need to speak to both officers in order to properly resolve the situation.
=/\= Doctor Doyanne is in Bio Chemistry Lab on deck 14. Doctor Mizore is in Sickbay on Deck 7. =/\= came the cold and mechanical reply of the ship's computer.

Erik sighed. It appeared that his primary target had been in the Bio-Chemistry lab the entire night leaving him with a single an unpleasant course of action.  After having made himself more presentable, the CO exited his quarters and headed down to Deck 14 to speak to the CMO in person, suspecting that she would not acknowledge an order for her to come up to see him.

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck 14, Bio-Chemistry Lab
Stardate: 30150.0610

The Native American had actually hoped that the computer had been wrong and that he would enter the lab to find it empty, instead he found the blonde haired woman completely enthralled in her research.  Even from where he stood, looking at her back, Captain Morningstar could see that the Doctor had not slept or taken any amount of rest since the device had been brought on board.

"Lillie, we need to talk," Erik began, hoping that a more direct and personal approach would prove more effective than that of a Captain addressing a member of his Senior Staff.

"I am actually surprised that it has taken you this long to come down here," the CMO admitted, never taking her attention away from the work she had been doing.  "All I can do is hope that you will understand and allow me to continue with this research, there are just too many lives at stake.  You know my situation and my ultimate goal, I just never thought that I would be given an opportunity like this so quickly."

Erik stood in the shadows of the dimly lit room as he continued to watch the Tarellian woman work.  It had been simple deduction to conclude that she had found something that held a possible cure to the plague that had ravaged her race and continued to label them as a people to be hunted and destroyed.  As much as he might have wanted to step in and try to bring the Doctor back from her quest, he knew that had the positions been reversed he would have acted in the same manner as she had.

"You still need to rest," the Captain pointed out.  "If you collapse out of exhaustion all of this will have been for nothing."

"I can rest when we have arrived back at NEW ALEXANDRIA and am able to utilize their research labs," Lillie said, her eyes and complete attention still on the device in front of her.  "Until then I cannot stop."

Erik rubbed his graying beard for a few moments as he considered what to say next.  "Good luck," the Native American eventually offered having decided that the woman's quest required him to be understanding beyond the demands of his rank and position.  From the Bio-Chemistry lab there had been only one place for the Captain to go in order to speak to the Ensign who would be the most affected by the decision he had been forced to make.

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck 7, Sickbay
Stardate: 30150.0620

The Native American walked in to find Doctor Mizore performing scans on the ANUBIS' ILO who had somehow found her way into Sickbay.
"Is everything alright?" Erik inquired, thinking that something had taken place overnight.  The speed with which the Bajoran born woman turned and rushed towards her Captain had only indicated as to just how big that 'something' had been.

"Thank you for saving me having to go up to the bridge to see you about what happened last night," Seska began rather dryly, her rage filling every word and pause between them.  "I was ordered to do something that I did not want to do and had the Chief Medical Officer been there instead of me I suspect that there would have been at least two officers removed from duty for what they did."

"Slow down. Maybe it would help if you started from the beginning," the CO said, trying to calm the visibly upset Doctor.

Seska took in several long deep breaths and called upon her Vulcan training to offset the rage that had taken over her.  After a rather lengthy moment spent in complete silence, a calmer and collected Bajoran stood before the Captain of the USS ANUBIS and proceeded to explain in detail what had transpired the night before.  Doctor Mizore went on to explain how she had been 'ordered' by Lieutenant Dalziel and Lieutenant Paquette to help, her voice now laced with the tone normally associated with Vulcans.

"How is she doing now?" Erik inquired as he looked over his shoulder to the biobed on which the ILO had been resting.

"She is stable, but the information that was implanted in her mind is still there and I worry that it might cause some neurological damage," the Assistant Chief Medical Officer explained.  "I believe that her Ullian physiology has made it possible for her to survive this ordeal, but there is no way to know what the long-term effects will be."

"So the recording of these thoughts and dreams did not injure her in any way?" The Captain inquired sounding rather pleased that the ILO had not suffered during the procedure.

"She could have been," Seska countered with.  "There was no way to know."

"True," Erik admitted as he turned to once again face the Bajoran Doctor, "but to me it appears that she made it through thanks to your presence and desire to see her come out of this uninjured.  I think that is something that you should be proud of."

"I was ordered to do this against my will," Doctor Mizore huffed, her Bajoran personality having resurfaced over that of her Vulcan training.

"Had you not been there and performed as is your responsibility to each and every member of this crew, there would have been no one to monitor Shar'El's medical condition," Morningstar said matter-of-factly.  "Should she have been in any real or serious danger, you could have called for either myself of Doctor Doyanne.  Instead, as you explained to me, you noted your objection but remained for the well being of our Intel officer."

"I was not truly given a choice," the Bajoran offered, knowing withn her that the argument had already been a losing one.

"I am sure that both Officers would have given you ample reasons and a satisfactory explanation had there been more time.  It looks to me as if you did a great job bringing her through this Doctor," the Native American offered, his thoughts already ahead as to what he would say next.  "From where I stand, you have distinguished yourself and acted in a very professional manner despite a difficult situation.  I will check with both Lieutenant Dalziel and Paquette to get briefed on this matter and the reasons for their actions.  That said, and as far as I am concerned you deserve to be praised for your actions in assisting them and ensuring that Shar'El pulled through.  You have shown the skills and dedication required from someone who can be in charge of this Sickbay."

Seska paused for an instant as she looked at the Native American as if trying to make sure that she had correctly understood what had been said.  "Doctor Doyanne is in charge of *this* Sickbay," the Bajoran Doctor stated, her words having been spoken with hesitation and confusion.

"Doctor Doyanne has taken on new responsibilities leaving the position of Chief Medical Officer open," the Captain explained.  "I was hoping that you would accept taking over.  I don't need an answer now.  Think about it and advise me before the end of the day as I will need to know if we have a new CMO when we arrive at NEW ALEXANDRIA.

Seska hesitantly nodded her understanding and offered a simple smile as the Native American made his way out of Sickbay.

Francois Charette

Captain Erik Morningstar
Commanding Officer


Lt. Commander Elan Fairborn
Robotics Engineering Officer
M03-P035: USS ANUBIS: T'Leia: Day 5 - 1830 ("Crystal Invitations")
"Crystal Invitations"
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Setting: NEW ALEXANDRIA, Inside Admiral Balren's private yatch
Stardate: 30149.1830

T'Leia beamed aboard the Admiral's yacht and was greeting by the Admiral and his Wife, they were bringing the very special 'Invitations'  each one had specific significance within the lovely crystal invitation, everyone brings their crystal to the Ball and at midnight a surprise happens.  T'Leia, found her's and slipped it inside her carry bag.  She helped Mrs. Belren using the transporter beam the invitations to the guests, of course everyone had their standard starfleet comm message invitation, but these were the ones that the attendees, carry with them.  

T'Leia, looked up as Mrs. Balren brought in tea and scones, the two ladies sat and sipped the tea and discussed the ball, it's decorations and the fact that a special Risian Cruise Liner had been brought in for the festivities.  "Oh, Andromeda T'Leia, this is going to be one of the best balls yet, and the charity fund this year is once again the Star Fleet UFP Orphaned childrens homes throughout the UFP."

"A worthy charity."  T'Leia said quietly.

The two women worked on the rest of the goodies for the Ball, and the Admiral's wife showed her the gown she would be wearing, "I just loved this gown when I saw it."  Mrs. Balren said with a giggle.  Oh,   Serron has arrived, he is with my husband at the moment, and I must say he is as handsome as ever, that long blonde hair, his muscles and those eyes."  Mrs. Balren gushed.

Setting: NEW ALEXANDRIA, Section A, Level 9, RESTRICTED Meeting Room
Stardate: 30149.1930

Serron made his way into the Admiral's office.  Nodding to his friends, several Admiral's were in the meeting.  The doors closed and the secret meeting began.

Serron handed off his reports to Balren.  Nothing much was said in these closed door meetings, information passed along, and general reports and updates.  

Admiral Rossen handed Serron a packet with the classified markings of 'Temporal'  Serron placed it into his robe, and nodded.  No words necessary here everyone knew the score of each project and potential battle or diplomacy mission, medical mission, etc.  

Balren sided up to Serron and said.  "Well, once again we about to have another one of the big wing dings, I think they get bigger every year, but I still enjoy watching the ladies walk into the ballroom standing on the large stair case waiting to be announced."  He said and winked.

Serron nodded and replied.  "Indeed, the ladies are the best event of the evening, all looking like precious ornaments."

Renda Carr

Ens. Andromeda T'Leia
Ast. Medical Officer
M03-P034: USS ANUBIS: Stark: Day 5 - 1830 ("Moving On")
"Moving On"
[previous "Friendly Confrontation"]

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Bridge
Stardate: 30149.1830

He sat at the Operations station, his eyes following the readout indicating how much of the ship's memory was being filled by the information extracted from the ILO's mind.  After his talk with Ya'Han, Jayson had thought it best to return to the bridge and supervise this personally.  There had been little that he could do outside the Counselor's officer, and even less had he gone back inside.

At least while on the bridge, the OPS officer could monitor the situation and offer whatever support might be needed.  With nothing else occupying his thought though, Jayson found himself thinking back to what Ya'Han had said to him while in the corridor.
::There is no way for any of us to know what will happen.::

Jayson thought back to Leena and the explosion that had taken her an their unborn child from him. Although he had not witnessed this first hand, the image had haunted him each and every day since.  How accurate the Chief of Security had been in saying that there had been no way for any of them to know what would or could happen.

::Whatever happens I know that we will be able to fix things and move on.::

Her words had not been exactly the same but closely mirrored what he had heard countless times before from Counselors while attending Starfleet Academy.  Dwelling on the past served no purpose other than wasting time and energy.  Jayson had needed to face reality and 'move on'. Maybe this had been why he had accepted Ya'Han's argument.

Taking risks and reaching beyond what we believed to be possible was an integral part of life.  If not, one would be doomed to remain in a single place, not physically but emotionally.  Had he not joined Starfleet, Jayson would not have found the means and strength to 'move on' from the abyss that he had been steadily sinking into.

The situation with Shar'El had been completely different, but still the fundamentals of the wisdom still found a way to apply.  Without taking risks, without reaching for what ha been seen as being impossible, Starfleet itself would not have come to be.  People would have chosen to play safe and never take any risks, forcing them to remain as they had always been.

It was the desire to reach for the impossible that allowed people to grow beyond their limits.  Jayson had become an entirely new person following his years in Starfleet Academy and still there had been a great deal of growth left for him to do.  The situation with Shar'El had reminded him of this and of the need to face the unknown instead of trying to hide from it.

Jayson's attention returned to the memory utilization display which continued to show a steady increase in the data being downloaded.  Right now the information had been without form, unable to be looked at in any way. This left the OPS officer to hope that someone would actually be able to decipher this jumbled mess and make some sense of it all.

Whatever concerns he might have had about the ship and its systems, Stark now realized that he had been far too harsh in his ideas which had been born out of nothing more than fear.  Judging by the sheer volume of data that had been downloaded into the ANUBIS' computer, it had been a safe bet that something worthwhile would be found.  Of course getting into the data and making sense of it all would prove to be the real challenge at this point.

Jayson Sousa

Ensign Jayson Stark
M03-P033: USS ANUBIS: Ya'Han: Day 05 - 1715 ("Friendly Confrontation")
[/\] [/\] [/\] [/\] [/\]
"Friendly Confrontation"
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[/\] [/\] [/\] [/\] [/\]

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Corridor outside the Counselor's office
Stardate: 30149.1715

"What the heck is her problem?" the Chief of Operations asked as he pointed an accusing digit towards the Chief Engineering Officer who had been busy well beyond the woman standing in his way and the now closing door of the Counselor's office.

"She's busy, she's on edge and they are *all* doing their best," Ya'Han replied as she kept Jayson at arm's length.  The last thing any of them had needed had been any sort of confrontation, physical or otherwise.  As Chief of Security it had been her duty to maintain the peace, and this had been the best way to accomplish this.

"Their best? In what?" the Chief of Operations demanded in a rage of frustration.  "I was dismissed and even insulted multiple times by... by... by that..."

"Chief Engineer," the black haired woman quickly said to avoid Jayson saying something that he might end up regretting.  That he might not like it, the fct had been that the head of the Engineering department did outrank him.  "I agree that Lieutenant Paquette as a unique way with words, but right now her efforts are focused on helping our ILO get through this in one piece if at all possible."

"Which brings me to my next point," the Chief of Operations said in complete exasperation as he crossed his arms over his chest.  "What *is* going on in there?  What the heck requires the ship's Counselor, Assistant Chief Medical Officer, Chief Engineer and Chief of Security to be working all around the Intel Officer?"

"I had just walked in, but that is not the point.  As you know, Ensign Shar'El was linked to the machine that was found in the underground of the moon," Ya'Han began, glad to see that Jayson seemed actually willing to listen.  "Somehow, the ILO gained memories and or knowledge from that machine, memories and or knowledge that could prove to be highly valuable, hence why they are trying to download them into the ship's computer.  Lieutenant Paquette had brought a portable memory component but it was quickly discovered that it lacked the capacity required for this to work."

"You don't *download* someone's memories into a computer," the OPS officer said matter-of-factly, his frustration having surfaced once again, even if only partially, "and even if you could, why hijack half of the available computer memory?  It's not like you are trying to access a galactic repository of knowledge."

"Well," the Chief of Security continued, hoping that the explanation would appease the Chief of Operations, "the downloading aspect is why Lieutenant Dalziel, Lieutenant Paquette and Doctor Seska are involved.  The need for the computer memory is because there seem to be a whole lot of information crammed in Ensign's Shar'El's head.  Remember, that machine was designed to collect data from everywhere, so in a way you could say that it was a sort of galactic repository of knowledge.  That said, I will admit that I do not fully understand every little bit that is going on in there, but I do know this; Shar'El thought it important enough to make a big deal out of this and in return everyone else has come in to help and work to the best of their skills and abilities.  I think the best we can do is to give them the time and support they need instead of demanding answers to questions that would likely be well off target."

"How do you expect me to justify this to Captain Morningstar when he asks about this," Jayson demanded, his frustration having slowly diminished through the lengthy explanation.  "Trust me, he will ask and it will be my neck on the line for having allowed it to happen.  What if the ship becomes inoperational because of all this?"

"There is no way for any of us to know what will happen," Ya'Han said calmly, trying to reason with Jayson.  "All we can do is to evaluate the situation and do our best to deal with it.  Sooner or later we all make decisions that we will come to regret, but what we need to do is learn from them and move on.  Whatever happens I know that we will be able to fix things and move on." The Chief of Security paused for a moment, trying to see if her words had actually made a difference in the man's position.  "Being part of Starfleet means that we will take chances from time to time, and this seems to be one of those times.  We have to try and see where it leads us."

=/\= Bridge to Ensign Stark. =/\=

"Go ahead," the Chief of Operations replied unenthusiastically as he tapped his comm badge.

=/\= The information download into our computer has actually increased. Should we terminate the link and purge the affected data storage banks? =/\=

Ya'Han took a single step forward, closing the gap between her and Jayson.  "They need our help and support on this, there is no way to know what we will actually walk away with unless we try," the black haired woman whispered, hoping to convince the man that leaving things as is had been the right thing to do.

"No," Stark replied after a few seconds, "let the download continue and make sure that all available memory is made accessible.  We may have to clean up the mess afterwards, but for the time being we'll just have to wait and see what happens.  Stark out."

"Thank you," the black haired woman said, adding a genuine smile of appreciation.  "I know we are doing the right thing."

[/\] [/\] [/\] [/\] [/\]
Hanali Han

Ensign Ya'Han
Chief of Security / Chief Tactical Officer
M03-P032: USS ANUBIS: Paquette: Day 5 - 1645 ("Downloading")
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Counselor's Office
Stardate: 30149.1645

The office of the Ship's Counselor had been turned into a quiet circus with the ILO in center stage.  Despite the frequent comments unleashed by the redheaded Chief Engineer Paquette, Counselor Dalziel had managed to keep Shar'El calm while Doctor Mizore used her equipment to dig and record the woman's memories of the dream that had started this brew-ha-ha.

"It's working," Seska said in a whispered voice sounding almost surprised by the actual success of their endeavor.  "I am picking up distinct theta and delta waves, the problem is that they should not be there together."

"Why is that Doctor?" The Chief of Security asked. As an observer, Ya'Han found all of this exceptionally fascinating and found herself wanting to understand more as to what had been happening and why the CMO had sounded so surprised.

"Theta waves are associated with relaxing while delta waves are linked to dreaming, at least in most Humanoids," Seska explained. "So we should not be seeing both set of waves happening at the same time.  The waves would move from theta to delta frequencies as the individual falls deeper into REM sleep and return back to theta and even alpha waves as they wake."

"Who cares about the frequency of these waves," Sonja huffed in a hurry as she quickly reached for a tool from the engineering tool kit that she had brought along with her.  "The recording link was never set up to take in two separate signals.  We may risk overloading the memory component that I brought here even before we get started."

"Doctor?" Eve quietly interjected with, bringing the CMO's attention back onto the small screen which displayed the brainwaves being monitored and recorded.

"How is that even possible?" Doctor Mizore said out loud, the unexpected nature of what she had seen having made the CMO forget about trying to keep things quiet for the ILO's sake.

"Guessing something is not working as it should," Ya'Han offered, wondering in the back of her mind if this situation could actually pose some sort of danger to the ANUBIS and its crew.

"Not only are we picking up theta *and* delta waves at the same time, but there are *multiple* sets of delta waves, each completely independant of the others," Doctor Mizore explained although she herself had been at a complete loss to speculate as to how this had come to be.

"See, told you that she was wackadoo," Sonja said as she looked up to Eve.  "Even her brain can't figure out what waves to dream in.  Good grief, did that thing turn her brain into a ramen noodle mix?"

"This is no time for jokes," the CMO snapped.  "We have no way of knowing how this will affect Ensign Shar'El, both on a physical and neurological manner.  I need to find a way to stop this before it's too late."

"Oh keep your panties on Doc, this is how I work," the Chief Engineer said as she rose to her feet.  "For the record, she wanted to have these dreams of hers recorded," Sonja began while gesturing towards the sleeping ILO. "Obviously there is something important in that screwed up noodle bowl of hers and we may not get another chance to get this information out.  For all we know it may just vanish from her mind as she dreams leaving us with nothing.  You and I are the ranking officers here," the CEO pointed out as she turned and stared directly into the grey eyes of the CNS, "it is up to us to consider the risks and gains from this.  I know that our first instinct is to save Shar'El, but we have to consider what *she* would want and what is also best for the ANUBIS as a whole.  If the ancient machine did leave something behind inside that stubborn noggin of hers, we have a responsibility to try and retrieve it."

Counselor Dalziel blinked several times as her gaze bounced from the resting ILO and passionate CEO.  There had been no time to contact and explain the situation to Captain Morningstar, so the decision had been theirs to take.

"I will not allow you to make any decision that may risk Shar'El's life," Seska said before the Counselor could even voice an opinion on the situation.

"I know I'm the outsider here," Ya'Han offered cautiously. Being the newest member of the crew, one who had not directly dealt with the Akitashiinu, Yxidii or even the ancient machine, the Chief of Security knew that her opinion might not be all too well received or even accepted.  "History has taught us all that ignoring a potential tactical gain, be it in combat or in the simple gathering of information, can and usually turns out to be disastrous for countless others.  I do not know Shar'El, but I know of her type.  As an ILO she will want everything to be done to take hold of this potential tactical advantage, even if it means risking her life."

"Bingo, bat girl," the CEO quickly followed with pointing to Ya'Han while still looking at Eve, thus stating her complete agreement with the black haired woman.

Eve nodded her understanding, her own experiences in Starfleet having made her see the truth in what the Chief of Security had said.  "Doctor," the Counselor continued as she turned her attention solely onto the CMO, "Shar'El's odds of making it through this in one piece would be much greater if you are here with us.  Should you wish to uphold your objection I will have no other choice but to have you removed from this room and proceed without you.  So, for Shar'El's sake, please reconsider your position.  We all need you here to help her."

Seska growled softly, as she did her best to push her disapprovement to the back seat for the time being.  As part of the crew of the USS ANUBIS, an Intel ship operating outside of regular Starfleet protocols, some rules were unfortunately always on the 'bend as needed' list.  "Fine, but I want it on record that I am against doing this," the CMO eventually said, knowing that time had been of great importance.

"Oh goody gum drops, let's get her done," Sonja kicked in.  "Keep her steady.  I need to upgrade the download recording speed and capacity to account for multiple simultaneous inputs.  Shar'El is going to owe us big time if we manage to pull this stunt without frying her brain over easy. Drinks will be on her, that she knows it or not."

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Stark's Quarters
Stardate: 30149.1700

=/\= Bridge to Ensign Stark. =/\=

"Go ahead," the Chief of Operations acknowledged as he tapped his communicator.  Obviously something major had happened for the bridge to be contacting him at this hour.  "What's going on."

=/\= We have detected a huge increase in computer memory resource allocation, =/\= the disembodied voice reported.  =/\= We have no idea what is being downloaded into our computer.  All we know is that it's huge and coming from Counselor's Dalziel's office. =/\=

"Counselor's Dalziel's office?" Ensign Stark repeated with surprise.  "Who authorized the allocation?"

=/\= According to the computer records, it was the Chief Engineering Officer, Lieutenant Paquette. =/\=

"What the heck is she doing in there?" the Ensign demanded to no one in particular trying to figure out why the CEO had given so much memory resource to the CNS.  "Must be one heck of a psychological exam," the OPS officer sighed, "Alright, let me go down there and see what's going on. Stark out," the Chief of Operations stated as he headed out of his quarters with haste.

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Counselor's Office
Stardate: 30149.1710

Stark walked in to find a scene that he would never have expected, causing him to take a few seconds to locate the CEO who had authorized the new substantial allocation of memory resources.  Despite seeing that the redhead had been rather busy and preoccupied, the OPS officers decided to confront Lieutenant Paquette.

"Mind telling me what is going here and why half the ship's computer memory resources have been hijacked?" Stark demanded without any reservations.

"Not now!  Little busy here Monkey Boy," Sonja replied before adding, "and to answer your question, because *I* needed it."

"What kind of answer is that?" the OPS Officer said slightly annoyed at the woman who had not even been bothered to look at him while offering her reply.

"It's the only answer you are going to get right now," the CEO snarled back.  "So go scratch yourself somewhere else, you are breaking my concentration."

As Jayson went to take a forceful step forward in response to the redhead's tone and words the Chief of Security took a hold of Ensign Stark's shoulder halting his forward progress.

"Outside," Ya'Han said in a commanding tone.  "I'll explain."

"Try not to hurt him too much this time," the CEO added, her attention never leaving the multitude of devices that she had been monitoring at the same time.

Lorraine Paquette

Lieutenant JG Sonja Paquette
Chief Engineering Officer
M03-P031: USS ANUBIS: T'Leia: Day 5 - 1630
("Starlight Starbright First Star I See Tonight")
"Starlight Starbright First Star I See Tonight"
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Stardate: 30149.1630

T'Leia worked almost like a machine, finishing up her section of the sickbay for the day.  She picked up the PaDD going over the notes again and checking them off, she would meet with the Captain Iverson and Elan later on, as the hours ticked away and with a little human anticipation perhaps she held her breath waiting for a child's wish on a star to see what the Ball held.  She nodded politely to Iverson who in turn nodded respectfully.  

"Captain, we almost have this Sickbay at 100 percent, I would say by tomorrow late morning it will be complete."  T'Leia said quietly.

Iverson nodded gracefully and replied.  "Yes, it will be complete thanks to your efforts."

T'Leia nodded.  "I am honored to serve." 

As they walked along, making their way out of the ship and onwards to New Alexandria, T'Leia looked up to see a courier heading their way.   The little man bowed slightly and handed her a package, and a note.  "Thank you."  T'Leia said quietly and she looked at the Captain and at Elan who had joined them.  "Who could have sent this."  She half whispered as she found a table and set the box on it.  She looked at the note and with nimble finger's opened it.  The note inside, had the faint hint of musk and vulcan flowers, with just a touch of a special incense .  She read it.   

Andromeda T'Leia, when next we meet, be wearing these and I shall certainly know which beauty you are.   Your Servant, Serron.

T'Leia's hand trembled ever so slightly as she put the note on the table, and opened the box.  Inside deep within the tissue papers, an old jewelry box, as she opened it, the light hit the contents and a prism of rainbows filled the area.  T'Leia gasp every so softly as she looked at the jewels, she almost could not believe her eyes.  

Looking up at her friends the Captain and Elan she said quietly.  "Serron, has sent me his House's jewels from both houses the Vulcan and the Human.  Ohhhh....."  She looked back at the box, the complete suite of jewels from Earth the tiara rubies and diamonds, the matching necklace, bracelet and earrings, along with the Vulcan long robe necklace that matched the Earth jewels nearly exact, and the Vulcan rings and ankle bracelets.  

T'Leia looked up and said.  "I am near speechless."

Renda Carr

Ens. Andromeda T'Leia
Ast. Medical Officer
M03-P030: USS ANUBIS: Shar'El: Day 5 - 1630 ("Unexpected Gathering")
"Unexpected Gathering"
[previous post was "End Of Shift" by the talented Jayson]

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Counselor's Office
Stardate: 30149.1630

Shar'El laid still on the couch, her back flat and her head partially handing off the edge.  Eve had done her best to help the ILO calm herself down while Mizore had begun to set up the portable neural scanner that she had fetched from Sickbay after having been told what this had been all about.

"This device was never meant to record dreams," Seska pointed out with a sigh.  "Brainwave activities are extremely complex and there is no truly reliable way to know what it is what we may be recording."

"No worries, all you need to do is to record the brainwaves as they happen and shift," Lt. Paquette said as she walked into the CNS' office.  "After everything has been recorded we might be able to create a dynamic interface using one of the holodecks to give form to those electronic fluctuations taking place in that messed up head of hers."

"I heard that," the ILO growled softly.

"Thank you for coming so fast," Eve said, welcoming the CEO into the normally quiet room. "Shar'El was rather agitated when she came in and I thought it best to bring in everyone that could help. This is more than a simple counseling session and will require the highest levelk of expertise."

"No problemo Counselor," the redhead said as she put her engineering kit on the floor and opened it.  "You take care of the psycho-mumbo-jumbo stuff while Mizore and I will take care of the mechanical stuff.  Hopefully we can do this without frying missy's brain over there."

"I heard that," Shar'El repeated in a heavy sigh.

"Just relax," Eve kicked in right away, trying to avoid the ILO from agitating herself into a fit.  "Slow your breathing and focus on the memories of your dream.  Push everything out," the CNS added while shooting a glare to the grinning CEO.  "Try to recall a single image or even a single detail of that image, then expand on it,"

"I will try and stimulate the areas of the brain responsible for dreaming and memory," the CMO said in a whispered voice to warn of what she had been about to do.

"Be sure to make a recording of all bio-functions as well," the witty CEO whispered back, "we are going to need every little bit of data to help in creating an effective interface so that the computer can show us things that remotely make sense."  Sonja thought of adding something about the ILO's brain having already been too much of a mess for the computer to do anything with but thought against it as she saw the cold grey eyes of the CNS staring down at her.  It had been as of Even had known what the redhead had been thinking.

"What is going on in here?" Ya'Han asked with wide opened eyes as she walked in.  The computer had informed the Ensign that the three officers she had been looking to see had all been in the same room.  Having found the door to be unlocked, the head of Security had not expected to find such a scene upon her entrance.

"Drilling for memories of a dream," Sonja smiled back while insuring that the equipment had been  functioning at the highest level of accuracy as possible.  "If we are lucky we might strike oil, if so we might let you in on the profits."

"Profits?" Ya'Han said in a less than humorous tone, the last word used by the CEO having been a little too close to what a Ferengi would have likely said in this or any other situation.

"Don't mind her," Seska added in a whispered voice as she shook her head at the CEO.  "We are just trying to help Shar'El remember and record what may be a very important and significant dream."

"Memories that she would have obtained while being linked to that machine," the head of the Security department nodded, having read the reports.  "Mind if I watch, this could be interesting?"

"Sure," Sonja giggled.  "You can be in charge of the betting pool.  You can start by putting me down for 10 credits on our finding out that she had often dreamt of being drunk in the Black Hole Lounge."

"I'm still hearing you," Shar'El growled as she tried to turn to look at he redheaded engineer only to have her head snapped back in place by the CMO.

Tiffany Reeve

Ensign Shar'El
Intel Liaison Officer
M03-P029: USS ANUBIS: Stark: Day 5 - 1600 ("End Of Shift")
"End of Shift"
[previous "What Wonders Come When Perchance To Dream"]

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Stark's Quarters
Stardate: 30149.1600

Another busy day had come to an end.  This one though had been nothing like the previous which had seen the majority of the command staff go through hell and back in another dimension to boot.  In comparison, today had been quiet and boring, and that had actually bothered Jayson.

Keeping his mind busy had been easy when dealing with two transdimensional races trying to kill one another over a machine that predated human civilization by thousands of years.  There had been little time to think of something other than the crew's own survival and figuring out what was actually happening around them.

Being back on the ANUBIS and going about the everyday routine had made things a lot more complicated for the Chief of Operations.  As much as he tried, his mind kept returning to Leena. The morning had come and gone without a hitch thanks to the salvage operation and him having been accompanied by the Chief of Security.  As annoying as Ya'Han could be at times, her presence had insured that his thoughts had not lingered on his deceased wife, something that he had been grateful for.

Now that he was back in his quarters and alone Jayson let his defences down.  As per the recommendations of Counselor Dalziel, he took a moment each day to think of his wife and the life they could have had together. This made sure that such thoughts did not surface in the middle of a crucial time and endanger everyone else's lives.

Memories came flooding in causing him to cry and imagine how she would have reacted had she been here on the ANUBIS.  How angry she would have been for no other reason that he had placed his life in danger.  Flying a VIPER had not been the safest job, but to do so in a stormy atmosphere had been next to crazy.  He imagined how she would have hit him on the shoulder, very much in the same way as Ya'Han had earlier that same day.

After a while, his tears dried and Jayson took in a long deep breath, thinking that if Leena had been alive, he would not have been on board the ANUBIS, or even in Starfleet.  His life would have been completely different, so much so that he could not imagine it at that moment.

He made his way into the bedroom and stared at his own reflection in the mirror.  The man that he had been with Leena was not the man who had been looking back at him. Life had changed him in countless ways and he could only hope that she would have approved of the person he had become.  Certainly she would have wanted for him to be happy and not waste his life as he had been doing.  If he learned anything from their last mission it would have to be how precious life was and to make the most of each moment.

Jayson grinned.  Counselor Dalziel had given him a task to do each night, to look back at the day and find something to be grateful for.  The first few nights this had been a little difficult, Jayson having to find something usually taken for granted to be thankful for. Today though, several things came to his mind in regards to this daily task.  He was part of an amazing crew doing an impossible job, that alone was enough but their last mission had also made him aware of those around him.  Everyone had a role to play, a job to do, and without each one none of them would have likely been here to look back at what had happened.

The Chief of Operations had to acknowledge that he was grateful for their CO's leadership, the crew's dedication and thought that he was even grateful for the presence of the Chief Of Security as he rubbed his sore shoulder.

Jayson Sousa

Ensign Jayson Stark
M03-P028: USS ANUBIS: T'Leia: Day 5 - 1100
("What Wonders Come When Perchance To Dream")
"What wonders come when perchance to dream"
[Previous post was: "Colors Of Anticipation"]

Setting: NEW ALEXANDRIA: Grounds
Stardate: 30149.1100

Andromeda T'Leia walked along NEW ALEXANDRIA, she had helped with the re-calibrations of the medical equipment and assisted in getting a Sickbay that was pretty much a 'DOA' into the green status.  The work something that she could do blindfolded as the humans say or in her sleep.  She had something else to think about, something a equation to the element of the Ball that she had not anticipated.  She knew of course that the Admiral always invited all of his friends, co -workers, and favorite guests, musicians, dancers and so on, but the last word that her father had from the elusive Ambassador (Covert Opts Admiral) Serron was that he was on deep black out classified mission, so why would she get a note and it was authentic, it had all the Starfleet and Vulcan bands in the transmission there was no way it was a clever fake, he was almost sure to attend the ball, so what would he propose to Andromeda T'Leia this time.  Their last encounter a deep covert Medical support and Ambassadorial mission, he had ask her to walk with him, along life's journey, Andromeda T'Leia had consulted with her God Mother Fleet Admiral T'Moya whose counsel she had faith in, and the Fleet Admiral reminded her that she had her own career to think of as well, and only she could make the decision.  Of course she had decided to postpone the reply and after the mission with the Medical Fleet headed by Fleet Admiral T'Moya the 214th Black Sheep Squadron Heavy Medical Support and Black Opts unit, she had decided she wanted to remain single for a few more years and develop her career further.  Andromeda T'Leia as Serron always called her, in honor of both of her foremothers, had given her a rather large pink diamond from earth, she wore it around her neck on a latinum and platinum chain.  He was always near her heart, and always near her thought.  So...  What would her answer be?

Setting:  Somewhere through the Wormhole at starbase 119214, USS ALLIED ESPERANZA, NCC 1121
Stardate: 30149.1100

Admiral Serron sat at the table, in officer capacity this time, there had been no diplomatic negotiations for them this week and he had contacted the Ice Brothers their covert Mercks team and sent word to T'Moya that the battle was ongoing and he had ordered more Medical supplies that would arrive at Starbase 119214 in a week.  Serron steepled his fingers and looked at the Captain of ESPERANZA, Wilton Cloudt Eagle.  The two did not need words the resigned look on Cloudt Eagles face told it all.  

The Colonists had lost many lives, but with the help of the Black Sheep they had staved off a new hybrid species of Borg that called themselves The Sleepers.  

Serron had orders to meet with the Admiral just before the Black and White Ball to update him in person rather than let this go over the channels...

Serron departed the ESPERANZA and made his way to Vulcan ship SHRONE and making his way towards the Admiral for dance of covert opts and a ball, and perhaps win his Andromeda T'Leia.  His face tired, he ran his fingers through his shoulder length dark blond hair, he knew he needed a break as did all of his friends with the 214th, but that was another story and another day...

Renda Carr

Ensign Andromeda T'Leia
Assistant Chief Medical officer
M03-P027: USS ANUBIS: Ya'Han: Day 05 - 1600 ("Colors Of Anticipation")
[/\] [/\] [/\] [/\] [/\]
"Colors Of Anticipation"
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[/\] [/\] [/\] [/\] [/\]

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Ya'Han's Quarters
Stardate: 30149.1600

With the ANUBIS heading back home to NEW ALEXANDRIA, things had been quiet on the bridge.  Everyone had been taking care of their own departments which meant that the Chief of Security had spent all of her time checking the ship's tactical systems.  Phaser bank readiness and power settings; torpedo launchers reload speed; fine tuning of the targeting sensors; updating and optimizing the tactical interface on the bridge were only a few of the things that had been done.

By the end of her shift, Ya'Han had been more than happy to be returning to her quarters to get some rest. Although there had been no 'action', the Chief of Security and her department had not taken things easy.

As she stepped inside her quarters, Ya'Han noted a small flashing light on the monitor that rested on the table.  A message had been waiting for her, but from whom and why? That mystery instantly piqued the black haired woman's interest over her wish to rest, so the Chief of Security quickly sat in front of the monitor and accessed the message.

For a split second Ya'Han worried that maybe the message had been from her father or even the Ferengi troll she had run away from home to avoid marrying.  The fiery redhead waited for the message to appear on the screen, having mentally readied herself for a possible fight, but when the logo of the NEW ALEXANDRIA Intel base appeared, the Chief of Security let out a deep sigh of relief.

With her head tilted ever so slightly to the left, Ya'Han began to read to message having been reassured that it had nothing to do with the past that she had worked so hard to leave behind.

Ya'Han's fingers slowly brushed through her long purple hair that had been brought to cascade over her right shoulder as she read the invitation to a high class black & white ball given by Admiral Koniki.  No reason for this event had been given but this had in no way diminished the Chief of Security's enthusiasm towards the ball.

Given her past as an illicit passenger on any ship that would accept her, Ya'Han had very few items to call her own.  The bare minimum had been hers to carry until she finally reached a Federation Starbase, from there she still kept her belongings to a strict minimum in case she would need to quickly leave.  This had meant that the now Chief of Security had very few fancy attires, a dress worthy of an event like the black & white ball not having been amongst them.

The woman continued to play with her long noble locks as she began to daydream of the event and what sort of dress she would be wearing.  Ya'Han's experiences with such events had ended abruptly at the age of 14 nearly 10 years ago, leaving the woman somewhat at a loss to know what had been expected from her.  Starfleet held many unique ideas and customs, and as far as the black & white ball had been concerned, the regal haired woman had to admit that she knew nothing.  Still, the opportunity to dance for the sheer experience of it had been enough to make her giddy at the prospect.

As Ya'Han rose from her seat, her jade colored locks flew through the air as the woman spun in various dance moves.  As a daughter of the High Sovereign of NYLA IV, she had been well educated and trained in the arts of dance and music by the age of 10, an aspect of her former life that the Chief of Security had to admit she missed from time to time.

After a few minutes of self-indulging artistic physical moves, Ya'Han stopped and ponder the problem that she now faced.  Whom would she ask for help in getting an appropriate dress for the event?  Lieutenant Commander Maya, as feminine as she may have appeared had not struct the Chief of Security as having been someone with abundant knowledge in that particular field.  Doctor Lillie Doyanne had seemed to be rather preoccupied by whatever she had been doing in the Bio-Chemistry lab to be bothered with such a trivial matter.  This left Doctor Seska Mizore, Counselor Eve Dalziel and the Chief Engineer Sonja Paquette as potential rescuers.

For a brief moment Ya'Han considered the Intel Liaison Officer Shar'El, but quickly dismissed her as a potential candidate for no other reason that there had been something about the pale skin and black haired woman that troubled the Chief of Security.  Maybe one day soon she would be able to identify the reason for this misgiving, but for the time being Ya'Han needed to focus on her getting the perfect dress for the black & white ball.

[/\] [/\] [/\] [/\] [/\]
Hanali Han

Ensign Ya'Han
Chief of Security / Chief Tactical Officer
M03-P026: USS ANUBIS: Maya: Day 5 - 1100 ("Alone In A Crowded Universe")
"Alone In A Crowded Universe"
(Previous Post: "Multi-Tasking The Jobs")

Setting: USS BASTET, Sickbay
Stardate: 30149.1100

Selene Fiona Iverson, Captain of the USS BASTET, leaned back against the primary biobed of her sickbay with a silent sigh as she watched with relief the Oltharian engineer and Terran/Vulcan Doctor working with diligence.  The ship to which the half Dinaali had been assigned to as Commanding Officer had been far from ready for action, and despite all of the work that it still required there had been no hiding the pleasure the woman felt in seeing things moving one step closer to completion.

As much as she might have disliked the fact that her ship had been nearly empty of any type of personnel, her having been born on a severely overpopulated world had made Selene appreciate the eerie quietness and general emptiness that echoed through the USS BASTET.  Although this had not been conducive to the ship being made ready for duty, it had been a welcomed change from the crushing hustle and bustle that could be found on DINAAL, the home of her mother.

Selene had been thrilled to join Starfleet giving her the opportunity to not only see worlds beyond her own, but to also experience a life that she would never have been permitted to.  As a member of the 'lower class', her options in life would have been very limited despite her mother having been a nurse working in an actual hospital.  Thanks to her father being a Captain in Starfleet, an entirely new world had opened up for the Terran/Dinaali hybrid.

"The energy within the primary power conduits appears to be slightly out of phase," the giant engineer said as he crawled out from one of the floor level maintenance access.  As imposing as the Oltharian was, Selene could not help but admire the way he seemed able to move about and into the tightest of areas.  "I will get that fixed right away so to make sure that the rest of the calibrations are accurate."

The Captain turned to look at Doctor T'Leia to relay the message but was cut short by the half Vulcan woman who simply nodded her head to advise that she had heard the report. So for the time being the best that Selene could do had been to let the Doctor and engineer work while she enjoyed as much as possible the stillness within her ship.

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Bio-Chemistry Lab
Stardate: 30149.1600

Doctor Doyanne had been working non-stop on the device pulled out of the ancient machine since it had been brought onboard the USS ANUBIS.  The pile of empty vials resting next to a hypospray hinted that the Chief Medical Officer had traded her need for sleep for several dosage of stimulants to enable her to continue with her research uninterrupted.  That had been the second aspect of this issue to bother the scientist, the first having been the complete isolation the Doctor had enforced upon herself.

The Shillian woman cautiously and quietly drew closer to the working woman, not having said anything for fear of startling the engrossed Doctor and causing some sort of accident that would likely not be easily forgiven.  Carefully the Chief Science Officer made her way around the research table, growing increasingly surprised by the fact that Doctor Doyanne had not taken notice of the extra presence within the dimly lit Bio-Chemistry Lab.

"May I ask as to what it is that you are trying to do with that thing?" The Shillian eventually asked in a nearly whispered voice, again trying hard not to startle the Doctor while at the same time addressing her own curiosity about the entire matter.  Something of importance had been taking place, but as of that moment the Chief Science Officer had no clues or speculations as to what it might have been.

"The bio-regenerative properties of that shell are like nothing we have ever seen before," Doctor Doyanne explained, her attention still completely focused on the dark blue bio-matter that covered the device.  "It adapts to its surroundings and acts as a link between what is inside and anything that comes in contact with it.  The cellular composition resembles more that of densely packed neural network than any other biological substance, and yet it acts and reacts with the properties associated with a muscular mass."

"If the item and the shell that encase it are indeed from Yxidii origin, the properties you describe might very well be unique to that dimension, or an unexpected result of having been brought into this dimension," the scientist offered only to have Doctor Doyanne wave the Shillian away as if she had been hindering the research in some way.

=/\= Dalziel to Doyanne, I need you in my office. =/\=

The call from the Counselor had made the Chief Science Officer jump but oddly enough the Chief Medical Officer appeared not at all bothered by the unexpected interruption, in fact the Doctor had not lost a single second of attention or work.

"Sorry. Can't. If you need help from a Doctor, call Mizore, I truly cannot stop what I am doing right now. Doyanne out," the Chief Medical Officer replied without a second thought or consideration for the reason or reasons why the call had initially been made.  As a dedicated scientist, Maya could easily understand the drive and need to focus every bit of attention and energy onto a single project, especially if it held the promise of a ground breaking discovery. That said, as the former acting Executive Officer of the USS ANUBIS, the Shillian had found the reply given to be rather problematic if not flat out rude.

"Should you not have at least asked as to why Counselor Dalziel requested your assistance?" the Shillian scientist said as she continued to observe the Doctor working with a single and all-encompassing interest.

"This is too important," Doctor Doyanne huffed as she traded one medical tool for another with frantic urgency.  "Mizore is just as qualified as I am and in fact should be the one running the department right now.  I cannot spare a single second away from this, there are just too many lives at stake."

Maya sighed to herself.  As a fellow shipmate, the scientist wished that she could help in some way, but as the former Acting Executive Officer, the Shillian woman knew that there had been only one way to deal with this situation.  The USS ANUBIS had been in need of a Chief Medical Officer and Captain Morningstar needed to be made aware of this situation so that he could address this need as only a Commanding Officer could.

Jessica Solarik

Lieutenant Commander Maya
Chief Science Officer


Captain Selene Fiona Iverson
Commanding Officer

"To see the world in a grain of sand,
and a heaven in a wild flower.
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,
and eternity in an hour."
- William Blake (British, 1757-1827)
M03-P025: USS ANUBIS: T'Leia: Day 5 - 1020 ("Multi-Tasking the Jobs")
"Multi-Tasking the Jobs"
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===== \/ =====
Excerpt from "One Catastrophe At A Time"
===== /\ =====

Setting: NEW ALEXANDRIA, Section C2, Level 3, Observation Walkway
Stardate: 30149.1020

Elan smiled as he gazed down upon the Human / Vulcan woman, her inner passion reminding the Oltharian of people he had long ago learnt to respect and admire.  As a Healer, Doctor T'Leia had already gained the giant's admiration, but as a person, she had in only a few minutes earned the Engineer's utmost and deepest respect.

Lieutenant Commander Fairborn had been ready to acknowledge and respond to the wisdom spoken by the Doctor when another officer came into view, drawing the attention of the two standing figures onto her.

"Captain Iverson," the Robotics Engineer offered in concern, the expression on the woman's face having been impossible to miss. "Is everything alright? You seem... troubled."

"Troubled!?" the black haired and grey eyed woman snarled back, anger clearly lacing her words.  "Let's just say that I am at my wits ends."

"Is there anything that I may be able to assist with?" the towering engineer offered, the giant always having been a kind and helpful individual no matter the situation.

"It's the medical bay on the BASTET," the Captain said with a lengthy sigh of despair. "The equipment as all been installed but was never calibrated.  When I went to see how everything was, I noticed that the main board displayed my having a blood pressure of 312," the woman explained, doing her very best to remain calm with little success.  "The majority of the medical and engineering staff assigned to my ship are currently busy getting ready for this blasted ball which is delaying the work.  I would have given it a second thought had I known that my *new* ship needed so much work before being able to be made ready for active duty."

"As I am currently waiting for the ANUBIS to return to NEW ALEXANDRIA," Andromeda said with the customary calmness of a Vulcan, "I am without any official duties and could use this time to help in the calibration of the medical instruments on board your vessel."

"If the Healer will permit, I would be happy to offer my engineering skills as well to assist in this task," the imposing Oltharian added making the grey eyed CO actually smile.

"You two are too kind, thank you."

===== \/ =====
And now for the good stuff
===== /\ =====

Andromeda T'Leia nodded and replied.  "I am used to multi-tasking, it is not a problem to assist thee.  Just let me know the time and the location for the re calibrations of medical equipment." Andromeda T'Leia looked at the two of them nodding politely.  "As for the Admiral's Black and White ball, his staff and caterer's take that into hand, what attendees need are black and white tux and ladies ball gowns of white. "  She noted.  "When will the BASTET be here?"

Selene's grey eyes turned slowly towards the large window.  "The BASTET is already here sitting motionless right over there," the Captain said not sounding overly happy that her ship had been just that; sitting motionless.

Andromeda T'Leia listened to the Captain and nodded.  "Very good."   To Lieutenant Commander Elan she said.  "I want to thank thee for the conversation and for helping me familiarize myself with NEW ALEXANDRIA, I find that it is pretty standard as military installations go."

Elan could not help but grin.  'Standard' had never been a word used to described NEW ALEXANDRIA or any of the units operating from within, yet the Oltharian had to agree that there had been a certain familiarity with all Starfleet bases of operations, be them public domain or ultra secretive.

Andromeda T'Leia listened as they walked, her hands cupped behind her back in Vulcan fashion, she nodded from time to time as she took in the information from the Captain and Elan.  They continued their walk, and Elan would point out places of interest to Andromeda T'Leia, the Captain would chime in with information regarding the fleet.  New Alexandria, was proving to be the quintessential star fleet installation, and Andromeda T'Leia called it home for now, until the ship her new assignment arrived.  She thought about the Black and White ball, and she could not help herself but wonder,  at how the Admiral could create the splendor of a star fleet ball in the instance they now found themselves.

T'Leia, pulled out her PaDD from a pocket and checked her updates, she had twelve notices from the Admiral.  Raising an eyebrow as she read each message and replied in good order.  She then noted a note from Serron, or Ambassador Serron he might attend the ball since it was in the same coordinates as his ambassadorial ship would be.  Raising an eyebrow she found herself blush slightly, Serron had that effect on all women not just herself, tall, strong and blond, and his pointed ears were the talk of all single vulcan ladies in polite logical conversations...  She mused as she walked with the Lieutenant Commander and the Captain, and she remembered the magnolia ball back in Mobile, AL  and Serron, yes there was Serron.

Renda Carr

Ensign Andromeda T'Leia
Assistant Chief Medical officer
M03-P024: USS ANUBIS: Shar'El: Day 5 - 0900 ("Choices And Decisions")
"Choices And Decisions"
[previous post was "One Catastrophe At A Time" by our great leader Francois]

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Shar'El's Quarters
Stardate: 30149.0900

The ILO laid on top of her bed sheets, oblivious to the universe around her.  The night long debriefing, if one cared to call it that, had taken its toll on Shar'El and the medication given to her by Doctor Mizore had sealed the deal.  Right now the ANUBIS itself could have been boarded by a hostile alien force and eventually destroyed without the dark haired woman ever knowing what had happened.

As she turned in search of a more comfortable position, Shar'El's hand brushed against her forehead and displaced the neural inhibitor.  From that point on the ILO's peaceful rest began to be filled with images and memories that had not originated from her life experiences, but from the gathered knowledge found deep within the ancient machine.


Weightless and not bound by any sort of physical form, the ILO floated through the emptiness of space, her sight reaching to the very edge of the cosmos.  The lack or a breathable atmosphere or the absolute cold did not bother the woman who did not even think of such things, her mind far more interested in the unseen mysteries that beckoned her closer.

Lightyears were crossed in a single heartbeat and millenium passed in the blink of her eye, not that the ILO's eyes had actually been of any use, her perception of the cosmos having been more of an extra-sensory perception allowing her to 'see' everything all at once.

In a matter of seconds Shar'El could observe the rise and fall of entire civilizations as well as the birth and death of distant stars.  Languages that had not been heard or read for several thousand years filled her mind along with songs and melodies that had been as old as the universe itself.

The history of countless worlds came into view, leaving the ILO in absolute awe at the countless scenes that unveiled themselves to her without asking.  A symphony of colors filled the mind of the sleeping woman as a myriad of astral phenomenon came into focus, each more mesmerizing and beautiful than the one before.

Knowledge beyond anyone's understanding had been hers to grasp even if only for a second before being replaced by more images, each as breathtaking as the next.

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Shar'El's Quarters
Stardate: 30149.1600

"Good morning sleepy head," the Bajoran Doctor said as she drew the Ullian officer from her slumber.  "I hope you slept well."

"Slept?" Shar'El said, desperately trying to hold on the the rapidly feeding images that had invaded her mind.  "I was sleeping?"

"For just over five hours," the aCMO said, glad to see that her patient appeared to be feel much better than how she had left her to be.  "I'm guess that you had pleasant dreams."

"Dreams? No!" Shar'El said as she bounced out of her bed and straight to the door of her quarters.  "Sorry Doctor, but I have tio take care of something NOW."

Before Seska could even begin to realize what had happened, the ILO had exited her quarters and left the Bajoran Doctor alone to try and figure out what had just taken place.

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Counselor's Office
Stardate: 30149.1610

"Counselor," the ILO said with a definite tone of urgency as she burst into Eve's office, "I need to speak with you."

"You have nothing to worry about," the Counselor said having expected the reason for the panic woman's outburst to be the debriefing the trio had taken part in the night before.  "Nothing happened last night, at least nothing that would get any one of us court marshalled."

"What? No!" Shar'El grunted, her own thoughts having made it so that she had not truly heard what Eve had said.  "I need you to put me in some sort of trance so that I can remember the dream that I just had.  I will also need for you to record those images."

"Must have been some dream you had," the Counselor said in a joking manner which was almost instantly dismissed by the black haired Intel Liaison Officer.

"This is not a joke Eve," Shar'El pleaded.  "When I scanned the memories of that ancient machine something stayed with me, something huge, and I need to hold on to it before it is too late."

"You probably just remembered some residual images from your scan," Counselor Dalziel said, trying her best to calm the agitated woman standing in front of her.

"This was not a single image, or a single memory," the ILO explained as she took hold of the Cardassian born woman's shoulders.  "It was knowledge that had been gathered from the very beginning of the universe, knowledge that as this ship's Intel Officer is my responsibility to somehow remember, record and analyse."

"Alright," Eve sighed, obviously this having been of great importance to Shar'El.  "Have a seat and try to relax.  I will see what I can do but will need to call Doctor Doyanne to help with the recording of your memories, if we can actually do that."  the CNS moved away and dimmed the lights as the ILO sat in the reclining chair.  "Dalziel to Doyanne, I need you in my office."

=/\= Sorry. Can't. If you need help from a Doctor, call Mizore, I truly cannot stop what I am doing right now. Doyanne out. =/\=

Eve remained speechless at the answer she had received.  What could have been so important as to lead the CMO to be so cold and dismissive?  The Counselor would have to investigate this at a later time, but for now addressing the immediate needs of the ILO had taken priority.

"Doctor Mizore, this is Counselor Dalziel, please report to my office and bring your medical scanner. I may have a challenge for you."

=/\= A challenge? =/\= Seska said, her grin audible through the open comm channel.  =/\= On my way, Mizore out. =/\=

"Alright," Eve continued as she turned back to look at the now sitting ILO.  "Try to relax, take deep breaths and focus on the dream, the images and knowledge you want to hold on to."

Shar'El nodded her head and closed her eyes, trying her best to comply with the Counselor's words and hoping that all of this would not be proven to be in vain.

Tiffany Reeve

Ensign Shar'El
Intel Liaison Officer
M03-P023: USS ANUBIS: Morningstar: Day 5 - 1020 ("One Catastrophe At A Time")
"One Catastrophe At A Time"
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"Sometimes looking at the whole picture will only get you into more trouble. Focus on one catastrophe and take things one step at a time."
- Captain Seamus McTavish

Setting: NEW ALEXANDRIA, Section C2, Level 3, Observation Walkway
Stardate: 30149.1020

Elan smiled as he gazed down upon the Human / Vulcan woman, her inner passion reminding the Oltharian of people he had long ago learnt to respect and admire.  As a Healer, Doctor T'Leia had already gained the giant's admiration, but as a person, she had in only a few minutes earned the Engineer's utmost and deepest respect.

Lieutenant Commander Fairborn had been ready to acknowledge and respond to the wisdom spoken by the Doctor when another officer came into view, drawing the attention of the two standing figures onto her.

"Captain Iverson," the Robotics Engineer offered in concern, the expression on the woman's face having been impossible to miss. "Is everything alright? You seem... troubled."

"Troubled!?" the black haired and grey eyed woman snarled back, anger clearly lacing her words.  "Let's just say that I am at my wits ends."

"Is there anything that I may be able to assist with?" the towering engineer offered, the giant always having been a kind and helpful individual no matter the situation.

"It's the medical bay on the BASTET," the Captain said with a lengthy sigh of despair. "The equipment as all been installed but was never calibrated.  When I went to see how everything was, I noticed that the main board displayed my having a blood pressure of 312," the woman explained, doing her very best to remain calm with little success.  "The majority of the medical and engineering staff assigned to my ship are currently busy getting ready for this blasted ball which is delaying the work.  I would have given it a second thought had I known that my *new* ship needed so much work before being able to be made ready for active duty."

"As I am currently waiting for the ANUBIS to return to NEW ALEXANDRIA," Andromeda said with the customary calmness of a Vulcan, "I am without any official duties and could use this time to help in the calibration of the medical instruments on board your vessel."

"If the Healer will permit, I would be happy to offer my engineering skills as well to assist in this task," the imposing Oltharian added making the grey eyed CO actually smile.

"You two are too kind, thank you."

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Captain's Ready Room
Stardate: 30149.1100

The Native American sat at his desk, a steaming cup of Risian Tea resting next to a teetering pile of PADDs, each containing a report from one of the departments within the USS ANUBIS.  As a whole, the ship had emerged from their last adventure with little to show for, despite having been pulled into and back from another dimension.  Luckily, the conflict between the Akitashiinu and Yxidii had remained contained between the two races, leaving the SCARAB-Class Intel Cruiser to be nothing more than a spectator.  It was those who had gone to the moon's surface that had weathered the worst of this ordeal, and Captain Morningstar feared that the repercussions would be felt for quite some time.

The first and most significant of this had been the fact that Maya had officially stated her desire to step down as Executive Officer.  The position and responsibilities had been handed to her in acknowledgement of her skills and dedication, but the events which took place during their stay on the moon of PI ALPHA III had make it clear to the Shillian that command had not been something that she wanted to pursue further.

Erik could already hear the words of Counselor Dalziel in response to this, the Cardassian born woman likely stating that the responsibilities of command had not been meant for everyone, and that often those who believed themselves ready and able were all too frequently the wrong types to be holding such positions.  That Maya had recognized her weakness in that specific field had been a credit to her character, not a flaw.  In the end though the Native American had been left with a huge vacancy that would need to be filled before their next mission, and that was the problem.

Without anyone with the appropriate rank and experience on board the ANUBIS, a new Executive Officer would need to be assigned by Admiral Koniki.  As much as Morningstar trusted the aged man to make the best possible decision for the NEW ALEXANDRIA complex and the ships operating from within it, the Native American had been concerned as to whether or not the choice would actually be the best one for the ANUBIS and its crew.

The next issue faced by the Commanding Officer had been the sudden shift in focus of his Chief Medical Officer.  Doctor Doyanne had come across something of great interest to her in the bio-regenerative substance that had encased the Yxidii device which had been incorporated into the ancient machine.  Since the moment the CMO had begun her research on it, all official duties pertaining to Sickbay and its staff had been handed down to the Assistant Chief Medical officer, Ensign Seska Mizore.  Now, Erik did not see any issues with this other than the fact that it appeared that he had, for all intents and purposes, lost his lead Doctor.  At least this *catastrophe* had been easily enough dealt with and would not impact the crew as much as a new ExO should the Bajoran woman be officially given the position of CMO.

Next on the list had been the extensive list of materials and resources requested by Lieutenant Paquette, all of which had been meant in anticipation of the work for the building of replacements for the destroyed VIPER and SPHINX.  It was clear that the Engineering staff would see their time monopolized by these tasks which only made it that much more important for the ANUBIS to return to its base of operation.  At least there the resources and staff of the NEW ALEXANDRIA complex would come in handy to expedite the work allowing the ANUBIS to return to full operational status.

The extent of the work would of course depend on the condition of the equipment Ensigns Stark and Ya'Han, as well as their respective teams, would bring back from the moon's surface.  Hopefully the two department heads would be able to help reduce the amount of work that would fall onto the Chief Engineer's laps.

On the next PADD, the name of the ANUBIS' ILO appeared at the top, a reminder for him to insure that Ensign Shar'El would receive the proper support following what she had endured back on the moon's underground.  The repeated memory scans of the Akitashiinu and Yxidii as well as the memory scan of the ancient machine had held the potential to cause a great deal of damage to the woman's mind and psyche.  The last time Erik had seen the ILO, she had appeared rather incapacitated thanks to a rather unique debriefing method supervised by none other than the ship's CNS and CEO.

The Captain's thoughts were interrupted when the voice of the ship's Avatar came over the open comms channel.  =/\= Sorry Captain, but we are receiving an encoded priority-one message from Admiral Koniki. =/\=

Erik sighed, this was all he needed right now - another catastrophe.  "Put it through."

The face of the aged Admiral filled the small screen of the console which sat on the Captain's desk. [/\] Greetings Erik, just wanted to inform you that the ANUBIS and its crew are expected to be back at the barn by stardate 30151.1800.  The reason for this has been sent to you on a parallel carrier signal and should be in your computer now.  See you back home soon, Koniki out. [/\]

"Now what?" the Native American sighed not at all enjoying these games the Admiral seemed overly fond of from time to time.  As Erik looked up, he noticed that ANI, the ship's AVATAR had stepped into the Ready Room without having made a request or been granted access.

"My apologies Captain, but the instructions that were received from Admiral Koniki were very specific and clear," ANI explained as she handed a single black and white coloured PADD to the sitting Commanding Officer.  "I believe that you will find all of the information you require contained therein, but should you need more I would be happy to answer any questions that you might have."

Erik took the PADD somewhat reluctantly and began to read its content.

"Are you kidding me?"

"I doubt that Admiral Koniki meant for this to be humourous," the artificial woman replied without skipping a beat.
"He wants me to attend this?"

"Actually Captain, similar invitations were specifically addressed to each and every member of the Senior Staff.  It seems that Admiral Koniki wishes for everyone to be part of this ball," ANI explained not entire certain as to why the Native American had appeared so frustrated.  After all, given the stressful nature of their last mission, should it not have been a welcomed opportunity to attend what would most certainly be an enjoyable and relaxing event?

"One catastrophe at a time," Erik repeated to himself as he thought of the words spoken by one of his forcer COs, Captain Seamus McTavish. "One catastrophe at a time."

Francois Charette

Captain Erik Morningstar
Commanding Officer


Lt. Commander Elan Fairborn
Robotics Engineering Officer
M03-P022: USS ANUBIS: Mizore: Day 05 - 0740 ("Hollowed Ground")
"Hollowed Ground"
[Previous Post " Echoes of Emptiness " by Jayson Souza ]
Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck Seven, Main Sickbay
Stardate: 30149.0807

Soon as Officer’s Stark and Ya’Han had left Sickbay, Mizore moved to stand at the main computer panel on the wall, updating the Chief of Operation’s medical file. Twenty Six minutes earlier, having already made or at least initiated some sort or form of contact with the members of the Away Team. Seska had sent written messages of notification to Lieutenant JG Paquette, Lieutenant Commander Maya, and lastly, Captain Morningstar through the system. Counselor Dalziel and the Intelligence Liaison Shar’El had been done so directly, through personal communication.
Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck Seven, Main Sickbay
Stardate: 30149.0811

Only moments prior to the arrival of Ensign Shar’El, the Bajoran Doctor had severely limited the illumination in Sickbay, dimming the lights, approximately equivalent to Fifteen watts, and temporarily arranged for all communications to Sickbay to quietly be transferred to her Communicator. When the doors opened, Shar’El was somewhat shocked and slightly surprised to see the medical facility in such a manner, or under such settings.  The ILO had to admit though that she had been most grateful for the unexpected settings and quiet atmosphere.

"Welcome, Ensign Shar’El. Come in and get comfortably situated." In no small way or display, Seska had moved slowly superimposed or planted herself in front of the Ullian woman, lifting a left hand as an offer for assistance to the nigh, impossibly pale minx of a female.

"Please, don't yell or shout, Doctor.” Shar’El, managing only a soft susurration, taking Mizore’s hand in hers, if only for a little stability and bearing, while the Doctor guided her to a position on one of the examination beds.

“Very well, Pip.“ Seska said, a playful grin casting itself on her expression for an instant, with an amused giggle. Being the only member of the ANUBIS crew smaller, admittedly shorter than her, could not help herself. Seizing the opportunity to take advantage the situation presented for a sprightly one sided repartee to forge a little friendly connection to those on board the starship. Her voice as low and sweet as an autumn breeze. 

Shar’El, most likely, would not remember much of her visit to Sickbay or the events within, all too soon, maybe not even later, or at the very least in the span of the next solar day. Where she had or would have some time to reflect back and really register on what happened.

"Now, if you will relax, would you mind resting aback?“ Seska began to speak, though stated more in rhetoric than an actual inquiry requiring, demanding, or deserving a response. Placing her left hand while supporting the neck, her right applied a bit of pressure against the woman’s chest. In very short timing, the Doctor had run a full scan of her patient, though it was only out of formality and standard procedure. Mizore having seen or witnessed the finale to the ladies shenanigans of the night. In part, the activity that Shar’El had been engaged in the whole, full evening long in to the early hours of the morning before reporting to Sickbay.

"Doc, you might want to tell Sonja about the problem with her warp core?" The ILO said in a whispered voice as to not aggravate her own discomfort.

"What problem with the warp core would that be?" the ACMO asked in return, wondering as to where this had originated and would be going to.

"I can hear it knocking from here," Shar'El explained as she closed her eyes.

"Seems you are having a case of the ‘Morning After’, more specifically, or to the point, suffering from ‘Delirium Tremens’, Pip." After which, Mizore moved to the medical facility’s replicator, manually entering the various information. Returning to retake the place at her patient’s side with a bar of dry ice wrapped in Karemman fleece, placed behind the neck at the base of the head. and a glass of chilled cranberry juice infused with ginseng extract to reduce her blood sugar level.

:: Cant believe Terrans can tolerate, much less imbibe this mess. It is bitter and has a strange metallic taste, sort of like drinking liquid copper. :: She sighed heavily, coming out more like a huffed ‘ugh’. :: Absolute swill. :: Mizore winced with a show of individual contempt for the beverage.

"Ensign, you seem to have blood in your alcohol system. . . “ Seska whispered her intentionally worded double entendre. "This is a very serious condition, one which may require a possibly severe treatment. Best possible scenario based on your particular case, might be an alcohol transfusion. That, could take several hours."  An iconically wry smile resembling that roguish trickster of the Q Continuum, while she fidgeted with the binding straps on the bio bed. Soon as she had chosen her words, devised the plan and her course of action, voicing the final piece to her self entertaining rant or spiel. Pausing briefly, to generate a little dramatic suspense. :: Nothing quite like shock therapy to jumpstart the recovery process. ::

Initially, the ILO had reacted adversely with a mortified look, laced with an instinctive fear, of something unexpected she was not ready for or to hear, most certainly or definitely ‘not’ looking forward to.

"Now that I snapped you back to us on the ship, and have achieved some level of success in getting adrenaline kicking in to your system. It is a start." She nodded, as she attempted to coax or coerce Shar’El to get a little fluid other than liquor in her. It was a first step toward recovery. Drawing close, Seska had locked sight with Shar’El, the ILO’s eyes dilated swiftly as the iris expanded momentarily as pure epinephrine circuited her body that triggered a biochemically hormonal and neurological high, maintaining it for only a short period of seconds.

Studying the synaptic function and response, noticing streaks and lines the color of raw silver ore among the polished obsidian that shone in the woman’s eyes.

"You will get through it, or this, Ensign. Though, it may not feel that way right now. I can only fathom or imagine your head is beating like a Klingon War Drum. You will survive.“ As she, herself, gave Shar’El a gesture, more than one of mere sympathy and simple act of understanding. Placing a synthetic chamois weave into ThrityThree degree C water, before laying it to rest over the Ullian born female’s face, from the bridge of the nose to her hairline.

"In your current state, and present condition. I must insist, however, you take a little down time, at least Eight hours of ‘R and R’ before assuming your duties, or resuming your position in your ‘Lair’.“ Seska slowly dropped her right hand over one belonging to Shar’El, giving her a light squeeze. Taking a hypospray and neural stimulator in her left. "What I can offer, is something to treat, alleviate, and potentially cure some of or all the effects of last nights little soiree."

Once more giving a reassuring squeeze, followed with her own characteristically habitual affectation, the sound of a muted snap or click of her tongue, when she flicked it against the top of her mouth. Applying a hypospray aside the Ullian Officer’s neck, Seska administered a Four percent Hydrocortilene solution mixed with the sedative, Tetrovaline.

"After Eight hours, pending your condition at that time, I will reconsider your stay of duty and reassess allowing you return to active status." Giving the medication a chance to take effect, Mizore stayed at her side while she worked on modifying the neural stimulator, making appropriate adjustments to invert the device’s normal operation. Instead of enhancing cognitive functions or mental activity, it would instead cause a sort of sensory deprivation when activated. Sounds would become a low, distorted, and incomprehensible. Similar to the quiet hum of ambient or white noise. Sight would blur into distant amorphous shapes, with dull colors, incredibly slow in motion.

Mizore continued performing the process, with new each step, she tested it first and foremost on herself. Never, would she put anyone through anything, or do to others, that she would not do or submit to herself. Only when she was satisfied with the results, had she gone through the effort or act of carefully placing it ever so gently on Shar’El without activating it for the moment.

With no more relevant concerns, pressing matters, or serious complications to attend to in regard to the ILO’s health and general welfare or well being. Seska saw no reason to keep or confine her to Sickbay, thinking that the time might best be spent in her own room. Leading the Ullian slowly, escorting her from the medical facility. Guiding Shar’El by the hand as she offered, allowing the ILO lean on her whenever needed for support. The women made their way off Deck Seven, up to Deck Two, toward the Senior Officer Quarters.
Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck Two, Senior Officer Personal Quarters: Shar’El
Stardate: 30148.0825

When they had come to the entrance, the door hissed opened to the dismay of the ILO who stepped in and invited the ACMO to join her, for purely medical reasons of course.  Given her current weakened state, there had been no way to know when Shar'El may be in need of a hand, arm or second set of feet to keep her steady.

Seska was not entirely surprised to see the sparse appearance of the decor in ILO's quarters, finding little if any personal effects or anything that might hold sentimental value had been around to give any indication as to the Ullian's likes or background.

"Not much into personalizing your quarters are you?" the Bajoran Doctor stated, feeling a little disappointed in the lack of individuality noticed in the ILO's quarters.

"Sometimes it is the absence of a thing that gives the most important information about someone's character Doctor," the ILO explained as she very carefully made her way to the nearest sitting apparatus. "A lack of clutter can indicate an organized life or one that is empty of events beyond the strict essentials of duty.  A lack of visible personal items could be looked upon as a distinct sign that the person does not wish to live or be reminded of her past, if there is such a thing to be remembered.  Then again it could simply be that the person in question simply wishes to keep her life private for fear that any part of her past could be used against her at some point in a mission,"  Shar'El suddenly went silent as she realized that her thoughts had actually been said aloud for the ACMO to hear.

"Aside from the medication I administered earlier in Sickbay, I would suggest you drink water every couple hours, stay hydrated. That does not mean a drop, or a sip either." The Doctor said thinking that a change of subject had been well in order.  "Other than or apart from that. . ." Placing a tall glass of ice water on the bedside table. “There is yet still, two matters I still will need to address with you. One, I have been asked to provide complete, detailed physical examination regarding the stint spent on PI ALPHA III, as per Captain’s orders."

"Great," the ILO sighed, "that will be one report that is sure to make the Captain laugh."

"Though," Seska quickly added, "I understand, it can or will have to wait until you are in a better place physically and medically. However, you are always welcome, and free to drop by or see me in Sickbay, at any such time as is most convenient for you."

The ACMO stared into the ILO’s eyes again, trying to catch, capture, and maintain her full attention, so that she would fully understand the words, the weight they carried or possessed, and the importance behind them. "The second, should it seem necessary to further extend the duration of your recovery, or temporarily stay your medical leave from service, until 2000 hours, I trust you will agree Ensign Shar’El."

The ILO simply nodded her head at a reduce rate of speed, for fear that the motion might actually cause her to lose her balance.  "Aye aye Doc, permission to pass out now."

"I will come back to check on you at 1600 hours, consider that a promise. One I quite intend to keep." Mizore smiled, taking one last moment to utter a final few words to Shar’El. "Lastly, if I may give you some advice. Impart or break words of a more personal nature. Might I suggest, or recommend synthehol over alcohol next time."

"Next time?" the ILO repeated before collapsing into the nearest chair, a loud snoring sound filling the quarters only seconds later.

As she Doctor turned from the Ullian, she activated the modified neural stimulator, as it was currently set to serve or act as a limited sensory inhibitor. "Rest well, Pip." The Bajoran bowed her head, turning about, quietly slipped from the room, heading back toward Main Sickbay on Deck Seven.
Gwen Spellblade

Ensign Mizore Seska
Assistant Chief Medical Officer
M03-P021: USS ANUBIS: Stark: Day 5 - 1330 ("Echoes of Emptiness")
"Echoes of Emptiness"
[previous "Meet the Natives"]

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck 29, Specialized Craft Storage Area
Stardate: 30149.1330

He stood inside the double door entrance of the large storage area with his arms crossed and a grin on his face.  The BARRACUDA and the three LOCUS had been returned to their home with nothing more than a few scratches on them.  To the Chief of Operations, that had been something to be proud of.
"I would not be grinning so much if I were you."

The words of the Chief of Security, who stood right next to the Chief of Operations had been intended to make him turn his attention to the pile of debris that stood where the SPHYNX should have been.  Everything that could be brought back and salvaged in one shape or form had been so that it could all be inspected.  Given the extent of the damage though, it had been unlikely that any parts would be used in the eventual construction of a replacement.

"Commander Maya wanted everything brought back to see if she could identify the actual cause of the structural failure.  I'm guessing she will want to offer ideas for upgrades for the next model."

Jayson did not envy the task and suspected that the acting Executive officer would call upon him and his staff to help with the sorting, cataloguing and analysis of the debris.  After that though it would fall upon Lieutenant Paquette and her staff to get a new SPHYNX up and running, hopefully in time for their next mission.

"Do you need me for anything else?  I would like to return to my duties on the bridge now."

Ya'Han asked as her eyes traveled the entire width and depth of the silent room, the general quietness seemed almost too much for the Chief of Security to deal with.  Of course there had been no way for Jayson to know what had been bothering the black haired woman, so he just accepted her jitteriness as having been a need to do more than simply standing around and looking ahead to what needed to be done.

"No, you are your security team were very helpful, even if only to make my guys feel uncomfortable as they were being watched every step of the way.  At least you got to ride in one of the VIPERs, hopefully that will be something that you will remember."

"Speaking of which..."

Before the Chief of Security had finished her open ended sentence, her fist had landed with force against the shoulder of the Chief of Operations causing him to grown in pain.

"OUCH! What the heck was that for?"

"Did you truly believe that I did not notice you making all those weird maneuvers on purpose to see if I would end up plastered against the side of the cockpit?  Plus, your landing was a complete failure for someone who possesses your level of flying skills. So that left me with only one conclusion, you did it all on purpose to rattle my cage."

With that Ya'Han just turned around and headed out of the large storage area leaving Jayson to rub his aching shoulder while being thankful that the Chief of Security had not hit him harder or sent him to the ground as she had done earlier in the gymnasium.

Jayson Sousa

Ensign Jayson Stark
M03-P020: USS ANUBIS: T'Leia: Day 5 - 1010 ("Meet the Natives")
"Meet the Natives"
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Setting: NEW ALEXANDRIA, Section C2, Level 3, Observation Walkway
Stardate: 30149.1010

[excerpt from "The Big Guy"]
"My place is here," Elan stated with quiet certitude, "a fact that I have been reminded of time and time again over the years.  That said, and if I may be so bold, knowing every member of the NEW ALEXANDRIA's medical staff I know that you are new here."

Ensign T'Leia half grinned, it seemed that the giant held a great many skills beyond those of an Engineer.  "I was assigned to the USS ANUBIS as its new Assistant Chief Medical Officer."

"The ANUBIS is a remarkable vessel," the Oltharian stated, allowing the weight of his words to hint that they had been spoken out of personal knowledge.  "I would love to hear how you came to be assigned to serve on board," the giant continued having offered the the Terran / Human hybrid to sit in one of the nearby sofas meant for people to sit and chat while not on duty, facts that appeared to currently fit both officers.

[New Dialogue progression ]

The woman smoothed her robe tighter around her, the cold creeping in and her Vulcan blood desiring the heat of Vulcan...  Ensign T'Leia nodded as she listened to the Lieutenant Commander talk about how the only Oltharian came to be in Starfleet and on New Alexandria at the time.

Ensign T'Leia:  "Understood, there are times when being a child of two Worlds is daunting, people assume because you have human blood in your genes that you automatically break out into a big smile a song and a dance, however; for me it is not so, I am more reserved I have more Vulcan Heritage within my T-Cell than I do Human, on the other hand that does not mean that I cannot appreciate my humanness and that I do not enjoy a dancing a good ballet or a Tango, and I am called upon many a time to assist an Ambassador who needs a escort due to his wife or aid not being able to attend a function, and the Ambassador knows there will be no gossip or tainting of his character nor mine because I am Vulcan and therefore I pose no threat to the character of the Man or the mission.

She rose from the bench and looked around, raising an eyebrow she turned and said.  "There are times, when the burden of two worlds weighs heavy on the katra.  Surak understood this as he taught us to greet differences and become greater together than apart.  To cast out fear and to embrace all of ourselve.."

T'Leia moved gracefully and looked at the Lieutenant Commander,  "It is a call that Vulcans still rally behind today.  We hold the line against the enemy within or around us, we do what we must to preserve the peace."  T'Leia looked at him and stated, "I know some people wonder why an Admiral would hold his Black and White Ball under such conditions in such a Military encampment as this, but consider all the elements that we are not privy too!  The Diplomatic aspect, perhaps peace may prevail if we get all sides to a pretty gathering a place where sword and weapon are put aside for conversation and the showing of sameness and perhaps just perhaps within all the trappings of fanciful dance and fan and flower, a solution can be met for datont or cease fire."

Renda Carr

Ensign (Doctor) T'Leia
Assistant Medical Officer
NCC 18501
M03-P019: USS ANUBIS: Fairborn: Day 5 - 1010 ("The Big Guy")
"The Big Guy"
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<< Life is nothing more than circles inter-linking with and into one another. Within the all-encompassing Circle of the Universe, we find and endless number of smaller Circles, each as important as the next. Within the Circle of Life, we can discover the Circle of our society, and within that one we find two other Circles, that of Science and Religion. Within those we find smaller Circles that include friends and associates, and within those we find the smallest yet most significant Circles of them all - that of our own individual existence. It is therefore normal for one to find himself traveling the same road again, completing the circle. The second time around having gathered some of the knowledge and wisdom found where other paths crossed and Circles linked. >>
- Oltharian Belief

Setting: NEW ALEXANDRIA, Section C2, Level 3, Observation Walkway
Stardate: 30149.1010

The more she wondered through the NEW ALEXANDRIA Complex, the more Terran/Vulcan hybrid found herself at ease with the layout of the hidden Intel base.  There had been something logical about the way the decks had been laid out and how the design had made the most of the space within the asteroid.  What Ensign T'Leia found truly fascinating had been the view from the large windows which stood between her and the open area reversed for the ships which found their home here.

Here on the third level of Section C2, things were remarkably peaceful, the entire level having been dedicated to the quarters of enlisted and junior crew members of the USS ANUBIS, the that Andromeda's Human half could not wait to see arrive.  In the meantime though, her Vulcan side demanded that she continue to investigate the complex and become as familiar with it as possible.  If the ANUBIS was to become her *home*, NEW ALEXANDRIA would therefore be a 'home away from home'.

As she made her way down the corridor, occasionally casting her gaze into the large open area beyond the large windows, the Medically trained Officer came upon a sight that took her a little by surprise.  Standing in front of one of the large windows, his gaze lost in the vacuum beyond the clear surface and his hands clasped behind his back, had been a towering humanoid.  Although the Ensign had not wanted to stare at the living giant, the fact that he easily stood more than seven feet tall had been more than enough to insure that he had captured the curiosity of the Vulcan / Terran hybrid.

Andromeda froze when the colossus turned in her direction and took notice of both her presence and interest in him.  The bald man instantly smiled and bowed, an action that took the Doctor by complete surprise.

"Greetings Healer," the giant offered, his voice filled with respect and admiration.

Ensign T'Leia quickly noted the rank insignia on the man's collar and straightened as best she could, the giant towering over her not only in stature but also in rank.  "My apologies Lieutenant Commander, it was not my intention to disturb you.  I will leave you to thoughts."

"You have absolutely nothing to apologise for Healer," the towering officer stated, his deep voice laced with a tranquility that reminded the Doctor of a few Vulcan priests she had come to know.  "My mind was simply lost in the vastness of the universe which stretched beyond the confines of this base.  If you have the time, I would be most welcoming of your company."

"If you insist Lieutenant Commander," Andromeda acknowledge not entire certain if the words spoken by the giant had been some sort of order or a very gently offered proposal.  Nevertheless the 5 foot 6 inches tall woman thought it best to accept the imposing higher ranking man's offer, if only to be safe.
"There is no need to salute or abide by protocols with me Healer," the man stated with a gentle smile.  "My name is Elan Fairborn, and for the time being I am but a simple Robotics Engineer assigned to help with making the USS BASTET ready for service."

"Doctor Andromeda T'Leia," the brown and curly haired woman offered in return, finding the giant's general attitude and mannerism rather strange for a Starfleet Lieutenant Commander.  "If I may ask, why do you continue to refer to me as *Healer*?"

"I am an Oltharian," Elan explained, "and on my world all who work within the field of medicine are revered as they bridge two of the most important Circles of our society."

"Oltharian?" Doctor T'Leia repeated, never having heard the name of this specific race mentioned before now.  "I was not aware that your people were serving as Officers in Starfleet."

"Healer," the Oltharian said as a veil of sadness washed over him, if only for a second. "I am the only one of my race to have joined Starfleet, my path having been set well beyond the limits of my homeworld."

"I am sorry to hear that," the Doctor offered, having grown increasingly curious as to the man's culture and the reasons as to why they revered members of the medical field so.  Beyond that Andromeda also wondered as to why the gentle giant had been the only member of his race to join Starfleet.  "It sounds like you miss your people very much."

"My place is here," Elan stated with quiet certitude, "a fact that I have been reminded of time and time again over the years.  That said, and if I may be so bold, knowing every member of the NEW ALEXANDRIA's medical staff I know that you are new here."

Ensign T'Leia half grinned, it seemed that the giant held a great many skills beyond those of an Engineer.  "I was assigned to the USS ANUBIS as its new Assistant Chief Medical Officer."

"The ANUBIS is a remarkable vessel," the Oltharian stated, allowing the weight of his words to hint that they had been spoken out of personal knowledge.  "I would love to hear how you came to be assigned to serve on board," the giant continued having offered the the Terran / Vulcan hybrid to sit in one of the nearby sofas meant for people to sit and chat while not on duty, facts that appeared to currently fit both officers.

Francois Charette

Captain Erik Morningstar
Commanding Officer


Lt. Commander Elan Fairborn
Robotics Engineering Officer
M03-P018: USS ANUBIS: Ya'Han: Day 05 - 0920 ("What Was Left Behind")
[/\] [/\] [/\] [/\] [/\]
"What Was Left Behind"
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[/\] [/\] [/\] [/\] [/\]

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Transporter Room 3
Stardate: 30149.0920

After having been cleared by Doctor Mizore to resume full active duty, Ensign Stark had made his way to the transporter room followed by the black haired Chief of Security.  The task he faced had been a simple one: to retrieve the crafts that had been left on the lunar surface.  Ya'Han had followed because she had offered the assistance of her department as well as her own personal help on this task.

The Chief of Operations came to an immediate stop when he stepped into the transporter room and saw a full security detail standing along side the members of his own department.

"Are we expecting a war?" Jayson asked, having turned to face the grinning woman who stood a single step behind him.

"Given everything that you have told me about what happened down there with the Akitashiinu and my own experience with the Yxidii up here, I thought it best to err on the side of caution," Ya'Han said as she moved forward and gave the Security detail a quick once over.

"Sensors have not picked up any signs of life on the moon's surface," the Chief of Operations said seeing this as having clearly been overkill.  "Everyone was sent back to their dimension.  Heck, you saw the rifts open and the ships be drawn into them just as the ANUBIS was."

"I am very well aware of what I saw," the black haired woman snapped as she pivoted on her heel to face the Ensign, "and aside from it being my responsibility to insure the safety of every member of this crew, be them on board the ANUBIS or planetside, I for one do not trust the sketchy sensor readings we have been able to get.  I think I do not need to remind you of the atmospheric conditions that are still there, standing between us and a the moon's surface.  For all we know there might be a group of Akitashiinu, Yxidii or some other dimensional alien down there waiting for someone to drop in."

"Alright," Jayson said as he moved his shoulder in a reminder of the lesson he had received earlier at the hands of the Chief of Security, "you have made your point."

"Set phasers to maximum stun setting," Ya'Han ordered the Security detail, having turned back to face them.  "You are authorised to fire only should someone be faced with an imminent threat, so don't jump to any hasty actions."  As she turned back to face Jayson, the black haired woman continued, "there will be one of my men for each of yours, so plan accordingly."

"I have the feeling that you are having way too much fun ordering me around on this," Stark half grinned.

"Believe whatever you wish," Ya'Han said in response, "but you know that I am right."

Jayson shook his head knowing that there had been no way for him to even come close to winning his, not that he believed his position to being better or even right.  "Alright, we will be sending seven teams down; the first two will be in charge of flying the BARRACUDA back as it is too large for us to use the transporters on it.  Team 3, 4 and 5, you guys are to set pattern enhancers around the LOCUS so that we can get a solid transporter lock on them.  Teams 6 and 7, you guys are in charge of flying the VIPERs and providing an escort to the BARRACUDA.  Any questions?"

"I only see six teams here," the Chief of Security pointed out.

"I'm team 7, so its looks like you and I are going to be flying a VIPER together," the Chief of Operations said in an overly joyful manner, leaving the Chief of Security to expect a rough flight back to the ANUBIS.

[/\] [/\] [/\] [/\] [/\]
Setting: Moon of PI ALPHA III, Surface
Stardate: 30149.0945

It had taken some time to see all of the team beam down to their respective coordinates, the atmospheric disturbances having made it hazardous to engage the transporter system.

"Believe it or not," Jayson said as the materialization process came to its completion, "the weather is a hundred times better than it was the first time we came here.  There was no way we would have been able to beam down.  Maybe one of the races had something to do with that."

"Maybe so," the Chief of Security said as she reached for her side arm and stood ready to intervene should something unexpected came their way, "but this is far from being a clear and sunny day."

Jayson laughed.  "On this moon, this is as 'clear and sunny' as I suspect it gets.  All we need to do is make our way to the VIPER and fly it to the rendezvous coordinate to meet up with the BARRACUDA."

The VIPER had not been all that far and the walk would only take a minute over the rough lunar terrain, but it had been enough to give the Chief of Security a good view of the Interceptor type fighter.  "This thing does not appear to be standard Federation issue," Ya'Han said, her attention having become solely focussed on the craft.

"One of the many advantages of being assigned to the ANUBIS my dear," the Chief of Operations chuckled.  "We get to play with some really nice toys."

Ya'Han could only shake her head in response to the man's statement.  Whatever race, the males all seemed to have the same general attraction to anything that could be considered in some way as a toy, a fact that made the black haired woman remember her brothers whom she had left behind in what had become a completely different life.

[/\] [/\] [/\] [/\] [/\]
Hanali Han

Ensign Ya'Han
Chief of Security / Chief Tactical Officer
M03-P017: USS ANUBIS: T'Leia : Day 5 - 0800 ("Black and White Ball Preparations")
"Black and White Ball Preparations"
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Setting: New Alexandria, Ensign Andromeda T'Leia's Quarters
Stardate 30149.0800

Andromeda T'Leia opened the door of her quarters and made her way inside.  She had picked up some food items, so that she could make herself some Vulcan Tea, as the replicated variety never had the bouquet that real Vulcan tea leaves held.  She pulled up the ancient Vulcan tea steeper and poured water into it, loading the tea ball with the fragrant leaves, she then dropped it into the slot of the kettle and placed it on the new-wave eye.  Then she made her way to her bed room and tried on the Snowfall gown.  The intricate fabric looked as if it had been woven by Vulcan silk worms, it was light and delicate, the shoes looked as if they were star dust.   She thought about the invitation from the Admiral and why so formal an affair would still be continued even this far away from Starfleet, and she decided that it was because the Admiral was a creature of habit and of good graces.  One did not find a gentleman such as he very often.

After she tried on the gown and decided it  needed no further tailoring, she placed it carefully in the closet and donned her uniform, picking up her PADD, she went to the whistling kettle, pulling out a delicate earth china tea cup moonlight roses with saucer and poured herself a cup of tea.

Walking to the sofa, near the window she sat down and read up on her department and New Alexandria and the reports for her security level on the region.  

Sipping the tea, she looked down at her hands and decided she should give herself a manicure and pedicure before the ball.  She made notations in her personal PADD and then continued her work reading.

Andromeda T'Leia, thought about home her parents still on earth and the Vulcan Ambassadorial consulate, ~Mother and Father will be at the negotiations by now for the Tarialians entry into United Federation of Planets, and by now they have fully made the Tarialians angry with all the Vulcan and Human logic of  waiting and fulfilling all the necessary paperwork and timeline, the Tari were not patient a species. ~   

Rising from her tea and read, she decided to make her rounds of New Alexandria.


Setting New Alexandria, T'Leia's quarters deck.
Stardate:  30149.1000 

Departing her quarters, she walked slowly down the corridor.  The place was not as large as some bases she had been on, yet it did have the 'Bunker Elements' of some other places she had been, throughout her life, some of them dangerous places and some of them peaceful.  She continued her walk, familarizing herself with her temporary home.

Renda Carr

Ensign (Doctor) Andromeda T'Leia
Assistant Chief Medical Officer
NCC 18501
M03-P016: USS USS ANUBIS: Shar'El: Day 5 - 0730 ("Voices")
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Shar'El's Quarters
Stardate: 30149.0730

Never had she expected the trip back to her quarters to be so long.  From the Black Hole Lounge on deck 16 back to her quarters on deck 2, Shar'El felt as if she had crossed the entire span of the known universe and fought against every hostile races along the way.

Even the brightness of the lights in her quarters had assaulted the ILO sending her crashing down back against the wall near the entrance.  Shar'El had been quick to request from the computer to cancel the illumination, but her doing so had caused her to fall victim to the volume of her own voice which could have been compared to the explosion of several dozen quantum torpedoes.

Crawling on the floor from the entrance to her bed, the ILO kept on wishing in perfect silence for the ship to stop moving.  As soon as she would be able to do so, Shar'El would give the crewman at the helm a piece of her mind for having made the ANUBIS do so many rolls.  Halfway to her destination, the black haired woman made a mental note to confront the redheaded engineer for having tempered with the artificial gravity of the ship making it possible for her to actually feel the full force of each of these blasted rolls.

The climb up onto her bed had been likened to one of her exams back at Starfleet Academy where the then cadet had been told to make her way up an inversed wall over a hundred meters tall using nothing but her hands.  Starfleet took pride in the physical training of its officers, a fact that the ILO had not been overly keen upon at the time or now,

The softness of the sheets welcomed the troubled form of the Intelligence Liaison Officer with a gentleness that Shar'El had been most grateful for.  Now if only the voices that had followed her back to her quarters could be made to be still, the black haired woman would be able to find the peace she so desperately needed to recuperate from the debriefing Eve and Sonja had put her through.

=/\= Doctor Mizore to Ensign Shar'El, =/\= the thundering call made the ILO take a solid hold of the sheets beneath her form for fear that the sonic shockwave would send her flying across the room.  Why had the computer set the volume to be at such a extreme level?  It would be something that the black haired woman would have to address with the redheaded engineer, Lieutenant Paquette obviously having some score to settle against the helpless Intel Liaison Officer.

=/\= Doctor Mizore to Ensign Shar'El, are you alright?  The Captain has asked that all members of the away team who went to the moon surface be given a complete physical.  I thought that I would contact each member of the senior staff and see if we could set a time," the Bajoran medical officer explained, not understanding why no reply had been given to her first call.

Shar'El did her best to make sense of what she had heard.  The ILO had recognized the voice of the ACMO but failed to understand why the Doctor had decided to have her voice come across a few dozen times over the open communications channel causing a deafening echo to fill the quarters.

"Maybe later Doctor," the black haired woman managed to say, her own words having echoed off the nearby walls to return to her position on top of the bed with vengeance.

=/\= Are you feeling alright? You sound ill, =/\= Doctor Mizore continued having easily picked up on the laboured tone of the ILO's voice.  =/\= Would you like for me to send a medical team to your quarters, or maybe you would be more comfortable if I went there myself to check up on you. =/\=

The ILO's head felt as if it had been ready to implode from all of the sounds and voices that had come to fill the silence she had hoped to find in her quarters.  Obviously the entirety of the universe had been poised against her and there would be no escaping it.  "If I say that I will be there in a few hours, will you stop with the echoing voices?"

=/\= Echoing voices? =/\= Seska repeated, not entire certain that she had heard correctly or what the ILO might have wanted to say.  =/\= I think it would be best if you came to Sickbay right away Ensign. =/\=

"On my way," the black haired woman reluctantly agreed to hoping that this would put an end to the unending sonic assault which had threatened to shatter her skull and let all of her memories be violently splattered on the walls of her quarters.

=/\= I shall be expecting you shortly then.  Mizore out. =/\= the ACMO added which sent the ILO to roll clear off her bed against the nearest wall.  If the Doctor had wanted to kill her, why had she not used a more silent method such as a warp core breach?  As Shar'El crawled her way out from between the wall and bed, the black haired woman continued to wish for the voices that filled the room to be quiet, even if only fr a second or two.

Trying her best to focus on the positive aspects of her current situation, Shar'El reminded herself that Sickbay had only been five decks down, a trek that would pale in comparison with the one that she had endured to make her way back to her quarters not so long ago.  It had been true that the ILO would have preferred to stay here but it appeared that the voices had conspired against her on that point.

Having been so outnumbered Shar'El had been left with no other option than to comply and head for Sickbay where hopefully Doctor Mizore would be able to quiet the voices down.  The black haired ILO also hoped that the ACMO would be able to accomplish this in a perfectly silent manner so as to not aggravate the relentless assault that she had been unable to escape from thus far.

Tiffany Reeve

Ensign Shar'El
Intel Liaison Officer
M03-P015: USS ANUBIS: Morningstar: Day 5 - 0900 ("Admiral's Ball")
"Admiral's Ball"
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"The self-indulgent man craves for all pleasant things... and is led by his appetite to choose these at the cost of everything else."
- Aristotle

Setting: NEW ALEXANDRIA, Section A, Level 6, Admiral Koniki's Office
Stardate: 30149.0800

"Good morning Admiral," Allyson, the blond haired receptionist and secretary to the high ranking officer said with her now famous smile and joyfulness.  "Here are the reports from the USS CLEOPATRA and USS MA'AT.  Commander Wallace has pushed back the readiness date on the USS BASTET once again stating that there have been unexpected complications with the installation of the Quantum Slip-Drive."

"What about the USS ANUBIS?" the aged Admiral inquired as he made himself comfortable behind his imposing black onyx desk.

"According to the last report sent by Captain Morningstar, everything is under control," Allyson replied as she neatly deposited several PADDs in front of the Admiral.  "He expects the ANUBIS to be heading back in a couple of days following their recuperating the crafts, whole or in parts, from the surface of the moon."

"Leave it to Erik to turn a simple training mission into a matter of galactica stability," Koniki half chuckled knowing very well that the Native American had never been one to overstate the importance of anything or to downplay matters that should not be taken lightly.  "Were the flowers and dresses made available to Doctor T'Leia?" the Admiral inquired as he began to read the content of the first PADD, as if the question had been perfectly normal.

"Commander Quint was able to make a wide variety of designer dresses and flora available," the blond haired woman replied, her answer matching the Admiral's nonchalant tone.  "Doctor T'Leia selected the Efrosian Snowfall dress as well as the lilies and roses as you had expected."

"The Efrosion Snowfall dress, really?  I did not expect that, I will have to look into that selection a little more closely.  That said, please extend my thanks to Quink," Koniki said as a grin flashed over his lips.  "He never ceases to amaze me as to just how fast he is able to get the items we ask of him, regardless of how strange or weird they may be."

"I will be sure to pass along your thanks to Commander Quint Admiral," Allyson confirmed.  "Will there be anything else?"

"No, thank you Allyson," the aged man stated, his attention having been absorbed by the report contained within the second PADD that the blond haired receptionist had placed on his desk earlier.

Setting: NEW ALEXANDRIA, Section A, Level 6, Administrative Reception Area
Stardate: 30149.0830

"Good morning Lieutenant Commander Rue," Allyson offered as the Trill woman dressed in the colours of the Science Department entered the main reception area.  "May I offer you a refreshment or a copy of the latest Scientific Journal from VULCAN?"

"No, thank you Allyson," Tirina replied without thinking twice about the blond woman's insatiable need to please those who came to see the Commanding Officer of the NEW ALEXANDRIA Complexe.  "Is Admiral Koniki available? I need to ask him a few questions about this 'ball' idea of his."

"I am sorry Commander, but Admiral Koniki is currently reviewing sensitive material," Allyson explained, her beaming smile never having vanished from her lips.  "Maybe I could interest you in one of the new holodeck novels that we have received, I believe that you would find them very much to your liking."

"No, thank you Allyson," the scientist repeated with a slight tone of frustration.  Although the Trill possessed several lifetimes of experiences thanks to the Rue symbiote, the woman had found out very difficult to understand why the Admiral had suddenly called for a formal ball to be held.  It was true that Charles M. Koniki had been known for his occasional indulgences, but those had always been limited to involve himself and maybe a few others.  Invitations to this ball had been sent to anyone possessing a rank of Ensign or higher, an oddity that the scientist found impossible to explain.

"I am sure that you will be able to ask the Admiral about his reasons for the ball at a later time," the blond haired receptionist offered while her fingers flew over the console at a dizzying pace.  "In the meantime, I will inform the Admiral that you were here to see him."

Tirina sighed as she bit her lower lip.  The Admiral had been up to something, as he always was, but what the Trill found truly frustrating though had been her inability to even come close to figuring out what the man's plan had been.

"Plans within plans," the scientist said to herself as she made her way out of the Administrative Reception Area, certain that even if she did manage to corner the Admiral he would find a way to evade her questions, as he so very often did.

Francois Charette

Captain Erik Morningstar
Commanding Officer


Lt. Commander Elan Fairborn
Robotics Engineering Officer
M03-P014: USS ANUBIS: T'Leia: Day 5 - 0755 ("New Alexandria")
"New Alexandria"
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Setting:  NEW ALEXANDRIA, Personnel Quarters, Ensign Andromeda T'Leia
Stardate: 30149.0755

Andromeda T'Leia sat in her quarters reading her PADD, going over the list of supplies she would need when the ANUBIS arrived and she assumed her position in the Medical Department.   She completed her reading and rose.  Deciding to take a walk around NEW ALEXANDRIA, and find a restaurant.  

As she strolled into the entertainment area she found a tea room and went inside.  

The waitress walked over and said.  "One, this way please."  Andromeda T'Leia followed her and then sat down at the table by the window.  

"So what will you have?"  The waitress ask.  Andromeda T'Leia looked up and replied.  "I will have the lemon chamomile tea and the scones."

The waitress departed and placed the order.  

Andromeda T'Leia sat looking out the large window, listening to the sounds in the tea house and smelling the fragrant aroma of the various teas and food products in the restaurant.

The waitress arrived and placed the tea and scones on the table.  "Enjoy!"

Andromeda T'Leia nodded and sampled the tea.  "Fascinating,"  she said as she sat at the table.  She sampled the scones, they were very good, almost as good as her Grandmother Andromeda, she thought about her and her other Grandmother T'Leia, she had been named for her two Grandmothers and that suited her well.

The Doctor finished the tea and scones, rising from the chair she walked out of the tea house and made her way along the promenade, she walked into a designer dress clothier and looked at the gowns, she had a private party to attend later on in the week and she still had not found a gown to wear to the formal event.

The Sales Lady walked up and ask.  "How may assist you?"

Andromeda T'Leia turned and replied.  "I have an invitation to the Admirals Black and White ball, and I need to update my formal wardrobe."

"Ah, yes we have several selections to choose from, would you like to see the gowns that no other lady has selected to wear?"

"Of course and if you have any one piece designer gowns that would be my preference."

"Ah, very good we do have a selection of one piece designer gowns what color are you looking for?"

"White."  Andromeda T'Leia replied.  She brushed through her long medium brown locks with her fingers as she waited for the Sales Lady to return.

The Sales lady returned and said.  "I have the gown ready in the large dressing area."

Andromeda T'Leia followed her and walked into the big room.  Left alone, she took off her clothing and picked up the ball gown.  She pulled it on over her head and smoothing it down ..  The Sales woman appeared again to help fasten the gown.

With the gown fastened, Andromeda T'Leia turned around to look at the mirror, her image transformed from Star Fleet Uniformed Doctor into a Haute fashioned woman.

"I will take this gown, and the matching shoes, gloves, stockings and under garments, please send it to this apartment."

The Sales woman beamed and went to work preparing the order.  While Andromeda T'Leia got out of the gown and back into her uniform.

As she departed the dressing room, she noted other women in the salon shopping for gowns.   

One of the women saw her white gown and ask the sales women if she could try it on.

"Oh no my dear this gown has already been purchased, and I do not sell the same gown for the same event."

Andromeda T'Leia, looked around as the Sales woman approached.  "Here is your ticket and your gown and other packages are already in delivery mode for your apartment, it has been a pleasure helping you, do come again."

Andromeda T'Leia nodded and said.  "I shall."

Departing the salon, she then made her way onwards stopping at the floral salon, where she ordered some flowers to be delivered to her apartment.  She had chosen lilies and roses, they were fragrant flowers and her favorites.

Renda Carr

(Ensign) T'Leia,M.D.
Assistant Chief Medical Officer
NCC 18501
M03-P013: USS ANUBIS: Stark: Day 5 - 0755 ("Let's Get Physical")
"Let's Get Physical"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Black Hole Lounge
Stardate: 30149.0755

"So how was breakfast?"

Jayson could not help but smile as he watched the black haired woman sitting across from him debate on her answer.  Bacon and eggs had been his choice and everything seemed to be going well until he explained where the items in question had come from.  It appeared that Ya'Han had not been overly thrilled by the idea that the main items that had been on her plate had come from animals.  Specific regions to be more accurate.
"I think I am going to need to go to Sickbay."

Jayson had not been certain if the words spoken by the Chief of Security had been said in honesty or jest.  The look on her face hinted to some level of discomfort but nothing that the Chief of Operations would have expected to lead to any kind of sickness.

"How about some orange juice to wash it all down?"

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Sickbay
Stardate: 30149.0805

"I am surprised that the doors are still on their tracks."

As hard as he might have wanted to, Jayson was unable to hold back his laughter and amusement at the entire matter.  The Chief of Security had left the Black Hole Lounge so fast that she had knocked down several chairs including her own.  It had not been overly complicated for the Operations Officer to deduce as to where the black haired woman had been rushing to.

"You will be fine Ensign."

The words from Doctor Mizore had been calm and reassuring, a clear contrast to the expression on the face of the Chief of Security as the hypo-spray was applied to her neck.

"Fine? Maybe, that is as long as I never again have any sort of breakfast for as long as I live."

"Apparently, bacon and eggs are too much for the stomach of our Chief of Security."

The golden opportunity to tease the woman sitting on the biobed had just been too good for Jayson to pass up on.

"While you are here, I need to run a full medical scan on you Ensign Stark.  Captain's orders."

The smile that had been there vanished almost instantly off Jayson's face.  he understood the need after what they had all endured while on their 'training mission' but still the Chief of Operations could have waited a little while before having to submit to this.

Under the amused stare of the Chief of Security he made his way onto the main examination table where Ya'Han had been sitting on only seconds ago, the black haired woman having slid off with haste to clear the space for Jayson.

Doctor Mizore opened her medical tricorder and began a full body scan of the sitting Ensign.

"Lung capacity is still not working at 100%, but that should fix itself over time. The atmosphere down on the moon was not the cleanest but I do not believe that any medication is currently required to help in that matter.  What does bother me though is this bruise on your right shoulder, it looks rather fresh."

It was Ya'Han's turn to laugh, although she did a better job that Jayson had to hiding it.

"It happened this morning in a training exercise."

"He had a rather abrupt and unexpected meeting with a floor mat down in the ship's gymnasium."

The Chief of Security had found the perfect way to get even with the Chief of Operations for his breakfast and laughing at her for her reaction afterwards.
"You should not be training with anyone clearly stronger than you are Ensign. You risk grave injuries that I will have to attend to, so please ask your training partner to be more careful."

"I will Doctor."

Ya'Han's answer had been quick and immediately made it clear to the CMO that she had been the one who had sent the Chief of Operations to the mat despite her smaller size and expected strength.

Jayson remained perfectly quiet and still for the remainder of the examination for fear that anything he might say would be used against him by the quick witted Chief of Security.

Jayson Sousa

Ensign Jayson Stark
M03-P012: USS ANUBIS: Mizore: Day 04 - 2103 ("A New Start to Better Days")
"A New Start to Better Days"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck Nineteen, Isolation Room One
Stardate: 30148.2103

Mizore had initially been both shocked at Morningstar's sudden presence and surprised to hear the Captain speak, his words had come to elicit a reaction of fear, having personally experienced first hand the effects the biotechnological living machine had done to her. The mechanized whispers that it suggested as it explored the Bajoran's mind, as it raided or ravaged her thoughts for those things she kept secret, or hidden in obscurity. Eventually the quieted whispers had turned in to roaring chanted shouts that rang loudly in her head, invading her mentally as it attempted to impose itself on the ACMO, continuously forcing itself against the strength and temerity of her will.

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck Fifteen, Personal Quarters
Stardate: 30149.2140

When Mizore had finally been cleared, allowed to leave the confines of Isolation Room One, to walk the ship, all she wished for or wanted was to return to her own space, a place that was hers alone. That of her personal quarters on Deck Fifteen, which had come to possess certain comfort of atmosphere and some faint familiarity that welcomed her at the mere sight of the scene when the doors opened before her.

The last thoughts to cross Seska's mind, was how or that she had come to a state of hunger where the lack of sustenance or food appealed more than the act of actually eating it, and that she was grateful to be back on a Starship and off PI APLHA III, before she fell to her bed and slipped silently into the deep hours.

Somewhere between reality and the realm of dreams, her mind began to spiral, coiled in to a twisted web of terror of the event and horror of losing herself to the ancient device, as the nightmares began to sweep over her, keeping Mizore restless in or during the twilight. The sole experience while having been one with the living machination on PI ALPHA III that haunted her, might have seemed benign from the rest of the crew's perceptions or perspective, save Captain Eric Morningstar. She could not help think the entire incident was similar to or could be compared to the assimilation process of the Borg. 

Cold, emotionless, and inhuman, with a single minded purity of purpose or intent, tearing in to or through ones mind for answers or information it simply wanted or desired.

As Seska realized, coming to the revelation how the machine in the depths of the lunar subterra and the relative semblance it posed to the Borg and or it's technology, had started to greatly unnerve her, like some mental twitch lying just out of reach, that only served to unsettle her even more as moments passed measured in minutes seemed to stretch on.
Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck Sixteen, Main Holodeck Five
Stardate: 30149.0500

When the ACMO decided it was no longer possible to rest, or resist the urge to stir from her bed. Her exhausted and weary mind from the torture and torment, had driven her to seek out the Holodeck. Seska needed or required something familiar, a routine, or mental escape, something, anything that would get her out of her head, even if only for a while.

Mizore methodically paced about the inner area of the room, slowly stepping as she walked, acclimating herself to the dimensions of Holodeck Five. Shaking off any thought or memory of the past Twenty Three hours, stretching while adjusting to her spatial surroundings. 

"Computer, open and or establish a link to my Personal Access Display Device, access Holodeck simulation 'Tron', and download to Main Holodeck System. When the transfer is complete, initiate the specified program, and set simulation to mode Zero." Seska's voice was strangely or uncommonly quiet, lacking its normally typical cadence and pitch as a result from the significant drain from the engaging activities and lack or deprivation of peaceful sleep in the last solar cycle, giving her speech a more listless feel to the sound of her words.

=/\= Requested file inaccessible. Requesting verification and authorization, Doctor. =/\= Seska recoiled slightly at the metallic tone of the mechanized voice of the ships computer.

"Verify, Mizore Seska. Authorization Papa-Two-Three-Seven-Five. Code, Isabeau. "Spoken as she came to stand at perfect center of the squared room. "Computer, sound commands and responses only, no verbal communication. "Two pair or sets of ascending twin chimes, one, the first, to acknowledge and confirm her request for auditory mode, the second to notify that the simulation file had been successfully transferred and stored on the ships holodeck computer.

When the holodeck simulation had started, the base geometric grid of the standard holodeck faded, replaced by reflective polished black composite walls set with pure white lights arranged in varying linear designs or configurations, which seemed to glow rather than actually illuminate the shadowed room.

As Seska held her position at her spot in the now seemingly infinite field of black and white, wearing something resembling a matte finished flight suit the color of obsidian detailed with some form of ornate, radiant fluorescent green markings, and a matching combat jacket.

Eventually, the ACMO closed her eyes, expanding her conscious awareness, before taking the basic passive Vulcan form then shifting her weight, prior to assuming the first primary stance of Ke Tarya Yatar. It was an easy enough act or task, as it had become like a second nature for Seska to perform the graceful movements and flowing motions of the particular martial art style. Requiring no more from her than reflexive instinct and physical motor memory, providing the perfect diversion or solution to her unfortunate situation.

As Mizore began, always from one fixed position, she started with the simplest of movements, leading into the list of basic techniques that followed them, seamlessly transitioning from one in to another. Where each one she advanced through, steadily increased in speed, difficulty, or lethality. With each new beginning from a different originating position or orientation, sweat had suddenly appeared as a sensation or warmth rose inside her, she continued through the Eight forms, from their base techniques ascending in to advanced moves, finally ending each series by executing one of several variations of the dim mak, which required exceptional skill, and were known only by those who were masters of Ke Tarya Yatar.

When she finished, or completed the entire ritual, she opened her eyes in somewhat better spirits or mood, gazing for what felt like a long moment, from her memory came a sudden thought that now felt as a lifetime ago, she remembered.

The Bajoran turned toward the door as she exited Holodeck Five, when she stopped briefly, giving into a parting look at the scenery, a small but noticeable smile planted on her lips for a spell, thinking back to when it all started in her third year at Starfleet Academy. "Computer, end simulation and terminate program." The gloss black walls with white lined designs faded, and Seska was gone, stepping into the corridor as she exited the room, making her way back to her quarters.

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck Fifteen, Personal Quarters
Stardate: 30149.0604

Soon as she had arrived to her quarters, with little to distract or delay her, Mizore immediately hit the sonic shower, chills ran from the base of her spine to the nape of her neck, her body shivered at the first touch of the pulse vibrations. Cleaning the last solar cycles remnants of lunar dust, the remaining traces of dried blood from the head injury she suffered while on the SPHINX, and the recent slick sweat from the Vulcan kata from her body.

When she was satisfied she had completed that, the ACMO went through the process of getting herself ready to a level expected of Starfleet officer. Dressed in emerald green and jett black, with her hair pulled back, braided, and pinned up. Lastly changing the metal ornamentation on the right ear from the heavy gauge tritanium, for one of a more plain style with a polished silver tinted finish.

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck Sixteen, Black Hole, Main Level
Stardate: 30149.0622

Departing from her quarters, PADD in hand, she had set a course for the Black Hole down one level on Deck Sixteen, finally having some degree of time to eat, as she had not subsisted on anything more than two milaberry synthale late the evening prior to the 'training mission' on PI ALPHA III.

At her arrival, when she walked through the door, her eyes glanced to the bar, sliding over the establishment. Before Seska moved to the bar, pausing before she seated herself, made an intentional gesture, offering the typical Vulcan display of greeting directed toward Eve, Sonja, and Shar'El.

Taking up a space to seat herself, she had wished to join the women, if she wasn't pressed for time and quite as preoccupied with filing her official report for the ship's log on exactly what happened on the lunar surface. Wasting little time, as she looked at the fella behind the the counter, her twin colored eyes, which had given her the impression that they had not seen anything quite as strange, where he leaned toward her taking a second look.

"Tall mug of coffee, triple strong with two shots of kava, a slice of groatcake, small bowl of plomeek broth with a dash of rekja, two slices heavily toasted makapa bread, bacon on the side. Please, if you wouldn't mind." Laying her device down, resting it on the dark tabletop beside her, she continued a conversation with him, often tossing in the occasional comment, trading stories, and exchanging witty lines while she simultaneously fed herself and worked on filing her away mission report.

Just as the Bajoran was slipping the last bite of cake into her mouth, washing it down with the few drips of coffee left, there was, she felt, a gentle pressure tapping on her shoulder. Turning her head as she her whole self spun around, was Dalziel vaguely towering over her with a sociable, welcoming expression.

"You absolutely must come sit and join us, seems we are having a little post mission after party. So far it has been somewhat of a ladies night." Her cobalt eyes, the color of ice looking back at the red headed engineer and the intel liaison in passing before returning to focus her gaze on Seska.

"You are aware its nigh on Zero Seven hundred hours now, Counselor? The night has come and gone." Giving the woman a soft grip on her arm as Mizore rose from her stool at the bar to her feet. " I do appreciate the invitation, and perhaps I, or we, will get together another time. However, I am due for my shift in Sickbay, as it is my first 'official' day on assignment, I cannot, that is, I am, or would be loathe to be late. You understand. . . Yes?"

Giving the Cardassian a mild, good natured nudge to her side that almost tipped the woman over, Seska turned to leave, raising her right hand in the customary Vulcan mannerism, looking back at Dalziel from the door, with a nod of her head, a friendly wink, and amiable smile.  " Rokaya aka, Eve."

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck Seven, Main Sickbay
Stardate: 30149.0705

Along the way, as the ACMO made her path striding toward Sickbay, there was something quite different the way she saw or viewed Dalziel. She no longer considered her just another Cardassian, after having spent a lengthy sum of time with her during the away mission to the moon. What she was or where her kind came from seemed irrelevant or no longer mattered. It had become obvious to her, the two of them, both Mizore and Dalziel, now shared in at least three separate yet specific aspects. Bajoran culture, Starfleet, and the recent trans dimensional trip to PI ALPHA III and back.

As soon as she had arrived, having barely had or found the time to settle in and get situated, when the CO came over communications.

=/\= Morningstar to Sickbay.=/\= The sound of his voice seemed rather chipper for such an early hour of the day as it was.

"Sickbay." Seska replied. "Mizore here. What can I do for you, Captain? "

=/\= Oh, good morning Doctor Mizore. =/\=

"Likewise, morning and salutations to you as well, Captain." Seska announced with a grin.

=/\= I had expected to contact the CMO, Doctor Doyanne, however, I see no reason why you can't take care of it. =/\=

"Well, that certainly inspires me to motivation. Have you thought about a career as a Starfleet Recruiter, or a Command level position in Starfleet, Sir? " Her words had come to be spoken in a rather comical delivery, as she chortled a little.

There was an instance of silence, interrupted by a lighthearted guffaw coming over the system from Erik.

=/\= By the Prophets, =/\= Erik chuckled in a way he hoped the Bajoran would find somewhat amusing, =/\= what has gotten into you ladies this morning? =/\=

"Oh, now you are just goading me." She shot back "All jesting aside." She uttered in a mach serious tone." What is the nature of this medical enterprise? " She laughed a little more, hoping to catch Morningstar with a quick segue of clever wordplay.

=/\= I would like a medical follow up for those of the Senior Crew having spent any time present on PI ALPHA III. =/\=

"Understood, I will see to it, and get right on it." Allowing a momentary pause as she considered how best to perform such a role, immediately working up a systematic order, rough schedule, and a list of the Nine, Seven of which would need time for a short yet detailed physical and immunobiological exam.

Gwen Spellblade

Ensign Mizore Seska
Assistant Chief Medical Officer
M03-P011: USS ANUBIS: Paquette: Day 4 - 2315 ("Extensive *Irish* Debriefing")
"Extensive *Irish* Debriefing"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Black Hole Lounge
Stardate: 30148.2315

"Alright ladies, bottoms up," Sonja said when their drinks had arrived.

Shar'el looked at her tankard rather dubiously, "Not sure this is fit for humanoid consumption."

"It's not… That is the point," the redhead stated as she drank from her tankard.  Eve grinned at the two women as she leaned back in her chair seeing that this was most likely going to be a long and interesting evening.  She took a couple of gulps of her drink with just a mild grimace.

After seeing that this drink did not kill the ships counsellor Shar'el bravely took up her tankard, took a deep breath and seemed to say a small prayer internally.  The dark haired woman brought the tankard to her lips and gulped several large swallows of the Klingon drink.  The effect was almost immediate, the woman's eyes opened so wide it looked like they would fall out; as her breath came out in an almost raspy gasp her face having turn fuchsia.  Sonja and Eve both laughed as the ILO was recovering from her first experience with Chech'tluth.

"Now that my friend will put hair on your chest," the CEO stated.  Shar'el's shock at this comment was quickly dissipated as she saw Eve laughing realizing this was just another one of the engineer's odd comments.  

"Perhaps our next round should be a bit milder'" the counsellor suggested, "maybe a Risian sunrise… ?"

"I think that would be a good idea," the redhead agreed as she looked at the still recovering ILO.
"But I choose Kanar for the round after that…" Eve said with a bit of mischief in her eyes.

Sonja looked at the counselor with a raised eyebrow, "Well looks like I'm not the only one who likes a drink now and again," and with a smile added, "not the molasses one I hope, let's make it the good stuff."

"Thinner the better," the black haired counselor said with a big grin as she held up her tankard in toast fashion.

"Oh yeah... now it's a party!!" Sonja stated with a laugh.

"Do I want to know what Kanar is?" Shar'el asked a little wary of the response.

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Black Hole Lounge
Stardate: 30149.0630 (The next morning)

"Good morning, Captain" the bartender said with a smile, "on a walkabout?"

"I couldn't sleep and needed to clear my head," Morningstar stated.

"If a change of ideas is what you are looking for, that back table might do the trick," the man behind the bar stated with a smile.  A peal of laughter was heard at that moment from the direction the bartender had motioned to.

"Been here, long have they?" the Captain asked with a grin.

"Indeed sir, my shift started at midnight, and they were well into their tankards then," the man said with a large smile. "I will say Captain that I am indeed surprise that they are still coherent, considering the amount of Kanar and Chech'tluth sent to that table."

"Impressive to say the least," Erik laughed.  "I think I will go pay my officers a visit," he said to the barman with a grin as they nodded their farewells.

The Captains eyes first fell to the ships counselor who was lounging back in her seat with her feet crossed up on another chair.  The ILO was leaning forward and resting her head rather heavily in her hands. The CEO sitting with her back to him had her arm out in a right angle to her body with what seemed to be a spoon in her hand.

"Seriously, I can balance the spoon on my nose in one shot," Sonja said with inebriated confidence.

Shar'el giggled and hiccupped, "You can't do it, no way."

Eve having spied the Captain smiled and said with mischief, "Tell you what if you can do it you can have my favorite earrings," making eye contact of a sort with the Captain and giving him a small wink, "but if you miss you have to give a big kiss to Captain Morningstar," the counsellor finished.

The Captain hearing this slowed his progress, to see the outcome.

"Ok, here goes, drumroll please." The redhead said to the ILO, who obliged by tapping her hands on the table.

The Engineer aimed the spooned hand toward the proboscis in question, tilting her head ever so slightly. She wiggled the bowl of the spoon onto her nose, trying to position it.  As she let go the spoon clanked to the floor.  "Dang it, this usually works," Sonja stated with disappointment.
Both the spectating ladies at the table gave a hoot of laughter at this result.

"Ok, time to pay your debt and pucker up Sonja," Eve said as the Captain arrived to stand next to his CEO.

"Good morning ladies," Morningstar grinned at the scene before him.

"Buenos dias El Capitain," the redhead said having recovered from her shock at having the CO appear next to her.

"Counsellor?" Erik asked making direct eye contact with the ranking officer of the table.

"Conducting extensive mission debriefing," Eve replied with a soft chuckle.

"This… Is a mission debriefing?" the smiling CO asked.

"Wellllll… it started out that way, but…" Eve began.

"Sir, in all fairyness it was my fault. I ordered the first round of drinks," Sonja began wanting to help.

Erik turned to face his CEO. "Did you not just lose a bet? We will discuss the debt owed later," the Native American stated trying to sound stern.

"Ummm…" was all the redhead was able to utter.

 "Oh god," muttered Shar'el as her head flopped onto her arms on the table.

"I'm expecting a report on this rather unique debriefing," the CO stated as he looked at the Cardassian born counsellor. "Considering the general state of affairs I will expect it sometime tomorrow?" he added in a playfully serious manner.

"Yes, sir," the counsellor replied praying internally that she remembers this.

"Carry on," the Captain said in a stern manner, as he turned and walked away smiling and shaking his head slightly.  The Captain left the Black Hole Lounge and allowed himself to laugh at the scene he had left behind once out of earshot of those inside.

Lorraine Paquette

Lieutenant JG Sonja Paquette
Chief Engineering Officer
M03-P010: USS ANUBIS: Ya'Han: Day 05 - 0715 ("Second Breakfast")
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"Second Breakfast"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Corridor
Stardate: 30149.0715

The black haired Chief of Security had made an important mental note about the ANUBIS' Chief of Operations, Ensign Jayson Stark; that he was as stubborn as a Ferengi holding onto profit.  Needless to say that this had not endeared the man in the eyes of the woman who had managed to be convinced to follow him for breakfast.  After their rather short bout in the gymnasium, Ya'Han had been ready to end things right there and then, but training partner had different plans.

He had insisted using countless different ways and methods for the black haired woman to accompany him for breakfast, each time Ya'Han would refuse Jayson would try again with even more zeal.  Eventually the Chief of Security had simply given up. and reluctantly followed him out of the gymnasium.

Ideas of her running away and hiding had crossed Ya'Han's mind, but those were quickly dismissed without a second thought.  Her days of running from her problems had long been put behind her, and after four years at Starfleet Academy the now Chief of Security had grown to face things with her head held high.  Still, if an opportunity should present itself, the black haired woman had been ready to take it without having to be asked twice.

"Ensign Ya'Han," Jayson said after having turned around to see the Chief of Security lagging several meters behind.  "For someone who moves as fast as you do in a fights, you sure walk slow.  Did you injure yourself in tossing me like a rag doll down to the mat or are you trying to figure out a better way to get me onto my back for the next time we train together?"

"Next time we train together?" Ya'Han repeated, never having expected the Chief of Operations to contemplate a repeat of what had taken place in the Gymnasium earlier.  "I would have thought that you had been given more than enough the last time."

"Nah," Jayson shrugged as he smiled.  "I can think of several far less pleasant ways to being knocked down."  Ya'Han stopped in mid-stride trying to figure out what the man had exactly meant by his words.  When Jayson noted the expression of curiosity he continued.  "In our last mission I experienced several such unpleasant moments, but this morning was not what I would classify as having been an unpleasant experience." 

Ya'Han had been ready to ask for details about how the Chief of Operations had seen what had happened this morning but the conversation had apparently come to an end when Jayson had turned his back to the Ensign as he resumed his course towards the Black Hole Lounge.

Whatever questions the black haired Chief of Security might have had would simply have t wait until they reached their destination.

[/\] [/\] [/\] [/\] [/\]
Setting: USS ANUBIS, Black Hole Lounge
Stardate: 30149.0725

Ensign Stark had waited at the entrance of the Black Hole Lounge, just out of range of the door sensors, giving his breakfast companion the time she appeared to need to catch up.  Once Ya'Han arrived next to him, the Chief of Operations took a single step forward which caused the doors to open.

As the two Ensigns entered the large two-level room, their attention was quickly drawn to one of the far tables where three other senior officers had been sitting at.  The scene by itself had not been such a strange occurance, but the cheering and signing that had come from that region of the lounge had, to say the least, been unexpected.

Both Jayson and Ya'Han stood motionless for several seconds as they tried their best to make sense of what they had witnessed.  Had this been some sort of illusion, a trick of the eyes or had this truly been as they had perceived it to be?

"Looks like there was a party and we weren't invited," Jayson chuckled dryly as he glanced back over his shoulder to the Chief of Security who seemed almost ready to rush in.  "What do you think you are going to do?" the Chief of Operations asked in a whispered voice.  "Aside from the fact that they are members of the senior staff, two of them actually *outrank* you.  You also have to keep something in mind, you weren't there when all hell broke loose as we tried to reach the surface.  We each have our ways of dealing with stress, and this one seems to be a rather harmless way.  They have fun and let loose, you toss unsuspecting Ensign flat on their back."

Ya'Han had been ready to say something in response but the more she tried to speak the more she found that nothing she could say could or would fit the situation.  Eventually the Chief of Security nodded her head in agreement and motioned the Chief of Operations to sit at a nearby table.  "Let's have that breakfast you wanted, I only ask one thing."
"One thing?" Jayson said, intrigued and confused.

"No bagels or orange juice," Ya'Han said, almost pleading, her last breakfast having been something that she had been more than ready to forget.

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Hanali Han 

Ensign Ya'Han
Chief of Security / Chief Tactical Officer
M03-P009: USS ANUBIS: Shar'El: Day 4 - 2245 ("To Memories Gone By")
"To Memories Gone By"
[previous post was "Bio-Engineering" by the comical Lorraine]

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Black Hole Lounge
Stardate: 30148.2245

It had been clear that the last mission had taken its toll on those who had lived through it.  What had started as being nothing more than a training mission, as demanding as it might have been set to be, had turned into a fight with countless lives hanging in the balance.

Each officer had now been called upon to deal with the aftermath of what had taken place, each in heir own way.  To expect anyone to simply bounce back as if nothing had happened after the experience on the Moon of PI ALPHA III would have been unrealistic, and everyone knew that.

It had taken some effort from the part of the ILO, but eventually the Cardassian born CNS had given in and accepted to join Shar'El for a night cap.  There had been no reason for anyone to dwell on guilt and doubts from the past, nor had there been any reason for someone to face these thoughts alone.

Eve and Shar'El were somewhat surprised to find Sonja sitting alone at one of the tables, a steaming drink in one hand and a PADD in the other.  Without consulting each other, the pair made their way to the lone Engineer to join her and maybe see if they could offer some help.

"Chech'tluth," the ILO exclaimed out loud with astonishment.  "That would explain a few things."

Eve tried her best to contain her amusement, allowing only a faint chuckle to escape and be heard.

"This?" Sonja laughed as she pointed to the curved metallic cup.  "This is what calms me down.  It's the bottle of Romulan ale that I shared with a barely dressed muscular Andorian before that will be responsible for any unexpected outbursts from me tonight."

"Care if we join you?" the Cardassian born Counselor asked, knowing that the Engineer had been kidding about the Romulan ale and muscular Andorian, but knew that something had been on the woman's mind.

"The chairs are empty," Lieutenant Paquette said as a general invitation.  "You may claim them at your own risks."

"Alright, out with it," Dalziel sighed as she and Shar'El sat in front of the Engineer, now more then before certain that something had not been quite right.

"You know that device I pulled from the ancient machine back on the moon," Sonja explained as she pushed the PADD that had been in her hand towards the two women who had just joined her.  "It seems that it is of Yxidii origin, and I can't help feel that we were played for fools in this little adventure," the redhead continued, ending with a large swig of her drink.

"Are you certain of this?" the Counselor asked, her eyes quickly reviewing the information contained on the PADD.

"The machine did originate from the Yxidii dimension," Shar'El said with a certainty that came from a knowledge that had not been hers.  "They were part of the coalition that sent the machine to the Akitashiinu dimension to isolate it, at least that was to official historical account.  Now I'm getting the idea that they wanted to dispose of the evidence of their tempering with it.  They wanted to gain control of it and its knowledge to use it to their goals of conquest but something went wrong."

"I thought is was Seska that had been linked to the machine," the Engineer playfully huffed as she looked at the ILO before taking another gulp from her drink.  The twinkle in Sonja's eyes hinted that she knew, at least partially, that Shar'El had been holding back speaking about certain abilities that she possessed.

Shar'El debated for a moment about letting Sonja, as well as the rest of the crew of the ANUBIS, know of her true heritage and special ability.  Admiral Koniki had wanted for the ILO to keep that knowledge a secret to avoid having the crew possibly become distant but after all that they had endured together, the Intelligence Liaison Officer doubted very much that this would be the case.

"I'm Ullian," Shar'El said, almost sounding as if the admission had been one filled with shame.

"I figured it was something like that," the redheaded Engineer half grinned.  "The way you helped me deal with my injuries back on the SPHINX, I knew then that there was more about you than that ghostly pale skin of yours.  You can dig into people's heads and look at their memories, and because the ancient machine was bio-mechanical, you were able to do the same with it."

"In a way," the ILO continued, her eyes having dropped to look at the table's surface instead of the Engineer.  "It was like looking through the pages and files of a galactic library, no emotions, only pure knowledge, at least for the most part.  After what you have just said tough, I understand where the conflict I felt came from.  The device that was used by the Yxidii to take control of it was never designed to deal with the level of information the machine contained."

"I am sure that we will be hearing from those trans-dimensional blue skinned things soon enough," Lieutenant Paquette said as she added a smile to her lips while reaching for the hand of the ILO.  "And I know that together we'll send those things back where they came from wishing that they had never come across the ANUBIS or any member of its crew."

The ILO looked up to meet the Engineer's eyes following the sensation of her hand on hers, Shar'El very happy to see that the admission she had made had not affected the professional friendship the raven haired woman had hoped to have with he redhead.

"That said," Sonja added, her facial expression having turned bitter cold without any warning, "if you get into my head once again without asking me first, I will stuff you and that wondering head of yours into the warp core and set it on high.  I will then scoop up what little is left, toss the whole mess into a torpedo casing and fire it into the nearest star.  Are we green?"

Eve had been ready to jump in to defuse the situation, but stopped when she heard Sonja's bellowing laughter.

Sonja turned and motioned the barkeep to bring three more Chech'tluth to the table, a request that he quickly moved to comply with.  As the drinks were placed on the table, one in front of each of the woman present, the Chief Engineer picked up her new cup and raised it for a toast.  "To memories gone by. May they forge friendships that will endure the memories yet to be made."

Tiffany Reeve

Ensign Shar'El
Intel Liaison Officer
M03-P008: USS ANUBIS: Paquette: Day 4 - 2200 ("Bio-Engineering")
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck 7 - Exo-Biology Lab
Stardate: 30148.2200

The device that had been pulled out from the ancient machine sat on one of the analysis tables of the Exo-Biology lab with both the CMO and CEO looking at it as if expecting something to happen. Following the initial scans of the item, it had been deemed best to perform the research in one of the medical labs due to he clearly biological properties of the device's outer shell.

"It's blue," Doctor Doyanne said with puzzlement, the flowing dark azure colour of the device seemed to hint to some sort of bioengineered origin.  The real issue had was that its colour had been thus far the only concrete data they had been able to collect from the item which had proven to be impervious to all deep scans.

"What if we tried opening it using a phaser set to a low intensity narrow beam?" the redheaded Engineer offered in all seriousness.

"If we are going to try anything along that line, I would rather use a laser scalpel," the Chief Medical Officer countered with, having shot a quick glare at the woman standing across from the analysis table.

"I was going to offer that option first," Sonja grinned, "but I was worried that you would think I was after your job.  Performing operations on anything biological is after all *your* domain."

"What about the bio-gel packs that are found throughout the ship?" the Doctor inquired, her hands having landed with determination on her hips.  "They are an integral part of this ship's system, and fall under *your* domain as the ANUBIS' Chief Engineer."

"Well," the redheaded Engineer grinned, "those biological things I know.  *That* thing is barely reading as being biological, so it's all yours Doc."

"It has taken everything we have just to figure out that this is some sort of bioengineered surface," the Doctor said in frustration, "and we have yet to be able to confirm this beyond any real doubts.  The fact that this device likely came from another dimension is not helping matters any."

"We need to think outside the box," the redhead sighed as she reached below the analysis table to fetch something from her engineering kit.  "We have done everything according to standard protocols in regards to alien technology.  We need to try something different."

"What did you have in mind?" Doctor Doyanne asked, her frustration having left her open to pretty much anything that the CEO might suggest.

"A more direct approach, we are going to take this ol' school," Sonja replied as she lifted a hammer clear over her head before bringing it crashing down in the center of the device.

"WAIT!" the CMO exclaimed but alas too late, by the time her words had been said, the hammer had already been well on its way to test the device's external shell.

Out of simple reflex both women looked away as the hammer impacted the device with considerable strength, fearing that some sort of shards or maybe even an explosion would result from the act of desperation.  When nothing happened, the CEO and CMO turned back to study the item which had still been on the analysis table where it had been prior to the impact.

"Looks like the force of the impact was absorbed and redistributed by the device's shell," the redheaded Engineer pointed out as she observed the dark azure coloured skin slowly return to its original form.

"I saw something similar not long ago," Doctor Doyanne admitted as she rushed to a nearby console.  "I was reviewing some of the sensor data collected by the ANUBIS during the confrontations between the Yxidii and Akitashiinu.  At the time I didn't give it a second thought, but now it might give us another angle to approach this problem."

"Alright Doc, you got me curious," Sonja said as she made her way around the analysis table to join the CMO at the research console.

"When the Yxidii battle cruiser was being attacked by the Akitashiinu ships, sensors picked up a rapid regeneration of the ship's outer hull following each hit.  At first I just figured that their technology was much like ours in regards to bio-regenerative hulls, but now I wonder if maybe it operates on a completely different bioengineering matrix, one that is well beyond our ability to scan."

"You're thinking that if this thing is based on the same tech, so an energy discharge possessing the same amplitude and phase variance as the Akitashiinu weapons might be able to cut through that shell," the redhead nodded as she moved to a nearby console to get the information she needed to test this theory.  "I will give it to Commander Maya, she made sure that every piece of information on those ships was gathered.  It will take a few minutes but I am pretty sure that I will be able to duplicate the energy frequency of the Akitashiinu weapons."

"We will have to start with a very narrow beam and angle it to only hit the surface of the device," Doctor Doyanne continued.  "If this should actually work, we don't want to pierce the outer shell and risk damaging whatever is inside."

"Tell you what Doc," Sonja mumbled, her attention having been more on her research than on what the CMO had been saying.  "I get the beam ready and you use it as you see fit. Dang it woman, I'm an Engineer, not a surgeon."

Several minutes passed as the CEO worked to match the energy frequency output of one of the lab's ceiling mounted laser emitters to that of the Akitashiinu weapons.  A smile slowly creeped on the redhead's lips as the Engineer neared success.  "You may fire when ready," she announced as she rubbed her hands together in celebration.

"Setting the laser to hit one of the corners of the device on an angle that should not hit anything inside," the Chief Medial Officer stated as she placed the ceiling mounted laser and set the coordinates into the computer.  "It might be a safe precaution to put some sort of barrier between us and it though as we have no idea how this will actually work."

"Computer," Sonja called out.  "Establish a level 5 energy dispersal, bio-containment field around Analysis Table 1."

The computer immediately complied causing a shimmering energy field to appear around the Analysis table where the ceiling mounted laser had been placed.

Doctor Doyanne glanced at the Chief Engineer for a moment as if wanting some sort of confirmation that everything would be alright.  Having noticed this, Sonja simply smiled and nodded her head.  "What's the worst that could happen?"

"That is what I am afraid of," the CMO admitted as she reached for the console to press the laser's fire control switch.

A short bean fired from the tip of the laser and easily made its way through the biomatter shell that surrounded the device, leaving the inner components exposed for several seconds before the dark azure flowing mass began to regenerate in an effort to repair the damage that had been caused.

"Do you know that this means?" the CMO exclaimed with joy.

"That we have one answer and several more questions on our hands," the CEO replied, not as enthusiastically as the Doctor might have hoped her words to have been.  "It means that this device is of Yxidii origin and that they were the ones who actually tempered with the ancient machine in the first place.  Now we have to figure out why and if this is going to be a problem for us at a later time."

"You really have a way to take the fun out of this," the CMO sighed.

"So, do we get to shoot it again?" Sonja expecting glee.  "Just to be sure of course.  Scientific reasons and all that jazz."

Doctor Doyanne glared back at the redheaded Engineer with a slight grin barely visible on her lips.

"What?" the CEO demanded in a higher pitch tone, her hands opened in a playful questioning gesture.

Lorraine Paquette

Lieutenant JG Sonja Paquette
Chief Engineering Officer
M03-P007: USS ANUBIS: Dalziel: Day 4 - 2125 ("Self-Control")
(Continued from "The Teacher Is In” by the ‘bruised’ Jayson)

“One can be the master of what one does, but never of what one feels.”
-Gustave Flaubert

Location: USS ANUBIS
SD: 30148.2125
Scene: Sickbay
Time Index: Just before Maya and Morningstar’s conversation

The moments after Shar’El awoke could have been uncomfortable and awkward, but after their experience on the moon below there was little left to feel strange about, and much more to attempt to process.

‘Seek first to understand, then to be understood’ was the quote than ran through Eve’s mind. Her large gray eyes were sunken, and she had pushed herself past exhaustion, but now had no desire to sleep. She felt fiercely protective of the senior staff, in particular Mizore and Shar’El, and the sense of relief flooded through her like adrenaline, knowing that they were in a safe haven with the opportunity to heal and rest.

Various points of their experience filtered through her mind in slow motion, as if she had been watching a film, not actually living through it. And, at every turn, she questioned the decisions and the choices she had made. Could she have done anything differently, and more to the point, *should* she have done anything differently?

The anxiety in the underground caverns had given way to introspection, most of it critical, and one of the memories she hadn’t allowed herself before...


Location: BAJOR
Scene: City of Ilvia
Time Index: About 14 years ago, late afternoon

A breeze filtered through the throngs of people and small booths that lined the thoroughfare. Ivory forked-tongue banners and colored ribbons streamed and twirled in the gentle wind, emblazoned with ancient square symbols of a proud, industrious, and resilient people.

The gratitude festival had only grown larger and more grand since the dark days of the occupation. It had engendered a healthy boost to tourism and had gone a long way to restore the faith of the Bajoran people. The noise, color, and movement assaulted the senses with celebration. Musicians filled the air with song, and the collective group of people seemed to flow along with the cheerful refrains that wafted by.

Seamus Dalziel threw his scroll into the fire first, watching it disappear into ash with a satisfaction. His wife, Kell-Dalziel Patrice followed suit. “Go on, ja’lat,” she said softly to their daughter.

Eve held the renewal scroll in her hand, the edges of the paper rough and tea-stained, made in the old ways in an effort to feel authentic and timeless. Even among the gathering of people, she cut a lone figure. At fourteen, she was already taller than her mother, and nearing her father with each passing day. And even with the traditional sienna colored jumper she was wearing, along with the flowers in her hair, it was impossible to ignore that she was a Cardassian. She stood, trying to keep the newness around her at bay, and looked into the depths of the brazier. The orange and crimson flames danced in her misty gray eyes.
The pungent smell of the smoldering bateret leaves tickled her throat. She muttered a private oath and threw her worries and misgivings away, hoping for a better year than the last. She softly inhaled as she saw the edges of the paper curl and darken among the licking flames, then finally dissipate into the bonfire.

Seamus squeezed his adopted daughter’s shoulders. “Peldor joi, lassie.” She wasn’t used to seeing him out of uniform, but he had traded his gold and black standard Chief Engineer’s garb for an emerald green shirt with puffy sleeves and a pair of brown trousers.

“You too, Dad,” she said.

“I don’t know about you two, but I’m starving,” Patrice said, gesturing to a some food stalls a few feet away from where they had been standing. It had been years since she had visited her home, and she was going to make the most of it.

An elderly Bajoran man was doing a rousing business, being so close to one of the bonfires. He had to have been nearing ninety, but didn’t look a day past seventy-five. His smile was wide and welcoming. He was selling an assortment of goodies, like roasted katterpods and bags of trail mix made with grains, kava nuts, and dried moba fruit, sweetened with the sap from the jumja tree.

“Hmm, fruit leather,” she said as held up the cello package for her husband and daughter’s approval.

“Maybe,” Eve said, going to stand next to her mother for a better look.

The withered man began to offer something to the young lady, but his face contorted from joyful into horrified and angry, just with a glance at her reptilian features. Many of the prime years of his life were spent fighting those *people*. Countless friends and family members had died at the hands of their oppressors. And his memories, albeit over a half century old, came rushing back as fresh as the spring rain on Tozhat Province. And they came to bear upon Eve.

The man, now shaking, grabbed at one of the flowers in her hair, ripping it away and startling the teenager. She backed away reflexively as he began to raise a ruckus. “Your kind is NOT welcome here!” he asserted in a surprisingly loud voice for being such a diminutive man.

Dozens of pairs of eyes turned to inspect the commotion. The promenade fell quiet. Eve went cold and numb, wanting to sink into the ground. Her fists clenched, but she did not move. Patrice tossed the food package aside, clearly as offended as the old man was, for an entirely different reason. “She is my *daughter*. Not one you should seek vengeance against.”

“And you should know better than to bring *her* here,” he snapped.  “You disgrace your own people.”

“She is innocent,” The Bajoran woman said in futility, also taking a step back.

The Scotsman flanked his family, holding on to Eve’s right arm. It was stiil tensed, prepared to strike. “We don’t want any trouble. We should go… Eve?”

She turned to him, a sad and wild expression in her silvery eyes. “Okay,” she whispered.

Patrice led the way while Seamus continued to comfort their daughter. “We should go back to the ship,” she offered, upset that she no longer felt they could remain safe and unbothered during shore leave.

Eve touched the soft material on the embroidered jumper longingly, not wanting to end something she had been looking forward to for months.  “I ruined our vacation,” she said, slumping as she walked to try and keep out of view. Thoughts wandered through her head. If the derelict ship she had been discovered on hadn’t malfunctioned in the first place, where would she be right now? What would she be doing? Would she be ignorant to and spared from the looks of fear and hatred she had seen at different moments throughout her life?

“Honey, no,” Patrice said soothingly as they continued past the entrance to the festival and back towards the inn they had been staying at.

“And I could’ve hurt him.”

Seamus and Patrice exchanged looks. “You didn’t, Eve darlin’.”

“But I could have.” A wave of shame washed over her. “I’m sure that’s what they wanted to see… the evil Cardassian violently attacking, showing her true colors. And I wasn’t far from giving it to them... part of me wanted it.” She hung her head, afraid.

Her mother stopped moving, instead reaching over to stroke the child’s dark hair. “Eve. Listen to me. You can’t change *what* you are. But you alone have the final say on *who* you are.”

“I’d rather be nothing than be Cardassian.”

Patrice sighed. It was pure torture to see her child hurting, all because of a inherited birthright. “Somehow you need to accept this, my heart. You can’t control what you don’t accept.”

Eve raised her head and turned to look at her mother. “You believe that?”


“That it can be controlled?” In the pubescent girl’s mind, there was no way beyond where she was right now. It all seemed so hopeless.

“Of course,” she said, hugging her daughter.

“Ev’ryone has impulses, instincts,” Seamus added. “And the Cardies don’t corner the market on negative traits. And almost any negative can be worked toward your advantage.”

“I don’t want to hurt people,” she insisted. But her adrenal response said otherwise, and it frightened her.

“If you applied yourself, worked and studied hard, learned true combat techniques, you could be a fine Security officer. You would be able to kick the collective arses of the border worlds’ criminals and hold nefarious characters to justice all the way to the Delta Quadrant,” he said with aplomb.

“But what if that’s not what I want?” Eve said in a small voice.

“Don’t push her,” Patrice said to her husband. “She’s only fourteen.”

“She’s old enough to hone that talent she has into something purposeful and disciplined. Then it won’t control her anymore.”

“Fighting is a talent?” Eve asked doubtfully.

Patrice reluctantly agreed. “He’s right. People study for years to learn to defend themselves or fight enemy threats.”

Seamus continued. “Being able to physically injure or even kill someone doesn’t mean you have to use it. But if you take responsibility for it and ownership of it, you don’t have to worry anymore that you’ll lash out when you don’t want to.”

Eve’s mother sighed. “That man in the courtyard was ignorant, certainly, but he was just as innocent as you. He was guided by a hatred you had no control over and did not cause.”

“I never wanted to know anything of Cardassians. I renounce it.”

“And your father and I agreed. But maybe that was a mistake. Maybe the only way you can truly move past this is to embrace where you came from.”

They stopped at the crest of a small hill to enjoy the orchid and coral colored sunset. Seamus embraced his wife and daughter, kissing them each on the forehead. “Giving up something isn’t as meaningful unless you know exactly what you’re giving up.”


Location: USS ANUBIS
Scene: Sickbay

Shar’El breathed in, then out. It was quiet, for now. Her mind purposefully wandered, trying to find clarity and peace from the fright of her moments sleeping. That… dream. She didn’t remember dreaming that way before. Her memories, whether they be her own or those of another, had always held a great deal more import than things that went bump in the night.

Her gaze had remained on the Cns, who was seated nearby. Eve was awake, but looked like she shouldn’t be, and appeared to be deep in thought. Shar’El had been following along in her own way, her curiosity outweighing everything else despite how different she felt.

The Ullian’s brush with the machine had left a lasting imprint on her. Her mind was still an orderly place, with row upon row of virtual file cabinets and folders, with each memory and experience having their place. Any of them could be pulled upon and sampled on a whim. But there was a certain fullness that had not been there before. Even as she observed Eve’s childhood, she could feel the intense need to probe at these new arrivals, wondering what they could teach her.


The Cardassian born woman blinked, realizing that Shar’El was speaking to her.  Embarrassment crept into her face. “Sorry, I didn’t hear you.”

“Maybe it’s time for you to rest,” The ILO suggested.

Eve sighed and rubbed the back of her neck. “Will you be alright?” she asked, referring to both her and the aCMO.

“I think so,” Shar’El offered.  “And, we are in Sickbay after all.”

Logic prevailed, and Eve stood with the slightest sway. Fatigue had wrapped itself around her like a blanket. She nodded in recognition and turned to leave.

“You shouldn’t doubt yourself so much.” The words were out of Shar’El’s mouth in an instant, and even she felt surprise at the unfiltered advice.

Eve turned to look at the raven haired ILO. She was smiling, but her eyes were sad. “I probably always will.”

Susan Ledbetter

Lt JG Eve Dalziel
M03-P006: USS ANUBIS: Stark: Day 5 - 0715 ("The Teacher Is In")
"The Teacher Is In"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Crew Gymnasium
Stardate: 30149.0715

"Alright Ensign Ya'Han, let's see what it is that you are capable of."

Jayson had been on the edge of arrogance when he had spoken those words.  Their conflict, if such a harsh word could be used, had begun on the bridge when dealing with the Yxidii battle cruiser.  The Chief of Security saw them as the real enemy while the Chief of Operations saw the Akitashiinu as being the real threat.  In the end neither had been proven right or wrong, which may have been why he had been looking forward to this.

Their conflict would be resolved in one way, shape or form, and at the very least he would have closure on the matter.  As Jayson prepared himself he knew that Leena would not have approved of this, at least not of the confrontation part.  That he had actually wanted to interact with another living soul on a level beyond work and duty had been a step that he knew she would have supported.

The whispered voices of those who would be witness to this bout filled the large gymnasium to the point where it felt as if all eyes had been on the two officers.  Neither one of them wanted to look away for fear that it might give their opponent an edge.  As they began to circle for position, Jayson and Ya'Han grinned at each other, not in amusement but more out of an effort to get into the other's head.

The dance continued for several seconds, as each tried to get an advantage over the other or waiting for a mistake to be made.  That was when he lunged forward, when her feet were slightly more apart then they had previously been.  Jayson figured that this would leave his opponent off balance to respond to his attack.

The goal had not been to injure the Chief of Security, that would not have been proper. This little exercise had simply been meant to be a friendly bout between two members of the senior staff, something that they would both be able to look back and laugh about over time.

Jayson had been quick, taking hold of the black haired woman's arm in an attempt to pull her over his extended leg which would leave her heading face first for the matted floor.  The Chief of Operations actually smiled as he heard the cheers of those who had been watching this little confrontation.

The next thing Jayson saw was a bright light.  Confusion filled his thoughts as he tried to make sense of what he felt, namely the flat softness of a mat against *his* back.

"Are you alright?"

The Chief of Security asked as she leaned over the man whom she had knocked down with a single move.  The black haired woman had never been off balance and had actually used the strike against her to disable her attacker.

Jayson blinked a few times before bursting in laughter.

"I'm fine, although I think that my ego is going to take a while to heal from this."

"Tell you what, I'll help with the recovery efforts of the support crafts that are still on the moon's surface."

Ya'Han smiled as she extended a helping hand down to he man she had just knocked off his feet.  As annoying as Jayson Stark might have been at times, he had proven himself to being a decent individual.

"Maybe we could start with breakfast."

The Chief of Operations was shocked by the way the black haired woman had refused the offer, leaving him to wonder if it had been something he had said or something else entirely.

Jayson Sousa

Ensign Jayson Stark
M03-P005: USS ANUBIS: Ya'Han: Day 05 - 0630 ("A Simple Morning")
[/\] [/\] [/\] [/\] [/\]
"A Simple Morning"
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[/\] [/\] [/\] [/\] [/\]

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Ensign Ya'Han's Quarters
Stardate: 30149.0630

The empty glass of orange juice sat on the table next to the crumb filled plate.  Although the specific breakfast that the Chief of Security had selected had been recommended to her many times before, Ya'Han had never actually tried it.  After a good night's rest the purple haired Ensign had decided to start the day with something new, challenging her own boundaries and limits, as simple as this one might have been.

Bagels with cream cheese along with a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice.  The simplicity of the meal appealed to the Chief of Security who did not enjoy things to be to overly elaborate.  This had been a result of her having been exposed to excessively complicated meals as the youngest daughter of the High Sovereign, meals with a long and detailed list of rules and steps to follow. Countless protocols and proper etiquette had to be followed to the letter each and every morning without fail to avoid summoning her father's wrath.

Just being able to sit alone in the comfort of her quarters and enjoy breakfast at her leisure had been a remarkable experience on its own.  No busy mess hall or rushed lines of people had elevated this experience to having been delightfully unique and far different from any of the other meals she had been able to scrounge on whatever freighter she had boarded during her escape.

The decision of the meal itself though had proven to be something far beyond what she could have expected.  Although Ya'Han had to admit to herself that the selection she had made had been a uniquely tasty one, the Chief of Security had found the textures to be not so easily acceptable.

The particles that had been in her orange juice had made it very difficult for her to swallow, yet the purple haired woman had forced herself hoping that the experience would improve as the glass emptied.  The dry circular bread, which seemed to be missing a piece at it center, had reminded Ya'Han of something she had stolen from a crew member of an Orion freighter.  The white cream that had been spread on the bagel had been the most difficult part of this meal to accept.  The reason for this had been that the Chief of Security kept on expecting the white mass to start moving on its own as it closely resembled a special Ferengi dish, one that her own father enjoyed very much.

Never having been one to back away from something, especially once it had been started, Ya'Han forced herself to finish her breakfast making a mental note to cross that specific selection from her possible choices.  With the ordeal now done and over with, the Chief of Security decided to head to the gym for a quick workout before reporting for her bridge duty.

[/\] [/\] [/\] [/\] [/\]
Setting: USS ANUBIS, Crew Gymnasium
Stardate: 30149.0700

Dressed in her workout slacks, the black haired Chief of Security stepped into the room and immediately stopped.  The room had been larger than many of the ships she had boarded to escape from Ferengi controlled space, the mirrors present on the walls only serving to make the room appear even larger.  Training equipment filled one side of the room while the other has been set with various mats to offer space for various other types of training, including hand-to-hand.

Although very much attracted by the possibility to test her combat skills with other members of the crew, some of whom were members of her department, the Chief of Security decided to instead sit at one of the machines.  From there she would be able to warm up and observe the other crewman as they showed off their expertise.

Ya'Han could not help but recall a similar scene while attending Starfleet Academy, her first few lessons in hand-to-hand combat having been learnt with a fair deal of pain and discomfort.  Still the Chief of Security had been pleased to see those of her department always returning to their feet to see if they could better their previous performance.

The black haired woman debated for a lengthy moment as to whether or not she would actually join in on the activity.  As the Chief of Security her training in that specific field had been extensive, but she feared that she might be looked upon as a show off through her victories.  Worst would be if she actually lost to any of those under her immediate command, insuring that she would lose their respect instantly.

So far her decisions had not proven to be the best on this day, another aspect of this situation that held the woman back from doing as she had wanted to do most.  When Ya'Han noticed one of the mats being vacated from its earlier occupants, the Chief of Security decided to move and claim it as her own.  The decision as to whether she would participate in a friendly bout of hand-to-hand combat would be left to someone else, thus removing the decision making from her shoulders.

The black haired woman had been down on the mat stretching her back, arms and legs when she heard a familiar voice coming from behind her.

"Alright Ensign Ya'Han, let's see what it is that you are capable of."

The words carried an unmistakable challenging tone insuring that the Chief of Security would not be able to simply walk away.  Slowly she returned to her feet before fixing her workout attirement, it was only after this that the black haired woman turned to face the person who had so openly challenged her.

[/\] [/\] [/\] [/\] [/\]
Hanali Han

Ensign Ya'Han
Chief of Security / Chief Tactical Officer
M03-P004: USS ANUBIS: Maya: Day 4 - 2030
("How Is Just The Start of The Explanation")
"How Is Just The Start of The Explanation"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Bridge
Stardate: 30148.2030

To say that the Shillian Scientist had been thrilled beyond words to see Captain Morningstar standing there in front of her would have been an understanding of galactic proportions, in fact it had taken every bit of self control for the acting Executive Officer for her not to leap out and hug the man.  Such shows of emotions, especially between command level officers was frowned upon by Starfleet, but this could have easily been a special case.

"Captain, how did you manage to get back to the USS ANUBIS without anyone else knowing?" The Chief Science Officer asked, half curious as to how the man had accomplished such a feat and half not truly caring as to the how but more interested as to the why?  Had his returned been self directed or had one of the other races managed to find a way to return the Commanding Officer back to his ship and crew?  Had there been another force at play in this?

"It is actually a story that I am sure you will enjoy," Captain Morningstar said with a smile, knowing all too well that what he had been about to explain would fall squarely into the domain of expertise of the Shillian Scientist.  "After everyone else was brought back to the ship, and the situation with Eeru was taken care off, I took the place of our Assistant Chief Medical Officer inside the ancient machine.  I will admit that it was a strange experience and I soon found my memories and knowledge thoroughly scanned.  It took some effort but I was able to focus the memories I wanted the machine to see to the forefront."

"That is all it ever wanted," the Assistant Chief Medical Officer said from her biobed, the Bajoran still trying to recuperate from her time in the machine.  "It possessed a pure and unending thirst for knowledge, a thirst that was tainted by some component that was added to it."

"That component was brought back to the ANUBIS for analysis by Lieutenant Paquette," the Chief Science Officer quickly explained.  "I will be happy to have a closer look at it now that you are back on the ship, but you have still not explained as to how you came to return on board the ANUBIS."

Captain Morningstar chuckled, there had been no way of getting around the insatiable curiosity of his Chief Science Officer, even if she had been given the additional responsibilities of an Executive Office.  "Alright, so the machine was scanning my memories and once I figured out how to do it, I made sure it learned what I knew about crossing dimensions.  Although I would not consider myself to be an expert, it seems that my time as the Chief Engineer on board the USS PROPHECY and First Officer on board the USS PARADOX was enough to provide it with everything it needed.  From there it was relatively simple to direct the machine to open several dimensional rifts to the respective homes of each of the races, including our own, by showing the machine memories about the importance of what it meant for living entities to be back where we belonged."

"We did notice these dimensional rifts open for the Akitashiinu, the Yxidii and ourselves, and it seems that you conveyed to the machine the possibility of some level of resistance as there was a gravitational pull added to each of these rifts.  This gravitational pull was not enough to disrupt our systems, but it was strong enough to insure that we would not be able to escape the rift.  That is when we all started to fear the worst in your regard," the Shillian admitted before adding a sigh of relief again allowing for her delight in having the Captain back to be visible.

"I will be honest in saying that I had been ready to stay behind as long as the ANUBIS and her crew were safe," the Captain said, in a way confirming what the First officer had suspected at the time.  "As I followed the ship as it passed through the rift though, my own memories of the ANUBIS and those on board must have triggered something in the machine.  The next thing I knew I was here in Sickbay, feeling rather relaxed and at peace."

"It must have been a residual effect of the memories I had been focussing on," the Bajoran Assistant Chief Medical Officer said.  "My memories and thoughts were of my time on VULCAN, memories that I had hopped would restore the machine to a more logical course of action."

"Whatever you did Doctor, I would say that it worked quite well," the Captain stated with a pleasant smile on his face.

"Internal sensors did not pick up any dimensional rift inside the ship," the Chief Science Officer quickly followed up with as she reached for a nearby medical tricorder on the table next to her.  "That said though, I am still at a lost to explain how you simply came to appear back on the ship."

"Remember," the Commanding Officer said with a grin having found it amusing that he had figured it out before the Shillian, "the USS PARADOX is not your standard trans-dimensional vessel."

"Of course," the Shillian Scientist exclaimed, "instead of using a dimensional vortex to send you through space, a method which would have very likely caused your death, the machine must have created up a temporal opening, allowing it to send you back on board the ANUBIS before it actually went through the dimensional rift.  As the Captain of the ship, the computer would not have noted your sudden appearance as having been a danger of any sort, and only accepted it as a fact.  I can detect residual tachyon emissions from your cells," the Chief Science Officer continued as she moved the small device in her hand over the full form of the standing Commanding Officer,  "In fact I can confirm that this was the case as your cellular degradation is slightly off based on what it should have been from your last medical scan."

"Nothing like traveling back in time, even for a few seconds, to make you feel like a new man," Captain Morningstar said in a joking manner as he smiled back at the Shillian woman.  "It is good to be back."

"We are all very happy to having you back with us Captain," the Chief Science Officer said with yet another sigh. "Especially myself.  I realize that this may not be the right place or time for my saying this, but I feel that I must.  The prospect of losing you made it very clear to me that I am not now, nor may ever be ready for the responsibilities of command.  My place, my calling are as the Chief Science Officer, a role that I would rather continue performing while on board the USS ANUBIS, but it is the position that I was and am meant to hold.  Command is something that seems to be beyond my abilities despite your confidence in my.  Of course I will continue in the role you were so generous in granting me until such time as you can find a replacement to take over as the First Officer of this ship and crew."

"Maya, Are you sure?" Captain Morningstar asked, stunned by the unexpected announcement.  It was true that he knew of the discomfort of the Shillian woman in the role she had taken, but he had never expected the Scientist to be so quick and absolute with her decision.

"I am certain of this Captain," the Shillian said as she lowered her head, certain that she had somehow disappointed the man whom she had been so happy to see alive and well.

Jessica Solarik 

Lieutenant Commander Maya
Chief Science Officer

"To see the world in a grain of sand,
and a heaven in a wild flower.
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,
and eternity in an hour."
- William Blake (British, 1757-1827)
M03-P003: USS ANUBIS: Shar'El: Day 4 - 2120 ("Red Darkness")
"Red Darkness"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Corridor
Stardate: 30148.2120

The corridor was dark, cold and empty, the only illumination having been from the flashing red alert lights.  Shar'El knew that something had been wrong with the environmental controls as there was an icy chill in the air.  Whatever had happened had also taken out internal communications as her previous efforts to contact someone, anyone had failed.  Even the main computer appeared to be off-line as none of the interfaces seemed to be functioning.

Had someone followed them back through the dimensional rift, and if so who and why?  Had the Akitashiinu decided to seek revenge on Captain Morningstar and his crew for what he had done or had it been the Yxidii who had seen an opportunity to test their strength against that of a Federation starship?  As frightful as either one of those possibilities had been, the ILO knew that given the endless possibilities found between dimensions there had been countless other possibilities.  During the travel through the rift, the ANUBIS could have encountered someone or something else possessing uncharted powers and abilities.

Shar'El's first duty had been to reach the command deck and hopefully run into someone in the process.  That the Intel Officer had fallen asleep in Sickbay had already been difficult enough for her to accept, but to have been left alone during a crisis had just proven to be more of a mystery that she could manage.  Had something happened to the other members of the crew, the ILO' being asleep having someone made her to not be targeted.

Every so often Shar'El would stop and quickly look over her shoulder, certain that someone or something had been following her.  As she studied the flickering shadows through narrowed eyes, the ILO could not help feel as if the darkness had somehow been alive and watching her every movement.

Images of some creepy creature suddenly emerging from the darkness filled the ILO's mind, thinking that something the likes of the Aaamazzarite or worst the Vykar would leap out at her at any moment.  If the ANUBIS had indeed become home to some dimensional entity, they could have easily been some sort of transphasic oversized parasites, or some multi-tentacled blood-sucking leeches.

Then again, if transdimensional creatures had indeed boarded the ANUBIS, there had been several far more dangerous possibilities to be concerned about.  The Yxidii possessed the ability to cloak themselves rendering them invisible to the naked eye, but this was not a skill unique to them.  Other races who originated from a different dimension controlled such abilities, and that idea alone had been more than enough to have the ILO become fearful of what could have been hiding in the darkness that surrounded her.

Not truly having wanted to run into Species 8472 or the Lokustat, the ILO increased her walking speed to having become a full out run.  What had happened to the other members of the crew and would she be joining them in whatever fate had befallen them?

Shar'El pushed herself through the partially opened doors to the turbolift and quickly instructed the computer to effect an emergency closure.  If something had indeed been following the ILO as she had suspected, this would grant the heart-racing woman the safety that she had been so desperately looking for.

Taking a moment to catch her breath, the Intelligence Liaison Officer leaned against the back panel, her hand unexpectedly coming in contact with a warm, gooey substance.  When Shar'El looked down at her hand the ILO was horrified to find it covered in what happened to be blood.  Pivoting on her heels to face the panel she had been leaning against, the terrified raven haired woman stepped back through the reopened doors, catching only a glimpse of bloodied arm that had been handing from the overhead emergency access of the turbolift pod.

IF Shar'El was to make it to the bridge she would have to use the Jefferies Tubes, a prospect that had not at all pleased the trembling Ensign.  Maybe it would have been best had she remained asleep in Sickbay instead of waking up to this nightmare.  After having dismissed her fears and insecurities, the ILO took in a long deep breath and headed for the closes access.

Once inside the Jefferies Tube, the ILO looked up at the darkened vertical tunnel and reminded herself that there had only been six decks for her to climb.  The length of the trek had not been the trouble, but the fact that it would have to be accomplished in near perfect darkness with Shar'El's imagination working overtime each step of the way.

Having done her best to gather her courage, Shar'El took hold of the first bar just as she felt a hand land on her shoulder which caused her to scream at the top of her lungs.

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Sickbay
Stardate: 30148.2120

Doctor Mizore jumped back from the screaming ILO, never having expected that her simply touch would or could have enlisted such a reaction.

"Are you alright?" Seska asked of the woman who had shut up from her resting position to be sitting on the biobed, an expression of absolute fear present on her face.

"Yes. No. Maybe," Shar'El replied through her shallow breathing, the ILO's eyes darting to each and every individual who had still been in Sickbay.

"You fell asleep, so Counselor Dalziel and I thought it best to allow you to rest," the aCMO explained sounding a little amused by the event.

"Asleep maybe," the raven haired woman sighed, "but I can assure you that it was not one bit restful."

Tiffany Reeve

Ensign Shar'El
Intel Liaison Officer
M03-P002: USS ANUBIS: Stark: Day 4 - 2115 ("Tomorrow")
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Ensign Stark's Quarters
Stardate: 30148.2115

His shoes were off even before the sliding doors had closed behind him.

"Our first mission is a simple one."

Those had been the Captain's own words during the mission briefing.  Looking back to what had happened, *simple* had certainly not been the word Jayson would have used to describe the mission they had just finished.

He had been so tired that Jayson could not be bothered to ask for the lights to be turned on.  Actually, he found the darkness to be calming in many ways.  No flashing alert lights, no brightly lit indicators trying to draw his attention to another crisis about to happen.  After the hell that they had been through, this general peace and quiet had been nice.

As the OPS office crashed down into the nearest chair, his mind instinctively began to make a list of what would have to be done.  There had been a fair amount of equipment still present on the moon, some granted in better condition than other.  The two surviving VIPERs would need to be returned to the ANUBIS, a job that Wydran would likely be happy to assist with.  The three LOCUS would be brought back in the same way that they had been sent down to the moon.  That left the BARRACUDA and SPHINX, one which had not been touched as far as he knew while the other had been left as a pile of broken down spare parts.


That was all that Jayson said with a heavy sigh before forcing himself back out of his chair.  He had been in desperate need of a shower and if he didn't take it now, there had been a high chance that he would simply fall asleep where he had been.  So piece by piece his uniform was removed as he made his way to the shower.  There would be time enough to pick everything up after his shower and sleep.

A feeling of endless relief came over him as the hot water touched his bare back.  It sure beat the hot and dusty air of the hell they had been in.  All of his troubles seem to flow down the drain along with the water.  The problems encountered while flying the VIPER; the crash of the SPHINX; playing dodgeball with fiery boulders while in the LOCUS; being captured by the Akitashiinu; being returned to the ANUBIS to deal with the battle in orbit and trying to locate the Captain and those who had been left on the moon.

One by one those events came into his mind and were washed away by the hot water.  Jayson felt better with each passing moment and soon found himself remembering the words of Counselor Dalziel.  She had suggested for him to find something positive that had happened during the day, this to help deal with his own personal situation.  Given all that had taken place, the OPS officer could think of only one truly positive thing to be thankful for: tomorrow.

Everyone had returned to the ANUBIS in one piece more or less and they would all have a tomorrow to enjoy and to think about what had happened.  Some might find faults in what had been said or done, other would certain spend the next few days lost in endless research and analysis.  To Jayson though the simple fact that there would be a tomorrow for them to see had been what he had been most grateful for.

Tomorrow would be another day, but it would be theirs to do with as they wanted, at least within the limits of their duties and responsibilities.

Jayson Sousa

Ensign Jayson Stark
M03-P001: USS ANUBIS: Ya'Han: Day 04 - 2100 ("A Different Life")
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"A Different Life"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Ensign Ya'Han's Quarters
Stardate: 30148.2100

With her head still spinning and her muscles aching, the black haired Chief of Security had made her way to her quarters.  It was only when Ya'Han had actually stepped inside that she realized that this had been the first time she had been here.  The quarters she had expected to find had been the ones that had been assigned on the MA'AT, and those had been tiny when compared to what the Ensign had been looking at.

"Someone must have made a mistake," the Chief of Security gasped, certain that she had walked into quarters meant for visiting dignitaries or a Fleet Admiral.  Quickly the black haired woman stepped back into the corridor and compared the identification of the room to what she had been given.

"Something wrong with your quarters?" the Chief of Operations asked, the confusion on the woman's face having been unmistakable.

"None other than the fact that whoever assigned me to these quarters made a huge mistake," Ya'Han grunted back having wished for nothing else than to be able to sit and rest.

"I can assure you that there was no mistake, these are your quarters," Jayson said with a playful grin and chuckle.

"You know this for a fact do you?" the Chief of Security huffed with annoyance certain that the other Ensign had been playing her for a fool.

"I do," Stark confirmed.  "As Chief of Operations I am responsible for managing the ship's resources, and crew quarters fall under that definition. Regular crew quarters are handled by others in my department, but those for the senior staff are my direct responsibility.  So I can assure you that there was no mistake, these are your quarters."

"Even as a senior officer I never expected to ever be lodged in a room like that," Ya'Han said having put aside her previous annoyance.

"The mission profile of the ANUBIS may require us to be on board for months at a time, so
it makes sense to insure the comfort of the crew," the Operations Officer explained as he made his way into his own quarters which interestingly enough had been directly opposite to those of the Chief of Security.  "This ship is meant to be your home, not just a place that you go to work at every day."

"Next you are going to tell me that the rest of the crew is meant to be my family?" the black haired Chief of Security huffed again, her personal history not having been so great when it came to family matters.

"That is not for me to say," the Chief of Operations replied, the playful grin still hanging on his lips, "but this of it this way, would you prefer to have your life in the hands of fellow co-workers and shipmates or in the hands of someone who sees you as more than a simple friend?"

Ya'Han found herself unable to reply to the simple question.  Of course she had wanted to be able to count on people who would be more than simple friends to her, but making such friends and not been an easy task for the runaway daughter of the High Sovereign of NYLA IV.  Memories of her home world and of her escape and journey from it made the Chief of Security lose track of time until she noticed that she had been standing alone in the corridor for an undetermined amount of time.

Returning into the quarters that had been confirmed as having been hers, the black haired woman tried her best to dismiss the feelings that had began to take a hold of her.  This ship and its crew were not like anything else she had been exposed to during her escape from the worlds within the Ferengi Alliance, and although it had been a long time the emotional scars of her escape were still very much present.

Fighting back tears Ya'Han made her way into her bedroom and to the mirror that hung on the far wall.  Escape had been the only possible choice or she would have been forced to marry that Ferengi troll for no other reason than to strengthen the economical bounds of her world.  As the daughter of the High Sovereign it had been her duty to act for the greater good of her family and people, but that had not been the life she had wanted for herself.

As the Chief of Security dried the few tears that had fallen from her eyes she looked into the mirror to see the unmistakable mark of her heritage and of the life she had forsaken.  The bright purple of her hair had been an inescapable reminder of her past and actions two things that she had been more than happy to leave behind.

With a gentle shake of her head, the royal purple gave way to the fiery red of what Ya'Han considered to be the closest field to match her role and responsibilities on board the USS ANUBIS.  This is the life she had wanted for herself, and this had been the place she had wished to be to make her life hers.

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Hanali Han

Ensign Ya'Han
Chief of Security / Chief Tactical Officer

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