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"Declassified Information"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Bridge
Stardate: 31200.0345

At every station fingers silently moved over the controls, just as thoughts moved in every direction over the situation that had led to the ANUBIS to being recalled.  Thinking of Paris and the casualties, Ya'Han found herself almost wishing to being back at the GAMMA ERADI Cluster to deal with the shadows that had seemingly taken over the ship.  Thankfully the moment the journey back to NEW ALEXANDRIA had begun the reports of these shifting shadows had stopped.

Instead of shadows the crew now had to deal with ghosts. 28 million of them.

It had not taken long for the black haired Sec/Tac to let her professional curiosity win causing her to call up all available information on this Aegis Shield that had been deployed around the EARTH.  Ya'Han had not expected there to be a great deal of information has nothing had been mentioned about this technology in any of the security communiques from NEW ALEXANDRIA. To her surprise though there had been an extensive file on the matter which had only recently been declassified.

"Commander Shar'El, could I see you for a moment?" the Sec/Tac asked not sure she she should proceed.

"Yes Ensign?" the ExO said as she came to stand next to the Chief of Security.

"These files have recently been declassifies." The Sec/Tac's puzzlement had been impossible to miss.

"Looks like Admiral Koniki decided to open up the books," Shar'El deduced. "Whatever reason or reasons he might have had for keeping this information from us are no longer valid."

"According to the file records, there are 216 files that have been declassified and added for us to access," Ya'Han said wide eyed.

"Looks like we have some reading to do," the First Officer said before leaving the Sec/Tac to quench her curiosity.

With the apparent approval of the ExO, Ya'Han quickly located the files pertaining to the Aegis Shield and the thaleron generators.

According to the files the deployed defense network had been comprised of 30 atmospheric satellites each with a self-contained thaleron generator. These satellites held a geosynchronous orbit above the EARTH's most densely populated areas.

As Ya'Han continued reading she discovered that thaleron was a type of electro-magnetic radiation that possessed unique biogenic properties which proved to be deadly to organic life, consuming biological matter at the sub-atomic level. The added fact that thaleron radiation was capable of almost limitless expansion and that exposure at even a microscopic amount would be the death of any living thing it touched had been more than enough to send shivers down the now blue-haired Sec/Tac.

The report went on to clarify that any attack upon one of the satellites in the network would result in the release of the thaleron radiation onto the surface of the EARTH. According to the technical details at their disposal the projected estimate was that everything and everyone within five thousand square kilometres beneath an Aegis satellite would be reduced to ashes. Should one of the satellites be somehow moved and destroyed over an ocean, the long-term consequences for the EARTH's biosphere would be even more destructive.

The scowling redheaded Sec/Tac concluded that the strategy of the Neo-Essentialist had been to hold EARTH no matter the cost in innocent life.

"Are you okay?" the Chief Engineer said having present on the bridge long enough to see the color change of the NYLAAN woman.

"Just reading about the Aegis Shield," Ya'Han admitted with saddened concern.  "These Neo-Essentialist are mad, completely mad. We have to find a way to stop them before it's too late."

"We are all working on that," Sonja said, her smile having taken Ya'Han a little off guard.  "Just came by to let our Captain know that we now have warp 5.5 available."


"Already increasing speed to Warp 5.5 Sir."

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Hanali Han
Ensign Ya'Han
Chief of Security / Chief Tactical Officer