"Possible Reason"
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Setting: YUDARA Asteroid Field, Planetoid, Trade Center, T'kon Temple
Stardate: 63073.1845

Not having anywhere other to go, and confident that he knew where the woman he had just rescued would be safest, the Efrosian Priest returned to the T'Kon templ with his new ward.  Although free from her imprisonment, the woman's entire body trembled in her hands of her savior, which only made Ojall quicken his pace.

Once at the Temple though the Efrosian Priest was somewhat dismayed to find that the robbed T'Kon Priest had been no where to be found, having vanished just as quietly as he had initially appeared. Although curious as to the man's whereabouts, Ojall concentrated his thoughts and actions on the now sobbing woman sitting on the stairs of the main altar.

"Here, within this temple, you are safe," Ojall said as he did his best to comfort the troubled woman.  This had not been the first time that the Efrosian Priest had gone out to help a soul in need, and somehow he suspected that it would not be the last.

Mortina did her best to withdraw her tears and regain control of herself, but the trauma that she had endured along with the unexpected rescue had caused a flood of emotions to wash over her.  As much as the woman tried she just could not bring herself to be calm and properly thank the Efrosian for his deed.

Ojall slowly rubbed his hands together as if trying to warm them before he gently moved his fingers to rest on the woman's forehead. In a strange massaging way his fingers slid behind the crying woman's ears and down onto her neck before the Efrosian Priest restarted the process.

"You are Betazoid," Ojall calmly said smiling calmly.  "Open your thoughts to mine and see that you have nothing to fear as long as you are here."

There had been something about the man's touch that instantly made Mortina feel at ease, and after a few moments she did as she had been asked.  Once the telepathic bridge had been created, the Betazoid's troubled thoughts met with a tranquility that she had never imagined possible.

"Relax," Ojall continued having felt the woman's turbulent mind to his.  "Concentrate on the sound of my voice.  Allow your fears and worries to slip out, do not try to hold them back or even question where they had come from.  Focus on the here and now, on my voice and on the simple fact that you are safe from all harm."

Mortina felt her body and mind gradually relax as the Efrosian continue to speak and guide her into a state of peace the likes of which she had never experienced.  Minutes later the Betazoid found herself as calm as could be, her fears had all but vanished and her tears had long ago stopped.

"Thank you," Mortina said, her thoughts having been made to be at peace.  "For everything."

"It was an honor to be of assistance," the Efrosian replied as he added a deep, respectful bow.  "Now maybe we can find out why you were in this predicament."

The Betazoid sighed as memories of her incarceration briefly returned before the calmness of the Priest once again crossed over the Telepathic bridge that had been established to insure that Mortina would not fall back into the condition that she had previously been in.

"If you will permit me, I will search your memories for clues as to what may have caused you to be treated in such a manner," Ojall offered and although Mortina held onto some reservations the mental and emotional peace that she had been made to experience had been more than enough to make her willing to participate in this exercise.

The Efrosian Priest closed his eyes and pushed the mental link between the two of them to a deeper level.  The Betazoid felt as if a Vulcan had just initiated a mind-meld but without the forceful intrusion or the coldness normally associated with the thoughts of a member of that race.  Instead Ojall's reach into her memories had almost been that of a warm blanket that only served to relax Mortina even more than she had been.

Minutes passed and when Ojall withdrew his mind from Mortina's, the Betazoid felt oddly at peace and a little smaller.  "Have you found something?"

Ojall leaned back and remained silent for several seconds before he offered a reply.  "I am not certain if I have, but there is something about that Selay mind you touched that troubles me.  Something that may be nothing, or may prove to be at the center of everything that has recently happened here."

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