"Zipping and Bumping"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Starboard Aft shield generator
Stardate: 31199.2040

In order not to scare anyone and to help keep her true means of moving about the ship so fast, the IGC transport sequence ended with the CEO materializing in the corridor outside her intended destination. As Sonja entered the room her arrival was ignored by the engineers who were already busy with their work.

"The power relays were completely fused," ANI reported having been the only one to notice the CEO's arrival. Aside from the technicians in the IGC along with the ILO, the Avatar had been the only other crew member to know where the Chief Engineer was and how she managed to get there so fast. "It will take at least another 20 minutes to finish replacing them.”

"That's alright," the redhead sighed heavily, "I doubt that the power distribution grid would be able to handle running all of the generators at the same time. I can't even get half the ablative armour to materialize."

"The current state of the ANUBIS is actually remarkable," the Avatar offered. "Given that more than 87% of all our systems were beyond mildly damage following our run in with the miniature mines. We could be in a far worst situation."

"Don't get me started with those," Sonja hissed with frustration. "If we ever come across the genius who came up with these hell-spawn spore explosives, I will be shoving a cargo bay full of his creations where the sun doesn't shine."

“That would be most unpleasant," ANI noted with a faint smile making it known that despite being an emotionless artificial life form, the joke had not been lost on her.”

"That's the idea lass," the redhead added with a thick Scottish accent before reverting back to her normal voice. "Looks like you have this one under control, I'll check on the port side generator."

Having returned to the corridor and while waiting to be beamed to the location she had specified the CEO noted something moving down the corridor. At first Sonja thought that it had been another crew member but as the transport sequence began her eyes clearly noted that whatever it was that had moved had not been human or even close to it.

Upon arrival at her destination, Sonja sighed and rubbed her eyes. “As efficient as all this zipping around the ship may be I think it’s affecting my eyes or my mind,” the Chief Engineer said knowing that Shar’El would be listening in.

=/\= How so? =/\= the ILO asked without delay.

"Believe it or not I think I saw the Boogie Man," Sonja said in all seriousness.

=/\= The what? =/\= Shar’El inquired. =/\= What sort of creature or life form are you referring to? =/\=

"You never heard of the Boogie Man?” the redhead gasped. “The monster under the bed; the bonesetter; Mr. Hoogie Boogie; the Thing; Jason; the creature under the stairs; you know things that usually go bump in the night."

=/\= Jayson? =/\= The ILO noted having singled the only thing she recognized.

"Really? That’s all you got from that list?" Sonja said shaking her head. "I need a drink."

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