"Time To Think"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Stark's Quarters
Stardate: 30145.18:10

His shift on the bridge had ended, but the words of Counsellor Dalziel were still on his mind.  Forcing himself to think about Leena sounded crazy. He always thought of her in some way. But the more he thought about the idea, the more he understood the reason why.  How could he concentrate on his duties if his mind was elsewhere?

Jayson, with his mind filled with random thoughts, jumped into the shower.  There he would relax and take a moment to put his thoughts in order.  Memories of his days at the Academy came rushing in as well as the event that had brought him there. Tears flowed with the water before they vanished beneath his feat, taking some of his sorrow with them.

He would dedicate the 30 minutes before bed time to her, to their memories and to the life that would have been theirs. But first there had been one other thing he needed to do, something the Counsellor had requested of him.

"Computer, begin recording. Ensign Stark's personal log, stardate 30145.1825. As per the request of Counsellor Dalziel I am making a special log entry to identify the one thing that I liked about today.  I guess being on board the ANUBIS ranks up there. She's a fine ship and to be honest one that pretty much runs itself. One thing that I liked about today??? I guess I could say that I liked Commander Maya on a professional level. She did her job of getting me the help I needed without making me feel like I had failed in some way.  But if I have to give only a single thing that I liked about today, I will have to go with meeting Counsellor Dalziel today.  That was the high point of my day.  End log."

With the task completed, he went to the food replicator and asked for a bowl of hot chicken soup.  A simple dish for a simple evening that he would spend resting. The day had not been that difficult, yet he felt beat.  All he could do now was to think about going to bed and spend 30 minutes with Leena.


Jayson Sousa

Ensign Jayson Stark