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069-USS ANUBIS: Ttosk: Day 4 – 0730 (“Seeing Spots”)

Posted by Scott Moll on Wednesday, July 23, 2014,


"Seeing Spots"
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Setting: VIPER 2, Cockpit
Stardate: 63148.0730

“Oooooooh, this is nice,” Ttosk said to himself wiggling in the pilot’s seat of the VIPER, but just as he was going to close the top of the Interceptor a young man handed Wydran a helmet. “What do you want me to do with this?  Is this supposed to keep me safe if I crash because if I do the VIPER is going to explode and that helmet isn’t going to do squat and if it’s just for communication...

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044-USS ANUBIS: Ttosk: Day 2 – 0100 ("Five More Minutes")

Posted by Scott Moll on Saturday, June 28, 2014,


"Five More Minutes"

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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck 2, Senior Officer’s Quarters (Wydran’s)

Stardate: 63146.0100


Ttosk slept peacefully in his bed, curled up into a semi-ball so his feet wouldn’t hang off the end of the bed.  Starfleet had obviously did not have the comfort of any Zaldans in mind when they designed starships.  Maybe that had been the reason why the towering FCO dreamt the way he did.

He was dreaming of himself being in much larger shi...

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022-USS ANUBIS: Ttosk: Day 1 - 1030 ("The Black One is Mine")

Posted by Scott Moll on Wednesday, June 11, 2014,
"The Black One is Mine"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Bridge, just exiting the Conference Room
Stardate: 30145.1030

~Uugh finally I’m out of that meeting,~ Ttosk thought to himself as he stepped out of the Conference Room.  Just sitting down and listening to others speak had not been one of the Zaldan male's strengthens, still the prospect of getting to fly one of those VIPERS had caught the towering man's interest and now he wanted to see these crafts personally.

As t...

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