(Picture - actor Luca Marinelli)
Known / Common Aliases:
Vin, Vincent, Victor, Vinny, Vincenzo
* Gender: Male
* Race: Terran
* Age: Over 3000 Terran Years
* Date of Birth: 612 BC
* Place of Birth: Pompeii, Italy, EARTH
* General: Strong and rugged
* Height: 5'10"
* Weight: 195 lbs
* Eyes: Grey
* Hair: Black
Personal History

After having been buried alive by the ashes dust from the volcano that destroyed Pompeii, Vicente discovered that he was immortal. It took him several decades to accept this reality and centuries to realise that this special gift should be kept secret.  Over time he encountered others like him but when man began to travel to the stars, he chose to remain on EARTH while the others like him ventured off world.

Enjoying the simple life, Vicente tries his best to live without influencing others, staying as far away as possible from politics. Instead, he focusses on the present and tries his best to make his presence unnoticed while still being able to enjoy life.  An expert observer, his favorite pastime is to simple sit and watch people and their interactions.  Considering himself a cynic, he is rarely surprised by the human race's insatiable desire to hurt others of their kind, risking the destruction of everything they know.  On rare occasions, he can be found offering historical lectures, usually pointing out that the stories recorded in textbooks and what really happened are very different.  Although he presents his own vast knowledge as only being a possible point of view, one that is usually very removed from whatever historical event took place, his words have on those few occurrences opened the eyes and mind of those wise enough to listen beyond his words.

All of his belongings can be found in a single duffel bag which he carries with him when moving from one life to the next.

Played by: Scott Moll

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