"Picking Up The Pieces"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Bridge
Stardate: 31199.1720

Given the situation that they had faced, both the ship and crew had performed remarkably well. This had been even more so now that the threat had been dealt with. As she moved from one station to the next the ExO / ILO could see just how every member of the command staff had jumped in to address whatever need had presented itself.

"We are going to have to take the primary power relays off-line," the redhead engineer stated. There had been more than enough demand for her skills and expertise as she coordinated the repair efforts from the bridge, this despite the longing desire to deal with all of the problems herself.

"That would leave us completely defenceless," Ya'Han objected right away, the announcement having gone directly against her duties as the Chief of Security and Tactical Officer; that of protecting the ship and its crew.

"I am guessing that there are no other options," Shar'El said as she moved towards the exasperated Chief Engineer.

"There are always options," Sonja huffed. "We could ask the engineering staff, meaning those who are actually able to work and not burnt to a crisp or in detached pieces in sickbay, to each grab one of the damage conduits and hold it together while we keep the weapons system active. Taking into account what I see here, I am sure that we won't lose more than 30 to 40 percent of the remaining engineering staff."

An uneasy silence took hold of the bridge as all eyes fell onto the boiling redhead.

"I think you have made your point more than needed Sonja," Shar'El said in a soft, calming voice as she placed her hand on the woman's shoulder.  "Take primary power off-line.  Commander Maya," the ExO / ILO continued turning to look at the Chief Science Officer. "Since you are in communication with the BASTET, please relay an update on our status."

Maya acknowledged with a nod of her head allowing Shar'El to continue with managing the situation that the ANUBIS had worked its way in.

"ANI, please assist Lt. Paquette with effecting all required repairs. Ensign Stark, I am sure that our Chief Engineer could use an extra set of hands," the ExO / ILO said before turning to look at their CO who quickly grinned.

"I'll join the repair team," Captain Morningstar said.

"I suspected you would," Shar'El smiled having figured that the man's starfleet history as an Engineer would not have allowed him to remain idle while the ANUBIS was in such a poor state.

"I will go see if Lillie could use an extra set of hands," Eve offered thinking that her expertise would be far more useful when applied to injured crew members over broken power conduits.

As those having offered a helping hand made their way to the nearest turbolift, Shar'El realized that she had managed to effectively empty the bridge of the majority of the officers present. Hopefully this would mean quiet times instead of a rush to address whatever problem would come to be.

Tiffany Reeve

Lieutenant Commander Janeel
Intel Liaison Officer / Mission Specialist

Lieutenant Commander Shar'El
Executive Officer / Intel Liaison Officer