"Girl Talk, ILO Style"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Bridge
Stardate: 31199.1210

"This is strange," Maya announced from the back of the bridge. "the forward ablative armor just registered a low energy impact."

"Did we hit something?" the ExO / ILO asked wondering as to what exactly could have caused the CSciO to sound so perplexed.

"Yes and no," the scientist replied analysing the reading being displayed at her console.  "The sensors monitoring the armor have reported an impact, but the energy was so weak that it completely dissipated. In short, there is no proof that we hit something other than our sensor records."

"With an energy signature that weak, we are certainly not looking at any weapon discharge that we know of," Ya'Han pointed out. "Maybe it was nothing more than a natural anomaly."

"It might have been," Maya continued. "Although the armor just registred two more similar impacts, again too weak to leave any sort of trace or residue."

"Captain Morningstar to the bridge!" Shar'El called out having evaluated the situation to be strange enough to warrant the CO's presence on the command deck."

"Problems Commander?" Morningstar asked as he walked out of his Ready Room.

"Not entirely certain Sir," Shar'El tried to explain. "Apparently our forward ablative armor is being hit by a very weak repetitive energy discharge, one that completely dissipates upon impact."

"Tactical, any danger to the ship or the crew?" the Captain inquired right away having turned to look at the black haired Chief of Security.

"None that can be detected. As far as internal sensor can tell, nothing is getting through the armor, let alone the outer hull." Ya'Han reported, the Sec/Tac now sharing the confusion of the CSciO.

"Three more impacts have been registered," Maya reported.

"Sounds more like someone is trying to get our attention by knocking at our door, mind you gently but still," Sonja theorized.

"The only ship that could be doing this is the BASTET," Jayson said, "and that would only be if they actually knew we were here following them.  We have not picked up any sensor activities directed at us from them, so it is highly unlikely that they know we are here."

"Unless someone told them," Shar'El whispered to Erik in surprise knowing that there would have been only one person who could have done as she suggested.

"Forward ablative armor just registered five rapidly consecutive low energy impact," the CSciO reported. "All hits have been on the exact same location. The time delay between the set of impacts is also very precise making this a non-natural phenomenon."

"No other explanation," the CO pointed out. "They are trying to get our attention without breaking cover."

"Ensign Stark," the ExO / ILO ordered, "established a narrow beam line-of-sight transmission to the BASTET using the trajectory of those energy discharges as a route."

"Finally doing something," Jayson muttered to himself as he complied with the orders he had just received.  "Communications link established. They are receiving and responding using the same line-of-sight channel."

=/\= Took you guys longer than I had expected to figure this little thing out, =/\= the ILO of the BASTET said over the now open comm channel between he two ships.

"Don't push it," Shar'El responded not sounding at all impressed. "We figured it out by the time the five-pings hit. Anyways, you wanted to get our attention, you have it. What's going on?" The ExO / ILO said sounding rather angry at her counterpart on the BASTET.

=/\= We need your help, =/\= Captain Iverson said, the success of their mission having been far more important than anything else.  =/\= Looks like things just got a lot more complicated fast. =/\=

"Can't say I'm surprised with our dear Admiral," the Captain sighed to his ExO below his breath. "How can we help?"

Tiffany Reeve

Lieutenant Commander Janeel
Intel Liaison Officer / Mission Specialist

Lieutenant Commander Shar'El
Executive Officer / Intel Liaison Officer