Vice-Admiral Charles N. Koniki 

(Picture - actor Lou Diamond Phillips) 
Gender: Male
Race: Terran (Polynesian)
Age: 59 Terran Years
Date of Birth: 2373 SB:85111.0
Place of Birth: Apia, Samoa, EARTH  
* General: Imposing figure, with a not-so-pleasant disposition
* Height: 6'2"
* Weight: 280 lbs
* Eyes: Brown
* Hair: Bald or extremely short  
Starfleet History:
(2391)005.1 - Entered Starfleet Academy at age 18
(2395)335.1 - Graduated Starfleet Academy
(2396)004.1 - Entered Senior Officer Training, specializing in Intelligence work
(2396)337.1 - Completed Senior Officer Training  & promoted to Ensign
(2397)002.1 - Assigned to USS GEZA as Comm Officer
(2397)320.1 - Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade after saving the life of the GEZA's First Officer
(2398)155.1 - Assigned to the position of aOPS
(2391)074.1 - Awarded medal of Valour and promoted to Lieutenant for role against the Orion Syndicate
(2400)016.1 - Assigned to the position of OPS
(2401)202.1 - Awarded Commendation Pin for aid given to the Vulcans in dealing with the Tal'Shiar
(2403)148.1 - Promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander
(2404)004.1 - Assigned to the USS ISIS as ILO
(2406)191.1 - Promoted to the rank of Commander
(2406)275.1 - The USS ISIS is destroyed by an unknown Intel organization, all but 16 out of 375 crew members survive
(2407)019.1 - After a short time as a patient at Starfleet Medical, request granted to be assigned to Starfleet Intelligence
(2408)289.1 - Promoted to the rank of Captain and given command of the USS SCARAB
(2411)305.1 - End of a very successful three year Intel mission
(2412)044.1 - Place in charge of several Counter Intelligence projects using the USS SCARAB as a mobile base of operations
(2413)287.1 - Responsible for dismantling several Intel networks working against Federation interests 
(2414)100.0 - Promoted to the rank of Rear Admiral and assigned to head Starfleet Intelligence
(2420)080.1 - Steps down as Head of Starfleet Intelligence
(2420)094.1 - The NEW ALEXANDRIA Project begins, this project is hidden from official Starfleet records
(2425)078.1 - The NEW ALEXANDRIA Project goes online
(2431)290.1 - Promoted to the rank of Vice-Admiral and assigned to head Starfleet Intelligence

Personal History:

From a very young age Charles N. Koniki displayed an odd interest for Intel work, so it was no great surprise that he chose that specific field when joining Starfleet.  While on board the USS GEZA, Charles developed an affinity for all things Egyptians thanks to the interest in that particular domain displayed by the ship's CO, Captain Sadat.

It took no time for Charles to embrace the ancient Egyptian theme as his own, decorating his quarters to reflect the style.

During his first few missions his translating and deciphering skills were quickly recognized and put to use which allowed Charles to decode an intercepted transmission saving the lives of the away team including that of the First Officer who had been in charge.

The more Charles dealt with the world of Intel the more he found himself comfortable with the environment, understanding the mentality of those operating in the shadows with such great ease that he could predict with fair accuracy the intentions of those plotting against the Federation.  Unfortunately, as in all things, the greater understanding of that world also led Charles to becoming a more secretive man, one who found it increasingly difficult to trust others.

Long before having been appointed as Head of Starfleet Intelligence, Charles had dealt with numerous threats to the Federation, and when some of these proved to be within the organization itself he became even more suspicious and careful in selecting those he would trust enough to share details with.

As the Neo-Essentialist Movement surfaced, Charles recognized certain signs which concerned him, but being unable to share or act on these feelings, he remained silent while keeping the movement under close watch.

When He was given command of the USS SCARAB, Charles immediately began to bring upon cosmetic changes to the inside of the ship to reflect a more Egyptian feel claiming that he was doing so in memory of his mentor and first CO, captain Sadat.  The love for this particular style only grew with every year to the point of becoming an obsession.

With a select few by his side, as head of Starfleet Intelligence Charles began to plan for a special project, one that would be meant to protect the Federation from behind the scenes without implicating the Federation or its allies.  The project was named NEW ALEXANDRIA.  When the time came to select a possible location for this base of operation, the GEZA nebula was mentioned which made Charles grin as he believed it to be destiny.  From that point, the NEW ALEXANDRIA project took on a very single minded Egyptian theme which continued well after the project was completed.

As the head of the secret base of Operations, Charles deals on a daily basis with secret plots and plans aimed at the Federation and its allies, using the resources he has put into place in this project NEW ALEXANDRIA protects the Federation as best they can from threats that are unknown and unseen by those in power.
Name: Alexandria Koniki

* Race: Human
* Age: 32 Terran Years
* Height: 5'7"
* Weight: 142 lbs
Until very recently, the existence of Alexandria had been unknown, her chosen life as a distant world archeologist having insured that she would not run into anyone who might know of her or her father.  All that is officially known is that she was 16 when she left the USS SOUTHERN CROSS to take part in her first deep space expedition, and that since then she has never returned to EARTH or traveled to any of the Federation's primary worlds.

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