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"Past Feelings"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck 11, Forward Torpedo Launcher
Stardate: 31199.2040

The woman's hair had been shifting from solid black to bright red in a reflection of her growing frustration.  Luckily for Ya'Han she had been alone in the small room which her entire body inside a torpedo launch tube. Everyone else had been busy elsewhere fixing something on the endless list of things that had been damaged.  Every so often the Sec/Tac found herself amazed that the ship had fared as well as it had given the pounding that they had received.

The phaser banks had taken quite a bit of damage but thanks to the engineering teams working with her own people, most had been restored to basic working condition. The targeting would not be 100% accurate but at least they would be able to fire should the Captain give the order.  Unfortunately firing torpedoes would not be so easy.

The torpedo tubes had buckled making them unusable.  Even after the debris had been removed, the launch tubes needed to be tested and calibrated before being cleared for use.  The last thing the Sec/Tac wanted was for one of the torpedoes to explode while it was being launched.

Ya'Han's frustration came from the fluctuating lights and power which delayed and even at times reset her efforts.  Luckily for her, being plunged in total darkness while stuck in a small enclosed space had not been an issue.  Memories of her time on the run from her father kept resurfacing, which had been another reason which explained the reappearing bright red color of her hair.

A strange chill made its way up her spine causing the Sec/Tac to quickly exit the torpedo tube she had been in. Ya;Han had not bee sure what she had expected to find, but when noticed nothing but shadows in the room, something in the back of her head made her feel as if something had not been right.

With lights flickering as they were, it made sense that the shadows would appearing as if they had been moving.  Ya'Han could clearly remember a similar feeling when she had been on one of the many freighter she had found herself on as she escaped Ferengi control space.  Back then she feared every shifting shadows, as any child desperately running away from home would.  Yet for an unexplainable reason, the black haired woman felt as she had felt beck then.

Something about these shadows had brought forth feelings that Ya'Han had believed long gone.

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Hanali Han
Ensign Ya'Han
Chief of Security / Chief Tactical Officer