"Staying Awake"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Bridge
Stardate: 31199.0935

He hated the running gag about him eventually falling asleep while on duty. Everyone seemed to be having a good laugh at his expense and Jayson could only imagine what else was being said about him behind his back. Yes he was tired. And yes it showed.

Since their return from the mission on the MASQUERADE DREAM he had not been able to get a decent night's rest. Doctor Doyanne had done her best and given him sleeping pills, but they had not stopped the nightmares. The Counselor had said that in time things would get easier, but he was still waiting for that to happen.  Keeping busy only helped a little but it left him exhausted at the end of the day, then not getting a good night's rest only continued the cycle.

Being woken up the way he had been this morning after having tossed and turned all night long had not helped. The OPS officer was tired and the peacefulness of the bridge only made it more difficult for him to not drop right there and then.

The Captain had already bent the rules and Jayson did not feel he had the right to ask for more. If he was unable to perform his duties as expected by his superiors, maybe it would have better had he remained on NEW ALEXANDRIA.

As much as the idea of actually being able to sleep was appealing, Jayson knew that not being on the ANUBIS would only make things worse. Yes there were those on the crew who teased him and made him wish that he was anywhere else, but there were others who supported him and by their simple presence made things easier.

They were now less than 7 hours away from their destination and he suspected that their CO would grant them some time to rest before they actually arrived. It had been a set routine for Captain Morningstar to have his command staff rested and ready to deal with the unknown of the universe.

The question remained; would Jayson be able to stay awake until then?

Jayson Sousa

Ensign Jayson Stark
Chief of Operations