"The Changing Shape of the Universe"
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"The terrorism seen through the eyes of one person are the essential and necessary actions required by the beliefs and needs of another. History alone can judge as to these actions having been the product of a visionary or of a madman."
- Sejal Rue, quoting himself as Tebarus Rue during negotiations on RUTIA IV to end the renewed terrorist attacks

Setting: NEW ALEXANDRA, Admiral Koniki's Office
Stardate: Undisclosed

The senior most officer of the secret Intel base of operations and former head of Starfleet Intelligence sat at his desk, a dark and troubled expression engraved on his features.

[/\] Charles, we were right, [/\] a cloaked figure stated over an ultra secure channel. The static clearly visible on the screen and the screechy sound only hinted to the plight that had befallen EARTH and the Federation as a whole. [/\] As unfortunate as it may be, events have unfolded as we had expected them to. [/\]

"We never expected Paris," Koniki countered, the voice of the normally stoic man trembled with rage as he spoke.  "I can have my ships back in the SOL system in a few days."

[/\] The Federation, [/\] the faceless man added with emphasis [/\] the organization that we believe in, and that so many have sacrificed for, will need good men, women and ships to come out of this Neo-Essentialist mess. Right now is not your time. Our greatest advantage is that you have been spared from this nightmare. You are your people have not been touched and that is worth more than we both could have expected it to be. Soon those who are left are going to need you and your people.  You need to be patient. [/\]

"I can have one of my transports..." the Admiral began before being interrupted.

[/\] It's too late for me Charles. Who knows, we might run into each other in another dimensional time line, in the meantime be safe old friend. [/\]

Before Koniki could add anything the image on the screen vanished to be replaced by static where the emblem of the Federation should have been.

The Admiral paused for an instant and turned to look at the docking bays through the large window set behind his desk. There he could see the ships that were there, the ships that had been built to deal with a situation like the one that had come to pass, ships that would now be called to step out of the shadows and into the battle to save EARTH from itself.

Although the majority of the vessels operating from NEW ALEXANDRIA had been out on various missions, the USS HATHOR, USS HORUS and USS SCARAB had been home. Those ships had been more than enough for a show of strength and support but Koniki held fast in giving the order that would have seen their crew called into action.

"Allyson," the tired looking man called after having pressed a control on his desk.

=/\= Yes Admiral? =/\= the always cheerful blond-haired receptionist answered, her voice echoing a carefree attitude that the head of the NEW ALEXANDRIA complex wished he could echo.

"I need the most up-to-date location report for all units," Koniki requested while wondering how he would go about informing everyone under his command of what had taken place.  NEW ALEXANDRIA had purposefully operated as a separate entity, isolating itself and its people from the politics of the Federation and the rest of the galaxy.  Due to his position and duties he had kept abreast of the events surrounding the Neo-Essentialists and their rise to power, but no one else had needed to know this. At least not until now.

=/\= The ANUBIS and BASTET are still at the outer edge of the GAMMA ERADI Cluster; the APOPHIS is currently with the EGYPT gathering supplies on RISA; The CLEOPATRA is almost finished with the Selay mission; the MA'AT is rendering assistance to a Grazerite freighter; the NILE is home bound and should be here in just over four hours; the SEKHMET is currently patrolling inside Romulan space; and as you are aware the HATHOR, HORUS and SCARAB are here. =/\=

"Thank you Allyson," Koniki acknowledged. "I will personally contact each of the units that are currently out. Have docking controls ready and all staff on stand-by, the fleet will be coming home."

=/\= Of course Admiral, I will inform Commander O'Dell of the fleet's imminent return. =/\=

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Captain's Ready Room
Stardate: 31200.0115

For Erik to say that it had been a long day would have been a drastic understatement from the Native American. Everyone, including himself had worked like mad to get the ANUBIS to a point where it would be able to operate without falling apart. At least it seemed that luck had been on their side as nothing new had happened to hinder their repair efforts.

The sound of the door chime made the Captain sigh before he slowly rose his head to look at the source of the offending sound.  "Enter, but you'd better have a cup of Risian Tea with you or I might not be overly friendly at this time."

The door whooshed open to reveal the ANUBIS' First Officer, Commander Shar'El who as a matter of fact had been holding a steaming cup in her hands.

"Oh, this can't be good," Erik actually laughed as he watched his Executive Officer approach his desk.  When the Native American saw the expression on Shar'El's face as she placed the cup in front of him the Captain's smile melted instantly. Whatever fatigue he had allowed himself to feel, whatever lightheartedness he had permitted himself to have were pushed away leaving nothing but the Commanding Officer of the ANUBIS.

"We just received a priority-1 message from Admiral Koniki," the First Officer explained as she reached for a PADD that had been on her belt.  "The ANUBIS along with the other ships have been recalled to NEW ALEXANDRIA."

"Recalled! Why?" Erik demanded as he snatched the PADD from the woman's hand.  "What is Koniki up to now? It better not be another one of his wild chases for enemies of the Federation.  That man thinks that all of the worst case scenarios are right there behind our doors."

"Well this one kicked the door clean off its frame to hit us in the forhead," Shar'El offered adding a long deep sigh before continuing. "The Aegis Shield, an atmospheric satellite defence parameter armed with thaleron generators has been deployed around the EARTH, and it seems that Paris was destroyed as a show of strength and resolve by the new man in power. The initial reports claim over 28 million casualties.  The full details are on that PADD.  EARTH, and the Federation are as of now under Neo-Essentialist control and all ships not with them have been branded as outlaws."

The Native American paused as he rapidly scanned through the pages upon pages of data that his First Officer had just handed over to him.  "How long before we can get underway?"

"Lieutenant Paquette said we should be able to have limited warp within the hour," the ExO reported having obviously checked with the CEO before coming to the Captain with the news of EARTH's situation.

"What about the BASTET? Will they be able to follow us?" The Native American inquired, knowing all too well that given what had transpired the ANUBIS would be heading back with or without them.

"Actually, the Admiral has ordered the BASTET to proceed with their mission," the Commander replied.  "I have the feeling that he believes there is something on the RAMAN that might play a part in all of this."

"Plans within plans within plans," Erik heavily sighed. "That man will never change," the Native American added as he stood from behind his desk.  "I want us heading back to NEW ALEXANDRIA as soon as possible and let Paquette know that I will want more than *limited* warp speed."

"Yes Sir."


"Yes Captain?" The First Officer acknowledged not having moved from where she had been standing.

"Get me everything you have on these Neo-Essentialists, that Aegis Shield and the current state of EARTH and the Federation," the Captain ordered.  We need to get up-to-date on this situation and we can't afford to wait for Koniki to decide what we should and should not be aware of.

"Yes Sir. The PADD contains a preliminary report on the situation but you will have the rest before we arrive at NEW ALEXANDRIA," Shar'El offered before leaving the ANUBIS' CO to contemplate what he had just been made aware of.

Once again alone in his Ready Room, Erik debated for a moment as to what do to next. There had been far too many questions running through his mind to allow him to focus on anything else at this time, so the Native American returned to his desk and picked up the PADD that his First Officer had brought him.

Starfleet was now under the command of Admiral Dexter Marxx who sat in the center chair of the USS CENTURY.  That ship along with the rest of the fleet, at least those ships that had not been taken over by the Neo-Essentialists, were besieging EARTH.  Thanks to the Aegis Shield all of humanity was being held hostage as any attempt by anyone to circumvent it would mean the complete annihilation of the planet's surface and its inhabitants. Paris had only been a proof that the system could do as it had been designed for, and that the head of the Neo-Essentialist, Richard Edgerton, had the resolve to use it should he be challenged in any way.

Moray, the former President of the United Federation of Planets along with his entire cabinet had apparently been murdered quite a while back. Obviously Admiral Koniki had thought it best not to divulge that little bit of information to the rest of the NEW ALEXANDRIA staff.  Instead of a Federation Council, Richard Edgerton had taken on the self-appointed position of dictator.

The new President of the United Federation of Planets, Sardak, and his temporary cabinet had to deal with this mess from the USS DEMETER which stood safe and sound behind the blockade of vessels still loyal to the ideals and values of the United Federation of Planets.  Hopefully the ANUBIS as well as the other ships operating from NEW ALEXANDRIA would be able to assist instead of being mere spectators as they had unknowingly been for far too long.

Francois Charette

Captain Erik Morningstar
Commanding Officer


Lt. Commander Elan Fairborn
Robotics Engineering Officer