Ensign Andromeda T'Leia

 (Picture - actress Sela Ward) 
Gender: Female
Race: Vulcan / Terran
Age: 30 Terran Years
Date of Birth: 2400 SB:00240.0
Place of Birth: VULCAN, City of Shi'Kar 
* General: Slender build, pointed ears.
* Height: 5'6"
* Weight: 120 lbs
* Eyes: Greenish brown
* Hair: Long and curly brown hair  

* Academy Major: Medical
* Academy Minor: Science (Research and Development)

Additional Training:
* Singing, Theatre 

Family Information:
Parents:* Father: Solker, Vulcan, 69 Terran years Occupation: Ambassador* Mother: Anisa Andromeda Greyton, Human, 59 Terran years
Occupation: Ambassador



Extended Family:

Personal Information:
Favourite Drink: Mint tea, Vulcan port occasionally
Preferred Food: Salad and chocolate
Hobbies & Interests: Dance, singing martial arts, painting, hiking, cycling

Goals: To be the best at what ever she does throughout her life. 

Awards and Service Ribbons


Starfleet History:
26005.1 - Entered Starfleet Academy
29355.1 - Graduated from Starfleet Academy
30005.1 - Entered Senior Officer Training
30125.1 - Completed Senior Officer Training & promoted to Ensign
30145.1 - Assigned to the USS ANUBIS as aCMO

Personal History:
Lived on VULCAN, went to school there through Vulcan Academy, completed Vulcan schooling and then moved to EARTH with parents. Attended Starfleet University Medical and Sciences, also studied Theatre and Music at San Francisco Academy of Arts.   Her parents are Ambassadors, she has had experience in Ambassadorial and medical with the 214th Prototype fleet, as a Medical Officer and transport medic.  Her close friends Ambassador Serron and Captain Wilton Cloudt Eagle, among the 214th also include Admiral T'Moya and Admirals Balren his wife and all of the black covert operations peoples, she has been on the ships after graduation from Vulcan Academy medical and science and Vulcan command and diplomat school.

Andromeda recruited as a special Vulcan Intelligence operative by Starfleet Intelligence and received a Top Secret and Classified Covert Operations Rank of Commander while serving under Cloudt Eagle and Ambassador Serron.  Due to the unique secrecy of the NEW ALEXANDRIA complexe and its units, this information is only known to the complex's administration and her current assigned ship's CO & ExO.

Andromeda went on to later attended Starfleet and graduated top of her class, earning an official Starfleet rank of Ensign.  From there she has been assigned to the USS ANUBIS.

Friends:  T'Moya, the Ice Brothers, Serron, Wilton Cloudt Eagle, T'Laina, Terra Creed, Talaine Creed, her Sorotity sisters at the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL  Ph Gamma.  She is also personal friends with the Dean of Medicine Professor Alden Stell.  She frequently visits EARTH and Tuscaloosa for game days and other activities, she is a frequent speaker at Starfleet functions and Balls, she is on the chair of the Starfleet Black and White Ball society.

She works well with others, and she is a outgoing easy person to converse with, she holds her Vulcan mask and rarely shows her human side to strangers, when people get to know her, she sings , dances, has a lovely voice. and a wide range of hobbies and interests, she is shy one of her human failings.

Played by: Renda Carr 


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