Ensign Ashton Dean

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Gender: Male
Race: Terran
Age: 30 Terran Years
Date of Birth: 2403 SD:03144.0
Place of Birth: EARTH  
* General: Athletic with muscular shoulders.
* Height: 6'2"
* Weight: 155 lbs
* Eyes: Brown
* Hair: Hazel 
* Academy Major: Medical (Pediatrics)
* Academy Minor: Flight Control

Additional Training:
Musical Instruments 

Family Information:

* Father: Baxter Coilin Dean ‑ Deceased
* Mother: Cordelia Branwen Eifion - Deceased

* Brother: Baxter Coilin Dean, II, 40 yrs


* Daughter: 
Cordelia Branwen Dean, 3 yrs
* Daughter: Tristan Rhiannon Dean, 5 yrs

Extended Family:
Paternal grandmother: Tristan Dean, 80 yrs
* Maternal grandmother: Rhiannon Eifion, 74 yrs
* Nephew: Baxter Coilin Dean III, 15 yrs

Personal Information:
Favourite Drink: None on file
Preferred Food: None on file
Hobbies & Interests: 20th century EARTH music, hiking, cycling both on and off road, weightlifting, and flying planes of all types and origins. 
Goals: To command his own ship.

Awards and Service Ribbons

Starfleet History:
(24)21005.1 - Entered Starfleet Academy
(24)24335.1 - Graduated Starfleet Academy
(24)25004.1 - Entered Senior Officer Training
(24)25337.1 - Completed Senior Officer Training  & promoted to Ensign
(24)25339.1 - Assigned to the USS HAMILTON as aCMO
(24)27198.1 - Reassigned to STARBASE 35 as CMO
(24)30221.1 - 
Reassigned to the USS YAGER as CMO
(24)33112.1 - Reassigned to the USS BASTET as FCO

Personal History:

accident enroute to Risa to meet the family for a vacation. Ashton was 27 and was expecting his second child with his then fiance. After the birth of his second daughter, his fiance got cold feet and left for parts unknown leaving Ashton as the sole caregiver for his two daughters. He immediately took legal action to insure the girls could never be taken from him if she decided to return.

His brother, who is 10 years his senior is an artist in residence at a museum in London, the birthplace of their father. Ashton's only other living relatives are his nephew, his paternal grandmother, who lives in London, and his maternal grandmother, who lives in Wales.

Played by: Leigh Rachal 


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