"Different Similarities"
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"In order to more fully understand this reality, we must take into account other dimensions of a broader reality."
- John Archibald Wheeler

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Bridge
Stardate: 31199.1330

"What is going on?" The Native American quietly inquired having noticed a rather odd expression on the faces of his First Officer and Chief Science Officer.

"The Science Officer of the BASTET came across an interesting piece of information concerning the USS RAMAN," Shar'El explained as she called up the details of the last moments of the ship in question.

"It appears that the ship and it's crew were lost while orbiting MARIJNE VII," Lt. Cmdr. Maya reported. "According to the sensor logs of the USS ENTERPRISE, NCC 1701-D, the RAMAN crashed on the planet's surface."

"Great," the redheaded Chief Engineer huffed. "Koniki is sending us after ghosts. The old man has truly gone 'cuckoo matchoo'."

"According to Lt. Cmdr. Janeel," Shar'El began as she called up more information on a nearby screen. "The transmission intercepted by the CLEOPATRA came from another dimension. That is why the Admiral is sending the upgraded BASTET to look for it, but what if the RAMAN they are looking for is not ours?"

"Of course," Maya exclaimed.  "If the dimensional y-axis is identical or close to our own it would be very likely that another USS RAMAN was the source of the transmission picked up by the CLEOPATRA." The Chief Science Officer continued sounding as if she has solved the greatest mystery known to mankind. "Very much like the mirror universe, home to the Terran Empire, there could be another dimension in which several Federation vessels are present even though their individual history are different from what we know."

"So the RAMAN, but not the RAMAN," Sonja noted pensively. "That might explain why Koniki mentioned their technology. Same ship plus a different dimension could add up to something totally unexpected."

"Or that is what the Admiral is counting on," Ya'Han added. "He is hoping that the BASTET will bring back something completely new to us."

"Errh, sneaky, underhanded, piece of targ dropping Koniki is, " the redhead said 'a la Yoda'. "Not sure if like is slippery ways or not. Too bad I can't skip to the end of the last chapter to find out."

"Commander Shar'El, please make sure that the data and our theories are forwarded to the BASTET," the Native American ordered. "Hopefully this will help them in some ways. We only have three hours before we reach the GAMMA ERADI Cluster and whatever might be there waiting for us."

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