Jack Houston
(Picture - actor David Hasselhoff)
Known / Common Aliases:
-Jonathan Harris, provider of high class passenger transport
-Jason House, fringe Doctor with access to exotic medicine
-Jake Hall, dealer of fine merchandise
-Jaren Hamlet, talent scout
-Brother Joseph, member of the Church of the Ancient Ones on MARKALA PRIME
Gender: Male
Race: Terran
Age: 36 Terran Years
Date of Birth: (2398)98331.1
Place of Birth: Brussels, Belgium, EARTH
* General: Confident and debonaire
* Height: 6'1"
* Weight: 210 lbs
* Eyes: Brown
* Hair: Curly, dark brown
Personal History

At the age of 18 Jack signed on board a deep space freighter, wanting to see the wonders of other civilizations and not having been interested in going through Starfleet in order to make his dream a reality.  By the age of 22 he had made his way to being the freighter's second in command and had developed a true love of space travel and visiting new worlds.

At the age of 26, and while on shore leave from his freighter duties on a neutral planetary outpost, Jake became involved in a rather brutal bar brawl. During the battle, Jake managed by accident to save the life of another combatant by the name of Erzol Tahl who although survived the fight died later that day due to severe internal injuries. Before dying, Erzol Tahl, in a show of gratitude for Jack's efforts and bravery, passed on the ownership of the STAR OF DESTINY.  From that day forth, Jack went into business on his own, running various trade routes, interplanetary fares and whatever else he could find to increase his wealth which he never seemed to be able to hold on to.

After having run into some troubles with non-Federation aligned worlds, Jack began to use aliases in order to continue in his chosen field of work, making friends as well as enemies along the way.

Played by: Scott Moll


Class: Unclassified
Type: Freighter
Length: 85 m
Width: 78 m
Height: 18.5 m

Crew/Officers: 6
Passengers: 10
Maximum Cargo: 250 Metric tons / 1125 meter cube

Warp Propulsion System (WPS):
-Type: Static Warp

Warp Speeds:
-Standard Cruise Speed: Warp 7.5
-Maximum Cruise Speed: Warp 8.25
-Maximum Sustainable Speed: Warp 8.499
-Maximum Emergency Speed: Warp 8.725

Phaser System:
-Type: Mark III
* Total: 2 banks (SEPARATED)
* Maximum Effective Range: 275,000 km

Deflector Shield System:
-Type: Mark VI (Nested)

-Bio-Regenerative Hull Matrix:
*Type: Mark IV
-Color-morphing module incorporated into the Hull Matrix
*Type: Unregistered / Unclassified
-Sensor dampening module incorporated into the Hull Matrix
*Type: Unregistered / Unclassified
-Holographic emitters incorporated into the Hull Matrix
*Type: Unregistered / Unclassified

-Main Processors:
* Type: Mark IX

Name: Shi

* Race: Orion
* Age: 27 Terran Years
* Height: 5'6"
* Weight: 124 lbs
Orion slave girl working as a waitress at the Rala's Diner on MARKALA PRIME. Both she and Jack have taken a liking to one another although Jack seems to be using her to get free food more than anything else.
ROLE on board the STAR OF DESTINY: Communications / Science / Medical
Name: Horur

* Race: Mokra
* Age: 36 Terran Years
* Height: 6'7"
* Weight: 370 lbs
Former three-time intergalactic mosh-pit wrestling champion, Horur joined the Church of the Ancient Ones on Markala Prime to hide from the associations his past (which apparently included dealings with the Orion Syndicate, Tal'Shiar and Obsidian Order). Only a few people, including Jack, know of his true history and his not being a true believer of the Ancient Ones' faith.
ROLE on board the STAR OF DESTINY: Engineer / Operations
Name: Mazikeen

* Race: Mari
* Age: 29 Terran Years
* Height: 5'8"
* Weight: 140 lbs
Mazikeen, aka Maze, left her homeworld because she found it impossible to control her violent thoughts and tendencies, things that are outlawed there. As a freelance explorer and bounty hunter, she was able to use these to her advantage. Having run into Jake several times, the two have developed a hate-hate relationship that usually leaves them with a few extra bruises following any face-to-face meeting.
ROLE on board the STAR OF DESTINY: Navigation / Security / Tactical

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