"Fe' (Faith)"
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Setting: USS EGYPT, Holodeck
Stardate: 63073.0935

Sitting next to the holographically-duplicated Texas Hill Country lake, Sam B'exar let out a long sigh. He was on the holodeck of the USS EGYPT, en route to his new ship assignment. He supposed he should be excited, supposed he should be, rather, thrilled at the prospect of new adventures and new worlds...

But he wasn't.

Instead, Sam felt a longing to be back home on EARTH, hiking and climbing and generally getting into a quiet, calm state which fell upon him when he could spend time outdoors. He wasn't strictly a loner-- ::but you know, I think I need more down time lately. Just like a part-empath, know something's wrong but not know how to fix it,:: he thought wryly.

He stood up, stretching a little, and took off at a slight trot around the lake, headed for a trail leading into the hills bordering the lake. He let his body relax, enjoying the breeze and sounds he'd programmed into the holodeck, glad he'd managed to replicate the sounds well. As he ran, he took off his shirt and smiled, knowing no one was watching but smiling at the rare feeling of virtual wind on bare skin.

Sam trotted up the first of the trails to the first stop, halting to listen again to the sounds. He sat on a bench and closed his eyes,
willing his body to relax even more, pushing worries and stress about the mission to come out of his head. He was a little annoyed that it took a minute or two, but was able to still his mind enough to bring up clear and accurate images of those he'd left behind. As was his habit, he spoke aloud to his mother-- non-Betazoid that she was, he still felt she could hear him.

"'ama... I hope you're doing well! I'm hanging out by the lake-- the one we used to swim in when Dad was alive? It's nice...well, at least as nice as the holodeck can manage.

"I wish I could talk directly to you... you know those weird feelings I get sometimes? The ones that feel like something is coming? I've been having them again. And I'm not afraid... but i wish I knew what they were about, you know?"

He sighed and stood again. "Anyway, 'ama... I'll be at my new ship soon, with new people to get to know and new places to go. Yeah, I'm excited... I admit it! And I hope I'm up to the job. It'd be good to fully test out everything I went to school for and then some, no? Anyway... 'ama, pray for me. Or, think of me now and then out here. Your little boy could still use those good thoughts, huh? Te amo!"

Sighing, he began trotting up the next part of the trail, pushing himself a little more. The sun and wind felt great on his skin as he jogged, shirt in one hand.As usual, he wished he could spend his whole life in shorts and shirt, then remembered that a starfleet career mitigated that possibility. "Oh well," he said softly, smiling. "Maybe in my next life."

Sam passed the next trail marker, and sped up through the next two. He had become so focused on the run that the electric voice scared him. "Hijo!!" he yelled as the computer announced imminent arrival. Realizing he was going to have to change and shower, he called out to the computer as he walked. "Computer, end program." Wistfully, he watched the image disappear and his reality reappear. The nest few hours held the potential to change his life, and well-- ::better be ready for it.::

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Ensign Sam B'exar