"Meeting the FCO"
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True success is not measured by the easy things we do but by the difficult tasks we manage to complete after having failed before.

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Bridge
Stardate: 30145.0645

The individual and unique character of a ship could be felt when walking onto its bridge for the very first time.  The Native American Captain had read everything he could on the USS ANUBIS but this had not prepared him for what he would find.

The moment the doors of the turbolift opened Erik was taken aback by the sensation of power which filled to command deck. Grace and efficiency were in perfect balance in the spacious room.  A single chair in the centre left no doubts as to who would be in charge of the rest of the bridge crew neatly set around the outer edge. This would truly be an amazing ship to command and Erik Morningstar knew that he had been a most fortunate man to have been named her new Captain.

As Erik stepped onto the command deck he immediately noted that the flight control station at the front of the Bridge was occupied.  It was easy to see the imposing stature of the crewman at the controls even from his sitting position, so based on that the Captain ventured a simple guess as to the identity of the Officer in question.

"I am not at all surprised in finding you here Ensign Ttosk," Erik began while recalling a specific note on the FCO's file.  "Bet you can't wait to get the ANUBIS out and see what she can do."

The Zaldan male turned his head to look at the approaching Office, looking at the Native American only long enough to confirm that the person had in fact been the ship's CO.  "I hate wasting time on simulations, they never feel right. Just an elaborate lie meant to trick people into believing things that are not real."

Morningstar nodded to himself. Yes this was indeed Ensign Wydran Ttosk and there had been do doubts that he was a Zaldan through and through. Social pleasantries were considered to be insulting to them so Erik needed to be as direct and firm as possible in all of his dealings with the FCO.

"I will be in my Ready Room," Captain Morningstar stated a few seconds later has he moved towards his office. Anything else that could have been said would have likely hindered the Officers' ability to work together. Small talk had never been a Zaldan's strongest ability... not by a long shot.


Francois Charette

Captain Erik Morningstar
Commanding Officer


Lt. Commander Elan Fairborn
Robotics Engineering Officer