"Fine Calculations"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Bridge
Stardate: 31199.1620

His lack of sleep had still been there but it would have to wait. At least things had gotten busy enough to keep Jayson from nodding off and giving Sonja the satisfaction of winning her bet.

"The data link has been severed." The OPS officer said, the people on the bridge looking at the ship they had been following moving away from them as they increased speed.

"Red alert!"

Everyone had been expecting those two simple words from their Captain and it was no surprise when they were finally heard. Ya'Han seemed actually thrilled, the now red haired Chief of Security had truly been an odd bird in so many different ways.

"We are two minutes out. Dropping out of warp within 100,000 kilometers from the GAMMA ERADI Cluster."

"That's too far." Shar'El said in a low growl.

"Get us in within 50,000 kilometers. The closer we are the more effective we will be should something be there waiting for us." The CO said.

Jayson knew better than to argue with the Captain. The target of 50,000 kilometers had not been an impossible one but given the size of the ship and the speed at which it was travelling, the arrival zone had been tightly set.

As the OPS Officer was doing the calculations required to meet the Captain's order, he felt a presence standing next to him. A quick look over his shoulder fell onto the ship's avatar ANI.

"Be sure to take into account the increased stress on the inertial dampeners. If not it might prove to be a rough landing for the crew."

Jayson had been ready to tell ANI that he had everything under control when he realised that he had actually forgotten to do as the avatar had suggested.  As much as he had been able to not fall asleep, he had to admit to himself that he had almost made a grave error. Luckily the purple haired android had come to the rescue.

Once everything had been entered and set, Jayson glanced over his shoulder at the tactical station and the officer there. Although currently a redhead, he knew her to be able to match the avatar's hair color and maybe in time he would be able to ask her the reason as to why she kept this ability so secret.

Jayson Sousa

Ensign Jayson Stark
Chief of Operations