"Back in Action"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Bridge
Stardate: 31199.0650

Jayson sat at the operations station, his thoughts still on the bed that he had been so abruptly pulled out of when the Captain called for all senior officers to report to the bridge. In the middle of a covert mission or in a region of space where enemy ships could appear out of nowhere, such a call would have made sense. With the ship within a stone's throw away from their base there had been no reason to expect such an early and brutal wake up call.

"The BASTET has received the all clear from NEW ALEXANDRIA Operations. They should be leaving any minute now."

The report from the OPS officer had caused pretty much everyone to shift in their seat, including him. Just sitting and waiting for the BASTET to leave so that they could follow it had not been a 'stay on your toes' kind of situation.

"Cloaking armor is active and all tactical systems are at full readiness."

Ya'Han seemed to be far more awake than he had been which left Jayson in some ways upset and in others envious. Granted far more upset than envious but still he could not look at the Sec/Tac officer and stay angry at her for very long.

Just to make sure that everything had been ready on their end, Jayson called up the tactical data on the BASTET. Since the ship had gone through several upgrades, it made sense for him as Chief of Operations to make sure that the ANUBIS would be able to keep up with the other ship once it got underway.

Luckily, the BASTET had apparently sacrificed its previous high speed capabilities to take on instead the ability to cloak and travel to other dimensions. Although bigger in sheer size, the ANUBIS had been powerful enough to keep up with the BASTET, that is as long as the smaller ship remained within regular speeds. The sensors of the Intel cruiser should be enough to keep tabs on the ship even while it was cloaked, so Jayson figured that there would not be any problems with their mission as their CO had described it to be.

"Here kitty kitty, come out and play."

Jayson had made sure to keep his voice to be nothing more than a soft whisper for fear that the rest of the bridge staff might not recognize his tone to be nothing more than a lack of patience on his part.

Jayson Sousa

Ensign Jayson Stark
Chief of Operations