Lieutenant JG Uxtar
Gender: Male
Race: Hirogen
Age: 28 Terran Years
Date of Birth: 2402 SB:02077.0
Place of Birth: Hirogen Cruiser KRYX
* General: Strong and very intimidating looking
* Height: 2.11 meters / 6'11"
* Weight: 130 Kgs / 286 pounds
* Eyes: Black
* Hair: None 
* Academy Major: Security (Hand-to-Hand combat)
* Academy Minor: Flight Control

Additional Training:
* Extensive studies in Exo-Biology and Wilderness Survival Technics  

Family Information:

* Genar, 33, Deceased
* Eltas, 31, Deceased

* None

* None
* None

Extended Family:
* None, everyone he knew was left behind when he travelled to EARTH and joined Starfleet
Personal Information:
Favourite Drink: Klingon blood wine
Preferred Food: Freshly killed prey although he has become accustomed to replicated food. "Meat" is still is favourite food
Hobbies & Interests: Hunting in all of its forms

Goals:  To one day return to the Delta Quadrant and claim the title of Alpha by showing the trophies collected during his time in Starfleet. 

Awards and Service Ribbons 


Starfleet History:
23006.1 Entered Starfleet Academy
26018.1 Entered Senior Officer Training
26286.1 Completed Senior Officer Training and promoted to Ensign
26292.1 Assigned to the USS ANUBIS as Assistant Flight Control Officer
26355.1 Promoted to Flight Control Officer
27338.1 Promoted to Chief of Security / Tactical Officer
28034.1 Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade
28110.1 Sent on a special assignment to the Delta Quadrant
30115.1 Returned to NEW ALEXANDRIA after two years in the Delta Quadrant
30145.1 Completed an extensive 30 days debriefing
30146.1 Placed on board the MASQUERADE DREAMS as part of an anti-terrosist task force
30155.1 Reassigned to the USS ANUBIS as FCO

Personal History:
Spacefaring civilization in the Delta Quadrant, the Hirogen social structure is organized around packs of hunters, each led by a Hirogen designated as Alpha. Status within each pack is determined by possession of prizes from various hunts, usually body parts obtained from prey, but in Uxtar's case these trophies only consist of items taken from defeated opponents due to his respecting the Federation and its ways. Hirogen spacecraft roamed the Delta Quadrant, either alone or in small groups, seeking prey. By the 24th century, the nomadic Hirogen no longer identified any single planet as their homeworld. Hirogen culture requires a hunter to study his prey to understand his abilities, believing that such study is essential to prevent a hunter from becoming the hunted. The Hirogen civilization was not only ancient, but possessed extremely advanced technology. Some 100,000 years ago, they built a far-flung communications network throughout the Delta Quadrant that continued to operate into the 24th century. Yet by that time, Hirogen society put nearly all of its energy into increasingly unproductive hunts in increasingly exhausted territories, bringing cultural and scientific advancement to a near standstill.

In the hopes of finding richer hunting grounds with more challenging preys and following the death of his mother and father at the hand of another Alpha, Uxtar travelled to EARTH where he enrolled in Starfleet, leaving behind what little family he had left. Because of this Uxtar was branded a coward by many of his fellow hunters but he didn't care, certain that he would be able to one day return and claim his rightful place as Alpha.

It took a while for Uxtar to adjust to the more pacifist ways of Starfleet and of the Federation, having to curb his killer instincts more than once against cadets and instructors alike. Uxtar adapted the general concept of most of the classes that he was obliged to take, one such example was the studies of alien cultures where Uxtar studied societies not for their cultural aspects but from a hunter studying a possible prey taking into account things that no one else would have. Because of this unique perspective, Uxtar was able to scare many and impress a few but this became less evident during the later years of training in which Uxtar began to understand and even support many of the Federation’s ideals.

In order to keep his hunting skills sharp and to help calm his combative reactions towards his fellow cadets, Uxtar used the available holodecks any chance he got. The list of programs used by Uxtar is extensive and includes a wide range of standard Academy programs that have been edited to fit his personal needs. Many of these adaptations have been incorporated into Security training scenarios by instructors of higher level classes since most of these programs dealt with security scenarios were Uxtar hunted intruders that had come onboard a ship or a space station. So far his favorite program is one that is about EARTH being invaded by a feared enemy of the Federation. Uxtar's record in this simulation is 17 confirmed kills, a record that he has been doing his best to beat each time he steps into the holodeck.

Played by: Mark Hutchings 

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