"Expressions And Impressions"
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Setting: SPHINX, Command Deck
Stardate: 30148.0745

Shar'El had been very puzzled by one of the more recent comments of the CEO.  Having been raised on a Federation starbase had allowed the Ullian woman to learn a great deal about Humans and their sometimes strange expressions. This one though had been a completely new one, an expression that indicated trouble ahead but still left the ILO questioning the significance of "Hang on to your *girls*."

As far as Shar'El knew, none of the officer on board the SPHINX, with the exception of Doctor Doyenne had any *girls*. So how had they been expected to hang on to them?

Unable to control her curiosity the ILO turned her gaze away from her console and focused on the CEO. Surely the answer would be found somewhere in the engineer's memories.

The constant and rather severe shaking of the SPHINX had made the task exceptionally difficult as Shar'El tried to maintain her focus on the red haired woman. The ILO even came to worry at one point that her efforts would be noticed by others but her curiosity had become impossible to ignore.

Countless memories from Sonja's days while at the Academy kept surfacing as the CEO continued to work on keeping the craft steady. The fact that nearly everyone else had also been remembering very stressful moments in theirs lives had made the task even more complicated. It was like isolating a single bird in a flock that never stopped moving.

Eventually though the determined ILO found what she had been so desperately searching for. A single memories which explained the significance of the *girls* referred to by Sonja. Seconds after the discovery Shar'El turned back to look at her console but not before casting her gaze down onto her own form.

Confusion settled in once more as the ILO tried to understand how holding onto herself in such a manner could possibly help in their current situation?

Tiffany Reeve

Ensign Shar'El
Intel Liaison Officer