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"It's our nature to forget truths that keep us awake at night"

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Sickbay
Stardate: 31199.0630

The silence of early morning hummed through the ANUBIS Sickbay as Doctor Doyanne fiddled with a scrap of paper as though attempting to analyze it as she would a distressed patient. The letter had appeared mysteriously within her quarters mere months ago and still she could barely make sense of it's contents. Frustrated the Ensign cast the note once again into the folds of her coat and returned her eyes to the bright screen in front of her.

The monitor proudly displayed all she currently knew about the mission. Their ship was to shadow another all the way to the GAMMA ERADI cluster and protect it at all costs, though the Ensign was unaware as to why. Regardless preventative measures had to be taken if they were considering venturing into a zone filled with radiation.

Just as the wheels began turning in the young blonde's mind, a soft whooshing sound alerted her to an unexpected visitor. Turning in her chair Lillie immediately recognized the CO and smiled warmly.

"Commander Morningstar, how can I be of service?" the CMO mused, remaining seated until the Native American made it known that she could do otherwise.

"As you know Doctor our current assignment has our vessel treading some dangerous waters, is there anything your expertise can devise that would help prevent radiation poisoning?"

The Tarellian tilted her head and chuckled "You sound a bit like the pirates I read about when studying human history... but yes, I think I may have something that could help. It will be ready to administer to the entire crew before departure"

Though the Commander trusted his ship's resident doctor far more than he once had, Erik was not one to purposefully place himself or those held under his command at risk. Mutual trust and acceptance had developed over time between the Ensign and her commanding officer, but it was not given lightly. Lillie had to earn that trust by preforming at her best - as was expected of her position.

The aged man nodded thoughtfully but remained only inches within the room "What exactly did you have in mind?"

"Well..." the Terran-like woman explained nervously "I previously created a serum from the remains of an organism that I had discovered could resist the effects of electromagnetic radiation. This antitoxin will most likely not only allow our crew the ability to ignore the effects of the radiation but possibly adsorb it as well... or at least that's the theory. I've made enough for each crew member to have a pack of 12 doses, each should last approximately an hour"

"In theory?" the CO questioned, not having missed their doctor's use of the term.

"Well it's relatively new antigen, aside from the numerous tests done by the machines I've yet to actually administer it to those actively undergoing electromagnetic radiation" Lillie confessed meekly "With these we could render personal shielding useless... aside from the one side effect"

"Which is?" Erik probed, almost fearful of the answer.

"The serum is meant to create a sort of invisible and intangible outer layer around the patient's body much like a shield would only without any restraints... were that layer to be disrupted by an energy made of the same substance - like a phaser shot for example - that protective layer would tear and render the convalescent vulnerable to their surroundings"

"So what do you suggest our crew do during a fire-fight if such a thing occurs?" the Commander

The doctor shrugged slightly "Not get hit?"


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