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"Sharpening Claws"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Bridge
Stardate: 31199.1555

The black haired Sec/Tac officer listened with interest as the two ILOs spoke about the final plan that had been agreed upon.  The BASTET would decloak and arrive at the GAMMA ERADI Cluster with the ANUBIS secretly bringing up the rear.

"We will need to be at full combat readiness," Shar'El said as she glanced over to the Nylaan woman who smile as her hair began to turn bright red.

Since the incident on the MASKERADE DREAMS and the running into her older sister Ya'Jun, Ya'Han had felt far more at ease with her changing hair color to reflect her mood and focus.  In this case, her combat training and knowledge had been brought to the forefront in preparation for what might happen once they would arrive at the GAMMA ERADI Cluster.

"We will be ready," Ya'Han confirmed with pride and certainty, having placed her own reputation on the line. With 30 or so minutes there had not been any worries in the mind of the Nylaan woman which only strengthened her position. With the time they had at their disposal there would not be any problems in insuring that everything was perfect to face whatever might be there waiting for the BASTET.

"I know," the ILO nodded as she smiled before turning to look at the OPS Officer. "Ensign Stark, we will need to match the BASTET's speed and heading for as long as possible."

"We will also need to avoid being directly in their wake," Ya'Han added. "If we are going to enter any sort of combat zone, the last thing we want is to have the BASTET directly in our line of fire should something be directly ahead of them."

"No problem," Jayson said, his fingers already working hard on his console. "We can effect a last moment change of heading which will place us on the BASTET's flank and at a far enough distance to allow us a good view of the entire area."

"That would be perfect," Shar'El added.  "Our primary objective is to keep an eye on the BASTET and make our presence known if and when someone decides to crash our little party."

"If there is someone in or near the GAMMA ERADI Cluster waiting for a ship, we will be giving them a lot more than a party," the red haired Sec/Tac announced looking like a feline ready to pounce or anything that would dare to cross her path.

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Hanali Han

Ensign Ya'Han
Chief of Security / Chief Tactical Officer