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Sometimes I trust to easily... not because I'm naive but because my heart wants to believe not everyone is out to deceive.


Stardate: 30152.1605


Rubbing her temples to induce concentration, Lillie left young Stark's side to retrieve her personal medical supplies from the suite in which she had been given. Though her fellow officer had offered to guide her to and from the room, the doctor had politely declined. Suddenly being thrown back into the chaos she had grown unaccustomed too had pushed the Tarellian to seek out time alone with her thoughts, and the walk between rooms would provide her with just that.


He had watched from the shadows as the most amusing scene had played out. What had happened to their companion was to no concern of his, but if it impeded their further involvement with the plan then Fenix was glad it had happened. The Rutian knew now that their were far more than just three woman attempting to hinder him. There was the Terran man as well, not only that but he had seen them talking into thin air as if receiving directions from an unknown source. Who knew how many of them were there.

Just as he was about to take his leave of the oddly assembled group, Fenix noticed his target branching off from the others. The fragile-looking blonde seemed to be over her head and dazed from whatever had occurred as she walked away from her counterpart with a short wave. Though not entirely sure how, the extremist knew he had to intercept her at some point before she rejoined the rest of them. His chance meeting with her earlier could come in handy with that. A thoughtful smirk graced the Rutian's features as he rejoined the shadows to follow his prey to her destination.


Setting: MASQUERADE DREAMS, Room 23-130 (Lillie)
Stardate: 30152.1615


Finally back in her room, the blonde woman closed the door behind her and sighed deeply. Moving at a pace befitting the situation, Lillie rushed around the room gathering some essentials and other small pieces of equipment into a shoulder bag. First to go in was the Tarellian's trusty medical kit as well as a hypospray of her own in case the time required of her lasted long enough to precede her last dosage. Considering Shar'El's disposition, confusion and apparent memory loss, the doctor assumed that the cause of her trauma was neurological. Therefore Lillie also grabbed her hidden cortical monitor and psychotricorder.

Picking up a few last minute things, Lillie prepared herself with a deep soothing breath and exited her chambers. The doctor was met with an unexpected presence directly in front of her and proceeded to once again fall to the ground... for the fourth time in one day for those counting. Which she definitely wasn't. the man in front of her offered his hand to assist the momentarily clumsy Tarellian to her feet. Surprised, the young blonde realized she recognized this gentleman as the one who had helped her on the Masquerade deck as well.

"Fenix right? What are you doing here?" the doctor questioned in shock, not having expected to ever meet this man again, and assuredly not so soon.

"Well..." the Rutian chuckled, rummaging through his pocket "I found this on the floor where you fell, assuming it may have been yours I came looking for you to return it. I saw you enter this room as I was heading to my own and decided to drop in"

In his hand was held a small silver brooch like that which was often sold in Ferengi controlled space. It was beautifully crafted and looked fit for royalty, but it definitely didn't belong to the Tarellian female he now offered it to. Unbeknownst to his target the trinket in fact belonged to someone who he was very close to.

"No... sorry you went through all this trouble, but that isn't mine. Perhaps give it to a member of the staff to take care of? I'm sure they could find it's owner. I don't mean to be rude but I am in a bit of a hurry so..." Lillie reassured the man, attempting to edge around him and into the hall.

Moving to intercept his prey, Fenix gently took the blond woman's hand in his, bringing it to his lips softly "A tragedy... seeing as an article of such beauty is only befitting of one matching it's charm"

Crimson coloring immediately found it's way to the undercover operative's cheeks as she stammered "T-That's a very kind thing t-to say but I r-really do need to leave now..."

"Of course, but promise me one thing first?" the Rutian coaxed, feeling triumphant already that his ploy had succeeded "A drink, just the two of us? I can come retrieve you from here later on tonight?"

Feeling trapped, Lillie realized there was no way to get past this man without the use of force unless she agreed to his terms. Being not too strong herself, the Tarellian realized that a physical dispute with the obviously muscled Rutian was probably not her best strategy "Fine fine, I'll come have a drink with you later... but for now I really would like to go, I'm meeting some friends"

Fenix beamed the woman a charming smile as he stepped aside to let her escape "It's a date then"

"I d-didn't say that..." Lillie mumbled to him as she moved past and into the more accommodating hall, backing towards the staircase leading to her destination.

"You didn't have to" the false gentleman assured, watching the retreating woman's back as she quickly climbed up the nearest staircase and out of sight. The moment her delicate frame exited his field of vision, a grin replaced his smile.

Walking away from the target's room, the terrorist felt proud of his own deception. The blonde woman had been a good choice, not as fiery as the redhead nor as reserved as the raven haired had seemed to be. Her reactions were on cue and easily anticipated. This would be all too easy. The plight of his people would get the recognition it required on way or another.

"And so the trap is set" the Rutian muttered to himself as he returned to the awaiting darkness in the shadows.


Stardate: 30152.1625

Standing outside the door was almost just as intimidating as the thought of those who laid beyond it. Having been gone so long, Lillie had begun to wonder if any opinions of her had changed - particularly that of her commanding officer and captain of the USS ANUBIS aboard which she hoped to be. Erik had proven very hesitant to be near her before, having been the only one previously to know of her true race and the usually extremely contagious sickness the doctor battled within her each day she lived.

Eve was someone who the Tarellian had come to know and respect, but their rare moments together did not solidify their bond as Lillie hoped it would. There was much about the physiological specialist of which the young blond was uncertain, but her heart wasn't one of them. Ensign Dazel was without a doubt a good and honest person at heart, though not someone who knew her secret as of yet. A secret which she would soon have to share with the entire crew to earn their trust.

Depressing thoughts pushed aside, the Engisn placed her hand on the door and released the breath she was holding. Two solid knocks to cautiously inform those inside of her entry were properly pounded before Lillie gathered her wits and doubts to enter the room in which she knew an ailing friend needed her.

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Ensign Lillie Doyanne
Chief Medical Officer/Researcher