"Not Being Seen"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Bridge
Stardate: 31199.0659

Since his return from Sickbay, Captain Morningstar had remained silent, lost in a world of his own thoughts. Being a man of action as the ExO / ILO knew him to be Shar'El could only imagine what had been playing on the man's mind. Had it concerned the mission, the crew or ship or had his silence been the result of something more sinister.  Whatever the cause might have been, Shar'El knew that for the time being the best course of action had been to leave the man and his thoughts undisturbed.

"The space doors are opening," the OPS officer reported. Although the entrance to the NEW ALEXANDRIA complex had been secret and very well hidden, knowing exact where and what to look for had made it easy for Jayson to notice what would officially be the start of their escort mission.

"0700 right on the nose," the engineer with the fiery head of hair added. "Impressively punctual. Guess they were as anxious to get out of there as we were to see them coming out."

"*Seeing* them coming out may not be the most accurate phase to use," the Sec/Tac said in a slightly annoyed tone. "Looks like they engaged their cloaking device before actually making it through the space doors."

"Probably wanted to show Admiral Koniki that the cloaking device was indeed operational," Eve theorized.

"That or the Captain of the BASTET was a little trigger happy with the activation switch," Ya'Han sighed, expecting this to make their task and mission a little more complicated.

"Sneaky little B..." Sonja began in response to what had been said, catching herself just in time so as to no say something that would have been highly unacceptable and disrespectful. "Blue Bolian barnacles."

The CEO's amendment proved to be enough to draw the attention of the majority of the bridge's staff including that of their Commanding Officer who only glanced at the crimson haired woman for a second before shifting his focus on the CSciO.  "Commander Maya!"

"Sensors have already been modulated to follow the BASTET even while under cloak," the scientist stated, her fingers dancing on her console at a dizzying speed. "Since it is very unlikely that they will be using an indirect course to their destination, one that we already know, keeping track of the ship should not prove to be an issue."

"Perfect," Shar'El jumped in with. "Helm, using the sensor data provided my Commander Maya, set a course and heading that will place us directly in the wake of the BASTET at a minimum distance of 500,000 KM while matching their speed. That way if their sensors pick us up in anyway, the crew should dismiss the readings as a warp echo. Our cloaking armor makes us invisible to most sensors but there is no reason to take a chance at this point as I am sure that Admiral Koniki is hoping to use this little exercise as a training for us."

"This will be fun," the CEO sighed in half amusement. "The cloaked leading the cloaked.  Maybe we should keep a sharp eye open on our own rear, who knows maybe Koniki is trying to create the largest invisible conga line in space."

"Conga line?" Doctor Doyanne said as she stepped onto the bridge, having only caught the last part of the CEO's rant.

Tiffany Reeve

Lieutenant Commander Janeel
Intel Liaison Officer / Mission Specialist

Lieutenant Commander Shar'El
Executive Officer / Intel Liaison Officer