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"Tough Little Thing"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Bridge
Stardate: 31199.1700

Her hair had changed back to the bright red that she had been showing before indicating the Sec/Tac's readiness to jump into action pending the outcome of what was happening.  Ya'Han had been quick to report that the BASTET had fired a torpedo at whatever the ANUBIS had hit. The sound that it had made when it collided against the ablative armor and the fact that it had not exploded had clearly identified the object as being something different.

All eyes were glued on the main viewscreen and the rapidly moving dot showing the location of the BASTET's photon torpedo.

"Impact," Ya'Han announced as the dot vanished from the main viewscreen. The miniature explosives that had reappeared around the target showed no change other than one; no new ones had come to take the places of those the ANUBIS had plowed through.

"Report!" Commander Shar'El snapped, hoping that they had found the weakness they had been searching for since this nightmare began.

"Sensors are not picking up any new explosive devices, looks like..." then the red haired Sec/Tac's voice drifted into a sigh of saddened disappointment.  "Two new miniature explosives have appeared."

"I am actually picking up activity on an extremely small scale at the target location," Maya reported.  "Obviously the target was not an explosive device but it does seem capable of self-repairing."

"Whoever came up with this system was a genius," Shar'El noted.  "My guess is that whatever that thing is, it is meant as a relay for whatever is actually creating the explosive devices. To insure that the mine field would not be vulnerable to a single piece failing, it was likely made to be able to repair itself when in need."

"The BASTET might not have been able to destroy it, but they were able to damage it with a torpedo," Ya'Han pointed out, hoping that the Captain and First Officer would see what she saw.

"We have to damage it beyond it's ability to repair," Captain Morningstar said as he looked at the redhead Nylaan woman.

"Arming aft quantum torpedo. Target is locked in," the Sec/Tac stated, her finger hovering over the firing controls.


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Hanali Han

Ensign Ya'Han
Chief of Security / Chief Tactical Officer