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2063 - First Contact by the Vulcans (Movie: STNG - First Contact)
2151 - Start of the NX-Enterprise service record (Series: ENTERPRISE, Season 1)
2245 - USS ENTERPRISE NCC 1701, Constitution Class enters service
 - Start of the USS Enterprise five-year mission (Series: STO, Season 1)
2273 - Voyager 6 returns to EARTH as V-GER (Movie: Star Trek - The Motion Picture)
2286 - USS ENTERPRISE NCC 1701-A, Enterprise Class enters service (Movie: Star Trek - The Voyage Home)
2293 - PRAXIS, explodes forcing the Klingon Empire to eventually join the Federation (Movie: Star Trek - The Undiscovered Country)
2311 - The Treaty of Algeron between the Federation and the Romulan Star Empire is signed (Series: STNG / DS9)
2319 - The Cardassian Union annexes BAJOR. Start of the 50 year "Occupation" (Series: DS9)
2344 - USS ENTERPRISE NCC 1701-C, is destroyed in a battle against the Romulans near NARENDRA III (Series: STNG - Yesterday's Enterprise)
2346 - Terok Nor is built (Series: DS9)
2353 - The Tholians destroy a Federation outpost (Series: STNG - The Icarus Factor)
2367 - Federation encounters and exchanges knowledge with the Cytherians (Series: STNG - The Nth Degree)
2367 - The Federation receives a major defeat at the hands of the Borg at Wolf 359 (Series: STNG - The Best of Both Worlds, Part II)
2369 - End of the Cardassian "Occupation" of BAJOR. Federation takes control of Terak Nor and renames it Deep Space 9 (Series: DS9, Season 1)

2371 - First contact with the Founders by the Federation, Romulan - Cardassian fleet destroyed inside the OMARION Nebula  (Series: DS9, Season 3)
2371 - Borg drone known as Hugh separates from the collective and becomes leader of a new faction (Series: STNG - I, Borg)
2371 - USS VOYAGER is thrown 75,000 light years into the Delta Quadrant  (Series: VOY, Season 1)
2371 - Richard Edgerton, future leader of the Neo-Essentialist Movement is born (FRPG)
2371 - On CARDASSIA PRIME the Detapa Council overthrows the military regime and forged a peace treaty with BAJOR (Series: DS9, Season 3)
2372 - The Klingon invasion of CARDASSIA PRIME  (Series: DS9, Season 4)
2372 - Vice-Admiral Leyton attempts a military coup to gain control of Starfleet, this spawns the Neo-Essentialist Movement (Series: STNG / FRPG)

2373 - Start of the First Dominion War (Series: DS9, Season 5)
2373 - On RISA the Neo-Essentialists make their first political act, although the leaders are arrested the movement gains popularity. (FRPG)
2373 - Borg attack of Sector 001  (Movie: Star Trek: First Contact)
2374 - The Kem D'Neel fight against the Dominion (FRPG)
2375 - The Breen Confederation enters the war, allying with the Founders (Series: DS9, Season 7)
 - End of the First Dominion War (Series: DS9, Season 7)
2376 - Peace talks between the Alpha Quadrant powers and the Dominion take place defining borders and exploration limits (FRPG)
2376 - BAJOR is admitted to the United Federation of Planets (FRPG)
2377 - Borg Civil War opposing the Borg Queen and Unimatrix Zero begins (Series: VOY, Season 6)
2378 - USS VOYAGER returns to EARTH (Series: VOY, Season 7)
2379 - The only Soong-Type android (Data) is killed following the Nemesis incident (Movie: Star Trek: Nemesis)

2380 - War between the Romulan Star Empire and Klingon Empire breaks out (FRPG)
2383 - DS9 is destroyed by vessels belonging to the Typhon Pact (Novels: Typhon Pact)
2385 - Slowly the Cardassian Obsidian Order returns as a dominant power in the Intel world (DH)
2385 - End of hostilities between the Romulan Star Empire and Klingon Empire and the Federation (FRPG)
2386 - Possessing Klingon cloaking technology, the Cardassian re-arm their military (FRPG)
2386 - The Romulan senate passes a measure that would see the Klingon species exterminated (FRPG)
2387 - New Cardassian - Klingon alliance is formed (FRPG)

2388 - Ferengi Alliance and the Federation become allies but not all Feneri are supportive of this agreement (FRPG/DH)
2388 - The Cardassian - Klingon alliance attacks Federation forces, including BAJOR starting the Alliance War (FRPG)
2388 - The Cardassian Union re-annexes BAJOR (DH)
2389 - The Neo-Essentialist Movement is officially founded led by Admiral Edmund Dupree (FRPG)

2391 - BAJOR is liberated of the Cardassian second occupation by the Federation (DH)
2391 - End of the Alliance War (FRPG)
2392 - Romulan forces withdraw from Klingon space but not before inflicting as much damage as possible (FRPG)
2392 - In the wake of the Romulan withdraw the Orion Syndicate takes control of several worlds that were abandoned (FRPG)
2392 - In the Delta-Quadrant the Borg Civil War ends and the Borg go undergo a "Great Awakening" (FRPG)
2393 - Federation exploration ship encounters the first Imorrian, a race highly skilled at gutting and refurbishing ship hulls (DH)
2393 - The newly Individual Borg make contact with the Federation to open diplomatic and cultural exchanges (FRPG)
2394 - A new Deep Space 9, this time of Federation design is built and orbits BAJOR (DH)
2394 - The Ferengi join the Federation this against the opposition of some factions within the Ferengi Alliance (DH/FRPG)
2395 - The Great Merger concludes the Ferengi joining the Federation and clearly established dissident factions within the Alliance (DH/FRPG)

2396 - The Malmium subspace emitter is invented, a device that negates the harmful warp engine thoron radiation (FRPG)
2396 - Without warning the Tholian Assembly ends all diplomatic links with the Federation ending the treaty that was in place (DH)
2398 - The new Borg Federation signs a military and political alliance with the Federation (FRPG)

2410 - The USS OLYMPUS and USS PATRIOT are launched (FRPG)
2410 - Construction of the GATEWAY STATION begins (FRPG)
2410 - Diplomatic mission sent into Tholian space is stopped at the border and immediately ordered to return to EARTH (DH)
2411 - First contact with the Supervisors (FRPG)
2411 - The Book of Coreb is located (FRPG)
2411 - The USS OLYMPUS is destroyed by the Kem D'Neel (FRPG)
2411 - The Kem D'Neel surge into the Alpha Quadrant (FRPG)
2411 - The Seventh War of Retribution begins (FRPG)
2412 - Battle of CORIANA III where the USS PACIFICA is destroyed (FRPG)
- Although there has been no aggressive move made by the Tholians, tension on the border with the Federation mounts (DH)
2412 - The USS ENDEAVOUR is decommissioned and the USS YORKTOWN is launched (FRPG)
- The Federation sends another diplomatic mission into Tholian space in the hopes of easing border tensions, the mission fails (DH)
2413 - The Romulans attack the Vegan Vigilance Platform starting the Romulan Incursion (FRPG)
2413 - VULCAN briefly secedes from the Federation (FRPG)
2413 - The USS ODYSSEY, USS NOVA are destroyed (FRPG)
- Following another failed Federation diplomatic mission into Tholian space, the Tholian Assembly closes it borders to all traffic (DH)
2413 - USS ZEUS is decommissioned and the USS FARRAGUT destroys the Locusta home dimension giving rise to the Phoenix Regime (FRPG)
2413 - First contact with the Locusta Regime (FRPG)
2414 - The USS YORKTOWN is mothballed, the USS FARRAGUT is destroyed (FRPG)
2414 - Start of the Borg Civil War opposing the new Borg and Neo-Borg (FRPG)
2414 - The GATEWAY STATION goes online (FRPG)
2414 - The Federation updates its fleet with the help of the Imorrians and with Cytherian upgrades in response to the Borg Civil War (DH)
2415 - The Federation adopts a new exploration mandate despite objections from the council that the fleet is still too weak (DH)
2415 - USS PATRIOT is destroyed, the USS AVALON and USS SUTTNER are launched (FRPG)
2417 - Major technological breakthroughs using Cytherian knowledge (DH)
2417 - The USS DISCOVERY embarks on a 5-year exploration mission of the Beta-Quadrant (FRPG)
2418 - The Calnarian conflict begins (FRPG)
- The USS COBALT drifts into Tholian space after encountering a powerful spacial anomaly, all on board are presumed dead (DH)
2418 - Three months after their disappearance, the crew of the COBALT appears on SB 97, safe and sound without any memories of what happened (DH)
2419 - The Calnarian conflict ends (FRPG)
2419 - Contact with the Interstellar Consortium from Dimension 000-036-000 (FRPG)
2419 - The USS ANUBIS and EIDOLON are launched, the USS AVALON and USS SUTTNER are mothballed (FRPG)

2420 - Admiral Koniki begins secrets plans on the establishment of an Intel base of Operation set outside of standard Starfleet channels (DH)
2420 - The USS PATRIOT is turned over to the Orions and the USS EIDOLON is decommissioned (FRPG)
2421 - Admiral Dupree steals the USS CENTURY and flees to the Beta Quadrant (FRPG)
2421 - After murdering Admiral Dupree, Richard Edgerton becomes the leader of the Neo-Essentialists (FRPG)
2422 - Admiral Koniki enlists the NEW ALEXANDRIA Project the help of an old friend, Jonak Rue, a joint Trill in (DH)
2422 - The USS DISCOVERY returns from its 5-year exploration mission and placed in reserve fleet (FRPG)
2422 - The USS PROPHECY is destroyed after being pulled into a dimensional distortion field (FRPG)
2422 - The Orb of Judgement appears on the GATEWAY STATION (FRPG)
2422 - Start of the Second Dominion War (FRPG)
2422 - The USS EIDOLON is destroyed (FRPG)
2422 - Moray of Denobula is elected President of the United Federation of Planets (FRPG)
2423 - The USS PENDRAGON and USS STONEHENGE are launched (FRPG)
2424 - The Second Dominion War ends in a stalemate (FRPG)
2424 - Although sensors showed no such vessel, several visual accounts place a Tholian ship inside the SOL System (DH)
2425 - The USS PENDRAGON disappears (FRPG)
2425 - NEW ALEXANDRIA goes online along with the USS SCARAB (DH)
2426 - President Moray is re-elected for a second term as President of the United Federation of Planets (FRPG)
2427 - In an accident Jorak Rue is mortally wounded and the symbiote Rue is passed on to Lt. Cmdr. Tirina (DH)
2427 - USS ANUBIS is refitted, the USS HORUS and USS SEKHMET go on active duty as part of the NEW ALEXANDRIA project (DH)
2428 - The USS HORUS tries to enter Tholian space on a covert Intel gathering mission only to be pushed back by an unknown force (DH)
2429 - USS DISCOVERY is reactivated only to be destroyed in the K-60 system (FRPG)
2429 - USS CENTURY decloaks over Paris and the USS PENDRAGON returned having disappeared into another dimension (FRPG)
2429 - Romulan invasion and siege of BOLARUS (FRPG)
2429 - Federation Charter is suspended (FRPG)
2429 - The USS PHOENIX is launched (FRPG)

2430 - Richard Edgerton assassinates President Moray and his entire cabinet overthrowing the Federation (FRPG)
2430 - The light of Hyperion incident (FRPG)
2430 - Crew of the USS ANUBIS stops a terrorist attack by a Rutian terrorist named Fenix against the Risian cruise ship MASQUERADE DREAMS (DH)
2430 - Civil War incident at Elandipole (FRPG)
 - The PROMETHEAN incident and the siege of EARTH
2431 - Edgerton destroys Paris using the Thaleron weapon (FRPG)

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