"Bored Redhead"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Observation Lounge
Stardate: 31199.0925

"Alright spy-girl," Sonja started, her hands on her hips and her gaze squarely on the ANUBIS' First Officer.  "What evil plan have you come up with this time?" The CEO said before breaking out into a maniacal laughter.

"I would not say that my plans are evil," Shar'El said in her defence. "Unorthodox,  maybe even strange at times but i would not say *evil*."

"What about that hijacked Bolian freighter?" Maya pointed out as she displayed one raised finger. "The melting of the ice cap on SORONIS VII," the CSciO continued as a second finger joined the first.

"There was that time with the Orion Syndicate smugglers and let's not forget that dinner with the Captain and that rather special bottle of Talaxian spirit," Sonja added as two of her fingers followed those of Maya in showing that this sort of evilness had not been uncommon.

"It was not Talaxian spirit," Shar'El quickly amended.  "It was Takaran,  and in all fairness I never forced the Captain to drink it."

"We rest our case," the Chief Engineer concluded with her arms firmly folded across her chest.  "So, as I was saying. What *evil* plan do you have in mind this time?" Sonja reiterated placing special emphasis on the word 'evil'.

"Honestly, I was just going to ask if either one of you could suggest something for the ANUBIS to do after our escorting the BASTET to the GAMMA ERADI Cluster," the First Officer said in all seriousness. "Our orders take us there without any specific objective afterwards."

"Unless we are waiting for that kooky Koniki to hit us with a 'surprise' mission at the last moment, " Sonja said adding air quotes, "we could toss Jayson out an airlock and see how long it takes us to find him without any equipment."

"You want us to do a visual search of a man in space with nothing but an exosuit?" Maya inquired sounding rather puzzled.

"No, no, no, no," the redhead chuckled. "I meant sending him out into space *without* any equipment. Just for shits and giggles. Entertainment purposes only you know."

Maya held back her laughter and simply shook her head. Shar'El on the other hand appeared lost between being shocked and confused.

"Does that mean it's a no?" Sonja said in a dead pan humour. "We don't even need to use an airlock, we could just beam him straight out as soon as he falls asleep."

"No," the First Officer stated very seriously as to make sure that there would be no misunderstanding.

"You sure?" Sonja continued in humour. "Can I at least zap him when he falls asleep at his station?"

After having come up with a few ideas for after their escort mission, the three women returned to the bridge.

"Jayson," the CEO whispered as she made a detour to walk right behind him.

"What?" The OPS officer replied a little taken aback by the unexpected maneuver.

"Damn it," the redhead muttered to herself. "He's still awake."

Looking back at Shar'El, Jayson seemed to ask without words as to what had just taken place.

"Whatever you do," the First Officer explained with some levity, "I would not lose track of our Chief Engineer, she can be dangerous when bored."

Lorraine Paquette

Lieutenant JG Sonja Paquette
Chief Engineering Officer