"Freezing Assets"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck 6, Corridor
Stardate: 31199.2050

Jason had made his way to where the break in the coolant pipe had occurred.  It had not been an exaggeration that the leak had only been the top of the iceberg. The entire corridor appeared as if it had been made of swiss cheese, and not the good kind.

With all of the wires and pieces of panels scattered all about it had been a miracle that the exact location of the leak had been found.  Getting to it in order to fix it was an entirely different problem.

Given the state of the ship and the fact that he needed to get busy, Jason moved in and offered to help. As the Chief of Operations, he knew the specifics of each and every conduits throughout the ANUBIS. All that he needed to do now was to put that knowledge into practice to get things back to working order.

Without the resources of their home docking area, and without enough power to simply create all of the parts that needed to be replaced, the best that could be done was to patch hole and splice wires.  Damaged bio-gel packs would have to be bypassed until such time as new ones could be replicated, that meant that the ship's system would not be working at their best.

Jason hoped in silence that they would be able to make the bulk of the needed repairs in time before the next thing happened.  This was the ANUBIS and like it or not something else *always* happened. No one on the ship could complain that life was boring, although there were times when Jayson almost wished he had been stationed on a quiet cargo ship.

"That patch job is never going to hold," one of the two workers said.

"All it has to do is hold until we can replace the entire conduit," Jayson said.  "Right now we need to just get things working at their minimum level, we can worry about the rest after."

When the lights flickered Jayson thought he saw another shadow moving, the problem with that one was that it seemed to move not as randomly as the other he had seen earlier.  Claiming to see shadows moving would be a certain way to get Doctor Doyanne to give someone some quiet time with a ship's counselor, but he just could not shake the feeling.

"You would think that if I was losing my mind I would know," the OPS Officer muttered to no one as he did his best to convince himself that it had all been in his head.

"Looks like we're are going to have t look at the environmental setting as well," one of the engineers said.

"You're right, it does feel like the temperature has dropped several degrees."

Jayson had not realise this until it was mentioned, but now that it had been said the OPS Officer could clearly feel that the temperature in this part of the ship had dropped.  A chill creeped down his back as he watched another shadow moving out of sight as if somehow it had been the cause of the drop in temperature.

Jayson Sousa

Ensign Jayson Stark
Chief of Operations