Ensign Halston Thorquelsson

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Gender: Male
Race: Terran
Age: 25 Terran Years
Date of Birth: 2408 SB: 08266.1
Place of Birth: Kiev, Ukraine, EARTH
* General: Medium tan skin, slight muscular build
* Height: 6'1"
* Weight: 190 lbs
* Eyes: Brown, close cut
* Hair: Brown 
* Academy Major: Engineering (Warp Theory)
* Academy Minor: Engineering (
Starship Design)

Additional Training:
* Phaser marksman  

Family Information:

* Father: Vladimir Thorquelsson, age 62, Terran
Occupation: Starship designer
* Mother: Ana Thorquelsson, age 58, Terran
Occupation: Starfleet Medical Officer

* Sister: Karena Thorquelsson, Age 28, Terran
Occupation: Starfleet Medical Officer


Extended Family:

Personal Information:
Favourite Drink: Coffee 
Preferred Food: 
Pizza, borscht
Hobbies & Interests: Warp theory, reading, marksmanship
Goals: Become a leading starship designer, become an Admiral before age 45

 Awards and Service Ribbons 
Starfleet History:
(24)26005.1 - Entered Starfleet Academy
(24)29340.1 - Graduated Starfleet Academy
(24)30011.1 - Entered Senior Officer Training
(24)30283.1 - Completed Senior Officer Training & promoted to Ensign
(24)30285.1 - Assigned to Station McKinley as Warp Theory Technicien
(24)31360.1 - Reassigned to the USS BASTET as CEO

Personal History:
Halston grew up in Kiev and the Utopia Planitia Shipyards, where his father worked as a civilian contractor on various ship designs. His mother was often away studying various alien cultures until his teens, when she came home to teach at the University of Kiev. He was fascinated by his father's work, and read as many books as he could on ship design and warp theory. He was prepared to attend the REGULUS III Science Academy when he met an engineering professor from Starfleet Academy who convinced him to apply. He was accepted and graduated with honors. Immediately after graduation, he was assigned to EARTH Station McKinley for the past two years before now being assigned to a new post.

Played by: Kenneth Choate

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