USS BASTET - Mission 07
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001 Valentine Questioning
Sarena goes to speak to Sofia and Nicole
002 Dean Second Thoughts
Ashton deals with meeting Mordana
003 Gemma Split Second
Gemma recalls her meeting with Admial Koniki
004 Andersson & Dima You Can’t Go Home Again
Sofia and Nicole contemplate their situation
005 Iverson Special Research
The BASTET is dispatched to the ZENALLI Sector
006 Mitshiba Like No Other
Aki analyzes the sensor data from the HAWKING
007 Dean Scrambler
Ashton scrambles to get ready to board the BASTET
M06-P001: USS BASTET: Valentine: Day 01 - 1500 ("Questioning")
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Setting:  USS BASTET, Valentine's quarters
Stardate: 33113.1500

Sarena walked into her quarters, her head still spinning. She had not expected a fanfare to welcome them back from their last mission, but the Executive Officer had certainly imagined more than being told to head back to their ship to await further instructions. Then again, life in the world of Intel was never meant to be the glamorous or even outwardly rewarding one, so there was nothing else to do but for Valentine to accept things as they were and move on.

The woman took a moment to take in the welcoming peacefulness of her quarters, the familiar decor making her feel at home, a feeling that she had not experienced for quite some time now thanks to the issues encountered with the Blink Device. As traumatic as all of that was, the Executive Officer had to admit that in the end, they managed to return with far more than they could have ever expected.

The loss of Janeel was a sad turn of event, that much the Executive Officer could not deny, but the HATHOR had returned with three other Starfleet officers, one actually presumed dead but found very much alive. The question now was what would those three women do next?  As curious about that as Commander Valentine was about that, she pushed the question aside and instead decided to comply with the orders of their Captain. A long hot shower would certainly feel amazing at this time; the small ship they had been on for over two months was not equipped with such enjoyable commodities. The moment the hot water touched her skin, Sarena let out a moan of absolute delight making her forget about everything that had happened as well as what would soon come to pass.

The soothing sensation of the hot water though proved insufficient to make Sarena forget things for more than a few minutes. There was just too much for the Executive Officer to consider at this time  to be able to fully abandon herself to the delights of the shower. She needed to know what would be asked of them and what this would mean for the three women who had been made to be temporary members of the crew during their journey back home.

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Setting:  USS BASTET, Corridor, outside the guest quarters
Stardate: 33113.1530

With a press of the chime, the Executive Officer made her presence known and soon after the door opened.

"Commander Valentine, what brings you here?" Doctor Andersson asked, not having expected to see the woman there, dressed in a fresh uniform so quickly following their arrival on board the BASTET.

"I was hoping that we could have a moment to talk before Captain Iverson summons us to the bridge," Sarena explained, prompting the woman with the golden hair to invite her into the quarters that the Executive Officer herself had provided.

"before you start, I would like to thank you for this. I truly never thought I would ever again be in quarters such as these. I will also admit that the hot shower was beyond enjoyable."

"These quarters could be yours on a more permanent basis," Commander Valentine proposed, hinting as to the reason why she had come here in the first place. "Doctor, i will not waste time as I do not know how much of it we have. I wanted to officially offer you the position of Chief medical officer on board the BASTET. I have already discussed this with the captain and she agrees, you have proven yourself to be an exemplary physician and we would be honored to having you as an official member of the crew." Sarena paused for a moment, trying to gauge the woman's reaction before continuing. "Officially, as far as your former crew is concerned, you are dead, so it would be difficult for yo to return to them. Your skills and expertise are very much needed here."

"I don't know," Sofia stuttered.

"I am not asking you to make a decision now, but I am sure that Captain Iverson will be offering you the exact same thing following our briefing. I wanted for you to have a moment to consider this. I know that we would both be very happy to having you with as our new Chief Medical Officer."

"Thank you. I will think about it," Doctor Andersson said, knowing that she had a great deal to think about and very little time to do so.

With the offer presented to the Doctor, Sarena made her way to the adjacent guest quarters where the Trill Counselor had been lodged. Again the Executive Officer made her presence known by using the chime and again the door was opened by the person inside.

"Commander Valentine, what can I do for you?" Nicole asked, the Trill not at all appearing surprised by the woman's presence at this time.

"I was hoping that we would be able to talk before Captain Iverson calls us up to the bridge," Sarena quickly explained.

"You are going to offer me the position of Ship's Counselor on board the BASTET," Dima said, grinning at the now baffled looking Executive Officer. "I may not be a telepath, but with several lifetimes of experience to draw upon, I have an advantage in recognizing certain signs and anticipating what people will say or do next. You are going to tell me that I am needed and that since the ANUBIS and her crew are currently not here, it would be best if I remained busy, especially with a crew that i have come to know better over the last couple of months."

"Case and point," Sarena said, unable to hold back her smile. "As a Counselor you helped every member of the crew back on the HATHOR during our long journey back home. It would be a failure in the part of Captain Iverson and myself if we did not recognize your abilities in this domain. All I can do is ask that you consider the possibility. I know that there are some amongst the crew who would be greatly saddened by your departure."

"Commander," Nicole teased with a smile. "I never thought that you would use guilt to try and sway my decision."

"I am not using guilt Counselor, only the truth. Please consider this carefully, I am sure that Captain Iverson will be needing your decision by the end of our briefing," Sarena said to the still grining Counselor.

"After an urgent meeting with Admiral Koniki, I suspect that the Captain might be in need of more than a simple answer from a Ship's Counselor," Dima clarified without making it a certitude that she would accept the offer presented to her. "I will give the Captain my answer then, thank you Commander."

With both the Doctor and Ship's Counselor spoken to, Sarena had only one person left to speak to. Unlike the CMO and CNS though, the Executive Officer suspected that the discussion with the ILO would prove to be much more complicated, but the fact remained that Gemma had proven herself more than once during their journey back. In fact, although Valentine would never openly say so, she believed the mysterious woman to be a better fit for the BASTET than Janeel could have ever been. The woman possessed a range of skills that seemed endless, making her occasional odd behavior to be easily dismissed when it did surface.

Standing in front of the door to the third and last guest quarters she needed to visit, Sarena pressed the chime, when no reply was given she pressed it a second time and soon after a third and still no one answered.  "Computer, locate Lieutenant Gemma."

=/\= Lieutenant Gemma is no longer on board the BASTET. She beamed over to Admiral Koniki's office immediately following her stepping into the quarters that were assigned to her. =/\=

Valentine was disappointed by the report from the computer. She had truly hoped that Gemma would be the one to remain on the BASTET following everything that she had done for its crew.

=/\= This is Captain Iverson to all members of the senior staff. Please report to the Observation Lounge immediately. =/\=

Time was up and Sarena could only hope that by the end of the upcoming meeting the crew of the BASTET would be able to officially list a new Chief Medical Officer and Ship's Counselor if not a new Intel Liaison Officer.

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Setting:  USS BASTET, Observation Lounge
Stardate: 33113.1550

The Executive Officer walked into the briefing room to find Lieutenant Gemma already sitting at the table with Captain Iverson. Selene appeared tired, drain of energy and yet ready to face whatever task the Admiral had given her and her crew.

"After hearing that you had beamed directly to the Admiral's Office following you stepping into your quarters, I was not expecting you to return," Sarena explained as she took a seat.

"It would be improper for me not to be at this meeting as I am the BASTET's new ILO," Gemma sternly offered.

"Lieutenant Gemma was actually present at the meeting between Admiral Koniki and myself. Following a quick account of everything she did for us during our voyage back, the Admiral ordered her to take over the position left vacant by Commander Janeel's unfortunate departure," the Captain explained, her head still spinning for everything that had taken place during her meeting with Koniki. The Executive Officer suspected that the assignment of a new ILO was but one of a great many details that had been talked about.

"As soon as the others are here, we will start the briefing," Selene stated seeing a certain expression of joy coming from Sarena making it clear that the woman was pleased with the appointment of Gemma to the BASTET. Now all that remained was to see if Sofia and Nicole would follow suit.

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Karen Price

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M06-P002: USS BASTET: Dean: Day 01 - 1100 ("Second Thoughts")
"Second Thoughts"
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Setting: RELAY OUTPOST SIGMA 385, Corridor
Stardate: 33112.1100

Ashton scooped up the girls and continued down the hall. “That was rude. Remember to respect everyone until they give you reason not to,” he said toTristan, but as soon as he said it he realized how stupid it was to say that to a five year old.  Tristan didn’t say anything. She just watch the woman round the corner and walk out of sight. 

Setting: RELAY OUTPOST SIGMA 385, Dean's Quarters
Stardate: 33112.1115

"Let’s get some lunch and then it’s nap time."

“No nap,” Cordelia said defiantly. 

“Yes but lunch first. Nuggets?” Her little face lit up when she heard that.  Ashton ordered up a plate of four nuggets with carrot sticks and a plate of three nuggets with carrot sticks for the girls who happily enjoyed their lunch. After getting them settled for their nap, Ashton took time to sit and relax. He looked around the room at the boxes and the girls sleeping in the next room. “Is this the right thing to do? With all that’s going on right now should I take them out there?” Staring out the window he heard his mothers voice. “They belong with you. No place is perfectly safe,” she said in a whisper. He smiled a sad smile at the thought of his mom and her advice. He knew she was right, but he was still worried he was putting his girls in unnecessary risk. “Stop. Damn it. They belong with you, there’s no one else so just stop dwelling on what you can’t change,” he told himself. 

Setting: RELAY OUTPOST SIGMA 385, Common Area
Stardate: 33112.1200

“Excuse me, Mordana was it,” he said approaching the woman his daughters met earlier. 

“Yes,” she said internally a bit annoyed at the interruption, but not showing it. 

“Hi, we met earlier. I wanted to apologize for my daughters rudeness. You know the honesty of children they have no filter.”

She smiled and waved off his apology. “Think nothing of it.” 

“Are you here to meet the BASTET?” he asked.

“No, I have other business in the region. If you excuse me I have someplace to be,” she replied and walked away before Ashton could say anything else.

“Intriguing lady,” he thought to himself, but he had a feeling she was not all she seemed. 

Leigh Rachal
Ensign Ashton Dean 
M06-P003: USS BASTET: Gemma: Day 01 - 1550 ("Split Second")
"Split Second"
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Setting: USS BASTET, Observation Lounge
Stardate: 33113.1550

Gemma sat next to Captain Selene Iverson, the person to whom the ILO had been assigned to. Admiral Koniki displayed mixed feelings when he saw her. Those feelings had been the reasons why she had not returned to NEW ALEXANDRIA. It was evident that he still held her responsible for what happened, and why he did not hesitate to assign the operative to the BASTET.

The assignment proved to not be the most surprising aspect of their meeting with the Admiral though. Koniki thought it best to inform Iverson of the unique abilities of her new ILO. Certainly, there would have been a better way to do this, a way that would not have shocked the CO quite as much.

Setting: NEW ALEXANDRIA, Admiral Koniki's Office
Stardate: 33113.1520 (30 minutes prior)

Gemma stood motionless, at perfect attention following her handing over her report to the Admiral. The half dozen data transfer chips contained everything she did, everything she saw since her departure from NEW ALEXANDRIA. Given all that she had done, the ILO had actually surprised that it all fit on six such chips. Then again, the Intel Agent had never been one to embellish her accounts of what had taken place. Her instructions were clear on that matter; report only the events that could prove of interest to the Intel community.

It took less than a minute for the Admiral to peruse the overview of the files. Captain Iverson stood patiently, wondering why the operative had been called to be part of this meeting. That question was the first the Admiral chose to answer.

"With Janeel gone, the BASTET is in need of a new ILO. Lieutenant Gemma will take on that role."

"Admiral?" The Captain said. After all that Gemma had done to help get the HATHOR back, the CO had no objections to the new assignment. It might have been nice to be consulted first though, but that had never been the Admiral's way.

"Gemma, I know that you are used to operating alone, but the BASTET needs someone like you. Your expertise and special skills will be most valuable to Captain Iverson in the days to come. The night is falling."

The Admiral's last words meant nothing to Captain Iverson, but they were more than enough to startle the ILO. From her stoic pose, Gemma appeared as if she had been hit, hard. Her breathing quickly increased and it was easy to see that the ILO was struggling to remain calm.

"What's going on?" Captain Iverson asked, the woman's patience being tested to a higher extent than usual by the Admiral.

"The details of your mission are here," he said handing over a PADD to the Captain. "Before you go, I need you to meet a few other people."

The Captain looked at the Admiral, expecting him to call forth the officers he wanted her to meet. Instead, the Admiral did nothing more than to look at Gemma, the operative quickly understanding what he meant. There were so many for her to call that she did not know whom to introduce first.

"Captain Iverson, allow me to introduce myself, I am Darla, a skilled pilot according to most."

The Captain was surprised to see a blonde-haired Varro woman standing where the auburn-haired Terran woman had been seconds before. "How?" Iverson demanded, taking her eyes off the woman to glare at the Admiral.

"Captain Iverson," someone else said, someone standing at the exact same spot. The voice was the same as that of Darla but different in some ways. In any case, the CO looked back to see a smiling blue-haired Kotakian woman standing where Darla and Gemma had been. "My name is Yshuni Talz, and it is most pleasant to meet you."

Stunned, Captain Iverson turned to look at the Admiral, hoping that some sort of explanation would be forthcoming. Instead, another greeting was offered, again from a very similar yet different voice.

"My name is Wimdalli and I am very much looking forward to working with you Chief Science Officer, Lieutenant Mitshiba."

Iverson studied the brown-haired Uxali woman who appeared almost as a sister of the previous woman. Something weird was happening here, as each woman seemed unaware of the others.

"Wimda," Admiral Koniki intervened. "Would you be so kind as to wait outside? I have a few more things to discuss with Captain Iverson."

The woman nodded her head and made her way to the exit, her attention on everything that surrounded her. As soon as the Uxali vanished from sight, Iverson turned to the Admiral who jumped in before the Captain could say a single word.

"Gemma suffers, for a lack of a better explanation, from a shattered personality disorder. The nanites in her body allow each personality to be physically displayed to the outside world. Although each of these personas is aware of the others, as far as Gemma is concerned they are separate individuals from herself. As an independent operative, no one needed to know this. Each persona possesses unique skills and talents that are often referred to by her as belonging to someone else. As a member of your crew, I thought it best for you to be aware of this. I am sure that your Ship's Counselor will find this to be most interesting."

"Nanites? Split personality? How many?" Those were just three of the countless questions that came to the Captain's mind.

"If you are referring to her personas, we are not sure. The last time she was here, Gemma displayed in excess of 50 different individual personalities, each with their unique appearance, skills and knowledge base. It may take some time for you and your crew to get used to this. Once you do, I am sure you will see the advantages of having her on board the BASTET."

Captain Iverson already knew about the advantages of having someone like Gemma under her command. Her help on board the HATHOR had been instrumental in getting the ship and crew back here. The knowledge of her split personality also helped the CO make sense in some of the behaviors of the ILO. How well she would fit as a full-fledged member of the BASTET though was still to be seen.

Setting: NEW ALEXANDRIA, Outside Admiral Koniki's Office
Stardate: 33113.1535

Captain Iverson walked out looking bemused. The revelation concerning Gemma had even made her forget about the mission orders currently in her hand.

"Captain," the ILO said, sounding and appearing like the woman she had come to know and respect while on the HATHOR. "I am sorry that the Admiral forced this assignment on you and your crew. Rest assured that I will do my best to be a valuable member of your crew."

Iverson smiled. She knew that Gemma would be that, having already proven herself. The same could not be said for the other 50+ personas though. The Captain knew nothing of them other than what she saw in the Admiral's office. Who was hiding inside that head of hers? What surprises laid waiting for the crew of the BASTET?  Whatever concerns the CO might have, the Admiral had made his wishes clear. Gemma and all of her other personalities were now officially part of her crew. Be it for good or bad.

Rachel Jackie Johnson

Intel Operative

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M06-P004: USS BASTET: Andersson and Dima: Day 1 - 1545
("You Can't Go Home Again")
“You Can’t Go Home Again”
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Setting: USS BASTET, Temporary Quarters→ Corridor
Stardate: 33113.1545

Nicole sat down for a moment after Commander Valentine’s visit, trying to collect her thoughts. Since her rescue, the HATHOR had been her existence. However, she had thought many times of NEW ALEXANDRIA and the ANUBIS as her final destination. Home. But those had been the simple ideas of a young woman on her first assignment. It had been the whole of Dima and her former hosts that had spoken to Sarena. The paradigm had shifted, the world as she knew it was changed, and it was with sadness that Nicole realized she had been holding onto something that even her symbiont knew had passed her by. Even now, there was no time to dwell on it. They had a briefing to attend.

Nicole emerged from her assigned guest quarters to see Sofia doing the same. All Senior Officers, be them longtime members of the crew or more recently picked up along the way while in Romulan space, were ordered to report to the Observation Lounge. Following the visit from Commander Valentine, it was a foregone conclusion that both Dima and Andersson would be offered to remain on board the BASTET. This would prove to be another difficult decision for them to make, but if the last three months had revealed anything, it was that they were up to the challenge.


Setting: USS HATHOR, Sickbay
Stardate: 33004.0130 (109 days ago)

Following the presumed departure of the cloaked Romulan ship, things on board the HATHOR returned to normal, at least as normal as could be expected given that the Starfleet vessel and crew were stranded deep inside Romulan space after having lost one crew member and gained three others. The move from Captain Iverson to accept the three refugees as members of her crew, even if only temporarily, had helped make things a great deal easier, even if that decision was based on simple needs and necessity.

The mysterious Lieutenant Gemma had been put to work in the ship's Engineering section while Nicole and Sofia were assigned to help in the areas where they felt most comfortable in. Due to the compact layout of the HATHOR, the Doctor and Counselor were required to work out of the same room, a reality that created a unique work environment for them. Following the unexpected kiss shared by the two women, a sense of uncertainty had developed between them leading to odd looks and smiles being occasionally sent from one to the other.

Sofia took a moment to look more intently at the Trill woman who was reviewing the personnel record of the senior officers. As a Ship's Counselor, Dima needed to know everything she could about everyone, and in some ways, the physician hoped that her name was on that list, anywhere on it.  On her side of the quiet room, Nic casually held the PADD in her hands, not fully paying attention to the displayed information, memories of their incarceration and rescue continuing to invade her thoughts.

The room that Sofia and she were in now was a little larger than the cell they had shared, and although it was much warmer the proximity of the surrounding walls still managed to create this odd feeling of being trapped at times. However emotionally uncomfortable as this sensation was, Nicole could not help but acknowledge that the presence of the golden-haired woman was reassuring. Through all of the hardships they endured, they were here, alive and together.

"I'm hoping Gemma gets hurt," Sofia absentmindedly admitted causing Counselor to suddenly glare at the blonde Physician.

"What happened to your Hippocratic Oath?" the Trill asked, surprised and slightly amused, never having expected to hear such words coming from the sweet looking woman.

"I don't mean it that way," Sofia clarified. "I just hope that she gets a scratch or something that would force her to report here for medical attention. That would give me the chance to scan her. I have a medical dossier on every member of this crew except for her, and to be honest I am curious to see what hides beneath that secure controlled shell of hers."

"I would not mind having a look at her psychological profile," Nicole added, joining her friend's curiosity about the Intel operative. Just as she was about to continue to speculate about the mysterious woman who had secured their freedom, the door to Sickbay opened and Lieutenant Mitshiba walked in. The Asian woman visibly appeared tired from her many hours of work.

"I was not expecting to find you both here, but I am glad I did," the Science Officer announced. "I have a massive headache."

"What's the cause?" Nic asked, smiling because the Asian woman made her announcement to both the Doctor and Counselor at the same time.

"Sensor sweeps, trying to figure out how to give the Blink Device he coordinates to get us back home and learning that Commander Janeel is now on board a Romulan ship," Misaki replied before adding a long, drawn-out sigh.

"One of *those* headaches," Sofia grinned. "Let me see what I can find.”

“Thank you for your efforts, Lieutenant,” Nicole said, still grateful for the positive change in their situation. Regardless of how difficult their position was on the HATHOR, it was still tremendously better than prison.

“Aki,” Mitshiba added, returning the Trill’s warm demeanor.

"Here you go," Andersson said as she gently applied a hypospray against the Asian woman's neck. "That should be more than enough to ward off a sensor-induced headache. As for Commander Janeel now being on board a Romulan vessel, I think my partner here is better equipped to help you."

Nicole wondered exactly Sofia meant by using the word ‘partner’ to describe her. Lifetimes of experience told her this would require an in-depth analysis of the ship’s Doctor, but it was one that would have to wait until after Lieutenant Mitshiba's own issue was dealt with.

“I am worried… or rather, concerned, about Janeel,” Aki admitted.

“In what way? Are you concerned for her safety?”

“Not exactly. This whole event has given me the idea that she is possibly a Romulan spy,” Mitshiba reluctantly answered. It was unthinkable, but not outside the realm of possible outcomes.

Ensign Dima paused for a few seconds before responding. "I cannot tell you if she is or is not, but I can point out the facts as they were left following the departure of the Romulan ship. Commander Janeel could have easily given up the location of the HATHOR to the Romulans, and even provided them with the means to see through our cloaking device. Instead, she risked being discovered to send a message telling us that she was alive. This means that Admiral Koniki will be listing her as MIA with a possibility of her coming back or even trying to mount some rescue. I know that there is no proof for any of this, but had Janeel been a spy or if she had wanted to defect, it would have made sense for her to make sure the HATHOR was destroyed. That way, she would have been listed along with the other members of the crew as dead and no one would not be searching for her."

Misaki looked relieved. The logic used was elegant in its simplicity. "Thank you, that makes me feel a lot better. You are right, she could have revealed our exact position to them, and as tough as this ship is, we would not have been a match for that Romulan cruiser had it opened fire on us. Thank you both. I will make sure to tell Captain Iverson what you did here."  With a renewed bounce in her step, the Asian woman exited Sickbay, the issue of her headache dealt with better she could have hoped for.

Sofia found herself impressed with the way Nic had allayed Aki’s fears. **I guess that's why she’s the Counselor,** she thought before pausing for a moment. It was also the reason she felt so close to her.


Setting:  USS BASTET, Corridor
Stardate: 33113.1545

Nicole made her way quietly to the Observation Lounge, her blue eyes adrift in thought. What she had always considered a temporary situation had turned into an opportunity. She wondered how Sofia was taking the idea. Would she decide to accept the offer? Even after working alongside the Doctor these past months, Dima was still unsure how much healing the woman had to do before being able to explore their feelings. The symbiont had been in love enough times to know there were no boundaries of race, gender, or species. Love was love. But Nic was genuinely concerned that the woman had developed a case of reverse Florence Nightingale syndrome, falling hard for Nicole only because she had bonded with her and helped her escape. She had acknowledged and validated Sofia’s presence when the rest of the universe had presumed she was dead. And while their friendship had been cemented in this shared experience, the Counselor’s mind knew that wouldn’t be enough of a foundation to build a relationship on unless she pushed Sofia to confront her demons and ensure she wasn’t just reaching for Nicole because she represented a safe haven to her, a choice of convenience rather than something more. Nicole had sacrificed the chance to be married in order to be joined with Dima. She had proven to herself that love was something she could do without and still be fulfilled. She wanted Sofia to have the same liberation from that constraint, so that whomever she chose as her mate, it was for all the best reasons.

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M06-P005: USS BASTET: Iverson: Day 01 - 1600 ("Special Research")
"Special Research"
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Setting: USS BASTET, Observation Lounge
Stardate: 33113.1600

It didn't take long for the rest of the senior officers to trickle into the room following the arrival of Commander Valentine, and this included Ensign Andersson and Dima. Selene tried her best to gauge what the two women's answer would be before the question of their joining the crew was officially presented to them, but their thoughts and outward expression were visibly on other matters.  It seemed that they would have to wait for an answer, so once everyone was seated, Captain Iverson began the mission briefing.

"Following a quick meeting with Admiral Koniki to explain the situation that we are being asked to address, the BASTET is being deployed to the ZELLANI Sector, there, we will be meeting up with another vessel and investigate the strange trans-dimensional readings they have been analyzing for a few days now. Initial reports and data collected seem to indicate that the Lokustaar may be involved." A hush spread through the Observation Lounge at the mention of the nightmarish race, many of the officers present silently wishing that they had never dealt with them in the first place, let alone having to do so again.

"Guess that's what we get for being the resident experts on all things trans-dimensional," Lieutenant Mitshiba said in a dry tone that seemed to attempt to bridge sarcasm and pride.

"Actually," Selene began, sounding even more serious than she normally did, "it is our dealings and expertise with the Lokustaar that has made us indispensable to this mission. The trans-dimensional expertise belongs to the ship and crew that we will be joining up with."

"I thought we were the only ship in the Federation able to purposely travel to other dimensions?" Sarena gasped, stunned at the possibility of running into other Starfleet ships and crews while in a dimensional other than this one.

"We are," Captain Iverson confirmed, a faint grin appearing for a brief moment on her lips before vanishing as if it had never been there as a wave of confusion washed over the other members of the senior staff.

"The ship we are to rendezvous with is from another dimension," Gemma accurately theorized, one of the multiple personalities of the Intel Operative, one with a better understanding of science, had likely put the pieces of this puzzle together.

"With all of the parallel universes that are out there, it is easy to imagine that there are other Federation-like organizations that possess the same or even a better ability to travel to other dimensions as we do. Mathematically speaking, not every race can be like the Masters or the Lokustaar; bent on conquering every other dimension they come across," Misaki established, sounding rather relieved at the idea that there were allies out there to possibly help them against the likes of the two races she had just mentioned.

"The vessel belongs to the Galactic Alliance, a Federation-like group from a close parallel universe in which the exploration of the multi-verse and the expansion of scientific knowledge have taken the highest priority. No internal conflicts have been recorded in over three centuries in that dimensional."

"Now that's a place I would love to visit," Lieutenant Mitshiba cooed.

"Before we get underway," Captain Iverson began, bringing the meeting back on track. "There are some matters concerning the personnel on board the ship that I need to address. First, I am happy to announce that Lieutenant Gemma has been officially assigned to the position of Intel Liaison Officer for the BASTET. Having already proven her extensive range of skills, I was very pleased when Admiral Koniki informed me of this assignment. Next, as soon as we depart from NEW ALEXANDRIA, we will be heading for RELAY OUTPOST SIGMA 385 where we will take on board our new Flight Control Officer, Ensign Ashton Dean."

"Looks like the crew is filling up nicely, but we still have a couple of official vacancies on board the BASTET," Sarena teased as she glanced at Ensign Andersson and Dima knowing that the Captain would soon be presenting them with the question the First Officer had previously mentioned to them.

"Commander Valentine is correct, the positions of Chief Medical Officer and Ship's Counsellor are officially available," Selene specified looking directly at Sofia and Nicole. "I know that the decision may be a difficult one for either one of you to make at this time. I also understand that your allegiances may very well still be with your previous ships and crew, but we, meaning Sarena and I, hope that the last three months have shown you both the need we have as that you would be more than welcomed on the BASTET."

The gathered officers anxiously waited for the women's answer, the smiles and glances coming from the two women hinting as to what their reply would be, but again the universe decided not to make things easy for the crew of this particular vessel.

=/\= Koniki to Iverson. =/\=

"Go ahead Admiral," the Captain replied, easily picking up on the tone of urgency in the voice of the Admiral.

=/\= We have just received an emergency transmission from the USS HAWKINS, the ship that you are scheduled to meet in the ZELLANI Sector, they are asking for help. Since no other ship in the Federation is able to follow them should they need to leave by other means than normal propulsion, the BASTET is to leave NOW and reach them as quickly as possible. =/\=

"We are on our way," Selene stated as she quickly jumped to her feet while the other members of the senior staff rapidly followed suit.

"What about Ensign Dean?" Commander Valentine inquired, concerned as to what would happen to their new Flight Control Officer.

"RELAY OUTPOST SIGMA 385 is actually along the course we would normally follow to reach the ZELLANI Sector, it just means that he will be beamed on board with little advance warning," Captain Iverson explained.

"I have heard of near-warp transports from a ship to a stationary target like a planet or even another ship, but I have never heard of this being done the other way where someone is being beamed on board from a stationary location onto a ship jumping back to warp before the transport is completed." The Chief Science Officer said, openly voicing her concerns.

"The targeting sensors will need to be carefully calibrated and tied in with the warp controls, not to mention that the transporter pattern buffer will need to be modified to accommodate the sudden phase shift in the matter stream as the ship jumps back to faster-than-light speed," Gemma stated, looking at Doctor Andersson, the Chief Medical Officer normally being the one who would need to supervise this task.

Sofia glanced at Nicole as neither one of them had given their official answer to joining the crew, and yet they seemed to be forced into a situation where their actions would provide whatever reply the Commanding Officer of the BASTET, as well as the rest of the crew, were waiting for.

"I am no expert on transporter systems," Doctor Andersson admitted after a few seconds of hesitation.

"I will assist," Gemma stated without delay, the woman clearly being one of action over words.

"I better start researching possible psychological effects for someone undergoing such a transport, not that I am expecting to find a great deal of material on that subject, but there might be some theoretical medical papers out there that I can start with," Nicole added. "One of my previous hosts might have a few additional ideas as to where I might find material on this."

Captain Iverson was known for not being big on letting her emotions show, but following what she had just heard, the Commanding Officer of the USS BASTET allowed a smile to appear, a display that was witnessed by everyone present officially dispelling the thoughts some had about the woman being physically incapable to do as she had just done.

"Report to your stations and let's go. We have a Flight Control Officer to pick up and a ship to rendezvous with, all to be done as quickly as possible," Selene said ushering everyone out of the Observation Lounge.

Setting: USS BASTET, Bridge
Stardate: 33113.1630

The BASTET had likely set a new record in regards to how quickly it departed from the secret Intel base. Luckily, the ship was relatively small and nimble allowing it to sneak through the massive space doors before they were fully opened. Now out of the asteroid field near the GIZA Nebula, the ship was traveling at maximum warp speed with the crew on route for RELAY OUTPOST SIGMA 385 which they would reach in just under four hours.

Once Ensign Ashton Dean was on board, their next stop would be at the ZELLANI Sector where hopefully the USS HAWKING would still be there.

Jessica Solarik

Captain Selene Fiona Iverson [Access Character BIO for Selene Iverson]
Commanding Officer


Lieutenant Commander Maya [Access Character BIO for Maya]
Chief Science Officer

"To see the world in a grain of sand,
and a heaven in a wild flower.
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,
and eternity in an hour."
- William Blake (British, 1757-1827)
M06-P006: USS BASTET: Mitshiba: Day 01 - 1730 ("Like No Other")
"Like No Other"
Previous posts: (ANU) "Feeling Guilty" & (BAS) "Special Research"

Setting: USS HATHOR, Bridge
Stardate: 33113.1730

With three hours or so before the BASTET would reach RELAY OUTPOST SIGMA 385, Aki decided to find out as much as she could about this USS HAWKING. Of course, such a search could not be conducted through the regular channels as the vessel in question belonged to the Galactic Alliance, a claimed scientific powerhouse located in another plane of the multiverse. The first question on the mind of the CSciO was whether or not the ship was named in honor of the famed 21st-century scientist who, amongst other things, had established the foundation of black hole mechanics.

In his life, Dr. Stephen Hawking was considered a genius and a man able to see the universe like few others could. Although not required reading at the Academy, many first-year cadets with a course load in science made a point to read 'A Brief History of Time' as it provided some unique insights into the way the universe functions. Discussing the content of the book also proved to be a good way for the cadets to start conversations that could lead to some of the more theoretical aspects of the space and their own existence.

Could there have been another Stephen Hawking in that dimension, one who might not have been afflicted by amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or ALS as it was commonly referred to? It was hard for Aki to imagine the man in any other way than a wheelchair-bound scientist only able to communicate his thoughts and ideas, in his later years, through a primitive voice synthesizer. What kind of a man would he have been without all of the physical and social obstacles he overcame on a daily basis?  All of those questions and several more hung on the Asian woman's lips making her that much more anxious for the BASTET to reach the ZELLANI Sector.

This eagerness to reach the USS HAWKING was unfortunately tempered by the fact that their need to meet with the trans-dimensional vessel was brought on by an urgent call for help. Something was forced the visiting ship to this plane of existence to request assistance and Aki could only hope that they would be able to make it there before it was too late.

"Lieutenant Mitshiba," Commander Valentine said as the ExO came to stand behind the Asian woman. "Admiral Koniki was kind enough to forward the sensor telemetry from the HAWKING in the hope that it would help us understand what happened and for us to be in a better position to help once we get there. Could you review the data and give Captain Iverson and I your take on what we might be rushing into?"

"Of course Commander, I will get started on this right away," Aki said wasting no time to call up the computer file to her station. The first thing the CSciO noticed when the data appeared on her screens was the size of the file and the complexity of the data in contained. A fleet of research vessels, each equipped with a different type of sensor array would not have been able to compile what she was looking at. There was so much there that Mitshiba had no other choice but to start dismissing some of the data in order to make some sense of what would be left.

One by one, the layers of data were analyzed and considered as to their potential usefulness in figuring out what had happened to the HAWKING to have it send a call for help. As Aki made her way through the copious amount of data, she realized how much more advanced that ship's sensors had to be in comparison to their own. The claim of the Galactic Alliance being a science powerhouse appeared not to be an exaggeration, in fact, based on what the CSciO was looking at, the claim seemed to be quite understated.

What mysteries had their technology figured out? How much more advanced was this Galactic Alliance as compared to the Federation in not only the specific fields of astrology, astrophysics, and dimensional travels but also in the more general domains such as biology, exobiology, and countless others. The possibilities were endless as Aki considered the scope of having such an organization dedicated to the advancement of all sciences.  The more Aki thought about this, the more she had to concede that the ship they were rushing to meet had indeed been named in honor of Stephen Hawking, a man whose influence had likely help shape not only the Galactic Alliance but the whole of their dimension.

A few simple questions would possibly confirm this, but for the moment, understanding what had caused the USS HAWKING to send the message needed to be the CSciO's top and only priority. Wish a renewed drive to get to the bottom of this mystery, Aki focused on the most basic data, trying to isolate something that might give her an idea as to what was happening.

It was when she noticed a quantum bias in an area of space near the HAWKING that Aki figured she had discovered what the cause of the urgent call was. According to the sensor data, a highly focussed breach in the fabric of space-time had formed less than a kilometer from the ship and was now being contained by a gravitational field that effectively stopped it from expanding.  By the looks of things the trans-dimensional research vessel was not in any immediate danger, but it could not move from its current location in the ZELLANI Sector and risk the breach expanding beyond anyone's ability to stop it.

With that figured out, all that Aki needed to do now was to figure out what had caused this quantum bias in the fabric of space-time, how to reverse the process and figure out if this was an isolated natural phenomenon or if it was something purposefully created. Since Admiral Koniki had mentioned the possible involvement of the Lokustaar in this, it made sense for the CSciO to consider the possibility that this was yet another way for the nightmarish race to seek to get a foothold in this dimension. If this was the cases as suspected, Mitshiba was glad that the HAWKING was there to help, certain that the ship would, like its namesake, be far more than it appeared to be.

Dawn Bohr

Lieutenant Misaki Mitshiba [Access Character BIO for Misaki Mitshiba]
Chief Science Officer
M06-P007: USS BASTET: Dean: Day 01 - 1630 ("Scrambler")
(Previous Post: (ANU) "Feeling Guilty" / (BAS) “Like No Other”)

Stardate: 33113.1630

Ashton was in the holodeck version of the BASTET when an emergency transmission from the actual BASTET came in.

=/\=BASTET to Dean. Be ready to transport immediately. We will not be stopping at the base. You must transport in to the ship in flight. =/\=

"But that is against protocol and extremely dangerous."

=/\=ETA 20 min, you have your orders. BASTET out =/\=

“What the hell? Their going to kill my family before I even report to the damn ship.” Aston left the holodeck at a run and headed to his quarters he was angry, concerned, and focused. How can he subject his daughters to this, but he had no one to leave them with so he had to put them through this. 

“Thanks Za we are about to depart on to the BASTET. I need you to take the 3 bags to the transporter room. Tell them we will be there in 5 minutes.”

“Sure,” she replied confused but hearing the tension in his voice did not question him further.

“Girls lets go. It’s time to go to our new ship.” They jumped up and started bouncing ready to go, but now the hard part. The only way they will make it through a near warp transport is asleep and to do that he will have to sedate them. “Before we go we are going to have some chocolate milk to celebrate it may be a few hours before we get there so you need something now,” he said moving to the replicator. He ordered up 3 kid size chocolate milks. Then he manually ordered 2 doses of mild sedative and added one to each girls drink before handing them the cup and bottle. “Here you go. Just like the big people. Like this tap it to daddy’s cup,” he explained holding out his up and moving Cordelias bottle filled hand to tap his cup. Tristan did the same and then they all drank the milk. As Ashton took the empty items to the replicator the room got quiet. He turned to find them curled up on the floor asleep. Carefully he put Tristan on the couch then he picked up Cordelia from the floor. Once he was standing and had her secure he carefully lifted Tristan with his right arm. “This is easier with weight bags. No pressure if you drop those,” he said to himself as he steadied himself before heading out to the transporter room.

"Dean to Ops."

=/\= Ops, are you ok Sir? You sound out of breath. =/\=

"Fine, just in a hurry. I need the best transporter operator on station in the transporter room now."

=/\= Understood we received the transport order from the BASTET. Lt. K’tana is waiting your arrival.=/\=

"Good," Ashton replied making the final turn to the transporter room.

“Let me help,” K’tana said stepping from behind the transporter console. Ashton gladly let her take Tristan. "Place her on the pad 2,” he said more firmed than intended. K’tana did take offense, his stress was understandable in this situation. Ashton gently placed Cordelia on pad 4 before joining K’tana at the console. 

“Make sure you triple check their patterns in the buffer.”

“Already working it. Ensign you must take your place. They will be here any minute. At last transmission they were 10 minutes out traveling at max warp.” Ashton took his place on pad 1. 

"Ops open a channel to the BASTET."

=/\= Channel opened.=/\= 

"Ensign Dean and family ready to transport," he said masking his anxiety about the danger.

=/\= Standby,=/\= Captain Iverson replied

On the BASTET the transporter room air was thick with tension as the controller made the final configurations for the fly by transport of not one, which is dangerous enough but now it’s three people. 

Setting: USS BASTET, Bridge
Stardate: 33113.1650

“Prepare to drop out of warp. Transporter standby. Engineering are the warp and transporter controls synced?” Iverson asked.

=/\= Aye sir. =/\=

“Transporter mark 5, 4, 3 , 2, now,” Iverson commanded. With that the transporter operator started the transport. As soon as he started the process the ship instantly dropped from warp. On the base Ashton, the girls and their bags shimmered and began to transport. Seconds later he felt a jolt last the ship jumped back to max warp. On the BASTET the transporter controller activated and immediately deactivated the process.

Setting: USS BASTET, Transporter Room
Stardate: 33113.1651

Seconds later Ashton, Tristan, Cordelia, and their bags appear on the BASTET. Ashton immediately collapsed to the pad floor. Dr. Andersson immediately was at his side, but he waved her off. “I’m fine. Just a little dizzy. Check the girls. I sedated them before the trip so they should be fine, but make sure.”  The doctor move to the sleeping girls and checked them with the tircorder. “All vitals are normal.” 

“Thanks doctor. Can someone show us to our quarters? I will get them situated quickly and then report to the captain.”

“Of course,” Andersson said motioning to the crewmen standing by.  Ashton picked up Cordelia while Ensign Vance picked up Tristan and led the way. An crewman carried the three bags and followed them to the Dean quarters. 

“Just put her on the couch Ensign. Thanks for the help. Crewman just drop the bags by the door,” Ashton said. As the two men left Ashton took in the surroundings and noticed there were two main rooms and a bathroom. In the corner of the bedroom area a twin bed had been placed along the wall. He laid Cordelia on the bed near the wall and she immediately turned on her side facing it and continued sleeping soundly. Then he carried Tristan to the room and put her in the bed with Cordelia tucking the blankets in around them. He then quickly pulled a PADD from his bag, tapped a few commands activating a holographic woman. 

“Greetings Ensign. It’s been a while,” she smiled. She appeared to be in her 50’s with a British accent. 

“Hello Nanny Emma. No time for catching up. As you can see we are not on the station any longer. This is our new home and I have to report to duty asap. The girls are asleep in there. I had to sedate them for the trip so they should be out for several hours. Please take care of them.”

“Of course. Always sir. Don’t worry about a thing they will be in good hands,” she smiled. 

“Thank you. I must go,” he said quickly leaving. 

Setting: USS BASTET, Bridge
Stardate: 33113.1700

The doors to the turbo lift opened and Ashton stepped out taking in the real BASTET bridge for the first time. He quickly scanned the room, located Captain Iverson. “Ensign Ashton Dean reporting for duty,” he said standing at attention.

“Good to have you aboard. You seem no worse for ware after your transport.”

“Shaken, but fine sir ready for duty,” he said confidently hiding the splitting headache that was pounding in his temples. 

“Did your children fair as well?” She asked.

“They are doing fine sir. I sedated them before the trip so they slept through it. I have a trusted holo-nanny with them now,” he said taking his place at helm. 

“I look forward to meeting them once this is all over,” Iverson added. “We should reach the HAWKING in thirty minutes. All stations be ready.”

The buzz of activity quickly resumed as all stations returned to their preparations. Ashton checked his systems and made sure all was well. “Glad I did all the prep in the holodeck bridge,” he said to himself wishing he had taken something for his headache before reporting to duty. 

Leigh Rachal

Ensign Ashton Dean 
Chief Flight Control Officer

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