Lieutenant JG Lillie Hardusa Doyanne

Gender: Female
Race: Tarellian
Age: 28 Terran Years
Date of Birth: 2402 SB:02148.0
Place of Birth: BETA CASSIUS, Tarellian ‘Plague’ Starship, Sickbay 
* General: Being almost exactly similar to a Terran, she would be described as having a slender build, she may look frail but the Tarellian has been known to surprise others with her intellect and independence where challenges are concerned.
* Height: 5'9" / 175cm
* Weight: 135 lbs / 61 kg
* Eyes: Cerulean blue
* Hair: Medium light brown and blonde   


* Academy Major: Medical (Alien Biology)
* Academy Minor: Medical (Genetics)

Additional Training:
* None 

Family Information:

Parents:* Father: Tausan Xillito Lansheppieare, 50 Terran years, Tarellian (deceased)
Occupation: Tarellian Starship Assistant Medical Officer* Mother: Yamsina Hardusa Lansheppieare, 48 Terran years, Tarellian
Occupation: Tarellian Starship Chief Medical Officer


Husband: Venan Meric Doyanne (deceased)
NOTE: Venan was one of the first volunteers to test the ‘cure’ crafted by Wyatt Miller. The testing ended with catastrophic effects eventually leading to his death.
Daughter: Dawn Hardusa Doyanne, 5 Terran year, Tarellian
* Daughter: Dusk Mericca Doyanne, 5 Terran year, Tarellian

NOTE: Dawn and Dusk are twins, born after their mother’s treatment. This marks them as the first ‘non-plagued’ Tarellians in centuries. They both reside in a home on Haven with their caretaker Maria.

Extended Family:
* None 
(all deceased)

Personal Information:
Favourite Drink: Gin and tonic with a maraschino cherry and vanilla extract
Preferred Food: 
Bacon cheddar corn chowder with a side of crab rolls and asparagus to be followed by a slice of Heaven’s Deluxe Cake (her own recipe – chocolate ice cream cookie fudge cake with pink marshmallow filling, vanilla icing and crushed sugar candy on top)
Hobbies & Interests: Medical research, cooking, EARTH history, swimming, climbing and star gazing

Goals: To support her children and make a better life for them, to aid in curing the plague and to move the species to a new home world. 

 Awards and Service Ribbons 


Starfleet History:
(24)26005.1 - Entered Starfleet Academy
(24)29355.1 - Graduated from Starfleet Academy
(24)30011.1 - Entered Senior Officer Training
(24)30139.1 - Completed Senior Officer Training & promoted to Ensign
(24)30140.1 - Assigned to the USS ANUBIS as CMO
(24)31294.1 - Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade by Captain Morningstar

Personal History:
Lillie was born on the last remaining plague starship piloted by the dying Tarellian race. Born to a plagued mother and exposed to the sickness at birth, the newborn Tarellian fell victim to the plague of which her people suffered. To her adoring mother, it was enough that she was alive and relatively healthy. The young one was given a Terran name in honor of the Terran man who had once aided their people in finding a cure and whose son now attempted the same.

The Tarellian grew up perfectly happy in the confines of the starship for she had never known different. Yamsina was distressed seeing her only child quarantined from the universe and therefore tripled her efforts in aiding the human with his research into curing the plague. As each year passed, hope grew more and more thin for the discovery of a cure, but the earnest mother wanted more for her child enough to convince even her husband into joining her with her work.

Lillie grew from a playful child to a mischievous teenager. During those precious years work began to slow on the cure due to an excessive amount of child birth within the ship. Witnessing that a child, though plagued, could be born had inspired many to aid in the repopulation of their race within their limited domain. Tausan took over the position of aiding with child birth from his wife so that she may continue with her work.

As their daughter grew into womanhood and married, small breakthroughs had begun to be made in the research of the disease. Just a number of days after Lillie’s conception, a call was made for volunteers to test the first attempt at a cure. Though many where hesitate, young Venan insisted on volunteering in the hopes of making a better life for his unborn children. Disaster struck. The cure was incomplete and volatile, in desperate need of stabilization.

Among the lives lost, her husband’s and father’s names were among the plaque honouring the brave. Devastated, Lille insisted on aiding her mother in her father’s stead and soon began to work as her protégé within the sickbay. Noticing her skill with medical sciences, Wyatt Jr. Miller sent a transmission to the Starfleet academy requesting them to allow her to study among their ranks. Concerned, they agreed on the condition that her illness was completely contained and non-infectious.

The time of her birthing drew near as the last pieces of the molecular puzzle fell into place. A cure had been made, tested and approved. Though not permanent yet, the liquid serum did supply the patient with a timeframe of 48 hours plague-free. Lillie was given the initial injection moments before she went into labour. Wyatt Jr. requested an emergency transportation beam down to the nearest planet HAVEN in order to birth the children away from the plague.

Diplomats within the Haven natives were intrigued at the idea of the first non-plagued species of the dying race to be born on their planet. They cautiously granted the small envoy leave to settle temporarily onto an isolated site far from their civilizations on the condition that all would be injected with the serum before being transported. Graciously Lillie, her mother and Wyatt Jr. accepted. Upon the soft grass on Haven the twins Dawn and Dusk were born.

To the relief and surprise of the group they showed no sign of the plague on the scanners. Overjoyed Lillie insisted that her children remain away from the starship. The natives granted her authorization to have a small house built on the very site she gave birth providing only her children and a selected Haven native caretaker resided there. Being their mother, she would be expected to cover the cost of living expenses and a small housing and service fee.

Wasting no time, Lillie immediately joined the Starfleet Academy in the field of medicine. Her entire earnings went to supporting her family and to assist funding her mother’s research. The hope of a permanent cure was fresh in the minds of her people. With time, patience and more than a little luck the Tarellians would be saved from this plague and be able to restart on a new planet. The Lansheppieare family was happy to aid in whatever was necessary.

Life in Starfleet Academy was a difficult one. As directed she was to claim herself a Terran, a position she studied hard for. She chose a specific ‘out-in-the-woods’ town to say she was from and created an entire false back story to go along with her claims. No one suspected. Lillie was barely audible in the sessions and even less so during her off-time hours so she was paid little mind by the other hopefuls. Writing to her dear daughters each day gave her hope, gave her meaning.

Though she never received letters in return, they did send her pictures they would draw or small trinkets they would make. Tears came to her eyes each time she stroked her little box of precious things made by them. Her life was on a new path. If being the best mother for them meant to be away then that’s what she would do. Her dearest hope was to one day finish her duty and return to them, to hold them in her arms and kiss there heads as she had done when they were born.

Played by: Ashley Shane

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