Lieutenant Commander Janeel

Gender: Female
Race: Daledian (Allasomorph)
Age: 30 Terran Years
Date of Birth: 2402 SB:02022.0
Place of Birth: DALED IV     

* General: Muscular
* Height: 5'5" to 5'7"

* Weight: 120 to 140 lbs
* Eyes: Brown**
* Hair: Red, mid-back**  


* Academy Major: Intelligence (Lies / Deception / Counterfeit detection)
* Academy Minor: Intelligence (Undercover Operations)

Additional Training

Family Information:

* Father: Rekaan, 52, Daledian
Occupation: Business man on DALED IV

* Mother: Obriil, 50, Daledian
Occupation: Business woman on DALED IV

* Sister: Ladeel, 31, Daledian
Occupation: Undercover Intel Operative


Extended Family:

Personal Information:
Favourite Drink: Varies with personality
Preferred Food: Varies with personality
Hobbies & Interests: Alien cultures and languages

Goals: To truly live someone else's life for an entire year 

 Awards and Service Ribbons 


CAIT Invasion
Starfleet History:
(24)20005.1 - Entered Starfleet Academy
(24)24324.1 - Graduated Starfleet Academy
(24)25006.1 - Entered Senior Officer Training
(24)25322.1 - Completed Senior Officer Training & promoted to Ensign
(24)25329.1 - Assigned to the USS SCARAB as aILO
(24)27011.1 - Promoted to the Rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade
(24)27201.1 - Promoted to the position of ILO
(24)28112.1 - Promoted to the Rank of Lieutenant
(24)31198.1 - Promoted to the Rank of Lieutenant Commander
(24)31199.1 - Re-assigned to the USS BASTET as Intelligence Liaison Officer

Personal History:
Although Janeel has spent a great amount of time and effort perfecting her shape-shifting abilities she remains limited within a specific height and weight range.  Gender is also an issue at times as her voice tends to break into a higher pitch tone without warning. During her off duty time, Janeel enjoys practicing her skills and playing tricks on her fellow shipmates by impersonating others.

List of known identities:
(24)10055.1 to (24)12181.1 - Enshya, daughter of an Orion slave merchant (Item: toy doll)
(24)14220.1 to (24)15291.1 - Prya Kelly, wife to a kind and loving husband (Item: clay flower)
(24)20004.1 to (24)25322.1 - Breeha Tallen, Kerelian Starfleet Cadet / graduate (Item: necklace)
(24)31199.1 to (24)33003.1 - Janeel, member of the Orion Syndicate (Item: small framed mirror)

Played by: Tiffany Reeve

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