Ensign Mizore Seska

Gender: Female
Race: Bajoran
Age: 55 (Although Physical age is 31)
Date of Birth: 2375 75286.0
Place of Birth: Bajor, Eastern Province 
* General: Lithe, almost frail in appearance, deceptively camouflages her Pagh within
* Height: 165 CM
* Weight: 61 KG
* Eyes: Left Green, Right Brown
* Hair: Long auburn hair, in a single tight braid that spans to the arch of her back, though it is worn up during shifts or while on duty. 

* Academy Major: Medical (Biotechnology)
* Academy Minor: Medical (Genetics)

Additional Training:
* Extra classes at Starfleet Academy in Science, Medical: Biology, Bio Engineering, and Microbiology.  

Family Information:
* Father: Mizore Mako, 40, Bajoran, Bajoran Resistance [Deceased 2375: During The Dominion War]
* Mother: Kaeas Aurora, 80, Bajoran, Merchant / Black Market

* Kaeas Seo, Sister, 24, Bajoran, Tactical Officer assigned to the USS BELLEROPHON
* Kaeas Renate, Sister, 17, Bajoran, Artisan: Weaver & Calligraphy.

* None
* None

Extended Family:
* None

Personal Information:
Favourite Drink: Springwine or Stardrifter
Preferred Food: Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
Hobbies & Interests: Vulcan Martial Arts, Bajoran Calligraphy, Meditation. 21ST Century Earth History
Goals: Acquire the rank of Chief Medical Officer assigned to a Federation Starship or Star Base.

Honor a promise to Starfleet for their presence during The Cardassian Occupation and The Dominion War. 

 Awards and Service Ribbons


Starfleet History:
96038.1 - Entered Starfleet Academy
00030.1 - Graduates Starfleet Academy
03001.1 - Completes Extended Training in Biology, Bio Engineering, and Microbiology
03001.1 - Entered Senior Officer Training
05181.1 - Completed Senior Officer Training & promoted to Ensign
05183.1 - Seska returns to BAJOR awaiting her assignment
05197.1 - Seska is marked as MIA following what is referred to as a "Wormhole Incident"
28197.1 - The runabout on which Seska was on suddenly emerges from the wormhole exactly 23 years later
28199.1 - Transferred to Starfleet Medical for observation and rehabilitation
29015.1 - Assigned One year inactive duty on VULCAN for further reintegration into Starfleet, rehabilitation, and debriefing
30142.1 - Assigned to USS ANUBIS as Assistant Chief Medical Officer

Personal History:

Seska had always possessed very strong sense of self, at one with her people, very grounded in their history, and a deep connection to her culture, and philosophy. In her fifth year, something happened during an otherwise ordinary visit to the center of the Bajoran faith. During a simple ritual, memories flooded her mind, ripping through synapses, lights and visions, sounds, smells, it all seemed so real, appearing just behind her eyes.

Among the memories of her early life, the Prophets gifted her with glimpses and flashes of the destruction of the Bajoran way of life, through religious meditations. The oppression and enslavement of her people, their beliefs striped from them, the death of so many friends as well as family during the fifty year nightmare at the hands of those responsible for 'The Occupation', the Cardassians.

These things appeared. The wind on an empty Bajor street, surrounded by death as Cardassian ships passed through the skies, patrols filed down the road toward her, collecting those fit for labor, firing on those they felt to be guilty of any number of excuses that would justify executing innocents, razing any contraband that did not meet their approval, such as personal shrines to the Prophets, any items that described a once great history of peace, creativity, and trade. Confiscating or destroying anything that could be considered a weapon or had the potential to be used against them.

BAJOR was not ready for something like this, and it was these scenes that always cycled repeatedly, always from one perspective or another, or some area or place, that haunted her in the waking hours, or twisted her dreams into the pure essence of nightmares in the deep hours.

The tales of her fathers refusal to accept Cardassian rule of Bajor in the time of the first Occupation, and later gave his life fighting during skirmishes with The Dominion, while her mother illicitly supported rebellion, providing whatever black market supplies she could in silent defiant protest against the Dominion. Such stories, as told by elders of her people, did little to mend or ease her memories. Her mind found no escape from realities of the past and the war that was yet newly forged history written in the still lingering blood of her species.

At fifteen, she was no stranger to the horrors inflicted by first invasion at the whims of the Obsidian Order. The second, she thought, would be no less pleasant, and she volunteered to fight for her people. Though her decision was originally taken for blind ambitions of youth, by those that had spent most of their lives under the resistance. Seska would not be denied, and the fire inside her, even as the few who remembered her father, knew well enough that nothing would change the mind of this little girl. She would push herself to be counted or considered among them whatever it would cost her. No matter how much they resisted, eventually, they accepted her, conceding out of respect for Jmaqi.

Those around her as well as those she surrounded herself with, learned just how much her fathers daughter she really was. Smart, able, skilled, agile, and incredibly capable. She took to the cause, adapted to the lifestyle with such ease. She needed little instruction, only required orders, Seska had proven herself to operate as a scout, reconnaissance, and even intelligence on rare occasions, beyond their expectations. While the entire conflict as Cardassia re-annexed Bajor lasted only a span of seven years, Seska was only involved for two before her world and her people were free. Still, the memories of what the Prophets had shown her, now mixed with her own experiences during the second Occupation, only intensified her need for some place to belong, somewhere she felt at ease, one with herself.

Sharing in the experiences that seemed to resonate its echo through the corridors of the reconstructed DEEP SPACE 9 station, which seemed to hang like a great halo over her world. There were so many new things for her to experience, so many new things one could learn, so many new, interesting people and places to see, that simply trapped and captivated her. It quickly became as much a routine in her life, to wander about the station, always finding something exciting that enthralled her for hours, even in the little things.

It did not take long, while days turned to weeks, Seska had become a known presence among many of the crewmen, while some of the junior officers taught her from time to time, a protocol here, a procedure there, on occasion even a little bit to read or research. Seska even became familiar with a few officers as the months passed, not withstanding the Bajoran Captain of the original DEEP SPACE NINE, that was assigned the command at the end of the Dominion War, who she was beginning to look up to, respect, and greatly admire.

The more time she spent on DEEP SPACE 9, the more it seemed like a home, and it was becoming obvious. Her life and her mind had regained some cohesion, where things finally began to lose their surreal quality, she was starting to set in to her life. It was then that Seska was contacted and subsequently escorted to the captain's ready room and brought before the Commanding Officer, who was standing among many of their Chief staff and Superior Officers, where she was offered an opportunity to take Starfleet Academy Entrance Exam.

After graduating Starfleet's Senior Officer Training, Seska would make the return trip to Bajor and return to her family, to share news of her recently acquired commission, which now consisted of a new addition to her line, her newborn sister Seo. Who she was excited to meet for the first time. It seemed like another lifetime now since she herself had been home, on Bajor, among so many of her own species. Time did little to diminish the love one had for their home, even as others she remembered while she lived planet side, had not forgotten her, some even expressed how happy they were that Seska had returned, as well as displayed great interest about her time at Starfleet Academy. She had even managed to find the time to visit the station above her planet, even if only for a little nostalgia from her childhood.

Upon leaving Bajoran space, through the wormhole, there was a massive energy pulse midway through the passage that rocked her transport like a leaf among a tempest, slamming the ship against the sides and edges of the narrow path. Something was not right. This was all very wrong, The familiar blue tint of the wormhole, turned black as void space, then twisted into blinding red wisps, then came bright flashing lights of every color imaginable as her runabout shook violently with exponentially increasing force. Losing all ship systems except life support, though even that might not last. Then, everything stopped, her vessel in wreckage, slowly adrift in space, with very little as far as she was able to see. 

Time passed, though with nothing to reference, how much she was not aware, it could have been hours, or even months she spent alone. There was no way to know, with her ship in remnants of its former state of operating condition. Reality gave way to her imagination, as Seska thoughts became heavy, waking visions seemed to replay in her mind, replaced by an irrational curiosity over where she might be, or was this what the Prophets had in mind for her, was this how her existence would end. Her mind carried her far and wide, then everything was silent, like the moment preceding a storm, then nothing, her will ceased, she lost consciousness.

When her awareness returned, at first only colors, with no focus, no depth, everything a blur, a slight sense of panic rose deep from within her as she fought to take in even something as small as a breath of air. Unable to concentrate on anything, she was restless, while incapacitated and sedated, the medically induced haze flowing through her, dulling her wits and numbing her senses. When she was able to understand her conditions, that as much as she wanted to act on her own, her body would not allow it, then slowly began to accept that she was chemically restrained.

It was a long series of processes that later allowed Seska freedom and the ability to successfully do anything on her own. One after another of Starfleet personel, doctors, captains, counselors, commanders, scientists, all occupying her time and working among themselves about her. None ever seemed to answer her own questions though. Each day was filled with physical training, mental exercises, always another series of questions about experiences predating her retrieval and her subsequent presence on Vulcan.

It had taken a full year for her to be cleared once every possible test had been taken to reinstate Seska into Active Status of Starfleet by the presiding Medical Officer assigned over her. Then came the hammer, as she was called to join on site commanders, everything from First Officers, to Captains, to Admirals, and even a few Vulcan Representatives. Seska, as she was told, now stood on the Vulcan homeward, after events Starfleet officially declared her Missing in action for the last twenty three years.

Played by: Gwen Spellblade 

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