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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Bridge
Stardate: 31199.1655

The ANUBIS had fallen into a quick flight pattern around the BASTET, intercepting the majority of the miniature explosives before they could reach the other ship. As great as this plan had worked, the ablative armor had been taking a royal pounding, one that it would not be able to continue receiving for much longer.

Jayson did his best to help with the flight pattern, making small adjustments to try and catch as many of the dots on the screen as possible. The job had been tedious and frustrating, like using a plow to clear a path filled with water. Looking right behind the ANUBIS made it seem as if the plan was very successful, but looking a little further showed how futile this had all been.

The only advantage they had found was that the newly created explosive remained in place for several seconds before starting to move towards their target giving the ANUBIS enough time to circle around and plow through them all over again.

Every trick had been used to given them more time. Ya'Han's idea of beaming crates into space had helped, giving the explosives something else to move towards. The problem was that the crates were being destroyed faster than they could be beamed out.

Jayson did not have to look at the rest of the bridge crew to know that everyone had been on edge. The sounds of the explosions against the armor would have been enough to make anyone edgy, but to know that it had been only a matter of time before the main hull would be exposed only made things worse.

The Chief of Operations tried his best to not think of what might be. He had come too far to let a situation, how ever grim, make him lose confidence in the crew as well as his own ability to make it through. With his mind on the task at hand Jayson made a small course adjustment in the hopes that they would be able to take a little less damage while still effectively protect the BASTET.

That was when everyone heard it.

"What was that?" The Chief of Security asked.

"Sounds like something hit the ablative armor and *didn't* explode," Shar'El said.

"Don't know what it is but sensors are tracking something that bounced off our armor," Jayson reported not sure if this had been good or bad news.

Jayson Sousa

Ensign Jayson Stark
Chief of Operations